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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Metroid Hunter
I was running around in my friend's ice safari, for a shiny snorunt. After a while of no snorunt, I end up getting a different encounter: A Shiny Piloswine, with it's HA. Wow, my first post and legit shiny!

As for my Togepi hunt: 30 Eggs and no shiny. I might pause on this hunt for a few days.

congrats on the shiny piloswine ^_^ also 30 eggs really isn't much though I would keep going you just got to be very lucky to hatch it that quick my advice keep going good luck on that togepi its a nice shiny ^_^

I made my decision I will be starting my shiny fletchling hunt once I get the shiny charm finally which help from a friend I will start storing eggs.

good luck to all that is hunting and congrats to all that got there new shinies from my last post ^_^


thanks to my friend charizardrulez on this site helped me fill my gaps in my dex and finally got the oval and shiny charms

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Psyched Up
Staff member
There are CH options with equal amount of votes, so I guess I'll wait a bit more, one and a half hour, until lunch time. Then no more after that.

Any of you who hasn't vote, would be nice if you do so :)

Even if you are still a new member, it's fine if you vote :)


pain in the ***
For the last couple of days the random FS hunt has been in a grass-type safari. Today, after 852 encounters, I find a green and yellow ivysaur. He's male, hardy, capable of taking hits, and he has his HA, Chlorophyll. I'll put him in my trade box for Artnerd later.

Maniac Tunnel is at 6,000 REs. Munchlax is at 680 eggs.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Team Volt Grunt on Kricketune, Doomdour on Froakie, Fleckihund on Eevee and Charmander, WhiteBlair on Growlithe, shinycharizard06 on Mareep, Kanethedragon on Froakie, and everyone else on your shinies!



I've been soft-resetting for a second Shiny Mewtwo in Soul Silver since the last December or earlier, I think, and...

I finally manage to encounter it, open the home Menu in 3DS, rush to get my phone with the camera and...



Never press A while having the "Back to Home Menu" option open. This must be the biggest Shiny fail I've ever had.

Very sorry to hear :( I would always just take the time to literally stop and think about what you’re about to press, whether it’s an attack, clicking “bag” vs “run”, etc. After spending hours upon hours trying to find a shiny, it’s absolutely worth the solid 5 seconds of extra thought to make sure you’re hitting what you actually want to hit. I’ll generally even re-read the attack I’m about to use and make sure it’s the right one and that I’m not mixing up attack names or something (I’ll look at the other moves available to make sure I didn’t go entirely crazy and start thinking “Poisonpowder” is the move to use instead of “Sleep Powder”). So many people are in a rush to capture a shiny once it appears that instead of spending an extra minute making sure everything’s done correctly, they end up having to spend more weeks on a reclaim. I’ll take extra seconds over extra weeks every time :|

Hope a reclaim comes easily!


I did a lot of hunting today compared to what I normally do in a day! First I worked on my starters – 200 SRs for Charmander and 100 SRs for Chimchar putting those hunts at 1,800 SRs and 6,500 SRs respectively. Then I did 700 REs on my main games, bringing Black 2 to 15,800 REs, Platinum to 1,300 REs, and HeartGold to 4,000 REs.

I evolved my recent Buneary into Lopunny and got her EV trained, but I still have to train her to 100. I figured that I’d just work on that late at night after I’ve finished hunting for the night as opposed to interrupting hunting to do it. Whenever I finish that, I have to go to Black Tower on Black 2 to make more money for repels, and then I still have to work on getting my next HeartGold file up to the Kanto starter point.

Good luck, everyone (especially TheMaster327, G-Money, Martinzqx, CharlieDoryRose, Supremacy, umbreonfan3636, Keane, SheroGH, ChaoticInverse, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


Psyched Up
Staff member
Well, since there's no other vote and I don't feel like extending it again, I decided to take actually take FairyWitch's recent joke in my VM and have a double CH for this month :p

The CH for this month are : MMM (Masuda Method Month) and Sun/Moon Stone Hunt :D

I'll update the CH news.
I have had a bit of a lapse when it comes to Pokemon, mainly due to school and work. However, a couple months ago I finally got back to playing more frequently. In the time that I've picked up my games again...

I have been able to catch Shiny Aaron, and two shiny Zubats while I was grinding stuff in hordes for dex unlocking. I can't remember the specific dates as to when I was able to get these.

Then about a week and a half ago I finally received the shiny charm. Decided to test it out first by doing some soft resetting, and by some great luck I was able to encounter Shiny Reshiram after about only an hour of soft resetting! It took way too long to catch, and eventually it started to struggle and I had to settle for using my Masterball. -.- However, a one hour shiny hunt on OR is way better than the 60-70 hour hunt that I did on Sapphire.

Anyways, now I am attempting to at least do fifteen minutes of soft resetting each day, and will update y'all if I end up getting lucky. Also pressing through X again (just beat second gym), although I may take a break from it and bust out a copy of Leaf Green that I picked up a couple months ago. Cheers, good luck, and I look forward to reading these encouraging stories again! n.n


Guess I will have to go back to the Abra hatching *groan* I have come to find out I really do not enjoy mm. Maybe I will try for a safari hunt for a sun or moon stoner.


Shiny Hunter
Alright! So! I'm back!
I've had a loooong break from shiny hunting (this happens a lot...) but I've really missed it!
Congrats to all my shiny hunting allies, new and old, on the many shinies I know I've missed!

Since I last updated, I gave up on Sandile on my Badge Quest (those who were around would know I did about 30,000 RE and got Yamask instead), BUT I will be back on White 2 when I've finished my impromptu nuzlocke! I'm now going for my original 5th badge goal which was Mistralton Cave, with emphasis on Woobat and Aron (fingers crossed!).
I'm also still going for Mudkip, though I've switched to OmegaRuby. I've been hunting it since ORAS was released but I've been very lazy so... probably only on 100SR? But I don't count SR's. It flies by quicker that way!

My only shiny update since I left (I think just after I random hatched Happiny) is a Combee and a Flabebe Yellow. I got my shiny charm in Y (kinda regret it a little now) and thought I'd start a Combee army. But I've only got the 1 right now XP

So that's that! Pleased to be back! I'm sorry I'm constantly in and out; that's just how I am D:
Good luck on your hunts!


Fell off a boat
Congrats to Cpchris on Buneary, Team Volt Grunt on Kricketune, Doomdour on Froakie, Fleckihund on Eevee and Charmander, WhiteBlair on Growlithe, shinycharizard06 on Mareep, Phillies on Frillish and Seel and Bouffalant and Tropius, Kanethedragon on Forakie, Hokker on Wingull and Shuppet and Helioptile, Airid on Piloswine, Cyberra on Ivysaur, and Crabthuluhu on Aron and Zubat and Reshiram!

After 1993 eggs my shiny Totodile hatched!


Unfortunately though he's got Torrent, so I'm gonna have to keep trying for one with Sheer Force. I can still keep this guy as part of the living shiny dex I've been slowly working towards though so it's not too bad.

Gonna take a break with the Totodile eggs for a while though and start working towards Cottonee for the community hunt. I've also been trying for a shiny Latias on OR... got about 2600 encounters for that.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts!

Mrs. Oreo

I hatched dozens of Munchlax eggs this evening and even some last night but I still have like 30-ish in my pc boxes that I'll hatch tonight ha ha. I did some chain fishing also on Alpha Sapphire, but no shinies are taking the bait for some reason. ^^;


So I finally replaced my broken Leafgreen. Time to SH again \o/

For now I'll run through the game and hope for a random encounter, I might go for Ponyta or Unown later on.


pain in the ***
Got him!


After 828 eggs, I see a munchlax that looks a little different from the others. So I have a look, and sure enough there is the red star. Shiny! He's hasty and likes to thrash about, with Thick Fat. I've already gotten him evolved into snorlax. And now I have to grow a new crop of friendship-increasing berries XD

I'm currently breeding ledybas just because. Currently at 50 eggs for another gold ladybug. Here's hoping this one will be more cooperative than the one I SRed a while back.

Maniac Tunnel is at 6,400 REs.

Community hunt complete! For munchlax.


So since I got a shiny helioptile on Sunday, I will call the community hunt complete! I am currently hunting in safaris but I may go after an oddish, as my favorite horde grinder is bellossom or vileplume because of sweet scent and the fact it can learn 3 horde killing moves. I have better luck with hordes rather than egg breeding. Next week I have to get back on my abra quest, though I am dreading it. Good luck everyone!


Master of the Legend
Got a result last night - after several failed chain attempts for Heatmor, that glorious shiny patch of grass appeared after a chain of 2! My first dex nav chained shiny! Now on a horde search for Durant.


Active Member
Chained 3 shiny Cubone and a Sneasel in Platinum. Evolved one Cubone into Marowak and Sneasel into Weavile. Currently in a frustrating slump where my chains are breaking in the early teens for seemingly no reason, so I'll probably take a long break here soon.


Metroid Hunter
woot in 25 eggs my shiny fletchling hatched which I got still 9 boxes to hatch which I have the shiny charm now btw :3 community hunt complete!

she is 5 iv adamant big pecks in luxury ball( I was hoping for gale wings so keep on hatching)



congrats Lunafloon on shiny flabebe,and Combee,Clipowl on totodile,cyberra on munchlax,hokker on helioptile,Mudster on heatmor,comhines4 on cubones, and sneasel!

good luck to everyone that is still hunting!
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pain in the ***
Was running around in a dark safari, and after 777 REs I found a sparkly red absol. He's relaxed and alert to sounds, with Pressure. I caught him in a dive ball (dive ball being my favorite ball). He'll go into my trade box for Artnerd.

Maniac Tunnel is at 6,700 REs. Ledyba is at 280 eggs.


Team Awesome
Well, it was a better week than last week, and I have some wonderful news on top of it.

First, while quad hunting this week, I found a shiny sunkern on OmegaRuby that I later traded since I already have one I still have to trade up from 5th gen, and a shiny swablu on AlphaSapphire. I also got yet another shiny magickarp on a chain fish. I really want that shiny tentacool. I traded it for someone who was nice enough to give me a shiny clefairy in return. :)

But here's the best news of the week.

With Sun and Moon coming out soon, I thought I'd take a chance to go back over a few incomplete or failed quests to redeem myself, within reason of course (I'm debating over whether I want to resume my incomplete MM hunts in Black 2 and White 2 for buneary and woobat since I'm sure I traded up my Japanese ditto and have no other foreign pokemon in those games). So I decided to start with my most infamous failed shiny hunt of them all, the one that made me ragequit after 12 months of searching on PokeRadar on Pearl, before I tried to MM on White 2 for six months and failed again, then found it in an RE on Black 2.

Since I was able to successfully chain for a shiny shinx several months ago on Diamond, I thought I'd try again on Pearl, and moved to an area with more grass to improve my chances. Then, after several broken chains, on a chain of 19, I saw the shine.

Shiny Buneary, on Pearl. :D At LOOOOONG last, my worst failed hunt is over! As she was female, I named her Etta for Etta "At Last" James.

Now I'll work on some more hunts I didn't complete or I failed, see if I can finally finish them.


Well-Known Member
Well, my internet was out for 8 days. That was a real pain in the rear for me, but I managed to make a lot more progress on my Chingling/Bronzor hunt, despite no reward as of yet. Now at a massive 20,400 at Route 211, but I shall continue!

Congrats on all the shinies since my last post, there's been far too many for me to list, but you all know who you are! :)