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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Poke Maniac Eddie

Embrace Eternity.
My team speaks for itself in terms of shinies. On an unrelated note, I managed to breed a 4IV Vulpix..which is currently the Ninetales on my team. For me to breed a 4IV Pokemon was..well, such a happy moment for me. XD I did however recently breed a timid, shiny Petilil. I almost didn't notice it was shiny at first.


pain in the ***
Since losing regirock I've almost doubled my SR count. This is a stubborn golem. I'm mostly expecting to more than double the SR count before it shines again.

Blasting Toise

Well-Known Member
Congrats on recent shinies everyone and good luck to your hunts :D I managed to find shiny Aron from Horde when EV-training :3


Shiny Hunter
Took a break on shiny Aron/zubat hunt to do a 30 min friend safari hunt and at the last minute found a shiny Wartortle (I thinks that's how you spell it xD).


Got 2 shiny Claydol in a span of about 10 minutes! I have been on kind of a drought lately and decided to work on my 720 pokedex online (to make it easy to get the shiny charm) and when raising stuff up, I found the 2 shiny. Sometimes luck goes your way.


But Nothing Happened
So, I picked up Omega Ruby--in order to finish the shiny legend collection--and decided "why rush?" So I started SRing for a shiny starter, and, after about 1200 SRs I got a purple mudkip! I'm not sure if I can go back to using non-shinies regularly--kinda sad.


Shiny Hunter
About to start a double shiny hunt. Continuing with the Aron/Zubat but on my sister's 3ds going for shiny nidoran male. Hopefully this aron shines soon its been around a total of 5 hours hunting for it...

Blasting Toise

Well-Known Member
Congrats on nice shinies people- I'm also pretty lucky today, because another shiny was found during EV-training. Golbat at Sky Pillar female, with HA also. Already have shiny Zubat and Crobat though.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats on nice shinies people- I'm also pretty lucky today, because another shiny was found during EV-training. Golbat at Sky Pillar female, with HA also. Already have shiny Zubat and Crobat though.

Now you have the whole set.

I wasnt too lucky found a shiny onix after about 2 hours of FS, and Nidoran has taken about 4 hours and still hasnt shown itself

Mrs. Oreo

Well during the weekend and parts of Monday I did some shiny hunting inside of X's Friend safari, but unfortunately I didn't find shinies with this method. I might do soft resets for a shiny Azelf in Pearl now since I'm more comfortable with that, plus I've done chain fishing as well today. Good luck to Crimson Penguin and Cpchris. :3

Poke Maniac Eddie

Embrace Eternity.
100 Tyrogue Eggs later, I got a Shiny Tyrogue, which is now a Shiny Hitmonlee! I have to say I like his dull gold color. I named him Bruce, after Bruce Lee. Obviously. XD


Well-Known Member
Decided to do some chaining in Pokemon Platinum, caught shiny Swellow yesterday after hours of breaking the chain over and over again. Today I chained Spinda and I got a shiny patch at a chain of 4! :D Hopefully the luck continues.

Congrats to all shinies caught and future hunts! :)


Well-Known Member
Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your ongoing hunts!

Last Thursday I hatched a shiny Bonsly, which came pretty quickly after Munchlax, and yesterday I hatched a shiny Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil completes the Johto starters for me (Totodile and Chickorita were both SRs). I now have complete sets of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Kalos starters. I need all three Sinnoh starters and Oshawott to have all the starters. I am working on Turtwig on Y now via MM. I am also hunting Snorunt in Shoal cave on OR.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Zenn of Ascension on Treecko, TheGOAT on Chikorita, Crimson Penguin on Rotom, boulderdash on the Beldum and Gastly, LilyValley on Azelf, Silver Bolt on Growlithe, Aesnath on Mudkip, Poke Maniac Eddie on Tyrogue, maldoror on Bonsly and Cyndaquil, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks a lot for the congrats, Crimson Penguin ^ ^ And thanks for the luck, Mrs. Oreo :)


Well this is pretty awesome, though mildly…Irritating? I hate to imply that this is bad in any way, it’s just that I somehow wasn’t able to find this in the two iterations which had a better chance of finding it, but while hunting a third way which provides the least possible chance of finding my original target in order to complete the lines of pokemon which were less likely to appear in the previous iterations, I get my original target…In other words, shiny Lairon on Black 2 on the 170th RE of the day after a total of [/B]1,370 REs[/B]!


This was super noticeable and it’s a fantastic shiny, though it certainly caught me off-guard as I assumed I’d find an Onix, if not a Nosepass, before a Lairon. This one is Male, Gentle, Sturdy ability, and has the following IVs: 16 – 18 – 15 – 15 – 13 – 18. Leaving it unevolved for now. And resuming my Lv. 57 repel trick non-magnet pull hunt for (primarily) Onix, and also Lairon (of course) and Nosepass. It’s nice to know that whichever of those 3 shows up next will close out an evolutionary line :)

Good luck, everyone (especially Crimson Penguin, Zenn of Ascension, LucarioMan101, G-Money, Martinzqx, CharlieDoryRose, umbreonfan3636, Keane, SheroGH, ChaoticInverse, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


Team Awesome
Well, at least I had more pokemon this week: two repeats and one new one. :)

First, I tried again to horde spam for shiny mareep on X, got a shiny wingull instead again. :\ It's getting to be as annoying as my tentacool hunt on ORAS.

Then I hunted off Route 6 in Y just to see what pokemon I could find, got another shiny oddish. I traded it later.

Then after Route 6 I went to the snowy area on Y to ride the mamoswine, hoping I could find a shiny delibird for my shiny Rocketdex, got a shiny snover instead, but hey, I'm not complaining. It's a fresh shiny, and at least I didn't have to spend forever in the snow.


Well-Known Member
Last week I caught a shiny Regice on Alpha Sapphire, breaking a very long drought. I'm relieved to be done with this hunt, because the difference between regular and shiny Regice is almost imperceptible, so I had to turn the sound off, which meant I couldn't listen to music.

I've been mostly resetting for shiny legendaries lately, but the time to payoff is very long, so I've been jumping from cartridge to cartridge.

What DangerTrout said about stopping in preparation for Sun/Moon has me wondering whether I should be refocusing my efforts. I liked the easy and plentiful opportunities in ORAS, but I've never been a fan of the new shiny noises/sparkles, and I don't expect them to change for Gen VII. Still, I might migrate my Gen VI shinies forward if I don't feel like re-hunting them. I really want to increase my HG/SS collection, but the going has been real slow.


Shiny Hunter
Ahhh! Miracles DO happen!

Yes! After 8,869 REs I actually get my target on the first phase! I'm shocked and relieved that I don't have to do any phases here :]] Nature is Naughty which is pretty nice and I've already evolved her since I already picked up a Marmarizer from somewhere lol. As usual, I don't know my next target just yet but I'll update my sig when I decide.

Gratz on the recent shinies, especially Cpchris on Larion (you've been kinda on fire lately!?)and JohnNiles on Regice! Good luck everyone! :]


Shiny Hunter
still no luck with shiny Nidoran hunt after about 7 hours total hunting...


Fell off a boat
Congratulations to:
Crimson Penguin on Latios and Rotom; Blasting Toise on Weepinbell, Meditite, Ekans, Gulpin, Koffing, Shroomish, Aron and Golbat; Supremacy on Shinx, Munchlax and Magmar; Dangertrout on Happiny; Auraninja on Staryu and Clauncher; Mrs. Oreo on Carvanha and Charmander; Shraeder on Frogadier; wobbanut on Tynamo, Venomoth, Machop, Zigzagoon, Graveler, Starly and Snover; Laurelai on Miltank and Porygon; SkyMew on Mewtwo; maldoror on Chatot, Tauros, Druddigon, Zweilous, Graveler, Geodude, Shelmet, Ghastly, Jynx, Munchlax, Mareep, Baltoy, Bonsley and Cyndaquil; jrmftw on Houndour, Nidorino and Roggenrola; Cyberra on Elektrike, Skarmory, Spoink, Feebas, Latios; Tsukuyomi56 on Espurr; Tagi on Slugma; pokefreak2014 on Spiritomb; Hokker on Psyduck and Wailmer; eiger on Scyther, Azelf and Cobalion; Phillies on Duskull, Chimecho, Seel, Drowzee, Yanma, Nosepass, Houndour, Wingull, Mareep, Nidoran♂, Stunky, Tauros, Nidoran♀, Illumise and Starly; Diego24 on Wurmple; Aesnath on Groudon, Rayquaza and Mudkip; MightyImitation on Mew, Arceus and Buizel; LucarioMan101 on Whismur and Registeel; TheEmeraldKnight on Chinchou; Cpchris on Altaria, Absol, Bibarel, Onix and Lairon; SmartD on Ponyta and Charmeleon; AquaRegisteel on Cascoon; Samayouru on Chikorita; Paraqua on Litleo, Duskull, and Exeggcute; jellywolffy on Mareep and Munna; TheMaster327 on Venipede; Mash on Cresselia, AwesomeEric on Espurr and Snivy; Schade on Roselia and Phantump; CharlieDoryRose on Lugia, Doduo, Kirlia and Mawile; Kansas_Rocks! on Treecko; Zenn of Ascension on Treecko; Sulfurian on Zapdos; TheBuckeye11 on Seedot, Zigzagoon, Aipom and Wartortle; TheGOAT on Chikorita; Boulderash on Beldum and Ghastly; LilyValley on Azelf; Silver Bolt on Growlithe; Poke Maniac Eddie on Vulpix and Tyrogue; PokeAmi on Swellow and Spinda; and JohnNiles on Regice!


I don't remember when I actually started hunting her, but after about 4500 run aways Latias has shone!


Timid sync worked and she's got perfect IVs in defense, special attack and speed so I'm pretty happy =D

Also I hatched a second Cottonee, which I thought I'd posted about but apparently not. Here he is as a Whimsicott:


Right now I'm working on finishing a hunt for a shiny male Zubat that I started a good while back which is at 750 eggs hatched, so hopefully that shines soon. Also thinking about SRing Reshiram but I need more premier balls first.

Good luck to everyone with their hunts!