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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I just finished doing 70 or so more horde encounters on Y version, but still no luck finding a Shiny on Route 12. I did some chain fishing on Alpha Sapphire for 30 minutes last night as well, but no Shiny got hooked either. Imma work on my Shiny Wooper Masuda Method hunt this evening instead.
  2. Citizen Insane

    Citizen Insane Eh, life is a game.

    I finally managed to MM a shiny Purrloin. It's male, Jolly, has Prankster and its IV's are: 31/31/31/31/31/xx

    I just did it after 109 eggs.
  3. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    @TheShinyLunatone - Congrats on the porygon :D I knew you could do it

    In other news...

    ... I wasn't finished getting good IVs in the right places yet!


    I was working my way up to a 5IV with the right spread when egg #23 broke open and I found this smirking back at me. He's timid and mischievous, with Illusion. His potential is relatively superior, but still, shiny zorua! I've already gotten him trained and evolved.

    Why a dive ball? well, why not?

    Am now working on kangaskhan, jolly nature and in a dusk ball.

    Shiny alphabet hunt is at 4,300 REs. Kangaskhan is at 40 eggs.

    I ask again... Which nature would be better for tyrantrum: Jolly or Adamant?

    Edit: After 134 eggs, I get a shiny kangaskhan


    She's jolly and alert to sounds, with Early Bird. While she didn't get the maxed ATK stat, the IV judge didn't say it was bad, either, so I'm on the fence as to whether I want to stick with her or continue to hatch. As for the name... I'm a smart alec when I want to be. 'Nuff said.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2015
  4. Cpchris

    Cpchris Shiny Hunter

    Congrats to Paraqua on both Elekid, taufik386 on Registeel and Goomy, Marsalevsky on Cobalion, Paraqua on Sableye, SkyMew on Amaura, taufik386 on Phantump, Cyberra on Heracross, Azulart on Zubat, taufik386 on Togepi and Fennekin; Keovix on Uxie, Azelf, Cobalion, Kyurem, and Reshiram; Psychic on Glameow, taufik386 on Lickitung, Laurelai on Azelf and Tympole, Aesnath on Regirock, ebevan91 on Ducklett, kirkeastment on Golett, Azulart on Ferroseed, Supremacy (welcome back!) on Sealeo and Oddish and Rotom, SkyMew on Croagunk, TheMaster327 on both Misdreavus, Jack5326 on Teddiursa, Super Saiyan 3 Goku on Lugia, RoarOfTime91 on Xatu, Cyberra on Heracross, TheShinyLunatone on Porygon, taufik386 on Regigigas and Patrat, Crimson Penguin on Axew, Cyberra on Zigzagoon, Phillies on Honedge, Citizen Insane on Purrloin, Cyberra on Zorua, and everyone else on your shinies!

    Thank you for the good luck, Keane, Crimson Penguin, Lorde, and AquaRegisteel :)


    One of my long hunts ended :D After 21,406 REs, and on the 206th RE of the night, my third shiny Horsea appeared!


    My 3rd and final Horsea to complete the line (my 7th 3-stage evo line complete)! Male, Bold, Swift Swim, and IVs: 7 – 4 – 8 – 24 – 1 – 9. Not that great, but…It had a better Sp. Atk. IV than my first Horsea, and didn’t have a Sp. Atk. hindering nature like my second (though that one could have just been a physical attacker, but I prefer special if I can), so I decided to evolve this one into Kingdra. All EV-trained and evolved, just gotta work on leveling him to 100.

    Now I can finally get away from that place after being there for about 3.5 months! Going to move on to Route 10 both to complete evolution lines of ones I already started (Spearow and Raticate) and to start a new line that I’d really like (Voltorb). And Quagsire is fine too. Definitely hoping not to get Fearow (though it’s only 10% during the day only), and I’d prefer not to find Electabuzz (if I could get Elekid in the wild in this game I wouldn’t mind). I may change the hunt up as I go along, too. Once I find a Spearow, I might repel trick it out. And if I get both Spearow and Raticate before finding two Voltorb, I’ll likely static for it. So it’ll be fun to see how it plays out – I’ll be starting without influencing the standard rates.

    Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, Razorbadger, Keane, Crimson Penguin, and Nakashima)!
  5. Paraqua

    Paraqua Beginning Trainer

    Congrats to all recent shinies.

    After the longest masuda method hunt in ages, after a whopping 924 eggs, a shiny male Anorith finally hatched.

    I named him Amadeus (After the song "Rock me, Amadeus" by the Austrian rock musician Falco), is Adamant nature through everstone and has perfect IV's in HP, ATK, Sp. ATK and Speed.

    Good luck to all future shinies
  6. Laurelai

    Laurelai Well-Known Member

    Cyberra, you bleed shiny pokemon don't you!! Congrats to the new owners of new shinies!!

    Early this morning (1:30-ish, couldn't sleep) I successfully SRd #2 of the Lake Guardian trio. Here is my lovely red Mesprit after about 700 SRs


    Again, the name is taken from the fictional Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows- "Sonder- the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own"

    Modest sync worked (I've been really quite lucky with that!) and it has perfect IVs in HP, SpAtk and SpDef. I'm rather pleased :D


    Well! That was certainly fast! I decided to finish up the Regi quad and SR for Regigigas. I pulled up a YouTube video live catch of Regigigas for inspiration, mostly finished that one, pulled up another and turned it off because it was full of over-acted fake yelling, looked down, and...


    Maybe.... 15-ish SRs??!? Well, apparently the Pokemon gods did not think that was an adequate sacrifice (which I have to agree) so sync did not work- in fact I got a pretty awful nature (I lubs him anyway!!), and it has perfect IVs in HP, SpDef and Spd lol. Ah well, I'll take it! The name comes from an old Armenian pre-Christian god Aramazd who as well as being a creation god, was the father of several other gods. It fits.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2015
  7. tui

    tui moon upon a stick

    Firstly, huge congrats to TheShinyLunatone on Porygon (I'm glad you stuck it out and got rewarded!) and CpChris on Horsea (shiny Kingdra is amazing!)

    Congrats to: communist on Relicanth, Skymew on Croagunk, TheMaster327 on Misdreavus x2 and Miltank x2, Cyberra on Pikachu, Dedenne, Heracross, Pansear, Zigzagoon, Zorua and Khangaskan, Jack5326 on Teddiursa, Super Saiyan 3 Goku on Misdreavus, Gligar, Murkrow and Lugia, Phillies on Honedge, Ledyba, Illumise, Ponyta x3, Vivillon, Sawk, Skarmory, Foongus and Roselia, RoarOfTime91 on Xatu, taufik386 on Regigigas and Patrat, Vale_Star on Fraxure, Crimson Penguin on Axew, Archsage on Barboach and Corphish, the ash man83 on Charmeleon x3, Citizen Insane on Purrloin, Paraqua on Anorith, Laurelai on Mesprit and Regigigas, and to anyone else I missed!

    Thank you Lorde, AquaRegisteel, Crimson Penguin and CpChris for the luck!

    Still shinyless over here - 11,400REs in Valley Windworks and 8,600REs in Castelia Park, I've really been pushing for encounters (especially in Castelia... I hit half odds just before I went to bed Saturday night, so roughly 4.5k encounters were done over the last 4 days). Mt. Coronet is still at 2k, I'm determined to get something to shine this weekend as although I'm busy all day Saturday I have half a day tomorrow and all of Sunday so I should be able to get more done, I'm going to carry on in the Valley Windworks for the rest of tonight.

    Good luck everybody, especially CpChris, Razorbadger and Crimson Penguin!
  8. Supremacy

    Supremacy Shiny Hunter

    Thanks for all the gratz and warm welcomes everyone! Missed you all <3

    A couple days ago (Saturday) I started SRing for Turtwig on Platinum. Its the only Sinnoh starter I don't have shiny yet so this is perfect. I may as well make this into a BQ since I've never played Platinum from beginning to end, should be fun! So far I'm really enjoying these SRs, they're a breeze compared to X&Y's starter SRs (which I did 12k of for Fennekin >.<). Like with all my other pre-6th gen hunts, I haven't kept count of the SRs I've done but I have been doing a lot of hunting the past few days so hopefully shiny Turtwig shows itself soon. Also, something random, but hunting in a post-Rotom world is so weird for me lol. Every now and again, in the back of my head I will have a mini freakout thinking I've forgotten to alter the time/date settings lmao. Guess its gonna take awhile for that hunt to get out of my system =p.

    Also, this is a bit random, but does anyone know how to get the Lucky Power Max pass power in BW2? I've been thinking of doing some shaking spot hunts but I can't find any good info on it :x

    Anyways, gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone! :]
  9. TheShinyLunatone

    TheShinyLunatone VAMPIRE LORDS!

    thank you very much for the congrats everyone!! for the record, 2rsa the porygon is bringing straight power to my team XD

    my next target for this bq will be latias.
    ik. its gonna take 1 million year but
    i was tired of the standard methods, never done an RA hunt befpore. exciting!!
    i donyt really love the eon duos shiny colourin tbh so idk. might switch to hunting sandshrew if this gets boring.

    does anyone else find it annoying when youtubers do clearly fake reactions for a shiny thsat often involve alot of bellowing?

    also, how many battle turns before latias struggles herself to death?
  10. Laurelai

    Laurelai Well-Known Member

    Overly hyped YouTubers do make me just turn their video off. I listened to one dude narrate the dance he was doing while alternately yelling "This can't be real!!" "This didn't happen!!" Well of course it did- you were resetting for it o_O
  11. Blastonite

    Blastonite Dream Crusher

    I instantly stop the vid. Downvote the video and make a note of who the person is so I never watch another one of their vids again. This has happened with A LOT of the new "shiny Hunters" Who recently started in XY/ORAS and some older ones. It's a shame too cause I enjoy watching the videos, hearing the sparkles and seeing a genuine reaction. But the stuff they do is just annoying and I hate those dumb reactions.
  12. SEdive07

    SEdive07 DIVEstrong

    So it's been a while since I have put anything on here but I have really got on a 4th gen radar so here is my most recent shiny! I am going for a living dex of all the johto Pokemon. This is I believe somewhere over 50.
  13. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    I watch a lot of shiny hunting vids on mute for this reason. In some cases I can't stand their voices in general; most of the time it's because the bellowing is extremely irritating and pointless. With female youtubers their voices occasionally reach pitches that actually hurt my ears (I can't watch The Shiny Twins with the volume on b/c they occasionally reach dog whistle pitches).

    @Laurelai - XD No, I've just been very lucky. I'm entirely expecting the luck to run out soon and the hatching to resume high triple digit/low quadruple digit hunts.

    And speaking of my luck...

    Since catching Unown-? at the end of October I've been hunting in the lower Solaceon Ruins, in one of the side chambers off the main halls where all but 6 of the letter forms are available. On my second RE of the day today, 4,302 REs in total...


    ...I hear sparkles and look down to find this. Shiny Unown-A! It's relaxed and somewhat vain, with the standard Levitate ability.

    Until I get access to darkrai and shaymin I'm going to stay in the Solaceon Ruins and catch as many shiny Unown as I can find. I've moved out into the main hallway where the only form of Unown available is F, and I am now at 400 REs for it.

    Amaura is at 70 eggs.
  14. TheShinyLunatone

    TheShinyLunatone VAMPIRE LORDS!

    well...this was fast!


    awful nature, but hey shes in game. im out here running steel wing latias XD
  15. NitroLightningFlash

    NitroLightningFlash Well-Known Member

    So much shiny luck going around lately-congratulations everybody! :D

    Finally got some time this weekend so i'm going to start hatching as many eggs as possible for Buneary since my friend's birthday is coming up very soon now, unfortunately just haven't been able to collect/hatch anything due to time constraints so my egg total hatched since my shiny Larvesta a while back is just at 310 at the moment, but i'll work hard and hopefully i get one soon, i bet it'll take at least as long as Larvesta did xD

    Good luck everybody on all hunts! ^^
  16. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    So I got this last night after a 60 chain.


    Blue bug :) She's Naughty, with IVs:18 - 21 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 8, 10 / 14, 16. That's why you should go for a 60 chain. Guaranteed 3IV.
  17. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Ive been away for a while.

    So I was shiny hunting in a dark type safari of Sableye, Pawniard and Sneasel...

    I was RE for a shiny Sneasels but so far only two Pawniards and two Sableyes. BAD LUCK MUCH D:

    Then Weeks later, while eating dinner, I had three DS's opened to SR for Virizion, one was Coballion in W coz of the thing were you catch Cobalion then Virizion >.>
    Then this appeared... Max since September hunt

    Iv been trying to RNG shinies in all gens.. I have NO CLUE how D: Its so hard >.>
  18. Dragon trainer

    Dragon trainer Arise from the Ashes

    Got a question in regards to dexnav chaining for a shiny? - feel free to move if needed

    I have been chaining for a while I started at 40 search level its now gone to level 215.
    I have managed to keep the chain going I think cause If I close the lid down during a fight that I found from the dexnav is that still on the chain?

    It started at level 14 and goes up to level 40s and then reverts to level 14 does this mean the chain has broken and re-started? I get to 3IVs/rare move/ability all of the exclamation marks come up but no shiny? As far as I'm aware the chain has kept going but if I close the lid down (at night) in a fight does this stop it or is it still on the chain? if its kept going then when will the deerling be shiny? I need to happen soon as I'm running out of pp items and got no more leppa berries left.

    Am I doing it right? Is the chain still on? ive been fainting the deerling but can I run away instead?
  19. kirkeastment

    kirkeastment Completing The Trio

    You're not doing anything wrong. The levels of the Pokemon reset every 100 encounters or thereabouts iirc, but what's important to realize here is that you are not chaining. This is a misnomer that got put around way too much early on.

    DexNav'ing is fixed odds, you could faint 5 million(exaggerated ofc) deerling and your odds of finding a shiny wouldn't be any greater than if you had just started and killed 1 deerling.

    You don't need to kill the deerling, you could run away, but then you have to reset the dexnav which is a pain to do after every reset, so it's easier to just keep killing them and dexnav that way.

    You've only killed 175 so far, so lets not get too carried away here, because to be blunt if you expect to get a shiny that quick. you're sadly mistaken. I've seen DexNav shinies take anywhere from 1 - 1500(my own lotad took 1500+ dexnav's to obtain). So don't get too carried away that your shiny hasn't appeared yet, it just means you may need to put more effort into the hunt. If you're not willing to do big numbers, then you're going to be disappointed and complaining a lot i'm afraid, but don't worry we all do it lol.

    The stars, special moves, ability parts have nothing to do with Shiny Pokemon, so forget about focusing on those.

    Closing the lid has no effect on dexnav'ing, so long as you do as you said and close it during a battle. :)

    I hope this answers your questions & allays your fears somewhat that you might be doing something wrong. Just keep at it. Good Luck :)
  20. Dragon trainer

    Dragon trainer Arise from the Ashes

    Perfect thank you
    I am expecting big numbers I've watched ones on youtube with 35 - 500+ chains
    I just wish I knew I could have run away earlier lol
    I do close the lid in the battle
    I heard on youtube videos it can have a higher chance when its on all of them so I was worried I was doing something wrong for dexnav chaining videos.

    I shall continue with my dexnav chaining later for deerling
    I tried earlier with other pokemon but to no avail doing the same thing but thought I was going wrong.

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