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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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So first off Congrats on all the shinies since my last post. There has been a lot. Congrats to TheMaster on finally getting ducklett, City for the very lucky 4 in a day, Dizzy on the legends, Draknir on your LG BQ progress, Danger and Bluemiracle on the charmanders and ShinyLord on Lotad I love its shiny colouring. And congrats to those I missed and didn't list.

No new shiny for me so just some updates. First I am up to 4,882 encounters for my first W2 BQ in floccessy ranch. I have hatched 810 eggs for my cyndaquil hunt in my B2 with SC. On my Black I have hatched 210 eggs in my hunt for oshawatt. I've done a further 22hrs of hunting on my HG BQ for BQ#4. I've spent approx 14hrs SRing for Teping on my white and I've tallied up 28hrs on my Diamond and Platinum budew hunt in eterna forest.

Not sure if I will complete the CH this month as I'm going away next week to visit family and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to hunt while I'm gone. I'm also unsure If I'll be doing next months CH as I won't have net access while away so won't find out what it is until I get back. Good luck to everyone on your hunts.


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All I can say to everyones' luck and determination is that I am a long ways away from being a good hunter. Out of every CH Hunt and beating the odds, I still haven't claimed any new shinies. I hope this is my month.


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Congrats to Daisy on the Turtwig, Victor on Vulpix, Crimson on Koffing, Draknir on Abra, Dangertrout on Charmander, Bluemiracle on Charmander as well, and Shiny Lord on Lotad.

I did another 200 SRs for Piplup today, bringing me to 900 SRs total in this hunt. It's actually kind of going quicker than I thought! However, that'll change in the next 2 days, since I'll probably only be able to get about 50 SRs in the morning for both days before I have to work, and I'll probably come home fairly exhausted, eat dinner, check some stuff online, and go to bed :x Still, it hopefully means I'll hit the 1k mark within a week's time from starting!

I was also going to try to do ~50 REs for Eevee tonight once I finished SRing for the night, but I was feeling pretty tired, and since I've gotten about 5-6 hours the past few nights, I figured I should go to bed a bit earlier tonight instead. Still, it'd be really nice to get Eevee first. I'd like Umbreon to be my first finished hunted pokemon as it's my favorite pokemon and looks awesome shiny...And once I get going on my BQ, I'd really rather just focus on that. So maybe I'll get lucky and end up finding Eevee soon. But I still have that feeling that Eevee's cursed for me ;_;

Good luck, everyone :)


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Hello everyone. Wow there has been so many new shinies since i last posted here. I have been taking a break from shiny hunting for a few weeks as i had no luck with the CH or with REing and i had gotten 5 new shinies by REing since Christmas Eve. I went back to Conquest but i am now ready to get back to MMing for the CH.

So Congratulations to ALL newly gained shinies everyone. I hope your luck continues.


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Ugh, I've been hardcore MMing for Miltank and nothing yet >.< 1530 eggs and I just wish it would shine already. It seems the shinies I like the most take the longest lol.. but once it finally decides to shine I'm gonna take a break from hunting to Ev train my last few shinies. Gratz on the recent shinies definitely that Lotad! I planned to MM that also and good luck everyone!


An hour ago I was in the middle of training on Route 13 and all of a sudden shiny Audino appeared! Caught it with a critical capture. I believe it's a sign of luck, and boy will I need it next week on my exams :)

Good luck with your hunts!


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Wow, so many new shines again...congrats to DizzyCobraMew on Terrakion/Registeel, Master on finally getting that tricky Ducklett and Watchog, City on both Tyrogue and FOUR shinies in one day (Seriously what luck! XD), Rakurai on Sableye, Draknir on Jigglypuff/Magikarp/Abra, cocoa on Eevee/Buneary, Jonny7197 on Chikorita/Deerling, YNCRN on Rufflet, gustavo on Rhyhorn/Basculin, supersmew on Chingling, Mime Senior on Tranquill, !jirachi! on Shuckle, Victor C on Vulpix, Crimson_Blazer on Koffing, Bluemiracle on Charmander, Dangertrout on another Charmander, Shiny Lord on Lotad and Cyada on Audino! *exhales*

Aww. :3 you're very welcome. Glad my hunting could motivate others. Congrats on your shinies btw. :) as for me, I am still working on Eevee number 5. At around 70ish eggs out of 540 and I think like 2,300 REs. Its tough when u work 10 hour days to get anything done. :/ oh well

Happy hunting everyone and good luck! :)

Ah, thanks! :3 I've forgotten to say, but congrats on all your shiny Eevees! Hopefully another one shows up soon XD.

As for me, I actually haven't done any more on my hunts since last time XD. I've spent a lot of time trying to grow EV reducing berries on Soulsilver and fix up some of my Pokemon's sets, so I haven't really been bothered to do any SRing. I am thinking to start up my next hunt on SS soon though; either MMing for Bulbasaur or Eevee. I've wanted a shiny Bulbasaur for a while, but I recently remembered how much I've wanted to have a shiny Umbreon too <3. Both are gonna be part of the same team, so either one I go for first is fine. Shame you can't use everstone with MM in 4th Gen though... >.<.

Good luck everyone on your hunts! ^^


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Congrats on the Charmander, the Lotad, and the Audino guys! :)

Told my friend who also plays Pokémon but more casually about my shiny hunt today. His face when I told him I'd hatchd 500 eggs. xDD

Continuing my hunt now. Wish me luck! :)


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So, now I'm MMing magnemite while REing it... hopefully this'll offer better results |D
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supersmew on Chingling

Ur... Uh... ???

Oh, my siggy. It mean's I'm hunting Chingling. Seriously wish I had a shiny Chingling though. Still a newb hunter.

Original Topic... *shuffles paper* Got to 102 SRs for Volcarona. And am now at around 43 eggs for my hidden hunt. JUST got a nursery, and I don't see the point o' it...


Shiny Volcarona is majestic :3

*goes to re-word siggy*


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Congrats on the 2 charmanders, lotad and audino! Good work guys.

Tonight I got to the 9,000 mark in this hunt. Won't have much time to hunt this weekend but I kinda need the break anyway. Hopefully when I pick it up again it won't be too far away cos I'm getting bored of this little grassy patch now.

Good luck over the weekend folks.


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Hey do you guys tend to use the shiny charm?
I'm thinking of starting up a RE hunt but I want to know if it's worth to start without the charm.
*May the shine be with you*

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Hey everybody!
A few weeks ago I decided to complete a living pokedex so can get the shiny charm on Black and White 2. My question is to those of you who got it how you did it and how you kept yourself motivated. Answers appreciated!

Current progress: Caught 112/649
It may not be much but I'm beginning with mostly Kanto first.

After I get the shiny charm, I'm planning on breeding a shiny adamant 31 attack ived Heracross hopefully with the ability guts.

Good luck and congratulations for all of the new shinies!

@ JohnNiles - Thank you! I think I'll use that method :)
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@Ipodcheese: Depends on your tastes. There's nothing stopping you from REing and working on the charm at the same time. It hasn't paid off as well as I would've liked - out of 3934 eggs hatched (all but a hundred with the charm), only 1 shiny so far.

@Master 92 1/2: I broke it up into phases.
- main game
- post-game (including post-game routes, swarms, fishing, and suffering through trades with that celebrity)
- trade for version exclusives on GTS
- breed for earlier evolutions not available
- migrate from 4th gen games (including pokewalker).
- migrate legendaries (and traded for 2 because I was desperate)

After that, I was so exhausted that I took a break before going back to breeding. Currently hatched almost 2200 eggs for a Munchlax without success. -_-;;

Oh yeah, random observation- I am so jealous of the people who can devote most or all of their boxes to egg storage. I can't do it. I HAVE to fill them up with other things.

5 boxes for main playthrough and post-game
1 box for hatched/baby pokemon
1 box for fished pokemon
1 box to hold potential trades
1 box for N's pokemon and some random junk
1 box for Dittos and traded pokemon
1 box for pokemon used for breeding or resulting from breeding
1 box for my high-use pokemon
1 box for Dream World
1 box for Hidden Grotto and trades with whats his name, the celebrity
4 boxes, 1 apiece for the 4 previous regions
2 boxes for legendaries and shinies

And that leaves only 4 boxes for eggs. What's everyone else's setup? No need to spam, just put it in your usual posts.
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What's everyone else's setup? No need to spam, just put it in your usual posts.

I do pretty much what you do. By the end of White 2 I had all my boxes organised, 1 for N's Pokémon, 1 for shinies, 1 for legends etc. But hatching so many eggs to complete my National Dex has pushed Pokémon into the wrong boxes so I need to do a bit of a tidy up! Planning to trade some Pokémon, like my shinies and legends, to Black 2 when I've gotten shiny Snivy and made some progress in the game. Gives me more room on White 2 for breeding then :)

Back to regular updates, congrats to everyone who's found and hopefully caught a shiny since my last post a few days ago. Can't list them right now because sometimes a girls just too busy! But congrats all the same!
I took a couple days break from shiny hunting because I was feeling a bit burnt out and I wanted to play a couple of the game I got for Christmas since shiny huntings taken up so much of my time in January! But it paid off, first time EVER since I started hunting in 2009 (though I took a hiatus 2010-2012) that I've gotten 2 shinies in one month!

Started my Route 203 hunt today thanks to some great advice! Got a Wobbafett and a Diglett to use in case of a teleporting Shiny Abra! Originally caught the Wobbafett to use but found a Diglett in my box and though I may as well trade her over too and train her up in game (along with my shinies!) in case I get to a route with higher level escaping Pokémon! Wobbafett is just too hard to use in game, but since I caught him I traded him over as a back up! Also nabbed myself a Flaaffy with Static to try and boost my encounters with Shinx, since it's not only my most wanted shiny on the route, it also means more chance of Shinx = less chance of Bidoof.
Not counting so far, even though I planned to... Counting just makes me feel very stressed and demotivates me more than it motivates me usually. Though I may start counting tomorrow, only did about 20 RE's.
Also did a few Snivy's, about 30, I'm really motivated to get it but SRing does take a while so I feel like this hunt may take a month or 2, maybe more, unless I get super lucky with number of resets. It's a bit discouraging, but I've never really had a long hunt, longest being my just over a month long hunt at Village Bridge, which finally ended with Golduck. As for soft reset hunts, never had a hunt reach 10,000 SR yet, though I feel Latias may have been the only close one. Regardless, anyone here who's maybe had a hunt, SR or otherwise, that lasted over a month? Just hearing other peoples experiences tends to keep me focused :D
Regardless, starting Sunday I'm hoping to do at least 100 SR a day! Was originally 200 (which would make 1400 a week) but I feel as though that'll be too much for me, so I'll stick to 100 + as many extra as I can do :)

Good luck everyone on your hunts also!
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OMG I just hatched a shiny Male Koffing after only 215 eggs with shiny charm using the masuda method. It has Modest Nature and has Good Perseverance. Photo 153.jpg

#109 Koffing [Modest]
IVs: 0 - 19 / 0 - 29 / 29 / 0 - 29 / 10 - 29 / 0 - 29
Stats at Lv.1: 11|0 / 5|0 / 7|0 / 6|0 / 6|0 / 5|0


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Congrats to Cyada on Audino!

Today...Ugh, today...Work. BLEH. I'll bite my tongue and suppress any potential anger at a coworker until I have a better idea of what actually happened, but I ended up having to switch my shift around (I covered his shift, someone else covered my original shift which was a different and better job)...So I was there from 11am until after 11:15pm, rather than getting out maybe around 10 or 10:30...I was kind of planning to just finish a few more SRs once I got home, but after I found out they needed me to cover this other guy, I kind of knew I'd be getting home to late to finish them.

So I did 75 SRs this morning =\ 975 total...Really wanted to hit that 1k mark by doing just 25 more tonight...I guess on the bright side, I still did 25 more than I planned on doing.

EDIT: Congrats on the Koffing, Shiny Lord!


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@shiny lord so the shiny charm is worth the time to complete a full pokédex?
how long does it take to complete it? I already have 306 out of the 649 obtainted...

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Yes it is worth while to get the shiny Charm. I've done 2 successful mm's(only one went over odds and not by much) and I've gotten 4 successful random encounter shinies with it(3 of which took less than 1000 RE and all under the 1 in 2070 odds) I don't know if I'm just lucky or what. It took me I think 5 days to complete the pokedex. I just traded over or migrated pokemon from my other games and hatched for lower evolutions that I needed. THe only thing that was a pain was trading multiple pokemon from my White version to my White 2.

@shiny lord so the shiny charm is worth the time to complete a full pokédex?
how long does it take to complete it? I already have 306 out of the 649 obtainted...