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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    @Cyberra: If you need opinions on natures, you could always look up the best natures for it before to get an idea of good natures :) Though having said that, I believe the best natures are Adamant and Careful, with Careful being the better one. Best of luck hunting!

    There's been a slight increase on opinions for balls / natures / hunts recently...*shifty eyes*

    Anyways, I've been hunting a fair bit recently - though I had a scary health scare so I kinda stopped hunting for a few days. I'm at 1,850 REs in Cliff Cave. I haven't hit 2,000 REs on a hunt for a while now.

    Congrats on the shinies and best of luck (especially to razorbadger, Aesnath, Keane - welcome back! - and cpchris)
  2. Well, I was hatching zorua eggs and decided to just collect a box full of eggs for each of the 4 pokemon I'm still wanting to MM, but after breeding the zorua eggs and putting it into the pc I noticed that two of the pokemon i wanted to breed had egg moves so I decided to just collect sandshrew eggs and zorua eggs... and I got a shiny sandshrew! I think I want to try and be more active with pokemon and on this thread. I might even try to complete the community hunt.
    anyways, congrats on all the shiny pokemon and good luck everyone
  3. tui

    tui moon upon a stick

    Congrats to: Laurelai on Golett, taufik386 on Pansear, Tepig and Azurill, TheMaster327 on Cherubi, Paraqua on Virizion (I also think she's female, haha), M.M on... the largest group of shinies I think I've ever seen anybody post in one go?, PPA on Tepig and Squirtle, Cyberra on Eevee, maskofsanity1998 on Sandshrew, and to anybody else I missed!

    Thank you for the welcome back and the good luck, AquaRegisteel! I hope everything is alright with your health.

    I got an extra hour today since the clocks went back, but didn't really put it to much use and made a shiny card instead. I need to get more shinies so that it doesn't just have that dull looking background - I promise it gets more interesting and prettier as it goes down! But I ran around with the two Budew when hatching eggs so got their happiness up and evolved them, also attempted to evolve the third Wurmple in hope of a Cascoon, but nope, another Silcoon so that's why there's 3 Wurmples instead of the 'whole family', as I already caught both Silcoon and Beautifly shiny in the wild.

    Anyway, Valley Windworks is now at 8500 REs, Plusle is at 90 eggs and I'm now duel hunting in Pearl and Diamond in Mt. Coronet, which now sits at 1,450 REs and is what I'll work on tonight. This is what I get after I got two dream shinies with long hunts completed (10 phase Murkrow and 19k Cranidos) after coming back last time, karma somewhat.

    Good luck to everybody with their hunts!
  4. Marsalevsky

    Marsalevsky Shiny Collector

    Currently horde hunting in Alpha Sapphire for a Lotad. Also looking for Palkia in Omega Ruby. After I catch that, I'll transfer over my Dialga from Alpha Sapphire, and begin the hunt for a second shiny Giratina (I caught the first one in an Ultra Ball, and I'd really like to get this one in a Premier Ball).
    I wish you all luck on your hunts!
  5. Phillies

    Phillies Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to everyone who got new shinies this week.

    I decided to SR for legendary pokemon that I haven't caught yet on my OR game and got rewarded with a Regirock and Terrakion. I also managed to catch a Fraxure while hunting in a friend safari.

    Good luck to everyone on their current and future hunts.
  6. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    @AquaRegisteel - I always ask about natures because I have no freaking idea what a good nature for the different 'mons would be. If all else fails I check what Smogon recommends. For espeon they recommended timid, but with HA (I was not lucky enough to hatch the shiny with HA, tho). For vaporeon I'll be hatching for bold nature because I asked here about natures months ago and I was told that Bold works for vaporeon.

    @Paraqua - Virizion is female to me, also. I see cobalion and terrakion as male (and you'll always see me referring to Regigigas as "he", never "it").


    Camerupt has decided to be stubborn and is sitting at 37 REs into today's leg of the hunt, 2,437 REs total. Miltank is at 120 eggs. Upper Solaceon Ruins hunt is at 10,400 REs.

    Edit: After 2,504 REs, a second diggersby shines. He's quiet and alert to sounds, with Cheek Pouch. Sending him into wonder trade.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
  7. Birds of Paradise

    Birds of Paradise FireStorm


    I use Smogon to check for the best nature to use :).

    I'm 729 eggs into my MM hunt and no shiny target yet. In the meantime I've been raising the seach level for phantump to try for a dexnav shiny (plus community hunt). The white ghost tree looks cool and it's a shiny that I've been wanting :). I've already caught two regular phantumps that have bestow and harvest so after I get a shiny I'll level up one of those so that I can hunt for shiny Lugia and ho-oh :)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
  8. Thibideau

    Thibideau Beautiful Midnight

    Congrats to PrismaticPrincessAnna on Pawniard, Squirtle and Tepig, Aesnath on Landorus,Paraqua on Misdreavus x3 and Virizion, Draknir on Poochyena,TheMaster327 on Rayquaza and Cherubi,Cyberra on Rotom, Diggersby and Eevee, Greedy Chibi on Pyroar, wobbanut on Poochyena and Shuppet, Cpchris on Budew,blastoise92 on Larvitar and Onix, Iwanuq on Grimer, Slugma, Pumpkaboo, and Zekrom,Laurelai on Golett, taufik386 On Tepig, Pansear, and Azurill, maskofsanity1998 on Sandshrew, Phillies on Regirock, Terrakion and Fraxure, and anyone else I may have missed!

    Well my Electrike MM went much faster than anticipated despite be having less time to spare. After 222 eggs I found another little blue doggy :p


    I then went after the next MM target on my list, Absol. Luckily I already received an Absol in a trade last year that came packed with Egg moves and awesome IV's so I didn't have to do as much fiddling around at the start. Tonight while watching The Walking Dead(I swear that show is a good luck charm for me) I had success!


    With both of those done I only have 2 more targets to complete my full box of MM'd Shiny Pokemon. First up is Horsea, who is Egg moved up and ready to start IV breeding, and then Chimchar. I was kind of hoping to reach that goal before my Pokemon Y reached 999 hours but I'm currently at 989 hours so I don't think it's going to happen unless I'm extremely lucky.

    Good luck to everyone on their Hunts!
  9. NitroLightningFlash

    NitroLightningFlash Well-Known Member

    Congrats on all shinies everyone! (There's way too many since i last posted for me to list ^^; )

    I haven't been able to hunt much lately sadly, but yesterday i did manage to finish hatching 4 boxes of Buneary eggs (it's going to be a birthday gift for a friend when i get it), making it 310 eggs since my shiny Larvesta about a month back now, i hope to collect another couple boxes of eggs when i'm on the bus on my way to work today, maybe i'll get lucky but...given how long Larvesta took (1,115 eggs-albeit she was SO worth the wait!) i'm prepared for another long hunt :3

    Unfortunately, i don't think i'll be able to complete this months Community Hunt, would of been perfect chance for me to try for Honedge, but i don't think i'm going to get Buneary in time. I'll work hard though and hopefully i'll get super lucky and get both within just 5 days haha ^^;

    Good luck on all hunts! :p
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Whoa, I finally hatched the Shiny Larvitar in the most recent batch of eggs that I was hatching. This hunt was much shorter than I had originally expected: I'm thinking of doing a Shiny Wooper MM hunt next. Anyway, I'm gonna do more horde encounters in Y today and maybe consecutive fishing. Good luck to others.
  11. Mr.FusRoDah

    Mr.FusRoDah Well-Known Member

    I got a shiny Snorunt from a very generous friend in exchange for a Koffing today. Can't tell you how long I've been hunting one of those. Going to evolve it into a Froslass and going to use it to ensure this winter, on Battle Spot, it's going to be cold. Very cold.
  12. Congrats to: Phillies on regirock and terakion, Cyberra on diggersby, Thibideau on electrike and absol, and Lorde on larvitar.
    also good luck to everyone hunting
    I've EV trained the 3 pokemon that I have MMed so far, and have evolved them. Now I'm training them for their moves in the friend safari, where I have found a shiny dunsparce. After I finish this, I will get on hatching the other pokemon I need, probably starting with zorua.
  13. Smobble

    Smobble MH4U <3

    First time chain fishing!

    I toke a little break from the shiny Cyndaquil hunt. Still no female... (6x male! ;-; ) I decided to do chain fishing. I've never toke hand into it, but results came in handy and on my 14th chain. I GOT A SHINY WAILMER!!! I was pretty shocked how fast and quick, but they don't say chain fishing is easy grabs for nothing.

    Encounters: 14
    Wailmer- Male
    Ability- Oblivious
    Nature- Mild
    IVS- 1

  14. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    ... 173 eggs. My MM luck is officially crazy.


    Shiny Torchic! Adamant from Everstone AND it's female (Third starter in a row that's been female), AND it's Speed Boost. Oh, AND it's IVs are 31/31/31/xx/31/31. Literally perfect shiny!
  15. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Reminder that it's voting time :D

    You can PM me your choice :)

    The ideas:





  16. Quils

    Quils Strange Creature

    Hello everyone! Congrats on your recent shinies!

    It must have been about a year since the last time I posted here. This year I haven't played too much Pokémon...
    So... a few months ago I tried to continue my Alpha Sapphire game and I decided I wanted to catch a Shiny before my first badge.
    After about 4000 hordes (about 20000 Pokémon) in Petalburg Woods I got nothing.
    So a couple of weeks ago I decided to try with the Dexnav instead and I got a beautiful Shiny Taillow after only about 220 encounters.
    I decided to try a Shiny Badge Quest (not a traditional one since I'm using Dexnav and Horde Encounters) and after the first badge I got a Shiny Skitty after 396 encounters.
    After that I kind of wanted to finish that hunt in Petalburg Woods, but I instead decided to go for an Aron in Granite Cave. After some HEs I randomly decided to go to the next floor where Sableye also appear.
    I didn't even thought about the possibility of getting a Shiny Sableye since it's only a 5% chance... and that's without counting the use of Magnet Pull, but after about 500 HEs I found a Shiny Sableye. I couldn't believe it! And then I remembered I didn't check for Sableye's catch rate (it's only 45) and the only way I could hurt them was with my Magnemite's Supersonic. Fortunately the Shiny stayed in the second Pokéball I threw after I put it to sleep with my Marshtomp's Yawn.
    For my fourth Shiny I went back to Granite Cave (doing HEs in the floor where Sableye can't be found) and after only about 250 HEs I found exactly what I was looking for: a Shiny Aron.

    Now I decided to go back to Dexnaving and I'm trying to get Ralts. I'm at about 500 encounters but I put the hunt on hold because studies... ugh.
    I would put pictures but I don't want to lose more time since I should be studying right now.

    So... I think I completed the community hunt with Sableye c:
    I'll probably disappear again, but good luck to everyone on your hunts!
  17. Ampharos_Spark

    Ampharos_Spark Gen 6 = <3

    Congrats to pkmnbrawler123, Azulart, serpent222, TheMaster327, Cyberra, Thibidaeu, PrismaticPrincessAnna, Aesnath, Paraqua, Draknir, Cpchris, wobbanut, Iwanuq, Laurelai, taufik386, Missingno. Master, maskofsanity1998, Phillies, Lorde, Smobble, Quils and anyone else that I may have missed!

    So I'm continuing this spooky streak and I decided to try MMing another spooky Pokemon since Litwick wasn't exactly Masuda Method. So these last few days I've been hatching eggs hoping for a sparkly ghost to pop out. After I got home from work and had dinner, I watched today/yesterday's episode of Gravity Falls. At the end of the episode I looked down and saw this beautiful...
    purple and blue gas ball pop out of the egg! Shiny Mega Gengar FTW! Sure I have the event shiny Gengar but... meh. It's just not the same. Anyway, he ended up with great IVs of 31/28/7/31/31/31. More pictures: OT/ID, Summary, Sparkles, Pokemon-Amie and Video. Now I'm of to either Hoenn or Sinnoh for my next spooky target!I'm currently EV training this Gastly now as I type.

    Good luck to all especially those with particularly stubborn targets!
  18. Cpchris

    Cpchris Shiny Hunter

    Congrats to Iwanuq on Grimer and Zekrom, Laurelai on Golett, taufik386 on Tepig, TheMaster327 on Cherubi; Missingno. Master on Chingling, both Duskull, Aerodactyl, Sigilyph, and Karrablast; PrismaticPrincessAnna on Tepig and Squirtle, taufik386 on Pansear, Cyberra on Eevee, maskofsanity1998 on Sandshrew, Phillies on Regirock and Terrakion, Thibideau on Electrike and Absol, Lorde on Larvitar, TheMaster327 on Torchic, Ampharos_Spark on Gastly, and everyone else on your shinies!

    Thanks for the congrats, Keane, Thibideau, and Ampharos_Spark ^ ^ And thanks for the luck, AquaRegisteel :)


    Possibly bring something with Screech? It’ll lower its Def by 2 stages, so if you bring any false swipers, you can more easily get its health down when it uses Recover. Or use Taunt so it can’t use Recover (at least until it starts running low on offense moves). Though when I used the calculator, when Groudon is at 1 HP and Asleep, it should have around a 35% capture rate with a Heavy Ball, so I don’t imagine you’d have much trouble at that point.


    Yes :D Not only did I just find a target, but I found it in a way I’ve always wanted to get a shiny: On the first RE of the day! Turned my games on, went into an encounter, and after just 1,301 REs, Platinum decided to be kind and give me a gorgeous second Shiny Gastly!


    It was so surprising to see a blue Gastly straight away! This almost happened before with Caterpie (who I found on the 2nd RE). This one is female, Serious, and has the IVs: 18 – 16 – 28 – 27 – 4 – 28. My first Gastly remained a Gastly and is now Lv. 100 (really didn’t care to evolve it as it’s such an amazing shiny as Gastly). It was Adamant nature anyways, so there was even less of a point in evolving it. Even though this one didn’t end up with a “good” nature, I’m perfectly fine with a neutral nature, and coupled with its good IVs, I’m going to evolve it into Gengar rather than waiting to see if a 3rd Gastly is even better. There’s a chance I’ll find more Gastly than I need, too (still need 2 Buneary from here, plus if I ever hunt at Turnback Cave…). As much as I’d like to repel trick with a shiny (and this Gastly now being my only choice), I’m too impatient to wait for a Buneary to shine to use as a repel trick lead :x

    Still sticking with Eterna Forest for now. Hopefully a Buneary next, but I still need one more Gastly to complete the line...

    Also, Community Hunt Complete x2 – perhaps the first time I’ve found 2 CH targets in the same month.

    Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, Razorbadger, Cyberra, Keane, and Nakashima)!
  19. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Im currentky RA'ing for shaymin in Diamond.

    Anyone here knows if its possible to get a shiny coz i glitched the game to get there. Via tweaking to the void.
  20. tui

    tui moon upon a stick

    Congrats to: Phillies on Regirock, Terrakion and Fraxure, Cyberra on Diggersby, Thibideau on Electrike and Absol, Lorde on Larvitar, Smobble on Wailmer, TheMaster327 on Torchic, Quils on Taillow, Skitty, Sableye and Aron, Ampharos_Spark on Gastly, CpChris on Gastly (can your Platinum sent my Platinum some luck?) and to anybody else I missed!

    Thank you CpChris for the luck!

    Definitely possible - I've read people obtain shiny Darkrai and Shaymin this way from older threads! When I decided to hunt Shaymin last year (never finished, waiting til the end of the BQ now) I just used an AR to hack myself in an Oak's Letter to initiate the event on Route 224, if you ever want a 'safer' way to get to Shaymin (I've heard of tweaking crashing games and corrupting save files, so be careful!).

    9700 REs in Valley Windworks now, should get pretty close to 11k today unless something shines. I also boosted up to 2000 REs in Mt Coronet, but I only ever hunt this whilst sat at my desk so that's only ever really quite late at night, and sometimes I just sleep instead :x I'd really like a shiny by the end of this week, since I've been hunting all day most days and even though I'm starting to get busier towards the end of this week I should still be able to get a good amount of hunting done.

    Good luck everybody in your hunts, especially Cyberra and CpChris!

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