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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


HGSS ftw!!!!!!
Welp. It's been a while. I've been plagued with bad luck lately, with my only MM hunt just refusing to shine and an SR hunt going supremely over odds. But I come bearing some good news.

First, on March 14th I was ev-training some pokemon and a shiny Whismur appeared:



This is fitting since I've been steadily acquiring the ev training horde hunt shinies (Shuppet on Christmas, Zubat in February and now Whismur in March, all unintentional). It's cute but I already have a 1/8192 Whismur from a Ruby badge quest many years ago and being wild it's nature/ivs suck. It was a nice surprise in any case.

More importantly, today one of my SR hunts came to a finish:



A few weeks after I got my Registeel (Valentine's Day) I started SRing for the rock golem. However, the hunting was sporadic and it's only been in the last few days that I really dedicated myself to hunting it. I doubt I even broke 1000 SRs, which has been a fortunate and exceptional trend with my AlphaSapphire copy since I don't even have the Shiny Charm. The battle was shockingly easy. I just narrowed down it's health with super fang a few times, brought out my Breloom, used Spore, threw an Ultra Ball, and bam! Shiny caught! This was markedly different from my battle with Registeel, which took forever and made me very nervous.

My sync worked, so it's Impish nature and its IVs are 1/13/31/31/31/31. It's a pity that it's perfect Sp.Atk and Speed couldn't have been swapped with HP and Atk, but it's not like Regirock is very competitively viable either way so I don't care that much; I'm just excited it has perfect Def and Sp. Def! I like the colors very much and I think I'll be training it up to help me defeat the Elite Four, which is very much overdue in this Badge Quest since I've obtained 10 shinies. After that I'll probably get started on Regice. I have a bet with myself that I can get the four Regis before Groudon shines in Soul Silver (the hunt that has gone supremely over odds).

Congrats on everyone's shinies and good luck to anyone whose hunts are being stubborn!


Shiny Hunter
So... I decided to go for Munchlax for my next badge quest shiny, but finding this thing is so annoying >.< I used this calculator that tells me the two honey trees that Munchlax appears in so I'm just waiting for that 1% chance. Its been over a week and 50+ honeys used and nothing! Hopefully this thing appears soon so I can actually start hunting it lol. In the meantime though, I've been doing shaking grass encounters on Black 2, a bit over 2k encounters so far on that, hoping Roserade shines this phase!

Gratz on all the recent shinies lately! Especially MightyImitation on Mew! Good luck everyone. :]


Shiny Hunter
Woo, this one went smooth! Caught shiny Cobalion after only 200 SR! Not jolly, but adamant. 31/29/31/31/12/28. Too bad about the sp def but I can't complain!!
Now on to Terrakion!

Good luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter
So, after I woke up today I checked my honey trees for Munchlax and I found it! Finally, I can start shiny hunting for it! Guys... after only 177 SRs I see this.

!?!? It took me 5 days (I know in my last post I said over a week but it was 5 days, felt like a week tho lol!) (lol it did take over a week for some reason I can't add today) just to find it and only like, an hour for it to shine!? I guess this makes up for how stubborn Shinx was lol. Capturing it went pretty smoothly, since it is a higher level Munchlax I didn't have to worry about any Metronome shenanigans thank god, cause I was not prepared for Metronome explosion or anything. After paralyzing it I was able to catch it after 4 ultra balls. Nature is Jolly, meh. But it has Thick Fat which is nice so alls good. Gonna train him now so he's caught up with the rest of the team. Not sure what my next target is, I'll decide after the next gym.

Anyways, a major shoutout to TheMaster327 who told me about the honey tree calculator and I hope he finds his Munchlax soon!

Gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone! :]
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Mrs. Oreo

I did some more chain fishing on Monday on both my Alpha Sapphire and X version games, but I didn't hook any shinies this time unfortunately. I also hatched Charmander eggs on Platinum last night cuz I've started a shiny Charmander hunt using the Masuda method. I'm planning on hatching more eggs tonight and I hope other people have good luck finding shinies as well. :3


Veteran member
Has anyone ever legitimately gotten every shiny possible?


pain in the ***
Has anyone ever legitimately gotten every shiny possible?

Can't be done. Celebi has never been legitimately able to be shiny in any pokemon game; it's been locked ever since it's been released. And zygarde from Gen 6 XY is locked in-game and unlike the other two was not released in shiny form as an event. Only way to get every single shiny possible is to hack them in. (Which sucks because I want a pink celebi... Darnit, GameFreak, you've released almost every other legend in shiny form for events; give us our pink celebis!)

My hunts are in progress and going well. BQ target #8 is... not telling until I get it. Maniac Tunnel in Diamond is being stubborn at 9,200 REs.
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Lookin' for Shinies
I was breeding for a Lanturn for an NU team I was working on and I happened to get a Shiny Chinchou! It has 5/6IVs all in the right spot too. I wasn't keeping track of eggs but it was less than 20 I believe


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Cyberra on Skarmory, eiger on Scyther and Azelf, Aesnath on Groudon, MightyImitation on Mew, Cyberra on Latios, Laurelai on Porygon, LucarioMan101 on Regirock, Supremacy on Munchlax, TheEmeraldKnight on Chinchou, and everyone else on your shinies!


I’m tempted to hunt another Eevee after I get something on Black 2 again. Aside from eventually wanting to complete the line on this game (that means 7 more Eevee!), can my game really be so cruel as to give me ANOTHER fairly long hunt after what it’s been doing lately? It’s a daunting hunt, but a rewarding one. I also have the reassurance that I’ve done it before (as my first shiny hunt!). If I go through with it, I’m pretty set on evolving it into Espeon if male, Vaporeon if I’m lucky enough to get a female, or if it’s male and just has absolute garbage stats, I’ll leave it as an Eevee (for the time being at least). But…I’ll see how I’m feeling once I actually find something ;)

Well…Something finally shone on Black 2. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Absol =\ After 27,165 REs I found a 2nd shiny Altaria.


Ughhh…Games, why do you give me really long hunts for useless duplicates x.X At least it’s a shiny I like. This one is female, Relaxed, and has the IVs: 16 – 31 – 10 – 27 – 0 – 14. At this point I want to train at least one of them up, and I’m thinking I might just do both :| I prefer using Sp. Atk, which I can get more use out of this one’s Sp. Atk, but it’s speed is a lot worse compared to the first one. And the first one seems like a waste of its Atk. IV to train it in Sp. Atk. So I guess I’ll end up doing both because indecision. At least Altaria only needs 600k XP to reach 100, which is the same as training one Slow Exp. Group Pokemon.

That all being said…I want this damn Absol already -_- Staying here till I get it (but I might take a break if I get another 27k Altaria). I’ll at least be moving where I hunt on the route. Perhaps hunting on this higher ledge is where all the shiny Altaria are staying, and all the shiny Absol are on the more accessible lower areas…

Good luck, everyone (especially LucarioMan101, G-Money, Martinzqx, CharlieDoryRose, umbreonfan3636, Keane, SheroGH, ChaoticInverse, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!
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Pokémon Blue
Can't be done. Celebi has never been legitimately able to be shiny in any pokemon game; it's been locked ever since it's been released. And zygarde from Gen 6 XY is locked in-game and unlike the other two was not released in shiny form as an event.

That's why he said "every shiny possible".


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I was playing Pokemon X in Friend Safari looking for a Shiny Charmeleon in a Fire Type Safari until I ran into a Shiny Ponyta! I had with me a Smeargle w/ Spore and False Swipe and brought the Ponyta's HP down to yellow and put it to sleep. I used a Poke Ball and it was caught. This is my second Shiny Ponyta and I'm planning to evolve it at some point. I'm still searching for Shiny Charmeleon.


Team Awesome
Well, after last week's eventful shiny catching week, I decided to slow things down this past week and try for a pokemon that's been on the wanted list in my signature for forever. Being the glutton for punishment I am, LOL, I did pokeradar on Pearl. After numerous broken chains over six days, the longest coming at 30 and 35, I finally got it just yesterday on a chain of 12:

Shiny starly!

This is a shiny I've been wanting since I started playing the DPPl series years ago, so I'm happy I finally got it.

Due to the enormous amount of time consumption it took (including keeping my game on the charger to keep it on for hours), I'll probably do more quad hunting this week. Pidgey and spinarak are still on my wish list, but I've got my fingers crossed that I can still find pidgey by RE, and I'll MM spinarak eventually. I'm also hoping for wooper eventually because it's a favorite shiny of mine, and female nidoran since at least it would finish the area horde pokemon on X and Y outside that one cave, it's the only horde one I don't have shiny.


Psyched Up
Staff member
CH completion list updated.

But I've recently been MMing with Togepi, but I gave up a while back after 350+ eggs. Do you guys think it's worth starting up again considering the minimal difference in its line's shiny palette?

Personally if I were you I would continue anyway, a shiny is a shiny, and I don't like stopping a hunt I already started. But yeah, I too wish the difference wasn't so minimal.


Eh, ragazzo!
I know this thread is mostly about reporting shinies and community hunts, but I wanted to ask a hypothetical question.

Say you obtained a shiny Eevee with a neutral nature and 31 IVs in all categories. What would you evolve it to become?

If ability is a determining factor, what would you make it for the normal and hidden abilities?


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It finally happened. I was looking for Shiny Charmeleon in the Friend Safari today, and lo and behold, it finally showed up! I used the Smeargle from yesterday to weaken it and caught it with a Pokeball with a critical capture. I thought it would take me months to find it, but it didn't take that long at all. And this was after I caught a Shiny Ponyta yesterday. After I caught it, I leveled it up and it is now a Shiny Charizard. This makes me so happy.

Blasting Toise

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Congrats on recent shinies everyone :D

I found a random shiny Koffing when I was EV-training with hordes at Fiery Path. It took me so long to find my first Shiny Koffing there and now I find another randomly when I am not looking for it :p So ironic.

I know this thread is mostly about reporting shinies and community hunts, but I wanted to ask a hypothetical question.

Say you obtained a shiny Eevee with a neutral nature and 31 IVs in all categories. What would you evolve it to become?

If ability is a determining factor, what would you make it for the normal and hidden abilities?
Gender also matters- I found shiny Eevee from FS some time ago and it was girl so I decided to make Vaporeon of her since I already have Sylveon and Umbreon my favorite shiny Eeveelutions. If I would find said Eevee now I would probably make it Espeon if it's girl and Jolteon or Flareon if boy.
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Face Oblivion
Hi everyone, long time no see :D

I've been lurking around this thread daily so I've not missed many shinies. I'll says congrats to you all on your shinies, and also a congrats to Supremacy on the Shinx and Munchlax!

Hunting has taken a back seat for me as of late, mainly because real life is stopping me from getting the time / patience to put effort and numbers behind my hunts. However, I bring news of a brand-new shiny for my collection!:

So in Platinum, I've decided to try a Badge Quest again--though I waited until I reached Eterna Forest to get the first shiny. So I was hunting in Platinum, watching a video on YouTube featuring a 5th Gen Shiny Clefairy when I got into a battle. I looked over and my jaw was agape as a shiny rolled across the screen.

Shiny Cascoon! I've wanted a shiny Dustox for a long time, so to get a Cascoon is very nice in all honesty. Jolly natured, female, and currently on the way to Dustox greatness.

Yes, I also came incredibly close to KOing Cascoon!

Good luck to you all.

Zenn of Ascension

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So I decided to soft reset on my Ruby for a shiny Treecko since Aerodactyl is at 27,500 SR and I wanted to take a break from that. After around 1,000 SR this popped up.


Unfortunate, but I'll keep on trying for a Treecko since I might want to do a Badge Quest with Ruby. Congrats and good luck on everyone's hunts.

Edit: Only 200 more SR later and I got it again. This isn't even on a dry battery Ruby so I'm not even rng manipulating it lol. Wasting all my luck on these things.

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Ice Type Trainer
Congrats to: ClipOwl on Cottonee and Totodile; Crimson Penguin on Latios; Blasting Toise on Weepinbell, Meditite, Ekans/Arbok, Gulpin, and Koffing (a lot of poison types there :p); Supremacy on Shinx and Munchlax; Dangertrout on Happiny; payne on Banette and Lotad; Aromatic Mist on Bulbasaur; Auraninja on Staryu and Clauncher; Mrs. Oreo on Carvanha; Shraeder on Frogadier; wobbanut on Tynamo, Venomoth, Machop, Zigzagoon, Graveler, and Starly; Laurelai on Miltank and Porygon; SkyMew on Mewtwo; maldoror on Chatot, Tauros, and all the Victory Road shinies; jrmftw on Houndour, Nidorino, and Roggenrola; Cyberra on Electrike/Manectric, Skarmory, Spoink, Feebas, and Latios; Tsukuyomi56 on Espurr; Tagi on Slugma; pokefreak2014 on Spiritomb; Hokker on the two Psyduck; eiger on Scyther/Scizor, Azelf, and Cobalion; Phillies on all your shinies; Diego24 on Wurmple/Dustox; Aesnath on Groudon; MightyImitation on Mew and Arceus; LucarioMan101 on Whismur and Regirock; TheEmeraldKnight on Chinchou; Cpchris on both(?) Altaria; SmartD on Ponyta and Charmeleon; AquaRegisteel on Cascoon, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats ClipOwl, Cpchris, and Crimson Penguin (and thanks for the welcome back :) )

Sorry about the Poochyena, Zenn of Ascension.

I finally got the chance to congratulate everyone. xD And I bring news! The news is... that I have no news. So I guess I don't actually bring news. :p I've been mainly SRing Reshiram this past week, but no success as of yet. I'm feeling like doing a few SRs on my Lugia hunt in SS now just for something different.

However, I also have a question. I'd always assumed that in Gen 6, the Masuda Method would work with a Pokémon if it has a different language tag to your Pokémon (so for example I used a Larvesta of my own and a Japanese Larvesta with the "JAP" tag on its Summary page to breed my shiny Larvesta/Volcarona). But I read something the other day saying that a Pokémon can still be labelled as being from a different language (so the language tag will still show up) without actually being from a different region (e.g. Japanese language in a North American game rather than Japanese language in a Japanese game), and so trying to MM with that Pokémon won't actually work and the odds will be full odds rather than the improved odds.

So my questions are 1) is this true? and 2) if it is true, does that mean there's no sure way to tell if a Pokémon is truly "foreign" and therefore will work with the Masuda Method? I've managed to MM four shinies out of four attempts on X so far based on using a Pokémon with a different language tag, it's only my current Heracross hunt that's taking forever, but I know that even with MM it can take a couple of thousand eggs before something hatches. So I'm not sure what to think. Can anyone here shed any light on this?

Good luck to everyone on your hunts, I hope all your games shine for you!
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