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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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So after about 1500 encounters in a Friend Safari consisting of Growlithe, Charmeleon, and Ninetales, I finally came across a shiny Charmeleon. That about describes my luck in hunting though, which is not very good. Charmeleon has a Gentle nature with its HA Solar Power. 2 31s in attack and defense.

Few days ago I caught a shiny Vulpix after 949 DexNav encounters. Thankfully it has its HA Drought. Vulpix has a Mild nature with 2 31s in HP and defense.

Currently hunting Absol through DexNav. 325 encounters so far. Also going for Zangoose in hordes in X, and MMing for Eevee in OR.

That also leads me to a question regarding the MM. What is the most efficient way to hunt using MM? Is it better to collect a mass amount of eggs then hatch or is it better to do a mix of collecting and hatching at same time? It's my first time doing it so any help is appreciated!

Anyways, good luck to everyone in their shiny hunts!

Edit: After 69 eggs to my great excitement a shiny Eevee sneaked up on me. Naming him Sneaky after my favourite league of legends player! Mild nature with xx/31/31/31/31/31 IVs. Still have 49 more eggs to hatch!
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I have finally manage to catch a shiny Latias. Spent a few days running away from it and with no shiny charm. It marks my first legit shiny legendary capture. Very thrilled by this. Congratulations to everyone with new shiny pokemon.


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Had a surprise one show up last night. I was hunting for either a shiny Muk or Venomoth and the latter showed up! :) Temp named him Venom. I'm now working on my shiny Muk hunt.

Congrats to everyone on their shiny finds! Some great stuff there.

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So I have a question about the Togepi egg in HGSS, specifically, when to save to SR for it. Do I save before going into Mr. Pokemon's house for the first time - when Prof. Oak is there? Or do I save after Elm calls and I get it off of his Aid? Any help would be appreciated :D


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Finally got my shiny Tangela after I first caught the shiny Swadloon I've mentioned in a post before, then accidentally ran away from a shiny Tangela and then caught a shiny Sawsbuck. Intervals between shinies where 485 (Swadloon), 305 (failed Tangela), 242 (Sawsbuck) and finally 555 (Tangela).

After that I decided to do another friend safari hunt in a fire safari which brought me a shiny Slugma after 555 encounters.

After all this time in the friend safari I now wanted to do something else and I decided to do a Masuda hunt, of which I had only done two before (Charmander and Nidoran) almost two years ago. So I caught a female Wartortle with Rain Dish in the friend safari in a Dive Ball and transported it to my Omega Ruby for the breeding process. Took me a while before I got a female rain dish Squirtle with some good IV's, but after a total of 320 eggs I hatched my shiny Squirtle!! It is modest nature with almost perfect IV's: 31/x/31/31/31/x, only missing Speed. I didn't went through the hustle of breeding some egg moves on it though. Also, I gave it a pretty generic nickname from the Ninja Turtles.

[img300]http://i.imgur.com/Xc4m8RZ.jpg[/img300] [img300]http://i.imgur.com/AJBZzDo.jpg[/img300]
Hard to see on screen, but it actually is a shiny! :D

Congrats on all the recent shinies and good luck to everyone shiny hunting!


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I actually have some shinies too, and I am not too fanatic over them...

PS - I would trade for a Timid Protean Froakie

What agonies you ask? Uh Psyduck, Yanma, Frillish... to name a few

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So, I finally got my 6V HA female Shieldon, so no more surprise shinies there for now. I decided to tackle Kangaskhan next, because I needed a break from the 12.5% female odds. I also decided to make it a shiny hunt.
A short while ago, I was hatching a batch of eggs and reading something on a link I was sent. I look down and there's a shiny Kangaskhan on my screen. She's Jolly, thanks to Everstone, Scrappy (no complaints here), knows a bunch of egg moves from the HA parent I was given, and is freakin' flawless! Flawless! I haven't had a flawless shiny hatch since Froakie back before ORAS were even announced. I am very happy with this.
Judging by the Times Encountered counter in the Pokedex, she was roughly my 175th egg. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Congrats to everyone on new shinies I may've missed during my absence.


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I actually have some shinies too, and I am not too fanatic over them...

PS - I would trade for a Timid Protean Froakie

What agonies you ask? Uh Psyduck, Yanma, Frillish... to name a few

You might want to try the trade forms, not here. You're posting in the wrong thread.

I'm still SRing suicune. 6,720 SRs and counting. Stubborn water-dog is stubborn


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Ran into a second shiny Venomoth while on a hunt for a shiny Muk. Named this one Mercury. Not giving up on the Muk hunt though. I'm figuring it's due to running into more Venomoths.

I'm still SRing suicune. 6,720 SRs and counting. Stubborn water-dog is stubborn

Don't give up! I'm rooting for you. Hope it shines soon.
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So I have a question about the Togepi egg in HGSS, specifically, when to save to SR for it. Do I save before going into Mr. Pokemon's house for the first time - when Prof. Oak is there? Or do I save after Elm calls and I get it off of his Aid? Any help would be appreciated :D

You can save right in from of Elm's assistant and SR from there. Good luck!


Against my better judgement I'm back to hatching Zubat eggs because I guess I just really want a shiny one with Infiltrator. I've hatched two more shinies so far and both had Inner Focus... This game is taunting me and I'm a glutton for punishment.

Anyway, congrats to everyone on their shinies and good luck with your hunts!
Because I'm dead on the inside because of exams, and walking to school and back was where I got most of my steps for O-Powers, which I can't do due to Study Leave, I've decided to post pone my Swirlix hunt on Alpha Sapphire.

However, because of how easy it is to do, I decided to do Chain Fishing on X. Even without Shiny Charm, it's hella easy. I got a Shiny Octillery (forgotten Johto Pokemon have no business having such a good shiny :eek:) and a Shiny Clawitzer. Octillery was during an Alomomola hunt, and Clawitzer was actually the target. Octillery I got on a chain of about 18, with Clawitzer being 20-something? I reely (ay, ay???) need to start taking count for chains. Named the octopus hotdog Larry, and named Christmas Zoidberg Gunther. Will be going for Alomomola next after beating the game and getting the Shiny Charm on there too.

Congrats on everyone's recent shinies, btw! ^v^


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Finally after a few months I got my Shiny Darkrai in Platinum after 6501 soft resets. I'll update hopefully soon.

My next question tho, I'm moving onto Shaymin now, which js the best method to hunt Shaymin, should I just do standard SRs so should I run away? I've seen videos where people just ran away and found a Shiny Shaymin. If anyone can tell me, just PM me please because I rarely check here anymore


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Not so much a shiny, but feels like one. After 160ish Honey, the bastard finally shows up to be SRed ;)

Congrats on the recent shinies guys, and good luck those still hunting!

Yay finally!! Lets hope it doesn't take too long to shine. :]


Ahh its been a while since my last post, ops! I just randomly lost the desire to hunt, which is what happens to me sometimes lol. But I've been doing a bit here and there. I'm currently at 4k encounter/8k seen on Iron Island. Really hoping Onix/Steelix shines but I would be ok with Graveler since I have never used a Golem and its shiny is kinda cool, hope I don't fail it tho if it does appear :x.

Anyways, gratz on all the recent shinies and good luck everyone! :]


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Yay finally!! Lets hope it doesn't take too long to shine. :]

Well, considering I only started SRing Thursday night, I've done 3,500 SRs for it already. Should get it by the end of the week if I'm lucky :)
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Congratulations to everyone on their new shinies.

I spent the week hunting Unown in OR and Carbink on X. I managed to to catch the following Unown this week J, Z, U, O, I, T, V & E. I didn't have any luck with the Carbink but I did manage to catch 3 Mime Jr. & 4 Roggenrola.

Good luck to everyone.

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Congrats to wobbanut on Mareep, Pachirisu, Amaura, Golbat, Yamask, Slugma, and Volbeat, Phillies on Darkrai, Stunky x2, Nidoran F, Nidoran M x2, Spinda, Swablu x2, Roggenrola x8, Mime Jr. x5, Spearow, and all the Unown, Jonah White on Jigglypuff, Abra, and Scatterbug, Cyberra on Zekrom and Lugia, maldoror on Piplup, Oshawott, and Chikorita, Ace Trainer Alex on Pawniard, TheMaster327 on Sewaddle and Tyrunt, Pokeaidan on Ralts x2, Aesnath on Feebas, Latias, and Reshiram, Laurelai on Swirlix, ClipOwl on Scyther and Meditite, *Murkrow on Entei, Kalosian on Drilbur, Dragalge on Luxio and Meditite, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Pyroar, Ponyta, Raikou, Eevee, Pikachu, Swadloon, Tangela, Sawsbuck, Slugma, and Squirtle (sorry about the other Tangela though), Doomdour on Phantump and Croagunk, Echo Nacyl on Shieldon and Kangaskhan, WishIhadaManafi5 on Shuppet, Noctowl, Audino, Poliwhirl, Golurk, and Venomoth x2, Zenn of Ascension on Swablu and Sandshrew, Mrs. Oreo on Corsola, Paraqua on Glameow, gerehead on Mawile x3 and Kirlia, dks89 on Charmeleon, Vulpix, and Eevee, Alexander18 on Latias, Aromatic Mist on Octillery and Clawitzer, Demonslayer492 on Darkrai, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to umbreonfan3636 for the luck!

The drought is finally over! After 10,964 REs, my second-longest hunt to date, my Omega Ruby gifted me with a shiny Cacnea!

So glad I finally got a shiny on one of my main hunts omg. I had just hit over 27,000 combined encounters between Route 111, Vulpix and Volcarona (which are now at 7200 and 9000 encounters respectively), so I was getting pretty frustrated with my luck. Not to mention that my longest and second-longest hunts are now both on the same game and came back-to-back... but it was so worth it when I saw my little red cactus appear! Even better, it's the first female shiny on this BQ. ^_^ I named her Soledad, and she has a Rash nature with the Sand Veil ability. While my target was Trapinch, Cacnea was my second choice on the route, so I'm happy with this little Mother's Day gift (even though I'm not a mom XD).

Now I'm off to Route 120 for BQ#6. I'm really hoping to find an Absol as it's been on my list of wanted shinies for a long time, but it's only 5% so I won't be holding my breath on it. Also really hoping it won't go over 10,000 encounters again... >_< And of course, Vulpix and Volcarona are welcome to show up anytime. : P

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Cyberra and umbreonfan3636!


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Congrats to LucarioMan101 on Groudon, ClipOwl on Zubat, LilyValley on Totodile, Twilit Dragoon on Axew (and welcome back!), Gwabatim on Scyther, Laurelai on Lapras and Turtwig, Zenn of Ascension on Aron, LilyValley on Electrike, pokemon trainer mystery on Feebas, maldoror on Chimchar and Turtwig, Phillies on Mudkip and Zapdos and Torchic, wobbanut on Pumpkaboo, Zenn of Ascension on Electrike, TheMaster327 on Wynaut, Paraqua on Onix, tui on Shaymin, LilyValley on Fletchling, Cyberra on Regirock, Ampharos_Spark on Azelf, Cyberra on Lugia, maldoror on Piplup and Oshawott, Ace Trainer Alex on Pawniard, Pokeaidan on both Ralts, Cyberra on Lugia, maldoror on Chikorita, Aesnath on Latias and Reshiram, Laurelai on Swirlix, ClipOwl on both Scyther, *Murkrow on Entei, Kalosian on Drilbur, maldoror on Amaura, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Raikou, TheMaster327 on Tyrunt, Doomdour on Phantump, Echo Nacyl on Shieldon, ClipOwl on Meditite, Zenn of Ascension on Swablu and Sandshrew, Paraqua on Glameow, Doomdour on Croagunk, wobbanut on Yamask, Dragalge on Meditite, dks89 on Eevee, Alexander18 on Latias, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Squirtle, Echo Nacyl on Kangaskhan, Demonslayer492 on Darkrai, Crimson Penguin on Cacnea, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thank you for the congrats, LucarioMan101, ClipOwl (yes I have :s), Paraqua, Twilit Dragoon, Ambri, umbreonfan3636, and Crimson Penguin :) And thanks for the luck, umbreonfan3636!


I ended up evolving my second Onix into Steelix. Not sure if/when I’ll actually train it up. Also, after finding this shiny, it puts me at the same spot as the end of June last year in terms of number of shinies found, which is pretty neat.

I took a week-and-a-half-long break from hunting – haven’t hunted since the 27th. I had a couple other things I wanted to work on that took up a lot of my free-time and I figured a nice break is always good. Which meant I didn’t do any hunting the last 3 days of April, so who knows if I could have pulled out a miracle and set a new record for shinies I’ve found in a month :x I ended up with 6 in April, which is still pretty awesome for me. Will probably get back to hunting tomorrow or the day after…Also trying to shop for apartment stuff.

Good luck, everyone (especially Zenn of Ascension, Crimson Penguin, G-Money, Martinzqx, CharlieDoryRose, umbreonfan3636, tui, SheroGH, ChaoticInverse, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


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Hi guys!

I haven't been hunting too much lately but hopefully this summer will provide some more opportunities. I'm at 1,550 sr's for Latias and 139 srs for Oshawott. On a secondary hunt level I'm at 2,254 sr's for a johto starter (hoping chikorita) and 34 srs for piplup. I really want to get latias or oshawott before focusing on anything else though. I'm also planning on picking up sr-ing for a fennekin in a few weeks after I've traded over all my important pokemon and stuff.

Congrats to all the new shinies and good luck to everyone hunting!


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Congrats to everyone who found something and good luck to everyone else!

It was a productive weekend for me--I got a shiny Tornadus after about 2,300 SRs and then a shiny Palkia after only about 400 SRs or so.

So now I only have one target left: Ho-Oh. With only 20PP and a tendency to eat grass types (sorry breloom), I'm pretty concerned about getting it into a desirable ball (hopefully a luxury ball). As a result, I'm going to try the Exeggutor-Harvest strategy to prolong his PP--Anyone else ever given it a shot? How well does it work?


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A Shiny Nincada hatched from an egg today.



Evolving the Nincada resulted in an extra Shiny as I got both Ninjask and Shedinja.

I also encountered and caught a Shiny Munna from a Safari.
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