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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Shiny unown and larvitar from soul silver, shiny gulpin from x, shiny growlithe and metagross from alpha sapphire. Trying to breed for shiny eevee, but we'll see how that goes.


Congratulations to everybody on their recent shinies!
I myself just got Jaws after a mere ~620 SRs!! I'm ecstatic, he's my first 1/8192 shiny and he looks so beautiful in this game. He's the one I wanted the most, as well.
(I can't post his picture yet. Picture a very dashing shiny Totodile here.)
I always find starter/gift SR hunts to be the most boring. I much prefer REs, because I like the thrill of actually catching the shiny.
For now, I'm going to progress through the game and maybe do some hunting on Route 32 or in Sprout Tower. I'm also going to try to work on the CH on the side on my brother's OR game. He has the Shiny Charm, so I'm just going to do REs in Shoal Cave for that.


Dragon Goddess Flyder
So. I've decided that part of my casual Platinum playthrough will be a shiny hunt in Iron Island. Hopefully Steelix.


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on thursday i hatched shiny relicanth after 1522 eggs in X


and yesterday, i hatched shiny kricketot after 791 eggs in my OR


congrats everyone on your recent shinies
and good luck on your current hunting


Shiny Hunter
Yasss I got something! After 7,614 shaking spots shiny Leavanny appears!

Its a repeat but I'm not even mad about it lol. I'm just happy I got something plus, this is my first non-6th gen shiny in over a year so it was refreshing to see those 5th gen sparkles <3. I named her Gwen Levani and you can buy her new single 'Used to bug you' on itunes now! Lol, but seriously, really happy about this shiny. I would keep phasing here for Roserade but I wanna get in on some of this CH action. So I'll be going for, what I think might be the most rare ice-type shiny, Jynx! I rarely see people go for it and then I noticed it only has a 5-10% encounter rate in the places it appears in, which is not many. My best bet would be to repel trick it down to just Jynx and Sneasel in Snowpoint Temple (Which is eligible for the CH but I missed it so can Dangertrout or Shine add it to the list please <3) but I'm still stuck on my Turtwig hunt on Platinum. So I had the idea to just repel trick it in Giant Chasm in my White version, its a bit more riskier since Lunatone and Solrock can appear too but I can use my encounter pass power to speed things up a bit cause' if any of you have done a repel trick hunt, you know the encounters can take a lil too long lol.

But yeah, it would be a nice lil present if Jynx shone on the first phase but I wouldn't be upset with a Lunatone either since I don't have it and that blue eye is gorgeous. Just no Solrock please, already got that. I will definitely be returning to my shaking spot hunt after Jynx tho since I really enjoyed it. Also, can you all please send me some luck on this Turtwig hunt :[? Its at like day 34.

Anyways, gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone! :]

edit: wait lol, just realized Jynx can be found in XY in Frost Cavern but it shares its encounter rate with three other pokemon I already have shiny so I'll just stick to Giant Chasm, plus I'm kinda over 6th gen anyways.
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Muskrat Catcher

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I have never gone shiny hunting, and I don't plan to. I have ADD, and I can't sit for that long doing one thing over and over again. I decided that after EV training my second pokémon in 5th gen. Thank god for horde battles in 6th gen. Anyways, all of my shinies have been random encounters.

My only legit, non-event shiny that I have gotten in a main series game is a shiny Cubchoo in White, which is now a Beartic in Y. I was so excited to finally get a shiny that I immediately added it to my team in White and evolved it. Perfect timing too considering that the dragon type gym was up next. However, when it came time to battle the gym, my shiny beartic performed WAY under my expectation. It only got one attack in, which did less damage than I wanted, before it got one-shotted. I then sent in gigalith and he pretty much cleaned up shop. As a result, while I am proud to have a shiny beartic, I am not particularly fond of it.

However, my favorite shiny is not from a main series game at all. Not even any official pokémon game, in fact. My favorite shiny I have ever gotten is a shiny Magikarp in the fan-made Pokémon mod for Minecraft, Pixelmon! In pixelmon, the chance for finding a shiny is exactly the same as in the regular games, and I didn't just find it in a pond, I was fishing for it, so the chances were exactly the same as in the main games. I quickly evolved the golden carp into a red Gyrados, then I proceeded to ride it literally everywhere I went. Once you have had the absolute pleasure of riding a giant shiny sea serpent through the ocean, you will know what I mean. It was also really strong, and that was awesome! Best shiny ever!


Dream Crusher
My luck the last 3 days has surprised me immensely! I got Regice https://www.instagram.com/p/_I9squr6n0/?taken-by=blastoknight Thursday night also completing the CH. I got Larvitar https://www.instagram.com/p/_JtBL6r6kw/?taken-by=blastoknight not even 8 hours later Friday morning. Then this morning I got my Dratini https://www.instagram.com/p/_Maundr6ni/?taken-by=blastoknight . Lartivar and Dratini both came within 5 boxes! Some good luck for me finally after having so many MM hunts go over 1k. It's nice to have good luck again haha but I am sure it's going to reset now xD

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :)


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Guess what I got, people?


Yup, the last of the roaming trio is (not yet) mine! It's currently sleep-flying around Sinnoh on 1HP. I'll be catching it tomorrow on Route 217, as that's a snowy area, and thus will count for the CH! Wish me luck with the capture! Been trying for 5 hours tonight with no luck, but then again, Dive Balls aren't the best...


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Well, I've restarted my Y (after transferring everything from my old file to Omega Ruby, of course), and am currently Horde-hunting for a Shiny Seviper. I'm a bit superstitious, and have always felt I've had more luck with my hunts after posting in this thread, so wish me luck, guys.


<----Newest Shiny
Great to be back. I recently traded games with someone and got a new White cartridge they had lying around. I decided to reset and start a badgequest.

I decided to skip SR'ing and I instead hunted on a route for Lillipup, Patrat, or Purrloin. I did not expect fast results and I got a golden Lillipup after 3 hours of RE'ING on the road. She is a Quirky nature and is named Lucy after my favorite Schnauzer.

Good luck to everyone on hunting and may the shine be with you.


pain in the ***
Shiny lapras caught in the ice safari after 1,418 REs. She's lax and capable of taking hits, with Hydration. I have a shiny lapras already so I'm going to trade her off.

Woobat MM is not going so well. I'd had a woobat safari but the person it belonged to reset their 3DS so I lost the safari, which means I can't catch my own HA woobat in my preferred ball for breeding. What I want is a female HA woobat in a luxury ball. I got a HA woobat from wonder trade but it's male and in a standard pokeball. I HATE the standard pokeball with a purple passion and refuse to breed in it unless I have no other choice. I've posted in the friend safari thread and the trade threads here and at the friend safari reddit but am having no luck getting a woobat.

Does anyone have a woobat safari they could possibly catch a female HA woobat in a luxury ball for me from, please?

Unown-D is at 5,700 REs.
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I'll do my Lilliest
I spend like an hour or less than an hour on mah friend's fs coz I was bored whilst having breakkie. Then I encountered two shiny Snovers:


Then a while later this:


All three encountered less than an hour to get all XD Now just a Lapras to complete the shinies of the FS there.


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Currently at 4944 sr's for Registeel in Alpha Sapphire and 6619 for Mewtwo in Soul Silver. Hope one shines soon!


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wow shiny scyther in sport ball hatched quickly :D
it's appeared only after 51 eggs.


congrats everyones on your recent shinies

and good luck on your current hunting

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to SheroGH on Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mewtwo, and Chikorita, Claus351 on Sliggoo, Sableye x2, Psyduck, Corphish, and Cubchoo, wobbanut on Fletchling, Mudkip, and Numel, Cyberra on Basculin x9, Poliwhirl x3, Unown-U, Dratini, Beautifly, Espurr, Torchic, Mime Jr., Xatu, Cryogonal, Clauncher, and Lapras, Anti Spiral on Absol, Laurelai on Pidove, SnazzySwampert on Sandile, serpent222 on Charmander, Swablu, and Hoothoot, stardog-champ on Purugly, camhines4 on Duskull, Seviper, Spoink, and Larvitar x3, tonyg44x on Nidoran F and Farfetch'd, Keane on Elekid and Pachirisu, Phillies on Nosepass x4, Ninetales, Gabite, Shuckle, Sneasel, Panpour, Pansage, Unown-R, Unown-J, Charmeleon, Unown-Q, Unown-C, Unown-A, Unown-E, Unown-V, Unown-X, Unown-D, Pansear, and Phantump x2, ChiefLucarioOfficer on Cranidos, Victreebong on Zubat x2, Earth Wolf-Howl on Machop, free7694 on Floatzel, Cpchris on Nosepass, Raticate, and Spearow, Ambri on Aron, TheMaster327 on Hawlucha, Azurill, and Articuno, Iwanuq on Clauncher x2, Horsea, Staryu, Stunky, Vanillite, Weepinbell, Stantler, Shellos, and Lillipup, Dangertrout on Meowth, PrismaticPrincessAnna on Quilladin, Snover x2, and Bergmite, taufik386 on Archen, Mudkip, Nidoran M, Cubchoo x2, Vanillite, Bellsprout, Skorupi, Alomomola, Altaria, Ditto, Vanillish, Relicanth, Kricketot, and Scyther, Razorbadger on Trapinch, Pokepro1992 on Zapdos, TheShinyLunatone on Ditto, nickM on Magnemite, Tsukuyomi56 on Oddish, SkyMew on Kyurem, Pink Lapras on Abra and Dialga, Paraqua on Froakie, Psyduck, and Corphish, Regi_Rocks on Chikorita and Pidgey, Ampharos_Spark on Entei, Vale_Star on Cubchoo, LilyValley on Ho-Oh, Blastonite on Regice, Larvitar, and Dratini, Mykle on Honedge, Flo on Cubchoo, keira on Totodile, Supremacy on Leavanny (love the name btw), ShiningKnightXY on Lillipup, Bunnelby01 on Chikorita, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to Keane, Cpchris, Supremacy, Ambri, and Razorbadger for the congrats, and to Keane and Cpchris for the luck!

I'm finally back ^_^ Lately I've been in the midst of everyone's favorite time of the year, otherwise known as finals (/sarcasm), but now school is out for the year and I celebrated yesterday by hunting my butt off, including 1000 REs in Omega Ruby alone (by far the most hunting I've ever done in one game on one day). Sadly I didn't get anything to show for it, and in particular, Route 114 has reached 10,500 REs, which is 2.5x over the 6th gen odds and less than 400 REs away from becoming my all-time longest hunt. All I want for Christmas is you, Swablu. ;_; My other hunts stand at 300 REs for Vulpix on Route 36, 1500 REs in the Winding Woods, and 500 SRs for Volcarona. Really hoping I can get Swablu over with before school gets back in session (and my other hunts are always welcome to shine too!).

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Keane, Cpchris, Supremacy, and umbreonfan3636!
In terms of the amount of eggs that I've hatched, this has been a fairly short hunt... In terms of time, and how long I have been trying to hatch this pokemon, it has certainly been a while
So today I hatched a 4iv Zorua, missing attack and speed... Still an entire box to hatch though, so I will keep hatching all of these, then maybe go for something in the friend safari and evolve him

good luck everyone, and congrats on the shiny pokemon

edit: shiny delibird in the friend safari to make me feel the christmas spirit, will be ev training zorua today
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Congrats taufik386 on Relicanth, Kriscketot, and Scyther, Supremecy on Leavanny, Blastonite on Regice, Larvitar and Dratini, TheMaster on Articuno (that’s a favorite of mine, hopefully I’ll get mine in HG soon), ShiningKnightXY on Lillipup, Cyberra on Lapras, Prismatic Princess Anny on Snover, Bunnelby01 on Chikorita, and maskofsanity1998 on Zorua!

Thanks for the luck Crimson Penguin!

I’ve done a ton of hunting in the past few days. I’m ~1k over the odds now for Aron in Ruby. I also purchased a White 2 copy, a game I’ve never played, so I’ll eventually get to starting a BQ on that game as well (probably with Tepig).

Good luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Mykle on Honedge, TheMaster327 on Azurill, keira on Totodile, taufik386 on Relicanth and Kricketot, Supremacy on Leavanny, Blastonite on Regice and Larvitar and Dratini, TheMaster327 on Articuno, ShiningKnightXY on Lillipup, taufik386 on Scyther, maskofsanity1998 on Zorua, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats and for the good luck, Crimson Penguin :)


My Lapras hunt is officially underway. The rate of SRs is…A little confusing? I naturally expect SRs to take longer than my REs, but Lapras is only about 6 SRs off per 100 REs, so I’m not sure if I should be glad the SRs go faster than I expected, or slightly annoyed that my REs (granter, they’re both repel tricks which can take longer to get encounters) are taking longer than I would have expected.

All that being said, I’m at 3,800 REs on Black 2, 16,400 REs on Platinum (so it’s now over 2x the odds), and 600 SRs on HeartGold.

Good luck, everyone (especially CrimsonPenguin, umbreonfan3636, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


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So, I finally caught my Articuno in a Dive Ball on Route 217 42 hours after initially finding it :) As such, here's some more pics :)


It's a Modest nature, with IVs: 6 / 20 / 21 / 30 / 23 / 7. Very much usable, I'd say!
I had a gen 5 pic as well, but that seems to have mysteriously gone missing. Ah well, at least I got a shot of all three together at last :)

Oh, and seeing as I did catch it at Route 217, Community Hunt Complete!!!

EDIT: As Articuno is now caught, the strawpoll for my next MM is now closed. Gastly won with 39% of the vote, so my next hunt will be Gastly!
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Dragon Goddess Flyder
Thinking I should abandon my Iron Island shiny hunt for now and come back to it another time. 2v2 is kinda risky in that regard.