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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Galaxy Trainer
It has been a while since I last posted here..

I didn't play any pokemon for a while, because I had a lot of other things to do. But last week I picked up my 3ds again and did some shiny hunting. With succes! In Omega Ruby I managed to find a shiny Zorua after ~120 DexNav encounters and a shiny Numel while horde hunting. In X I found a shiny Delibird in the friend safari and a shiny Onix and shiny Dwebble while rocksmashing for fossils in Glittering Cave! Onix and Dwebble where only 10minutes about 10-15 rock smash encounters apart from each other! I hope I didn't waste all my luck, because now I'm already over 500 DexNav encounters from Shellos without any sparkles so far. I also started soft resetting for a shiny fossils, 90 fossil pokemon resurrected so far!

Congrats to all for the new shinies and good luck for those hunting!

Edit: Just got my shiny Shellos after 577 DexNav encounters!
Edit 2: Finished my day with some shiny hunting in a friend safari with only Ponyta and Charmeleon in it. I didn't count the encounters but after ~45 minutes I found my fourth(!) shiny of the day: a female shiny Charmeleon. It will probably stay yellow, since I already have a shiny Charizard from Masuda method last year.
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Congratz on all new shinies!

So i was working on my current target, HA weedle, and i managed to collect a batch of 150 eggs, which brought my total to 600. Egg 522 hatched with this yellow beauty.
He hatched with a jolly nature,HA, and a perfect spread of 31/31/31/x/31/31 iv's.
I then hatched the remaining eggs and amazingly a second shiny hatched on egg 551.
The second weedle hatched with its HA but an undesireable iv spread
Overall im still really pleased with both and im now moving on to my next target:clefairy.

Side note: is the CH for only mono types?

As always goodluck on all current hunts!


Metroid Hunter
wow lots more shinies hatched/sr'd/re'd ._. while my hunt is going pretty dry still >.< but I am no giving up about 1,062 eggs hatched and nothing still got like 4 boxes to hatch of eggs...

thanks Crimson Penguin and NitroLightingFlash on the good lucks which good luck on your hunts as well :3

congrats to drakir on Raikou,woobanaut on corphish and stunky,Cyberra on the sygliph,smobble on another cyndaquil,Razorbadger on litwick,TheMaster327 on Vulpix,PrasmaticPrincessAnna on Latias,Thibideau on tangela,Alexander18 on zorua and Machop,CpChris on chikorita,Blastonite on ekans,Ambri on Mudkip,eevee,and zigazoon,ChiefLucarioOfficer on ekans,pokemonbrawler123 on gloom(my next hunt is oddish btw XD),Typlosion_Hunter_mark on numel,delibird,dwebble,charmelon and shellos,tonyg44x on weedlex2...

good luck to whoever is still hunting!
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pain in the ***
After 1,840 REs in the psychic safari, I get... another shiny sigilyph. Female, docile, somewhat vain, and has Wonder Skin. Into wonder trade she goes...

Regigigas is at 17,900 SRs. Ekans is being a butt at 980 eggs *shakes fist at ChiefLucarioOfficer*

Edit: After a total of 1,021 eggs, I look down expecting to see another purple ekans on my screen, but instead...


...I got a green ekans! He got his name because arbok is a cobra and cobras have always been associated with the pharaohs of Egypt. He's careful and capable of taking hits, and he got his HA, Unnerve!

Next target: not telling. But it is something I have been meaning to go after for a while, and I'll be slowing down my dex completion in order to get it.

Community hunt complete!
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I'll do my Lilliest
So like last Sunday I caught my shiny Latias, later that night I hatched this Oshabutt as well ^-^ 189 eggs in OR


Then I swapped to my X game and this baby appeared after 121 eggs omigd XD
I wanted a male coz Parker was a male name but ffs its female >.> Why didn't Oshawott be female instead >.>


I spent all day today SRing for Rayquaza in my SS - still NOTHING~!! Its been two years D:<


<----Newest Shiny
Glad to finally return after a month or two of absence. Since mid-June I had been waiting to finish the Lake Guardian trio after catching Mesprit on a relatively small count. Well, Uxie was even more stubborn than Azelf seeing as it took me till the start of October to finally catch it. It is a Naive nature which isn't the best, but the IVs are perfect in HP, Special Attack, and both Defenses. I decided to name it Tatl to follow the name I gave to Azelf, Navi. I now aim towards capturing a shiny Palkia right off of Dewford. Good luck everyone on your hunts.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Blastonite on Ekans, Ambri on Mudkip (ouch), ChiefLucarioOfficer on Ekans, pkmnbrawler123 on Gloom, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Dwebble and Onix, tonyg44x on both Weedle, Cyberra on Ekans, PrismaticPrincessAnna on Oshawott and Chespin, ShiningKnightXY on Uxie, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, NitroLightningFlash and FairyWitch :)


I’m considering hunting some Halloween-spirited shinies…Despite the fact that I’m honestly not much a fan of Halloween (so much gross looking stuff…yuck). That being said, I might incorporate hunts I already have planned that happen to fit: Gastly (on Platinum) and Litwick (on Black 2). Both are lines I’ll need to complete (already have one of each). Admittedly, I don’t even really care for Litwick’s evolutions as shiny (beautiful blue flames to normal orange flames? Why ;_;?), but I still plan to get them anyways eventually…

Should I choose to go for them (this was a spontaneous idea, so it’s far from definite yet), I’ll at least be finishing my current phases of my current hunts before starting them…But given how long they’re taking, I might not even have time for the Halloween-themed hunts x.X

Live shiny Chikorita vid is public.

Started today off with my starter hunts, so 300 SRs for Cyndaquil and 100 SRs for Chimchar. 300 total for Cyndaquil and 3,900 total for Chimchar. Later on I did 600 REs on my main hunts, pushing my 3rd main hunt over odds simultaneously for the first time. Black 2 is at 16,300 REs, Platinum is at 27,600 REs, and HeartGold is at 8,600 REs. That’s one hunt over odds, one hunt (nearly) 2x over odds, and one hunt 3x over odds. Also, I passed the 250k RE mark on my Black 2 trainer card (averaging ~7.6k REs/shiny) :)

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, Cyberra, ElectricBassClef, Razorbadger, and Nakashima)!


Well-Known Member
3 of 4 down, and now Regigigas I'm lookin' at you :D

Caught my shiny Regirock last night, and really have no idea how many SRs honestly- I had done maybe 100-ish and then we started binge-watching Narcos on Netflix and Regirock shines at the end of the 5th episode lol He has 3 perfect IVs in ATK, SpDEF and SPD (meh, its not the greatest but not too bad I s'pose) and impish sync worked :D

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Congrats on all the latest shinies.

No pretty pictures this time because I'm lazy. But I just had a really lucky run I figured I'd share. Decided to do some horde hunting in the safari zone and after about 20 encounters, got myself a shiny Doduo. Left there and went on an unfruitful attempt for magnemite and stopped after about 30. Then I move to route 119 for oddish, and I find a shiny in my first horde encounter.

So in just about 50 hordes and about 35 minutes, I left with two shinies. Not too shabby. After taking inventory of all of my shiny pokemon, it puts my total, distinct shiny count up to 161.


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Congrats to TheMaster327 on Vulpix, PrismaticPrincessAnna on Latias, Oshawott and Chespin, Thibideau on Tangela, Cpchris on Chikorita, Blastonite on Ekans, Ambri on Mudkip, ChiefLucarioOfficer on Ekans, pkmnbrawler123 on Gloom, tonyg44x on both Weedle, Cyberra on Ekans, ShiningKnightXY on Uxie, Laurelai on Regirock and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to Thibideau, Cpchris, NitroLightningFlash and FairyWitch for the congrats.

October marks one year since I started hunting for full odds shinies and my games seem to be aware of that and are celebrating by throwing shinies at me left, right and centre, the latest a second shiny Growlithe which appeared last night after just 1455 REs.


So that makes for three shinies in the first six days of the month, although this one being a duplicate makes it kind of bittersweet. I am not too upset with a second Growlithe though as it means I can evolve one and have the evolutionary line complete, which will be the first time I have done so. This guy, much like the first Growlithe has an attack boosting nature, this time lonely although this one has Intimidate whilst the first had Flash Fire. As a result I think this will make the better Arcanine but the first one would be the better to hunt with.

So onto phase 4 for Shinx now and what will remain BQ stage 13 as I'm not counting duplicates. I've decided to stay at Route 48 as it offers one of my best chances at finding Shinx but will hunt during the day instead to avoid any more Growlithe. First though back to my White 2 where I'll be hunting Trapinch outside of Reversal Mountain.

Good luck hunting everyone :)


Face Oblivion
Right, it's been an awfully long time since I last posted or anything. First off, congratulations to the ubiquitous shinies that people have been getting! It's always good to see new ones.

I've had a lot of issues with stress and other things over the last month or so, and of course it has had the unfortunate effect of putting me off from hunting - I just lack the time to hunt much nowadays, even for the supposedly quicker methods!

But yes, I'm hoping to start wrestling with my time management stuff and squeeze in some REs here and there (and SRs, in the case of Moltres...still not got it!). My first idea for a returning hunt is probably going to involve Mienfoo, or I might get started on a halloween-esque hunt. If I go for the latter, I'm hoping to find a target that isn't cliche - read: avoid ghosts and pumpkins, in Pumpkaboo's case. I think I'll have to build up the counts slowly, so maybe 100 or 150 REs a day until the shiny appears. It does mean I'll be relying on my luck for quick shinies, but I've always had plenty of luck :p I'll probably scratch most of my old hunts off, except for Moltres. That's a shiny I've wanted a fair bit, so why not?

So...yeah, that'll be it. Best of luck on the hunts!


Shiny Collector~
Didnt expect to post again so early with shiny news, but here we go! Managed to dex nav a shiny larvesta not only was it a relatively quick hunt, It ended up with timid nature and 31 ivs in sp att and sp def! The other ivs are between 15-27 for the other stats. Definite keeper lol.


Congrats to those who found shinies since i last posted. Keep it up guys! It motivates me for future hunts. Next hunt will be a charmander with Dragon dance :)
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BQ time! I have decided to start a badge quest on Pokemon Heart Gold! I'm gonna go for a Cyndaquil as my shiny for gym 1! Wish me luck!


Congrats on the recent shinies friends! i wish icould do a full congrats but its pretty late...

stuckon thi stupid badge quest! 420 dex nav enounters for surskit and nothing

my starter is lvl 30 and my shiny mightyena is lvl 26 now.

i still only have one gym badge.

someone please tell me why. why i thought this was a good idea?

ugh. so does dex naving even lower the odds? cuz horde hunting in granite cave for zubat is starting to sound pretty good....

omg i forgot!!

good luck everyone !!
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Metroid Hunter
I am seriously unlucky with this absol XD still hatching eggs and around 1,100 eggs hatched no shiny has shown yet with absol :/ I will not give up though!

Congrats on Cyberra on ekans(you taunt me with your good luck XD),PrasmaticPrincessAnna on oshawott and chespin,Laurelai on Regirock,serpent222 on doduo and oddish(my next mm hunt),RazorBadger on second growlithe(you welcome once again ;)),yotisdaffy on larvesta...

@TheShinyLunatone: they never figured out the odds of that yet sadly as chain fishing so not sure :/

good luck to everyone that is still hunting!


FINALLY! She finally shown after 1,152 eggs she shines! So happy will have a video sadly she the wrong ability >.< I will mm another one later which I wanted justified which her ivs are so so she is 5iv minus attack which attack is kinda needed for a jolly nature >.< but I will be moving on to oddish for now...

Community Hunt Complete!
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pain in the ***
*groans* Shiny sigilyph #3 has just shone at 2,621 REs. Another female, mild, likes to thrash about, with Magic Guard. Dumping her straight into wonder trade.

I'd switch safaris and try to avoid more sigilyphs, but I only have one grumpig safari XP

Regigigas is at 18,700 SRs. Secret MM target is at 320 eggs


Really and truly
So I've been getting back into breeding for rare Pokeballs, and was getting back into MM breeding some Seedot in Level Balls for good IVs. Well the second Seedot was shiny! She's female, lonely, has Chlorophyll and perfect IVs in everything but attack (dang) in a Level Ball. (Of course, the next Seedot that hatched was female with all perfect IVs, but considering this wasn't an intentional hunt, I'm still pretty stoked.) I had to do a double-take when she hatched because I was preeeeeeetty sure those were the shiny colours, haha!

I also forgot to say that I finally caught my second shiny Espurr on September 14! He's a bashful male with Keen Eye! Now I just need a female Espurr and I'll have a full shiny Meowstic family!



Beautiful Midnight
Phillies on all your shiny luck, ChiefLucarioOfficer on Ekans, pkmnbrawler123 on Gloom, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on all your shiny luck, tonyg44x on your Weedle's, Cyberra on your Ekans and grats condolences on your Sigilyph's :p, PrismaticPrincessAnna on Oshawott and Chespin, ShiningKnightXY on the Lake trio, Laurelai on Regirock, serpent222 on Oddish and Doduo, Razorbadger on Growlithe, Yoitsdaffy on Larvesta, Psychic on Seedot and Espurr, and to anyone I may have missed(It's pretty late here).

Still hatching eggs in search of my blue Houndour. Right now I've hatched 1,380 eggs and just find my self hoping I don't have to go over 2k. But it is what it is, sort of committed to finding one now so I'll just have to keep going.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts!


surrskit finally shone!!!
only to die from a crit :'( it was lvl 14 so witched to a lvl 16 poochy who promptly killed it with a criticsl bite :'(

was the 503rd encounter :'(

why.... :(
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Galaxy Trainer
Congrats on all recent shinies!

Yesterday I got my shiny fossil. After a total of 1246 fossils seen a shiny Shieldon popped up on my screen! I will probably return to soft resetting for fossils in a couple of days to see if I can get some more shiny fossil pokemon! In the mean time I'm doing some hunting in an ice friend safari for Lapras and Beartic and I picked up my HeartGold badge quest #5 hunt for Tentacool, which I had left untouched for a couple of months.

Good luck to everyone!

Edit: Just got shiny Beartic from the friend safari. Good thing I heard the sparkles, otherwise I might have missed it because it's so similar to its normal form.
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