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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


All these shinies are great especially that lil Gnut xoxo!
Ive decided i will be counting the shiny suicune i got via eondertrade as part of my bq, but having got saod badge its back to the drawing board any my mystery hunt is resumed again. This time ive boxed 5 boxes of egg so hopefully theres a little sparkle hidden in there. On the plus side the 5iv parent is now lvl 100...


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wow it's been a while i did'nt post something here :D

actually i got a lot shinies since my last post, from breeding or poke radar chain.
But i just let you know what i got today. i hatched shiny tepig after 217 eggs.
Adamant nature and got hidden ability, with perfect IV too :D


and shiny azurill via pokeradar

congrat everyones for your recent shinies and good luck for your current hunting
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Well now. It appears my luck is insane recently. Only 106 eggs and this pops out :)


Shiny Cherubi :) It's male, Modest from Everstone, with IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/xx. Not at all bad! Got around 9 1/2 boxes still to hatch, which is lol.
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I'll update the CH completion this Monday - for now, I'll announce that it's voting time :D

Should have been started since yesterday, but I misread the calendar again xD

You can PM me your choice :)

The ideas:

November = Movember! For the guys!

My idea is to obtain shinies with moustaches or whiskers :D

Suggested list (and I have some evolved pokemon listed because they have really spectacular facial hair) :

Probopass (gotta love *this* 'stache!)


I don't think this is a national holiday, but here in the UK we have bonfire night/guy fawkes night on November 5th where basically bonfires and fireworks are set off across the county, so my idea for the CH would be to catch any pokemon that have flames/fire/steam as a part of it?

The list of pokemon that fit this criteria are as follows:
Darmantian (..maybe? I can't tell what his eyebrows are)
Litwick line

More can be added as others see fit, I thought it'd be a little more specific than just a fire type hunt?


Hi, I had an idea for the November CH, since it's Thanksgiving, how about a shiny bird? Not flying types, just actual bird pokemon.

It would include the pidgey line, spearow and fearow, farfetch'd, doduo and dodrio, hoothoot and noctowl, natu and xatu, murkrow and honchkrow, skarmory, taillow and swellow, wingull and pelliper, swablu and altaria, the starly line, chatot, the pidove line, archen and archeops, ducklett and swanna, rufflet and braviary, vullaby and mandibuzz, delibird, psyduck and golduck, the torchic line, the piplup line, the legendary Kanto trio, latios and latias, yveltal, the fletchling line, I think that's it.


As November is widely known for fireworks, how about we have a hunt for shinies that learn Boomburst, Screech, and other moves that may relate to fireworks? (Obviously a list of moves will need creating)


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Congrats to all recent shinies

Well.....You know what they say. Three times is definately the charm

After two failed attempts, I finally caught my shiny Virizion. I started my hunt thursday night and didn't do much hunting during Friday so I'd guess it would have been between 300 and 500 soft resets before this beautiful girl appeared for a third time. (I said girl because to me Virizion looks quite feminin in both it's normal and shiny form.)

I named "her" Rose Quartz (After the former leader of the Crystal gems/ mother of Steven from Steven Universe), has calm nature and perfect IV's in ATK, Sp. ATK and Speed. Not sure if that's good or not but I'm still happy to have "her" finally in my possession.

Good luck to all future shinies X3

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Alright, last time I was in here, the latest Shiny I'd gotten was... *checks last post* ...Venomoth?! Dear Arceus, we got some catching up to do. I mean, I like to space out my posts in this thread, but this is ridiculous! Alright, let's see what I got to report since then...

Well, we might as well start with the next Shiny I got after Venomoth, and that is Camerupt. I was horde hunting in the Fiery Path- originally was gonna go for it on Route 112, but then I realized the Fiery Path was the better option. Whereas Route 112 had a chance of getting me yet another Shiny Machop, the only possible repeat I could've had with the Fiery Path was Koffing, and, well, I wouldn't mind that one bit. :) Nevertheless, a Shiny Numel showed up not too far into the hunt!

After that- remember how I said I'd try and DexNav chain another Shiny Ralts, one to evolve into Gardevoir? Well, that happened. :) It didn't have Teleport or Memento, so no Master Ball was necessary. Not for this Shiny, anyway...

On a completely related note, the next one after that, I was in a mirage spot, DexNav chaining Kricketune. Only thing was, once the Shiny showed up, the chain was so high that the Kricketune was at a high enough level to know Perish Song, and it. USED. It. Original plan was to get it in an Ultra Ball, but we were down to the very last turn of Perish Song and nothing was working, so... well, I've always said I save Master Balls for real emergencies, and that's just what this was. Master Balled it. No regrets. :)

Skipping ahead to when I was on vacation, I'm passing the time one evening by hatching Chimecho. Wasn't even trying for a Shiny, though the Masuda Method was being invoked by the parents I was using. They were selected for nature, ball, and IVs, though- that they were different languages was just icing on the cake. Anyway, ended up inadvertently hatching a Shiny Chimecho in a Lure Ball. :)

Also on said vacation, I decide to go for a Shiny Mawile. So I grab my Magnet Pull Magneton and my Sweet Scent Illumise and make my way to the lowest level of Granite Cave. I do a bunch of horde encounters, and... a Shiny Zubat. Now a Crobat. Not what I was after, but a Shiny is a Shiny.

Continuing with aforementioned Mawile attempt, I kept doing horde encounters, and got... another... Shiny... Zubat. A Shiny is a Shiny. A Shiny is a Shiny. Caught the Zubat, but didn't let it evolve beyond the Golbat stage, give myself the illusion of diversity with recent Shinies.

After that, I figured a few non-Mawile hunts, preferably in areas with no Zubat whatsoever, would do me some good. My first stop, Route 116. I knew I'd run the risk of another Shiny Zigzagoon, but at the moment, as long as it wasn't Zubat, I was prepared to take that risk. Thankfully, the game graced me with the very Shiny I had set my sights on- Nincada! Two-for-one deal right there. :)

After that, my next hunt took me to Route 115. Horde hunting. No prizes for guessing what I got there. :) For those of you who suck at route numbers, it was Swablu, by the way.

Once those two hunts were concluded, I felt up to resuming the Mawile hunt again, bracing myself for yet another Shiny Zubat... needlessly! The next Shiny I found was none other than the very Mawile I sought!

After that, I was leveling up a Heliolisk by Soaring- I had exhausted all my Blissey Base battles for the day, and it just needed a couple more levels to go, and O-Powers, including those of the Exp. Point variety, do not wear off while you're soaring. Useful little tip to remember, I'd say. Anyway, while up there, I came across a Shiny Wingull and a Shiny Murkrow within minutes of each other! Wingull came easily, but Murkrow was a nightmare. And not long after that, when doing this with a Venusaur, got a Shiny Pelipper!

Some time afterwards, I spent practically an entire day breeding a few Duskull. EV trained the first one, evolved it to Dusknoir, bred the second one (with the intention of keeping it a Dusclops), and started to EV train it. First damn horde, Shiny Whismur.

And now we come to this month's Shinies. First up, breeding Aerodactyl, hatch a good one, take parents out of the daycare, hatch remaining Eggs, BOOM! Shiny!

Next, breeding Sigilyph, get a good one from the very first Egg, take parents out of daycare, hatch remaining Eggs, BOOM! Shiny!

Next, breeding Woobat, get a good one, take parents out of daycare, hatch remaining Eggs, BOOM! ...nothing. EV training it, though- BOOM! Shiny Zubat.

Next, EV training a Cherubi I scored off of Wonder Trade- BOOM! Shiny Zubat. And as if that weren't enough, while EV training that same Shiny Zubat- BOOM! Shiny Shuppet! And these two just happened yesterday!

Finally, just earlier today, I'm in the process of breeding Karrablast, and I get a Shiny. Brave, No Guard, perfect HP, Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, and abysmal Speed. Between that and its Egg moves, it was absolute perfection! EV trained and evolved it, I'm leveling it up now.

Congrats on all recent Shinies, and good luck to anyone hunting! :)


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After the Armageddon Expo yesterday, I decided to MM for Tepig whilst watching S3 of MLP with my sis.

Then this baby appeared in 35 eggs in X XD Named it Spider-Tepig XD Simpsons reference.


Then I switched to OmegaRuby coz I'm MMing Squirtle there and after 23 eggs, I got it XD


Now atm I'm MMing Charmander and Bulbasaur. Tryna get all shiny starters now :)


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This monkey just hatched after 180 eggs.
Already got pansage, so panpour is the last element monkey to hunt.


congrats everyone on your recent shinies and good luck on your current hunting
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Was idly hatching some eevee eggs while waiting for opinions on a nature for miltank, and after 474 eggs I get a white one. He came out timid and capable of taking hits, with Adaptability. I guess that nature is good for espeon? Since I already have a shiny jolteon. I'll need one more eevee for vaporeon, so I'll have to find a bold one to breed.

Gonna train and evolve this eevee, then switch to miltank.

Unown ?/! are at 9,900 REs.


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@Cyberra: If you need opinions on natures, you could always look up the best natures for it before to get an idea of good natures :) Though having said that, I believe the best natures are Adamant and Careful, with Careful being the better one. Best of luck hunting!

There's been a slight increase on opinions for balls / natures / hunts recently...*shifty eyes*

Anyways, I've been hunting a fair bit recently - though I had a scary health scare so I kinda stopped hunting for a few days. I'm at 1,850 REs in Cliff Cave. I haven't hit 2,000 REs on a hunt for a while now.

Congrats on the shinies and best of luck (especially to razorbadger, Aesnath, Keane - welcome back! - and cpchris)
Well, I was hatching zorua eggs and decided to just collect a box full of eggs for each of the 4 pokemon I'm still wanting to MM, but after breeding the zorua eggs and putting it into the pc I noticed that two of the pokemon i wanted to breed had egg moves so I decided to just collect sandshrew eggs and zorua eggs... and I got a shiny sandshrew! I think I want to try and be more active with pokemon and on this thread. I might even try to complete the community hunt.
anyways, congrats on all the shiny pokemon and good luck everyone


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Congrats to: Laurelai on Golett, taufik386 on Pansear, Tepig and Azurill, TheMaster327 on Cherubi, Paraqua on Virizion (I also think she's female, haha), M.M on... the largest group of shinies I think I've ever seen anybody post in one go?, PPA on Tepig and Squirtle, Cyberra on Eevee, maskofsanity1998 on Sandshrew, and to anybody else I missed!

Thank you for the welcome back and the good luck, AquaRegisteel! I hope everything is alright with your health.

I got an extra hour today since the clocks went back, but didn't really put it to much use and made a shiny card instead. I need to get more shinies so that it doesn't just have that dull looking background - I promise it gets more interesting and prettier as it goes down! But I ran around with the two Budew when hatching eggs so got their happiness up and evolved them, also attempted to evolve the third Wurmple in hope of a Cascoon, but nope, another Silcoon so that's why there's 3 Wurmples instead of the 'whole family', as I already caught both Silcoon and Beautifly shiny in the wild.

Anyway, Valley Windworks is now at 8500 REs, Plusle is at 90 eggs and I'm now duel hunting in Pearl and Diamond in Mt. Coronet, which now sits at 1,450 REs and is what I'll work on tonight. This is what I get after I got two dream shinies with long hunts completed (10 phase Murkrow and 19k Cranidos) after coming back last time, karma somewhat.

Good luck to everybody with their hunts!


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Currently horde hunting in Alpha Sapphire for a Lotad. Also looking for Palkia in Omega Ruby. After I catch that, I'll transfer over my Dialga from Alpha Sapphire, and begin the hunt for a second shiny Giratina (I caught the first one in an Ultra Ball, and I'd really like to get this one in a Premier Ball).
I wish you all luck on your hunts!


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Congratulations to everyone who got new shinies this week.

I decided to SR for legendary pokemon that I haven't caught yet on my OR game and got rewarded with a Regirock and Terrakion. I also managed to catch a Fraxure while hunting in a friend safari.

Good luck to everyone on their current and future hunts.


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@AquaRegisteel - I always ask about natures because I have no freaking idea what a good nature for the different 'mons would be. If all else fails I check what Smogon recommends. For espeon they recommended timid, but with HA (I was not lucky enough to hatch the shiny with HA, tho). For vaporeon I'll be hatching for bold nature because I asked here about natures months ago and I was told that Bold works for vaporeon.

@Paraqua - Virizion is female to me, also. I see cobalion and terrakion as male (and you'll always see me referring to Regigigas as "he", never "it").


Camerupt has decided to be stubborn and is sitting at 37 REs into today's leg of the hunt, 2,437 REs total. Miltank is at 120 eggs. Upper Solaceon Ruins hunt is at 10,400 REs.

Edit: After 2,504 REs, a second diggersby shines. He's quiet and alert to sounds, with Cheek Pouch. Sending him into wonder trade.
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I use Smogon to check for the best nature to use :).

I'm 729 eggs into my MM hunt and no shiny target yet. In the meantime I've been raising the seach level for phantump to try for a dexnav shiny (plus community hunt). The white ghost tree looks cool and it's a shiny that I've been wanting :). I've already caught two regular phantumps that have bestow and harvest so after I get a shiny I'll level up one of those so that I can hunt for shiny Lugia and ho-oh :)
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Congrats to PrismaticPrincessAnna on Pawniard, Squirtle and Tepig, Aesnath on Landorus,Paraqua on Misdreavus x3 and Virizion, Draknir on Poochyena,TheMaster327 on Rayquaza and Cherubi,Cyberra on Rotom, Diggersby and Eevee, Greedy Chibi on Pyroar, wobbanut on Poochyena and Shuppet, Cpchris on Budew,blastoise92 on Larvitar and Onix, Iwanuq on Grimer, Slugma, Pumpkaboo, and Zekrom,Laurelai on Golett, taufik386 On Tepig, Pansear, and Azurill, maskofsanity1998 on Sandshrew, Phillies on Regirock, Terrakion and Fraxure, and anyone else I may have missed!

Well my Electrike MM went much faster than anticipated despite be having less time to spare. After 222 eggs I found another little blue doggy :p


I then went after the next MM target on my list, Absol. Luckily I already received an Absol in a trade last year that came packed with Egg moves and awesome IV's so I didn't have to do as much fiddling around at the start. Tonight while watching The Walking Dead(I swear that show is a good luck charm for me) I had success!


With both of those done I only have 2 more targets to complete my full box of MM'd Shiny Pokemon. First up is Horsea, who is Egg moved up and ready to start IV breeding, and then Chimchar. I was kind of hoping to reach that goal before my Pokemon Y reached 999 hours but I'm currently at 989 hours so I don't think it's going to happen unless I'm extremely lucky.

Good luck to everyone on their Hunts!


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Congrats on all shinies everyone! (There's way too many since i last posted for me to list ^^; )

I haven't been able to hunt much lately sadly, but yesterday i did manage to finish hatching 4 boxes of Buneary eggs (it's going to be a birthday gift for a friend when i get it), making it 310 eggs since my shiny Larvesta about a month back now, i hope to collect another couple boxes of eggs when i'm on the bus on my way to work today, maybe i'll get lucky but...given how long Larvesta took (1,115 eggs-albeit she was SO worth the wait!) i'm prepared for another long hunt :3

Unfortunately, i don't think i'll be able to complete this months Community Hunt, would of been perfect chance for me to try for Honedge, but i don't think i'm going to get Buneary in time. I'll work hard though and hopefully i'll get super lucky and get both within just 5 days haha ^^;

Good luck on all hunts! :p


Whoa, I finally hatched the Shiny Larvitar in the most recent batch of eggs that I was hatching. This hunt was much shorter than I had originally expected: I'm thinking of doing a Shiny Wooper MM hunt next. Anyway, I'm gonna do more horde encounters in Y today and maybe consecutive fishing. Good luck to others.


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I got a shiny Snorunt from a very generous friend in exchange for a Koffing today. Can't tell you how long I've been hunting one of those. Going to evolve it into a Froslass and going to use it to ensure this winter, on Battle Spot, it's going to be cold. Very cold.