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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Dragon Goddess Flyder
Thinking I should abandon my Iron Island shiny hunt for now and come back to it another time. 2v2 is kinda risky in that regard.


Shiny Hunter
Wow. Shiny Cyndaquil appeared on my HeartGold after 4,729 SRs (14,187 seen)! Cyndaquil’s the only Johto starter I still need, so it was such a relief to have this shine. How lucky am I that after 8 Johto starters, I haven’t gotten a useless duplicate yet? (Hope that doesn’t jinx it!)

Male, Rash nature, and has the IVs: 6 – 4 – 31 – 13 – 6 – 12. Now I just need 1 more Cyndaquil and I’ll have all the Johto starters + their evos as shinies. Like I said, so happy this was what shone, as now I can look ahead and remind myself that even if I find Chikorita or Totodile next, that I just need one more Cyndaquil to be done…As opposed to finding one of the other two this time, and still needing 2 more Cyndaquil.

I’m thinking about trying something different for my next Johto starter (hopefully Cyndaquil!). So far, I’ve created a file to hunt on for each Johto starter hunt and stuck with it (I just keep loading the respective file back on when I hunt Johto starters). But I’m thinking about using a new ID each time and scrapping it when I finish hunting Johto starters for the day. I know plenty of people have continuously switched their IDs during starter hunts, but old habits can be hard to break! I already have a file ready to hunt on that I made months ago, so I’m not entirely sure if I’ll change up my method this time or not.

Meanwhile, Chimchar is at 4,800 SRs. It's a slow-moving hunt for me :D

Good luck, everyone (especially CrimsonPenguin, umbreonfan3636, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


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Congrats to TheMaster327 on the Articuno capture (do the PP of moves reset every encounter?), and Cpchris on Cyndaquil (that’s definitely a shiny I’ll be hunting at some point)

Thanks for the luck Cpchris and Crimson Penguin (It worked)

I was repel trick hunting (at night) for Marill, but I was pretty much looking for a shiny to use as an HM slave for Surf. This is my first shiny since June (I believe). While I would have preferred Marill, a bright yellow Lickitung graced my screen tonight. Luckily enough, it can learn Surf. I’ve never trained a Lickitung before, so this will be interesting.

Now I’ve got to figure out where I am in this Platinum version’s in game story so I can beat the next badge. My next hunt in this game will be on route 217/18 for Sneasel/Swinub/Snover, which I think is the community hunt this month! Only 2 more shinies to go on this Platinum BQ.


Good luck everyone, especially those hunting 1/8192 shinies!
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Dragon Goddess Flyder
Decided I'm going to shiny hunt Giratina in Platinum, since it was a Pokemon I was going to hunt anyway.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Continued from my long hiatus of hunting Shiny Swablu in Y, and still no shiny partially because I didn't hunt for the whole day.


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Congrats to TheMaster327 on the Articuno capture (do the PP of moves reset every encounter?)
Well, I wasn't using Mean Look, so it wasn't using any moves, as it scarpered after every ball I used. It also had Roost, so I was against using Mean Look for that reason. Thanks for the congrats though, guys!


Congrats to everyone on their recent shinies!

I finally got a shiny froakie but the HA didn't proc. So I've got a good looking Pokemon but it is less than useful.

I switched to a phantump so I could have a sweet trevanant. I just meant to breed a few to get an adamant nature. After 35 eggs (the 32nd was finally adamant) a shiny popped out. Alas, it's nature is rash...

So, I will probably end up trading them or putting them in the Pokemon bank while I continue breeding for nature and HA.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to umbreonfan3636 on Lickitung, Mykle on Froakie and Phantump, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, umbreonfan3636 :)


Video of my shiny Cyndaquil is up!

I got all set up last night for my starter SRing in the morning (as I did Monday night as well), but I should have known better than to be so bold as to assume I wouldn’t get called to work for dear old manager’s son! So I was woken up (luckily I’d just barely gotten 7 hours of sleep, so it could have been worse). He’s, uh…“Sick”. Surely not a lie or anything (seems to be sick a lot though!). Anyways, that scrapped those plans (along with my plans for Xmas shopping at a reasonable time), but at least I found Cyndaquil on Tuesday…

YES! I was still able to get some luck tonight :D After 17,483 REs on Platinum, I found a third shiny Gastly!


The capture was actually a little scary! I luckily remembered I had to switch in Bibarel to use Taunt almost as soon as it showed up, but the first move Gastly used was Curse! I wasn’t entirely sure what Curse did in terms of my own pokemon (I now know it’s ¼ HP per turn), so I was scared my Bibarel would faint when Taunt ends and the Gastly would use a second Curse D: Luckily everything worked out okay, and now I have the final Gastly I need!

This one is male (my other two are female), Rash nature, and has the IVs: 24 – 15 – 3 – 20 – 20 - 31. Turns out this one is as good or better than my second one (which I hastily evolved into Gengar) in nearly everything but Def. :x Oh well! I still have 2 Buneary to find, and at this rate it seems likely I could find even more Gastly (not to mention if I hunt at other locations with Gastly/Haunter in the future), so if I really want to, I can probably train/evolve it at some point in the future…For now, it’ll only become a Haunter and complete the Gastly line :D

As happy as I am with this, and as nice as it is to complete another (3-stage!) evolution line, it would have been nice to get Buneary :\ Now I have to hope to get two Buneary and no more Gastly, despite the fact that all I’ve found so far is Gastly…After some deliberation, I decided that I’ll stay and keep going for Buneary as opposed to taking a break from it and working on my Route 209 Day/Route 203 Night hunt. I think I’ll switch which section of forest I’m hunting in to at least give myself a little bit of change, as I’ve done 23k REs now at this spot.

Also, for the first time in months, I have all 3 games under odds atm, and that feels pretty nice :D!

Good luck, everyone (especially CrimsonPenguin, umbreonfan3636, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!
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Congrats on the latest few shinies.

I'm at 1,140 eggs for squirtle. I'm beginning to hate the pokemon entirely at this point. I took a break to horde hunt in meteor falls, then dexnav chain on mirage spots. No luck for any of it.


You can do it serpent222 I had 1800 honedge before i got him, its worth it in the end


Congrats on the latest few shinies.

I'm at 1,140 eggs for squirtle. I'm beginning to hate the pokemon entirely at this point. I took a break to horde hunt in meteor falls, then dexnav chain on mirage spots. No luck for any of it.
Don't give up! Are you using the Masuda Method on a gen 6 game?

Congrats to Kangaskid18, cap chris and thalaern!

Welp, I birthed a shiny Zorua after 9 eggs. I was just playing around trying to get a timid nature and Boom! Little fox with blue highlights. Unfortunately, he has a calm nature that I'm not excited about. Might be worth something in a trade though.

Good luck everyone!


Team Awesome
Well, after a quiet week last week, I did a quad hunt the other night and came up with two shinies, both in Y: a shiny pupitar in Terminus Cave (giving me the whole larvitar family in shinies, the other two coming by WT) and yet another shiny nosepass by Geosenge Town. :p

Right now I'm doing a fishing chain in AS to see if I can get a tentacool or barboach on Route 120. At least swalot has proven to be a pretty good pokemon for battling as well as for chain fishing, both in OR and AS.

Alatar VGC

House Greyjoy
Hi everyone! :D

Can't believe it's almost Christmas! Congrats to Khangaskid18 on Cryagonal, CPChris on Gastly, free7694 on Zubat and all those currently hunting, MMing/SR'ing etc.

As those who know me, will know. I have restarted both AS and OR to get legends. But that's a different topic. Point is, on my OR I am currently 4 mons away from having the charm.

Was breeding the last 4 and this little guy hatched! I adore Fenni so uber happy to have it. However I wasn't breeding seriously, so it's stats are

Hardy Nature, with Relatively Superior Potential. With good IV's in HP, Special Attack and Defence.


Well even tho it's not competitively viable. I love it. :) I will MM a competitive one properly too!

Oh and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!!


Useless Sceptile
Today is the 9th day of hunting Entei. I could have focused on it more, but I'm trying what I can and I pick it back up now and then. My Omega Ruby game froze while resetting, which scared me and I had to restart my 3DS because it wouldn't do anything. It usually takes a few seconds to start after loading the file, but it took far too long and when I pressed the power on my 3DS, the screen went black and didn't display the "software closed" message. I really hope I don't get another scare like that, but my game and save file are perfectly okay.


moon upon a stick
Congrats to: Paraqua on Psyduck and Corphish, LilyValley on Ho-oh, Blastonite on Regice (love the nickname too), Larvitar and Buneary, CpChris on Spearow, Cyndaquil and Gastly, Mykle on Zorua, Froakie, Phantump and Honedge, TheMaster327 on Azurill and Articuno (huge congrats on completing that trio!), Flo on Cubchoo, keira on Totodile, taufik386 on Scyther, Relicanth and Kricketot, Supremacy on Leavanny, ShiningKnightXY on Lilipup, Cyberra on Lapras and Woobat, PPA on Snover x2 and Bergmite, Bunnelby01 on Chikorita, maskofsanity1998 on Zorua and Delibird, umbreonfan3636 on Lickitung, free7694 on Zubat, Kanngaskid18 on Cryogonal, wobbanut on Pupitar and Nosepass, Regi_Rocks on Fennekin, and to anybody else I missed!

Thank you CpChris and Crimson Penguin for the congrats! Thank you for the luck too, Crimson Penguin.

8200 REs now in Route 20, making that over-odds, I'm now off school so I'm looking to wrap this up within the next couple of days. Quick encounters = lots of motivation, and I'm eager to get back to Castelia Park to hunt whilst EV'ing my Elekid and Skitty in Sp. Attk and Speed. 6000REs in Mt. Coronet and 2100REs for Shaymin, nothing shiny coming from then either.

Good luck everybody, especially Crimson Penguin with that Swablu, and umbreonfan3636 with Aron!


Shiny Huntress
I don't know if it was a Chain Fishing Shiny or my Shiny Charm finally un-borked itself and started working again ( I changed 3DS systems to trade, it messed up the time-based game mechanics) I fished this one up soon after:



pain in the ***
I can at last report having found a new shiny!


After 8,381 REs, just over full odds, a sparkly blue Unown-D appears in Diamond. It's bold and often dozes off, with Levitate. Am headed up to route 216 to see what I can scare up there (if I can find my way through Mt Coronet again...)

My other targets are playing hard to get again. Delibird is approaching 4,000 REs in the safari and woobat just passed 1,300 eggs.

Edit: One shiny breeds more shinies, apparently


After a total of 3,709 REs, I get my pink delibird. I didn't even see the sparkles, just looked down and saw this staring back at me. Her name is my questionable sense of humor showing itself again. She's quirky and capable of taking hits, with Hustle.

Now if I could only get woobat to cooperate...

Next fs hunt will be continuing the pink theme and be after dunsparce.
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