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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to maskofsanity1998 on Zorua and Delibird, Cpchris on Cyndaquil and Gastly, umbreonfan3636 on Lickitung, free7694 on Zubat, Mykle on Froakie, Phantump, and Zorua, KangasKid18 on Cryogonal, wobbanut on Pupitar and Nosepass, Regi_Rocks on Fennekin, Vale_Star on Alomomola, Cyberra on Unown-D and Delibird, Artikia on all your shinies, and anyone else I may have missed!

Thanks to Cpchris and Keane for the luck!

Well, after two years, I finally have a new longest hunt. Route 114 has officially broken the record of 10,875 REs set by Dwebble back in December 2013 and is now sitting at 11,800 REs. This also means I'm getting very close to 3x over odds. Shine plz Swablu? D: My other hunts stand at 500 REs on Route 36, 1800 REs in Winding Woods, and 700 SRs for Volcarona. Also, I picked back up a hunt that's been on hold for nearly a year - Latios at Southern Island in Alpha Sapphire. It's not super high-priority, but seeing as I had jury duty this past week and I get paranoid when I bring my games full of shinies anyplace, I needed a side hunt to pass the time. XD Latios is currently at 700 RAs.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially umbreonfan3636, serpent222, and Keane!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to KangasKid18 on Cryogonal, Mykle on Zorua, Regi_Rocks on Fennekin, Cyberra on Unown, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, Mykle, Regi_Rocks, Keane, and Crimson Penguin :)


Here’s my shiny Gastly video.

Wow, December’s a good month for me! My 6th shiny of the month today (yesterday)! After 5,326 REs, on just my 26th RE of the day, my Black 2 gifted me with a shiny Altaria!


My Altaria is male, Bashful nature, and has the following IVs: 6 – 25 – 30 – 5 – 24 – 30. A bit of a shame its attack is good instead of its sp. Attack…I much prefer special attack simply to avoid any physical contact abilities. So I’ll have to decide if I’m going to go ahead and use the good attack IV or just forget about it and use it for special attack…Or since I still want to find Absol, I can hold off entirely and see if I get another Altaria that’s better suited for what I want (as using it as the defensive poke it is doesn’t make for fun in-game use :p). Regardless, I was right about being able to find a much better Swablu/Altaria than my original Swablu, which had 27 total IVs with its best IV being 13 in HP ;)

And that’s another pokemon evolution line completed! Quite happy about that. I have a list in Notepad for each game of which pokemon (out of evolution lines I’ve started) that I need to complete the evos for still, and it’s been nice really seeing that list dwindle lately (1 evo started but 4 completed this month alone). Here’s what my list is looking like currently:

==1 member needed==

-Nidoran F

==2 members needed==

-Nidoran M

==3 members needed==



==1 member needed==


==2 members needed==


||:::Black 2:::||

==1 member needed==


==2 members needed==


==7 members needed==


I think I’ll stay on this route for now since it didn’t take too long and see if I find Absol next.

Good luck, everyone (especially CrimsonPenguin, umbreonfan3636, Keane, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, ChaoticInverse, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


Shiny Huntress
December so far has been a good Shiny hunting month, this make number three in only three weeks. I was fishing in my spot in Y and I pulled up this one:


If I hadn't seen the sparklies I would never had known it was shiny. There's only a slight difference in the normal colouring and the shiny one.


Dream Crusher
https://www.instagram.com/p/_ef69Jr6sA/?taken-by=blastoknight So I finally got a shiny Snorunt that works for my Mega Glalie and also got a Female in the process that I decided I could use for Frolass in the end.

Also after going to 5 different McDoanlds and calling at least 15 or so on my side of town none seem to be doing the freaking Hoopa Event somehow! This freaking sucks -_- I wish they woulda just kept with Gamestop or Toys-R-Us because at least they were guaranteed to be participating if it was said they were -_- So it looks like no Hoopa for me. I hope with the Volcanion distribution they go back to Gamestop.

Anyway congrats to all who have seen the Shine and for those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon! Off to raise my three little Snorunts then SR for Regirock!


Active Member
Hi, Congratz on all the shinies of this month!!

After my shiny Chikorita at the end of November, I been hunting in 3rd and 4th Gen without luck :( My shiny Pidgey hunt on Heart Gold is at 9300 REs, also been hunting on Ice Path for the CH on my two Soul Silver and is at 2700 REs and on my Leaf Green where I got my shiny Mewtwo is at 3200 REs on Route 3. And a little while ago, I decided to hunt something in Abundant Shrine on White 2 and 62 REs later (with Shiny Charm) this one shows up!!


It has Quirky nature. This is my first shiny of December and I can't believe it shines so fast even with the Shiny Charm :D I'll do some more REs on this file and see if another one shines.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts!
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Shiny Hunter
YESSS!!! After 42 days shiny Turtwig appeared!

I was in complete shock when it appeared lol I just sat there with my hands covering my mouth in shock for about 10 seconds. I was surprised by how blue it looks in battle but at the summary screen it looks more lighter/teal which is kinda weird but idc I'm just happy I can get this BQ started! His nature is Calm which is pretty bad since the Turtwig line leans more on the physical attacking side but this is ingame, so natures, ivs, etc don't matter to me that much so its all good :] I got really nervous after finding him since I was on my old DSi, which likes to randomly freeze at times. So I was praying to the Pokegods to let me save first before anything like that happened and thankfully I was able to, whew! Will definitely be switching to my 3ds for my next hunts. I've already thought about some future hunts for this BQ and I will definitely be going for shiny Shinx next! But for now I'm going to beat dat gym leader, which I'm not even sure who it is since this is my first time playing through Sinnoh from the beginning so I'm not all that familiar with these games. So, should be fun!

Gratz on all the recent shinies, especially TheMaster327 on Articuno, Cpchris who just seems to be on fire lately and umbreonfan3636 on Lickitung! Also, good luck to those struggling on those long hunts! Keane, CrimsonPenguin, serpent222, hang in there! Hopefully you all get your targets soon :]

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Continued my Shiny Swablu/Altaria hunt and hunted for shiny Altaria in White. No shiny appeared, after several encounters. Hope it shines soon.


Novice Shiny Hunter
Hey I'm looking to get into pokemon x&y safari hunting, as well as probably pokeradar eventually but not yet. I was wondering does the friend safari need to have all 3 pokemon in it in order for it to have the increased 1/512 odds or is it always that with the safari even if there are only 2 pokemon? On that note id love for some people with safari's to add me. please pm me with your friend code if you add me.

FC: 5430 0079 7482

Shiny Lord

Well-Known Member
Its been a while since I last found a shiny and posted here. Today I decided to continue soft resetting for Shiny Zekrom. I didn't count how many encounters I did for it total but I am pleased to say I found and caught one. Here are the stats

#644 Zekrom [Jolly]
IVs: 31 / 30, 31 / 30, 31 / 22, 23 / 22, 23 / 28, 29
Stats at Lv.50: 175 / 170 / 140 / 122 / 116 / 119


Well-Known Member
Congrats to free7694 on Zubat, Mykle on Froakie and Zorua, Cpchris on Gastly and Altaria, KangasKid18 on Cryogonal, wobbanut on Pupitar and Nosepass, Reg_Rocks on Fennekin, Cyberra on Unknown and Delibird, Blastonite on Snorunt, SheroGH on Altaria, Supremacy on Turtwig (I know how much those Platinum SRs suck!), and Shiny Lord on Zekrom!

I’ve been slowly continuing my BQ in Platinum (beat the Canalave Gym), and now am about to start hunting on route 217 for Swinub or Sneasel. Swinub is my main target, mainly because I tried for one in my HG BQ and I ended up getting a Zubat instead. I think I might try and stick with this game and put Ruby (and Aron) on hold for a bit. I also want to concentrate on SRing for Tepig in my new White 2 game.

Good luck to everyone! Especially Crimson Penguin, Cpchris, Supremacy, and Keane, (thanks for the luck/congrats!)


Face Oblivion
Hey everyone, long time no see. Gonna dish out congrats first to Supremacy, cpchris, umbreonfan3636, Keane, SheroGH and Crimson Penguin!

Of course, all of you deserve congratulations so congrats on your shinies, everyone!

I've had very little, if any, luck over the last month or so. I've had to put hunting down a lot of the time, and I do wish it wasn't the case. However, despite the lack of any consistent hunting time, I've got the whole of the Christmas break to nab one or two 1/8192 shinies! I was at 5,650 REs for something in Cliff Cave in HGSS, but I changed and moved to the Safari Zone. I'm at 470 REs for Duskull in the Swamp safari area. Hopefully I'll break 1,000 very soon. Better still, I hope something shines before / on Christmas Day! Also, I just remembered I was hunting in White 2 in Castelia Park. I think that was at 2,150 REs...so I'll try and work on that hunt as well.

Best of luck to you all and have a great Christmas -- if I don't post here again before then!


moon upon a stick
Congrats to: Vale_Star on Alomomola and Chinchou, Cyberra on Unown D and Delibird, CpChris on Altaria, Blastonite on Snorunt, SheroGH on Altaria, Supremacy on Turtwig, Shiny Lord on Zekrom, and to anybody else I missed!

Welcome back Artikia!
Thank you for the luck, Crimson Penguin, CpChris, Supremacy, umbreonfan3636 and thank you for the congrats AquaRegisteel!

11,700 encounters in Route 20... I did 2,200 yesterday, eek, with less today but still over 1k. Mt Coronet is at 6,300 and Shaymin at 2,301, because I managed to encounter her another time accidentally after saving. My hunts aren't treating me too nicely considering how much I'm hunting as of late! I really would like to get multiple shinies before I'm back at school on January 4th, I have so many hunts planned particularly for W2 so I'd really love to move on, especially since Rt.20 was just intended to be a quick little double grass hunt where I didn't really care which shiny popped out, but it's becoming a small marathon.

Good luck everybody, especially Crimson Penguin with that Swablu, SheroGH with Pidgey and umbreonfan3636 with Aron!


I've found only four shinies via random encounters: Tentacool in Emerald, and Bunnelby, Gible and Scatterbug in Y. I also have the Red Gyarados in HeartGold and Shiny event Beldum in Omega Ruby.

I've tried both Masuda Method and Consecutive Fishing, but I haven't gotten any shinies with those methods.

I've gotten most of my shinies via GTS, I just check certain Pokemon there, hoping to find a shiny that I can get. I find the "method" quite easy, but also frustrating (you have to be really quick and might miss the shiny during the last second) and there's no guarantee that the shiny you get is legit. I've gotten many legit shinies though, and a couple of uncertain shinies.


Well-Known Member
Congratulations to everyone who got new shinies since the last time I posted.

I have managed to catch the following shinies 2 Phantump, 2 Lampent, Unown Y, Z, M, Mienfoo, Magneton & Chansey

Good luck to everyone

Mrs. Oreo

I'm curious can the McDonalds Hoopa be shiny? I still haven't retrieved mine in Alpha Sapphire so I wanna know if I should even bother soft resetting for a shiny one. ^^

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I'm curious can the McDonalds Hoopa be shiny? I still haven't retrieved mine in Alpha Sapphire so I wanna know if I should even bother soft resetting for a shiny one. ^^

McDonald's Hoopa can't be shiny. Because events are shiny-locked and Pokémon distributed in such way have a set Shininess. So if a Pokémon isn't meant to be distributed Shiny it can't be Shiny because of that event.

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to Cpchris on Altaria, Vale_Star on Chinchou, Blastonite on Snorunt, SheroGH on Altaria, Supremacy on Turtwig, Shiny Lord on Zekrom, Phillies on Phantump x2, Lampent x2, Unown Y, Z, M, Mienfoo, Magneton, and Chansey, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to AquaRegisteel for the congrats, and to Cpchris, Supremacy, umbreonfan3636, and Keane for the luck!

...Sadly the extra luck hasn't helped yet. I just reached 14,000 total REs on Route 114 (I've done 2,200 REs between today and yesterday) and have nothing to show for it. No luck on my other hunts either - Winding Woods is at 2200 REs, Volcarona is at 1200 SRs, and Vulpix is at 800 REs. At this point I'm starting to just hope for anything to show up, even if it's not Swablu. If I don't get my little golden cloud bird I'll just MM for it. But seriously, I'm almost 3.5x over the odds and I'm really ready for this hunt to be over with. Maybe Swablu is just waiting for a few more days to be a Christmas gift (at least that's what I'll tell myself). : P

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially umbreonfan3636, serpent222, AquaRegisteel, and Keane!


pain in the ***
After 436 REs in the normal safari. I find a pink minccino. She's jolly and mischievous, with Cute Charm. I have a shiny cinccino from a while back already, so into wonder trade she goes.

Was playing minecraft on my xbox this weekend so have not started the route 216 hunt yet. Woobat is still playing hard to get at 1,650 eggs.

Edit: And only 33 encounters later...


Was hoping to find a shiny eevee before dunsparce, actually... But meh. He's naughty and takes plenty of siestas, with Serene Grace. Next FS hunt will be dark-type after inkay.
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Decided to do some chain fishing last night in Lilycove City and after 28 encounters...shiny Wailmer! He's a Relaxed nature and Hates to lose. That makes a pair of wild shinies for me in Alpha Sapphire.


Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Did more random encounters for Shiny Altaria in White and one still didn't appear. Hope it shines soon.