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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Blastonite

    Blastonite Dream Crusher

    Hm. Only 2k? .....

    Anyway. I've had decent luck lately. I've managed to break my 3.5k egg bad luck with some quickish hunts. Ekans took about 1k. Seviper just under 2k and that's the worst for this session really. then I had good luck getting Houndour and Snorlax under 500. Thank goodness Snorlax was under odds cause those eggs take a year it feels like! Then I got my 2 for 1 with Nincada at just under 750 eggs. I am now hunting Thunderous cause I haven't done any SR hunts in a while so I figured why not xD

    Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still hunting I hope you see the Shine soon. :)
  2. NitroLightningFlash

    NitroLightningFlash Well-Known Member

    I never thought of that, thanks for telling me. I agree it would be easier to do that way :D

    Oops, i didn't know this...i feel silly now haha...thanks for telling me! Ok i guess i won't do that for future hunts then ^^;

    It can be hard with Masuda Method sometimes...what Pokemon were you hatching for when you went over 2k? That's over the odds :eek:

    Yeah i know what you mean when you talk about eggs taking forever to hatch. When i was Masuda Methoding for Larvesta (who also takes forever to hatch), i eventually got her, and she came out just perfect and trust me she was SO worth the wait! ^^ Your work'll pay off eventually. Also yeah, if you're getting bored/feel like a break then it's a good idea to go on to something else for a while (as you say you could work on a Y hunt for a while, then come back and try again whenever you feel up to it) :3

    Ok first of all congrats on all shinies!! Also...unfortunately i found out a few days ago that my friend already got a shiny Buneary and has a shiny Mawile (Mawile is his favorite mega) so...i don't have to hatch for one now, i'm kind of disappointed but then again he didn't know i was trying for one and he tried for such a long time for one so i'm happy for him that he finally got it after trying pretty much the whole year (albeit on and off but still) ^^

    As for me...well i don't know who to try for really...should i continue to try for a shiny Buneary anyway?
    I'm at 490 eggs now since my last shiny (Larvesta) so i guess i should go on trying shouldn't i? Hmm...Lopunny's my favorite Mega so maybe i should continue...but at the same time, i like my regular Lopunny just fine, what should i do? ~is thinking~ Dx

    Anyway good luck on all hunts! ^^
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  3. umbreonfan3636

    umbreonfan3636 Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since I've posted here. No shinies in a long time, but that doesn't mean I haven't been hunting. I'm at around 6k REs in Ruby version for Aron, and I'm around 2k SRs for Articuno in HG. It's been slow going finding time to hunt, but hopefully something will shine eventually.

    Congrats to everyone who has caught a shiny recently!

    I'm honestly not sure about the "rarest" situation that I've gotten a shiny. Probably one of my below odds hunts. I got Totodile at ~400 SRs in HG. I got shiny Mudkip in Ruby with no Poochyenas in 4 hours of SRing after replacing my Ruby's battery (now my game is at ~130 hours of gameplay and only Mudkip and Abra to show for it). The weirdest thing that's happened to me was finding two shiny Paras in the Bug Catching Contest in one week in HG on my BQ. It was ridiculous. I don't even like Paras.

    My favorite shiny is probably either Mudkip (because it was a reclaim from my first SRed Mudkip in Ruby when I was ~11-13 years old) or Arcanine in my HG version. I used to have a Latias in Emerald that I was partial to as well, but that was erased a long time ago.

    Recently, I was pretty nervous about Abra in Ruby because it had teleport (I had mean look though). Also, Growlithe had Roar and I needed to switch in a Soundproof Voltorb, which was a bit nerve-racking.

    Good luck everyone, hopefully I'll have some shiny news soon.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  4. camhines4

    camhines4 Active Member

    Some good luck for me the past two days. In addition to my Pinsir yesterday, I chained a shiny Chansey at 26 last night and a shiny Chatot at 40 this morning.
  5. tui

    tui moon upon a stick

    Congrats to: wobbanut on Bellsprout, TheShinyLunatone on Sandshrew, Psychic on Drowzee, claus351 on Frogadier, Eevee x2 and Zigzagoon, Cyberra on Masquerain, Vivillon x2, Ducklett and Illumise, SkyMew on Tornadus, Entei and Vulpix, i2i on Kabuto, oarfish on Raikou and Lugia, camhines4 on Pinsir, Chansey and Chatot, Blastonite on Ekans, Seviper, Houndour, Snorlax and Nincada, and to anyone else I missed!

    Welcome back, umbreonfan3636, and thank you for the luck CpChris!

    I'm always game for a questionnaire, let me see...
    What was the rarest situation in which you got a shiny?
    Probably Beautifly in Eterna Forest, it has a 2% appearance rate and I got one after only ~800 REs. Not that I needed one, out of the three shiny Wurmple I caught during that hunt, all of them evolved into the Silcoon/Beautifly line, and then I found a Silcoon as well to top that off.

    Which shiny is your favorite?
    Out of the ones I own, probably Cranidos or Murkrow. Not only do they look great, but I found them at the end of a lot of long SRs for the former and a lot of Budew and Wurmple for the latter, definitely hunts I don't want to repeat on me (I do plan to SR for every fossil, so statistically I will have another one or two hunts.

    Out of the ones I don't own, I tend to like shinies that are goldish in colour, such as Uxie and Ninjask. I often see other people get shinies that I'd never really thought of before - such as Kingdra, Ducklett/Swanna to name a recent couple - and just knowing I have to hunt for them in future because of how great they look.

    Which shiny made you freak out the most?
    Hmm. Turtwig possibly, I'd settled down knowing exactly how long the hunt I set out to do would take, with each SR taking roughly a minute, and then after only just over half an hour and 36SRs, a blue Turtwig pops out the ball, which I honestly didn't believe before I saw the sparkles. I'm now definitely thinking of going for another starter on Pearl, or if I decide to reset my Platinum so I can hunt for all the cool stuff that I just caught ~4 years ago. That file is old as hell.


    Hunt wise, I played a lot of White 2 and now I have a Masterball for safety, I backtracked to Volcarona in Relic Castle, and that sits at 200SRs. I'll probably only do 100 of those a day until my current hunts finish, which are 15,200 REs in Valley Windworks and 3,000 for my Diamond BQ in Mt Coronet.

    Anyway, good luck everybody, especially CpChris, Razorbadger and Crimson Penguin!
  6. Supremacy

    Supremacy Shiny Hunter

    What was the rarest situation in which you got a shiny?
    Back when I was hunting for shiny female Combee I decided to take a break from Route 12 in Pokemon White and try headbutting for it in Soul Silver. After a bit over a week of headbutting I got yet another male shiny Combee. However, little did I know that there's a glitch in 4th gen games with using the Cute Charm and it can make the odds 1/24k for a shiny. So yeah, that very same male shiny Combee that I was so annoyed at ended up being a 1/24k shiny! Not many people can say they got a 1/24k shiny, even if it was unintentional for me lol.
    Which shiny is your favorite?
    Anything BLUE! <3 But if I had to pick, it would be Bisharp. Ugh, its perfect.
    Which shiny made you freak out the most?
    Vulpix I think. It was back in 2012 when I was really new to hunting, I don't think I even had a box full of shinies yet. This Vulpix MM hunt was like my first "long" hunt, all the shinies before took less than a week and I didn't really realize how lucky I was back then lol. So when this dang shiny Vulpix finally hatched after nearly a month of MMing I lost it lmao. I remember running around the house, screaming, making sure EVERYONE knew I had gotten a shiny Vulpix. Ahh, memories.

    Great idea btw! We should come up with so more questions.



    Still no sparkles over here. Turtwig is at day 16 and I'm estimating I've done around 6-7k SRs, so still under odds but hopefully this doesn't take too much longer. Shaking spots is at 3.3k encounters which is over odds since I have the shiny charm in this game but I'm still hyped for this hunt. I also realized how in-theme shiny Unfezant would be with Thanksgiving just around the corner, but I still want them the least. >.>;

    Gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone! :]
  7. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    Congrats to Phillies on Poliwag, Foongus, Hoppip, Larvesta, Aron, Oddish x3, Nosepass, and Buneary, Cyberra on Butterfree, Amaura, Geodude, Tyrunt, Vivillon x2, Volbeat, Ducklett, and Masquerain, taufik386 on Rufflet, Scatterbug, and Duskull, Regi_Rocks on Foongus, SheroGH on Metang, Iwanuq on Klefki, Spearow, and Rufflet, Dangertrout on Throh x4, Tyrogue x4, Venonat, and Diglett (hope you're hanging in there okay btw), Paraqua on Munna, wobbanut on Bellsprout (too bad about the other one though), TheShinyLunatone on Sandshrew, Psychic on Drowzee, Claus351 on Eevee x2, Zigzagoon, and Frogadier, SkyMew on Tornadus, Entei, and Vulpix, oarfish on Raikou, Lugia, Heatran, and Mesprit (lucky you!), camhines4 on Pinsir, Chansey, and Chatot, Blastonite on Ekans, Seviper, Houndour, Snorlax, and Nincada, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

    Thanks to Cpchris and Keane for the luck!

    In terms of appearance rate, my rarest shiny has to be my 5% Gliscor, which I randomly encountered in a shaking spot during my Black 2 Nuzlocke while Audino grinding. Needless to say, I threw the Nuzlocke rules right out the window for that capture. XD Another rare find was my random shiny Terrakion in White a few years ago - this was before I started shiny hunting, and I was just trying to reset for one with good IVs and nature. It couldn't have been more than about 50 resets before Terrakion showed up in red and tan, and I proceeded to freak the heck out. Luckily I caught it even without a Master Ball.

    My favorite shiny is probably either Scolipede or the Treecko line - the bright red and ice blue color combination on them is simply gorgeous (although I might be biased because red is my favorite color). I was going to list off all my honorable mentions, but those are way too many to name. I like so many shinies, haha.

    As for my biggest freak out, I've had quite a few... boisterous reactions to shinies, but the most memorable for me is my first shiny Eevee, which took 10,711 SRs and well over 100 hours of hunting. I was over the moon when he appeared - I screamed loud enough that my parents heard me in the other room, and I think it took me like 5 minutes to calm down. XD

    We should have more questions like this more often, it's nice to reminisce about our old shinies once in a while. : D

    On a more familiar topic, I've found it very difficult to find time to hunt this week due to school obligations, and no shinies appeared during the few sessions I managed to sneak into my schedule. Lugia is at 9800 SRs, Route 114 is at 8700 REs, Winding Woods is at 1100 REs, and Volcarona is underway at 100 SRs. Only about 1000 more SRs to go before Lugia becomes my longest hunt ever. >_< I don't know how often I'll get to hunt for the next couple of weeks between the holidays and finals rapidly approaching, but hopefully one of my targets will be nice and decide to shine soon.

    Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Supremacy, Cpchris, and Keane!
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2015
  8. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Well, that didn't take long time-wise though it did run up a decent egg count.


    So hard to take decent pictures of a magikarp... *sigh* After 865 eggs I get my gold goldfish. She's jolly and somewhat vain, with Swift Swim, and she hatched with 5 perfect IVs. Gonna train her and get her evolved. Gonna be a bit annoying getting the right moves, though... gyarados learns Crunch by level-up in ORAS but not in XY. Hopefully I'll be able to find someone to either level her up to 41 in ORAS and teach her the move there, or take her to the move relearner in ORAS. I'll provide the rare candy/heart scale, whichever is needed. Her name comes from Finnish mythology, the goddess of the sea and storms. It fits a gyarados.

    Next I'm going to re-breed torchic for better stats and an adamant nature.

    Shiny alphabet hunt round 2 is at 2,600 REs.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2015
  9. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    I'll update the CH completion list tomorrow - for now, I'll just inform you all that you can send me your ideas for December CH.

    My plan to do stuff here since yesterday was ruined by my house's refrigerator being dead lol. My family asked me to clean it and go with them to buy a new one.

    1. I was randomly encountering Pokemon in HG, in Route 48, when a Shiny Diglett suddenly showed up. There's only 4% chance to encounter Diglett there. And it's HeartGold, Gen 4, meaning I encountered it with the old 1/8192 shiny chance. And yes, I caught it :D

    2. Hard to say, there are so many shinies I love.

    3. Since by that you meant "which shiny made you the most nervous about capturing?", then my answer is a shiny that takes ages to show up. And a shiny that has low PP/knows recoil or self-killing move/can run away.
  10. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    I like these questions, so I may as well answer them:

    Which was the rarest situation you got a shiny in?

    Well, I haven't really gone out of my way to get a shiny that is exceptionally rare. However, when I hunted my shiny Totodile, I ended up getting a jolly-natured female which in itself is quite rare indeed. Also, my shiny Snivy from White2 was also female, but didn't have the best nature for it.

    Which shiny is your favourite?

    Hands down, Giratina. Some of you around here will remember that I did 25,670 SRs for a Giratina on Platinum over a time span of nearly...8 months. When it did shine during an Arsenal v Liverpool match, it was pretty much set that Giratina would be my most treasured shiny. I lost the file it was on for a long time, but I found it again and it is now firmly set as my favourite.

    Which shiny made you freak out the most?

    My first shiny legendary was Lugia, and my reaction was that of a rather surprised shout and then proceeding to show my brother the shiny...and then I Master Balled it in front of him too. My brother is younger than me so yeah :D But anyways, it took me a fair bit of time to calm down.

    Luckiest streak of shinies?

    Ooh, my own question. I've had a few good runs in shiny hunting before, but none of them are as good as the run I had at the start of my SoulSilver badge quest. I got a shiny Totodile at just under 2,000 SRs, and then on the very same day I ended up getting a shiny Geodude. The next day, I hunted in Slowpoke Well and got a shiny Slowpoke in under 500 REs. The BQ didn't last for too long afterwards, sadly, but the run of shinies I had was so awesome.
  11. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    I wasn't trying to shiny hunt When I caught my shiny Verizion. I saved before interacting just like I do with every legendary, but I forgot it couldn't be hit with Spore. I had to get to class so I shut the game off; I didn't have time to fly all the way to a town and change my team to get someone with Thunder Wave. The next time I loaded up my game, I forgot I was sitting in front of Verizion. I just used the TM for Thunder Wave because I new Verizion would disappear if I left. When I interacted with it the second time, it was shiny; only 1 SR.

    I like the shinies that look completely different from their normal colors. My Hawlucha might be my favorite that I own.

    I'm not the freak out type, but I was excited when I caught a shiny Fletchling only minutes into starting X for the first time on release day.

    Still SRing for a Torchic in Emerald and I'm now on box 5 of my Bulbasaur MM in Y. I've found 4 flawless so far.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2015
  12. SkyMew

    SkyMew Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the congrats, and good luck to everyone looking for more Shinies!

    A Shiny Suicune appeared today in my Alpha Sapphire in the morning.

    I caught it in a Luxury Ball, its nature is Quirky, and its potential is above average.

    I've had a lot of luck lately with Shinies, it seems.

    One day, I also saw some post on Miiverse of a person claiming to have over 200 legitimately obtained Shinies. The person was probably working on the Shiny living dex.

    That'd be too much work for me. :)
  13. Paraqua

    Paraqua Beginning Trainer

    Congrats to all recent shinies

    What was the rarest situation in which you got a shiny?

    Shiny female Combee. The longest Masuda Method Hunt up to date after over 1530 eggs, mostly because of the low chance of finding a female combee (Only about 12,5 % chance). During this hunt, the first shiny Combee hatched after about 65 eggs but it was a male. After about another 300 eggs, a second shiny Combee hatched, but yet again, it was a male. Over 1200 eggs later, a shiny Combee hatched once again and it was a female.

    Which shiny is your favorite?

    Hard choice but my favourite shinies include:

    - Hawlucha (It's shiny makes it look evil and mysterious, which is a nice touch)
    - Charizard (Because the black makes it look even more awesome)
    - Giratina
    - Munna
    - Virizion
    - Sceptile

    Which shiny made you freak out the most?

    I would say this would be Shiny Zekrom, because it came out very quickly and was barely prepared for it.

    Another instance was Shiny Virizion since it took me 3 attempts of finding and catching it in which the first two attempts failed because I was ill prepared for catching it.

    In the past week I did manage to catch multiple shinies.

    While chainfishing for a shiny Corsola, I ended up with 6 or 7 shiny Luvdisc and 3 shiny Wailmer. I took a break from fishing and tried for some soft-resetting for a shiny legendary, so yesterday morning I took my aim at Kyurem.

    Within a few hundered soft resets with multiple breaks between them, shiny Kyurem showed up and after paralyzing and false swiping the ice dragon into submission, it took about 3 Ultra balls to catch the beast. I named it Genos (After the Android side-kick/pupil of Saitama from One Punch Man) and it's Serious nature with perfect IV's in HP, ATK and Sp. ATK.

    Good luck to all future shinies =D
  14. Alatar VGC

    Alatar VGC House Greyjoy

    Hi everyone!

    Congratulations to all the shinies that have popped up! I wish all those MMing and RE'ing all the best!

    I was just clearing out my boxes for further breeding projects when this little guy caught me completely by surprise :D


    I rushed to the IV checker and.... my game hates me. :( Haha. Tho to be fair, I hadn't gotten an "outstanding" parent yet. So I can't really complain about the IV's.
    He's got "Superior potential".
    With IV's in his HP, Defence, Special Attack and Special Defence.
    Considering he's Jolly and destined for Mega X this is disappointing.

    I wasn't really going for a shiny. Just a 5IV one. I must admit, it's nice to have a golden Charmander. However again, this is just a trophy shiny.
    But I am fired up for my own shiny Mega X now!

    So i'm going to get my "outstanding" shiny Charmander :3 Hopefully I'll be back here before too long :p
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2015
  15. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Congratulations of all of the recent shinies!

    Cool. A new page.
    I thought I would go ahead and answer Auraninja's questions.

    What was the rarest situation in which you got a shiny?
    Hmmm.... I honestly am not sure. I did get my shiny Girafarig back in gen IV doing chain Pokeradaring. I only had a chain of four before it shined. I suppose that is pretty rare.

    Which shiny is your favorite?
    Well, that Girafarig I still have. I really like that. Also, my entire shine legend collection. I have over 50 shiny legends at this moment, many of which I caught myself.

    Which shiny made you freak out the most?
    Maybe my shiny Serperior when it hatched as a Snivy. I was only looking for a HA female Snivy, and the second egg hatched shiny. (Yes, it had its HA, but it was male.) That is now a serperior with all available in-game ribbons in ORAS.
    There is also that Mespirit I caught two days ago. Four encounters and it shined.

    Anyways, here is some information about my shiny hunts lately.

    Sunday--Raikou. ~860 SR's.
    Monday--Lugia. ~780 SR's. Heatran. ~280 SR's. Mespirit. Four encounters.
    Less than 40 total hours. I have been SR'ing for another shiny Entei over the past day or so. I am at about 800 SR's for it currently.
  16. Claus351

    Claus351 Shiny hunter :)

    It was for solosis. I know 2k doesn't sound like much but it was my first hunt so it left an impression on me i guess :/ if i do one i'll let you guys know, haha.

    Frogadier became Greninja, and i still haven't gotten another shiny eevee. at the moment i'm doing REs in a friend safari in Y for dragon (Either Fraxure, Noibat, or Sliggoo) so wish me luck on that. happy thanksgiving to all btw!

    I think my next goal is going to be to collect every shiny pokemon that has a mega evolution. I already have a few, but i'd mainly be aiming for the ones introduced in ORAS. lets see.. that includes (not including ones i already have)
    latios & latias
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2015
  17. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Hmm, no ideas yet for December CH? I already said since the 23rd that you can send the ideas to me :p

    I'll check again tomorrow, on around same time as this post ;) And yes, I do have an idea in mind just in case there's no idea sent to me.

    Also, CH completion list updated.
  18. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Doing some chain fishing on route 21, looking for a shiny dratini (and yes, I know it's going to take forever to get). On the sixth cast I got a shiny red-stripe basculin. She's bold and somewhat vain, with Reckless. Gonna send it into wonder trade since I already have both formes of basculin shiny.

    Shiny alphabet hunt round 2 is at 2,900 REs. Torchic is at 220 eggs.

    Edit: Shiny basculin #2 after 102 casts. This one is male, hasty, somewhat vain, and has Reckless. Into wonder trade he goes, and back to fishing I go.

    Edit #2: After a couple broken chains and one chain of 27, I get a third sparkly piranha. Male, naive, somewhat vain, with Reckless. Bye-bye, basculin; into wonder trade you go

    Edit #3: Final tally for the night is four shiny basculin and a buttload of broken chains. No shiny dratini yet

    Edit #4: I went into a dragon safari to catch a female dragonair in a heal ball so I could breed dratini if I chose to...

    ...and I found a random shiny sliggoo. Female, naughty, likes to thrash about, and has Hydration. I have a shiny goodra already, so I'm going to trade her off.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2015
  19. Anti Spiral

    Anti Spiral Well-Known Member

    After finally completing my Pokedex, I've started doing some shiny hunting. Started with a test run on something easy and managed to get a Wurmple fairly quickly. I'm now attempting an Absol, at about 200 attempts so far :)

    I currently have a few shinies, mostly from events/story, but have one Ursaring from a RE, which I posted in here a while ago. :)
  20. TheShinyLunatone

    TheShinyLunatone VAMPIRE LORDS!

    after almost 2000 fossils seen i accidently saved after reviving fossils. now i have no fossils ad no shiny. life booty.

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