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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Congrats to everyone on their shinies. Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

So on Tuesday I decided to masuda method for a shiny Zorua dedicated to my boyfriend and after only 45 eggs I got it xD
Then I decided to get it to level 100 so I beat the elite four a few times and it got to like level 50. After that I just decided to go to victory road and kill hordes for exp there.
On Thursday, I did some horde encounters and I ended up finding a shiny Geodude (a reclaim!) I had to switch out to Gothorita which had telekinesis and luckily it didn't die in that time.
Then on Friday I was doing more hordes. At this point Zorua was level 90 so I didn't have much training to do. I ended up getting ANOTHER shiny Geodude xD Luckily this one didn't die either. Then later on (about an hour later) I did some more hordes and then I found A THIRD shiny Geodude. I was really happy since I could get the full Geodude line shiny because that one didn't die either. So I put that Geodude away and I did another horde encounter and ended up getting a shiny Floatzel STRAIGHT AFTER the 3rd Geodude. First time I ever got back to back shinies lol. THE LUCK HAS BEEN REAL. My game is probably being lucky after that Treecko hunt and my current Ralts hunt.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts


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My main purpose of this post is, I wanted to know if anybody would be interested in a Shiny Circuit? I've been reading through old threads and clubs and where one was being ran, and it looked like a lot of fun, of course though nowadays the rules will have to be adapted to make sure that everyone has a fair chance, since there's all the methods of hunting that better the odds. How it works if that there are multiple 'set hunt' legs - and by set hunt I mean a set criteria you have to complete to complete that leg (for instance, if there was a leg for Honey Tree SRing/Headbutting, you'd have to find a shiny through one of those ways) obviously for each leg there will be something for each game so people can partcipate in whichever game they like. The only issue is the odds difference between gen 6 games and pre-gen 6 games, so I'll have to think of something to level out the playing field, and of course stuff like chaining/chain fishing/horde hunting/friend safari/anything else that lowers the odds (except, I'd like to incorporate MM, so possibly have it as an option for one of the legs) would be banned as that would make it too unfair,and whoever finishes all the legs first would 'win'.

It's just something I thought would be a bit of fun, if people have the time/energy to join in, so this is pretty much gauging interest in people. I'd also like to know what shiny hunting 'options' everyone has - as in, what games to people have that they can shiny hunt on/if they can MM, as I don't want to go making legs that someone who wants to join the circuit can't participate in.

The CH was created to cover the idea of a Shiny Circuit. In fact, I believe I've brought this up before in the thread, and it was pretty much debated until it became clear there's no real point of it when the CH exists. And there was the issue of an SC making this thread become like a Shiny Club...seeing as you've read older threads, you'll know that Shiny Clubs got themselves a 'reputation' for spam and such.

If you were to organize it away from the thread and not have it taking over the thread, then it'd be doable. That way, the only thing that the thread is involved in is who gets interested in doing it :p


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Congratulations to everyone who got new shinies this weed.

I caught the following shines this week. Manectric, Palpitoad, Sawsbuck, Woobat, Aipom, Spritzee, Nuzleaf, Trapinch & Magmar.

Good luck to everyone on there current and future luck.


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742 eggs, and finally a blue flame!


Shiny Litwick :) It's male, Modest from Everstone, with IVs: xx/31/31/31/31/31. Not bad for a Scarfer!

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Congrats to everyone on their recent shinies. Last night (or shall I say early this morning), I hatched my beautiful shiny Torchic at exactly 400 eggs. It's actually my first MM in OR that's actually under the odds, as all of my others in OR have been over the odds. It's Adamant and his IVs are xx/31/31/xx/31/31.

Not sure what I want to hunt for next but I imagine it'll probably be Halloween/spooky related.


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Congrats to serpent222 on Bulbasaur, SkyMew on Amaura, Crimson Penguin on Amaura, Tsukuyomi56 on Sentret, Laurelai on Kyurem, Alexander18 on Omanyte and Aerodactyl, Louise955 on Zorua, Phillies, TheMaster327 on Litwick, MultiDarkShadow777 on Torchic, and everyone else on your shinies!

Sorry about your Watchog, PrismaticPrincessAnna :(

Thank you for the congrats, Keane :)


I’ve seen quite a lot of people lately (relatively speaking) losing shinies to surprise crits, and it sucks to see >.< Guys, DON’T RISK IT. There is NO point in risking crits, especially when there are moves available to prevent this very situation! False Swipe, Super Fang…Hell, even moves like Dragon Rage (does only 40 damage) and Night Shade (damage = user’s level). Is it really worth losing shinies just to use dangerous moves =\?

The last time I used non-set-damage moves when I was hunting Dialga and Palkia, and I wanted to use my newly-acquired shiny Scizor to do it. False Swipe would have taken many tries to lower it, so I used moves like Iron Head/X-Scissor to do a bit more damage at first. But the ONLY reason I used those moves was because I used a damage calculator to find out how much damage a crit would do from one of these moves and GUARANTEE a crit wouldn’t kill them, assuming the lowest possible HP and defense for my targets, and then using False Swipe once their health got to a point where I could no longer GUARANTEE that a crit wouldn’t kill it.

Shinies are hard to come by! Plenty of pokemon can learn False Swipe/Super Fang, so there’s really no point in not bringing a pokemon who can use them. If you REALLY want to use your other moves, then do what I did and use a damage calculator (under the assumption that your target has the lowest possible HP and def/sp. Def) and make sure a crit won’t kill your target – just google for them and you should be able to find one.

And in the case of double battles like the most recent unfortunate fail, if the second pokemon doesn’t have a set-damage move to use, either use a non-damaging move (it’s the perfect time to inflict a status on the shiny), or even waste that turn giving it an item to use (such as a berry). Again, it’s not worth it to assume a fatal crit won’t happen unless you KNOW it won’t.

And as always, know ahead of time if your target has self-damaging moves. You don’t want to False Swipe something to 1 HP and then be surprised when it uses Take Down! For all the time we spend hunting shinies, it seems pointless to not take a mere 30 seconds just to look up something like that! Accidents happen, of course, but may as well try to minimize them!

Been able to hunt every day since my last post, but so far all attempts have yielded nothing :x Black 2 has now hit 20,100 REs, Platinum is at 2,300 REs, and HeartGold is at 12,400 REs. I suppose on the bright side, unlike my most recent Platinum find, Black 2 is highly unlikely to give a useless duplicate (the only possible one being a shaking spot Excadrill) as its reward, so…Hopefully however long this hunt goes it’ll at least be more fruitful than a 3rd Bidoof.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, Razorbadger, and Nakashima)!


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Congrats to Azulart on Tynamo, Wobbanut on Seviper, Lucarioman101 on Lucario and Gastly,Regi_Rocks on Zigagoon, Cyberra on Excadrill and Phanpy, serpent222 on Bulbasaur, SkyMew on Amaura, Draknir on all 3 Elekid's, Zigzagoon, and Audino Crimson Penguin on Amaura, Tsukuyomi56 on Sentret, Laurelai on Kyurem, Alexander18 on Omantye and Aerodactyl, PrismaticPrincessAnna on Pawniard (and sorry about Watchog =/ ) Louise955 on Zorua, the Geodude trip and Floatzel, Phillies on your massive haul, TheMaster327 on Litwick, MultiDarkShadow777 on Torchic, and to anyone else I may have missed!

Well I don't have much to report so far this week except for hatching this little guy tonight. Again sorry if the picture doesn't work or is poor quality.


She hatched tonight while I was watching The Walking Dead actually :p The show cut to commercial and there she was 731 eggs in. My next MM hunt is Petilil so I've started working on getting it some egg moves. Hopefully my luck holds and it shines before I get to 1,000 eggs.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts!


pain in the ***
Ugh, finally.


After 2,046 eggs, slowpoke finally concedes defeat. I didn't think I'd be able to spot the shiny since the color difference is only minor, but after 2,045 pink slowpokes the pale purple one stood out like a sore thumb. She's bold and mischievous and she got her HA, Regenerator. I already got someone to help me evolve her. I have now completed the National Pokedex, which means...


Normal hunts will be resuming now. I will be returning to the ground safari to hunt camerupt, and my next MM will be rotom. Will be aiming for a timid nature.

Unown ?/! are at 7,700 REs


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Congrats on all the recent shinies. And a big congrats to Cyberra on the shiny charm. I had a good stroke of luck last night. I didn't get one, but THREE shinies.

Starting with my least impressive, and my second shiny of the night. I was horde hunting for a shiny ralts or seedot. I ended up with Zigzagoon. I already have one, so I figure I'll evolved this one. Better than nothing. I got it in about 20 hordes.

My third of the night and second best, a chain fishing shiny I've wanted for a while, Corphish. I got it in less than 40 total casts. Since I was rusty, it was not a continual chain, either. Got him as the 6th bite in a chain. Hard to tell it's shiny by the colors of the photos.

And my crowning achievement of the night! I decided on a whim to do some soft resets for a legendary. I have a good 6 or 7 still floating around in ORAS, so I figured I'd do 100 resets in front of each and see which may shine first. Imagine my surprise when I got this on the 37th reset of the first legendary I tried for.

My goal was to try and get a shiny from all the different hunting methods in one night. So I was gonna dexnav and then MM, hoping for more success. But when 8pm rolled around, I tried soft resetting for an hour for Uxie. I thought that when 9pm hit, I couldn't encounter it anymore. I didn't know that it goes based only on when you enter the cave and that you can keep trying for it. So my other hunts are on hold until I get the Uxie. I reset for about 4 hours, probably hitting around 300 resets without a shiny so far.

Good luck on all the current hunts. I hope my luck is contagious.


As I randomly searched through my Friend Safari in X version while trying to fill my Dex, I stumbled upon a Shiny Teddiursa. I caught it in a Quick Ball and placed it in Bank with my other Gen 6 Shinies: This marks my fifth Friend Safari Shiny in general. I'm gonna hatch Larvitar eggs for my MM hunt next. Good luck to others.


congrats on all recent shinies.

wrangled up a ditto claims to be 31IV.... can't check if its legot but it is japanese so i've resumed an old hunt. a mystery hunt I never finished, i've hatched 120 more eggs, which including the old hunt before it was stolen (RIP) brings the total to 1321. but we'll just count the 120 so far :)


Gen 6 = <3
Congrats to everyone who has gotten a new shiny since the last time I posted getting a new shiny!

So I was thinking about hunting Phantump/Trevenant for Halloween this year. Last year I hunted Pumpkaboo and Darkrai, neither of which were obtained in October or on Halloween. Anyway, I had gone into a Ghost type Friend Safari To look for a female Phantump with Harvest. I found a few and caught them all with different natures that Trevenant can use (Careful, Sassy, Impish, etc.). However I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to MM it, especially with a nice Trevenant horde on Route 20. I was very unsure of how I should hunt it. So today (last night. It's 12:30am right now here), after work, I decided to do some Horde encounters on Route 20 to see if I preferred hunting the haunted tree this way. After a half hour and still unsure of how I wanted to hunt this target...
A spooky autumn birch tree appeared! It seemed I had no choice in the matter and the haunted tree decided to appear quickly. The battle took a while because I refused to send out my burning falcon for fear of it's ability activating on the sparkly haunted plant. Instead I sent out my honey comb bee to take out the other normal Trevenant. Though my Combee was double the level of the hoard of haunted trees it couldn't take them out in one fell swoop. At most each Trevenant took three hits to KO two at the least. It did however occur to me that I could use the tree's natural bulk to my advantage with lowering the autumn one's health down. But no, I wasn't going to leave the chance for the game's RNG to crit the beautiful birch and KO it. Once the normal Trevenant were gone I simply threw a Luxury Ball... Click... and it was caught. I had brought along the Abra I was using to look for Harvest Phantumps and it's Synchronise worked! The autumn Trevenant was Careful with IVs of 31/10/11/10/23/8. More pictures: OT/ID, Summary, Sparkles, Pokemon-Amie and Video. No video yet since It's kind of late and I need to go to bed. I'll upload the video tomorrow. Now I need to think of what else to hunt for Halloween...

Edit: Well I need to think of something ELSE to hunt for Halloween again.

So After getting a quick shiny in the form of a spooky tree I decided to Masuda Method one of my favorite gen 5 Pokemon, Chandelure. So I caught a couple of nice Lampents in the Friend Safari with Infiltrator. I then found a couple of nice Litwicks with egg moves and started hatching eggs until I had a nice male Litwick with egg moves. I then put the male Litwick in the daycare with the Timid Infiltrator Lampent and started hatching eggs until I got a female Infiltrator Litwick who would then be bred with my japanese Ditto for High IVs and shininess. After a few batches of egg I finally hatched one.... and then accidentally released it. So I grabbed another batch of egg and started hatching for another female Infiltrator Litwick. The last egg of this batch not only held the Litwick I was looking for but something more special...
A blue flamed, green-eyed candle! COMPLETELY random without Masuda Method! Both parents that created that egg had MY OT/ID! I never had a random shiny from an egg, without one of the parents being foreign, so it's quite a surprise! She didn't end up with her hidden ability but that's perfectly fine since Flash Fire is just as good. She even ended up with some decent IVs too for being random 3/29/20/23/31/15. More pictures OT/ID, Summary, Sparkles, Pokemon-Amie and Video.

Good luck to everyone, especially those with stubborn targets!
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<--- newest shiny :D
Currently working on getting a living national dex just to easily transfer pokemon between games via the bank to get the shiny charm on multiple games. Since my last post which was October 5th when I randomly found a gloom I have been shiny hunting almost everyday and aim at getting 31 shinies at least in October and at least one a day since then for the forseeable future. Since the last post I have found 6 in the friend safari, 3 chain fishing, 3 using the dexnav, 3 in hordes, a shiny Torchic from soft resetting in Sapphire, and a shiny kabuto from resetting fossils for a total of 17 shinies in 15 days. Spoiler for specifics if interested, sorry no pics just been going hard at it and sending them straight to the bank, may pursue a shiny living dex sometime now that the odds are so much lower.

ELECTABUZZ: 72 friend safari 10/6
GOLURK: 162 friend safari 10/6
SHUPPET: 419 friend safari 10/7
SHUPPET:666 friend safari 10/9
LUVDISC: 121 chain fish 10/10
SKRELP: 9 chain fish 10/12
BRAIXEN: 688 friend safari 10/13
WAILMER: 74 chain fish 10/15
ZORUA: 627 dexnav 10/15
NUMEL: 194 horde 10/15
KABUTO: 1281 fossils 10/15
TORCHIC: 3610 soft resets 10/16
PANSAGE: 679 friend safari 10/16
BAGON: 47 horde 10/16
RELICANTH: 81 dexnav 10/17
CORSOLA: 180 dexnav 10/19
ZIGZAGOON 110 horde 10/19


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Hey everyone, I'm here again with an new report and with full enjoyment this time ! (This surely makes up for the previous failures :) )
My aim was manetric this time and after 83 eggs I got my shiny electrike ! and not just your standard electrike !


Ball: Quick Ball
Gender: Female
Abillity: Lightingrod
IV's: 31/x/30/31/31/31 ( HP ICE !!! )

Straight to my VGC team it is :) man I'm so happy !


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Congrats on all the latest shinies. So I decided to do a very leisurely soft reset hunt for Uxie today. After about 40 minutes, giving me a grand total of something just shy of 400 resets, I completed the shiny sprite trio.



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So I decided for my next hunt, I'd take a break from MM (Thanks for voting, btw. Next MM will be Cherubi when I return to it) and decided to do a little something with this I got last night.

So I've started my Rayray hunt and I did 600 SRs tonight. Hoping for a quick hunt!

Congrats on recent shinies, and good luck to those who need it, especially RaichuArcanine, Nakashima, Razorbadger and the rest! :)


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I had a feeling this was going to happen... After 729 REs into the second leh of the ground safari hunt, diggersby shines. He's lax and capable of taking hits, with Huge Power. He's my third shiny diggersby overall, so I'm going to trade him off.

Unown ?/! are at 8,700 REs. Rotom is at 420 eggs


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Congrats go to Cyberra on Slowpoke and obtaining the Shiny charm(Always a huge milestone), serpent222 on Zigzagoon, Corphish, Uxie and Mesprit, Lorde on Teddiursa, AllSeeingEye on Ninetales, TheShinyLunatone on finding a 6IV Jap Ditto, Ampharos_Spark on Trevenant and Litwick, pkmnbrawler123 on your haul, Azulart on Electrike, and anyone else I may have missed.

I had a pretty lucky day today. I was only at 224 eggs when this showed up.


I wasn't expecting Petilil to show up so quick and I really didn't think I would even notice since the change is slight, just a lighter colour. Missing a perfect IV in Special Defense but otherwise turned out great. So since that happened so quick I moved on to Froakie who is next on my list. I already had a 5IV Timid Protean Froakie that I received in a trade last year so I started breeding it with my Japanese Ditto looking for a 6IV Protean Froakie to MM with. And the first Froakie to come along with a perfect spread also ends up being a slightly different colour XP


It even ended up with Protean to boot so that was by far one of the quickest and best outcomes imaginable. So with those two both out of the way now I only have 4 more Shiny Pokemon to MM for before I have my goal of 30 MM'd Pokemon. Next up is Electrike. There's no egg moves I really want so it's just a matter of finding time to hatch over the next couple of days since I'm going to be fairly busy.

Anyways Good luck to everyone on their hunts! Oh and hopefully my pictures work, please tell me if they're not.