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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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My laptop's acting up again a bit, so I couldn't update the CH in time -_-

It's the Male-Only hunt one, btw. As an apology for taking a long time, I'll extend it to any male shinies (so even if the Pokemon can be female, if the shiny is male, it will be counted for the CH)

Tomorrow I'll update the completion list.

By the way, unless someone is willing to do the CH idea gathering and voting next month, I wouldn't be able to do the July CH at all, I will be on vacation until the 10th-11th.

So unless someone is willing, for next month we'll take a break from Community Hunts.

Oh, I can take this over again for a bit if you need. Not quite as busy as the previous couple years... for now >.< Which, by the way to the old timers who remember why I dropped off the face of the earth for a while: I beat cancer and got married this year!

Everyone PM me your ideas for the July CH. I'll put the choices for voting out next week.


Shiny Hunter
Finally got the shiny wartortle with rain dish in the FS. Been hunting for this for a month now. Before this, I encountered like 6 shiny wartortles with torrent (plus 6 shiny frogadiers) .
My Modest synchronizers unfortunately didn't work, it's mild, but thankfully It's male so Community hunt complete!


Congratz on all recent shinies!

Ho-Oh decided to shine pretty quickly..Proved to be a little tougher to catch than the practice rounds so i had to masterball it, but no worries. Adamant sync failed but i ended up getting +sp.def -speed nature so im still pretty happy with x/x/x/31/31/31 ivs.



Im currently on to Reshiram, after that probably the legendary dogs.

Good luck on all hunts!


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So, I completely forgot that I could SR for Giratina before the 8th badge so thats definitely my target now to end this badge quest. Hopefully it doesn't take too long! :]

Which, by the way to the old timers who remember why I dropped off the face of the earth for a while: I beat cancer and got married this year!

That's amazing, congratz! <3
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So finally after 4495+ encounters, I got my shiny cresselia! I'm so happy. I was super close to giving up on her but I figured she'd shine eventually! :)


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Well, at least my drought is finally over. After getting heracross a few days ago, I decided to do some chain fishing on AlphaSapphire in hopes of finally getting that elusive shiny tentacool. And guess what? Yes, finally got one. :) Finally, after a school of golden magickarps I can put the Dewford-area sea to rest. And it's male, so community hunt complete!

Also, since the battery I put in to Ruby was working off and on (I'll still replace it with the bolt battery), I thought I'd try resetting for shiny treecko since it was the only Hoenn starter I hadn't SR for (no surprise as treecko is by far my least favorite of the three and among my least-used starters ever, with cyndaquil, chespin, squirtle, and snivy). And in a mere three hours I got a male shiny treecko. Not even an uncatchable pooch. It should be fun to use it, it may get more playtime than any treecko I've had. And community hunt complete x2.


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Congrats Dangertrout on the beating cancer and marriage! Good luck for the future!

Fuego Ironworks is at 3,000 REs. This is by far the quickest hunt I've had in terms of encounter speed, so here's hoping it's another quick hunt.

Echo Nacyl

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So, yesterday I got a shiny Elecktrike while EV training against hordes. Male, Modest, Lightning Rod, and Highly Persistent.
Today, my birthday, I was running around looking for trainers to battle, because I'm trying to level a couple Pokemon to learn a couple moves. While running around south of Petalburg Woods, my DexNav triggered. I walked in, saw it was a Sewaddle, and decided to encounter it, just for fun...and it's SHINY. Caught it with a critical capture in the first Nest Ball. Female, Impish, with Chlorophyll, Agility, and is Somewhat Stubborn. Yay for random birthday shiny :D
(bonus: this is the very first Sewaddle encountered in my OR since dropping my living dex onto the game for the shiny charm)
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Eh, ragazzo!
I hope this isn't too out-of-line to ask, but can somebody do me a favor.

In the Virtual Pokemon Gen I games, I want somebody to catch a Pokemon, that they know have a DV set of 10/10/10 Defense/Speed/Special, as well as an Attack of 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 or 15.

When it comes time to possibly move these Pokemon to Sun/Moon, I want to see if that particular Pokemon becomes shiny.

I basically want to see if Sun/Moon will use, what I call, "The Gold and Silver Standard". That is, will Sun/Moon use criteria from Gold and Silver, possibly hinting at its release.

Again, sorry if the question is a little off the normal discussion, but I am genuinely curious how this would work (I'm not a shiny hunter, and this can be done anytime before mid-November.

Erron Black

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Found a shiny Munna earlier today in the Psychic Safari. Synchronize worked yet again, and it's Modest. IVs are in Defense and Sp. Def like Aipom. Nicknamed her Daisy.

Now I'm in a Rock FS with Dwebble, Magcargo, and Rhydon. :)


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So it has been a VERY long time since I posted here, a few months. I just started hunting today again after seeing videos of Shiny legendaries in Alpha and Omega, so I decided to resume my painfully long two year latias hunt, and my riolu MM. And I got some Yellow Luck! Sadly it wasn't Latias but here are the pics of baby Luca.

Hello All. I used to be an avid shiny hunter, and a pioneer of the general shiny thread back when it began. The latias hunt took me out of shiny hunting altogether. 4 years. 4 years of trying to find it shiny (obviousily not hunting the whole time. I took about a year off. If i had to guess i was in the upwards of 20k resets) and after a nostalgic camping trip with my buddies i came home determined to get latias. After 4 days of dual SR'ing on White 2 and Omega ruby it shined on White 2. I'm going to get back into shiny hunting again, but this shiny means more to me than possibly any poke I have ever caught. It took me so long. And it was so worth it. Thank you all for keeping the thread alive after all these years cpchris I still remember you from 5 years ago. Anyways all of you have a good day and good luck shiny hunting.


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Well huh! A true random popped :D I was EV training, hadn't even gotten to the spot I wanted to get to and hadn't used Sweet Scent yet. I already have a shiny Manectric, so this one will stay just like she is.


Named her Switch- I had to scramble for a name because I wasn't prepared!

*Edit 06/27/16*

Well! Another MM hunt entered into the books :) I have no clue how many eggs it took- not a whole lot, but I was participating in the online tournament, so I didn't hatch as many as I could this weekend. I'm (kinda) working on MMing all the pokes that can mega and my numel hatched :D

Here she is evolved because the Numel doesn't look too much different from the non-shiny.

Good luck on your hunts all!
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Working on Riolu now myself. Hatched about 15-20 HA females so far haha.

Maybe around 120 eggs or so. It will be Jolly with the EM Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch, Crunch, High Jump Kick. Don't really care that much if it's not Prankster. Ultra Ball :)

Erron Black

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Holy cow, you guys'll never believe what just happened to me.

So I finally got a shiny from the Rock Safari, a Shiny Magcargo, completing the Slugma line. It was Bashful with IVs in Attack and Speed. So I was scrolling through the FS list I have for a steel safari, none of them interested me and I found one with 2 unknown Pokemon. Went in found a Ferroseed and ran, then encountered a SHINY Metang on the very next encounter!! My luck just skyrocketed! Glad it wasn't the Ferroseed because I absolutely despise Ferroseed and Ferrothorn. The Metang is a Quiet nature with IVs in Attack, Sp. Attack, and Sp. Defense.

Now I'm in a Water Safari with Wartortle and Panpour. Hoping for the former obviously.

Also decided to quit the Stantler hunt for now. It was getting way too irritating and when that happens, I soft reset or hatch for something. So I decided to Soft Reset for Zekrom.

I also decided I didn't really want to get a shiny starter on ORAS and I'll be hunting Shroomish instead! :)

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
My first MM hunt on my AS file isn't going anywhere. The Feebas I'm using to breed are now Lv85 and Lv84 both from Lv1. I temporarily put this hunt on hold to give the PokeRadar in Platinum a go for the first time in several years (since before BW came out in Japan I believe).

After multiple failed attempts to chain Buneary (my longest chain breaking at 36) I went for Shinx and managed to get to 40 after a few attempts. I caught a total of 8 Shiny Shinx. Unfortunately 7 of those 8 all had Rivalry for their ability which is pretty useless in Gen4 so I'll be levelling the one with Intimidate even though its IVs don't look that great. Luckily the Jolly Synchroniser worked and he came out Jolly. I plan on using him on PBR at some point so I can see him in 3D as I have no intention of sending him or any of the others to later games.

Congrats to everyone on their new shinies and good luck to those still hunting :)


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I've got a lot of shinies since I last posted here

Chain Fishing Pokes:
1 Tentacool
2 Wailmur
1 Dragalge
1 Horsea

1 Poochyena

1 FrouFrou

Random Encounters
1 Ariados

Friend Safari
1 Nincada

1 Magnemite
1 Ariados

And today while working on completing my pokedex 658/720 for a shiny charm while looking for a Cryogenal I found a shiny smoochum in a random horde.

Congrats on all the shinies since I posted last.
thank you KillerDraco. Lead me comes here

A great flying type pokemon with a good movepool and cool design. One of my strongest members on my diamond walkthro. And it can close combat

My strongest (levelwise) pokemon in my white team. With a rather useful ability,great moveset and good stats its one of my favorite pokemons to use

While many prefer training offensive pojemon i think its important to train defensive/support pojemons as well. And man i think my suppirt gigalith is great. With his moveset consisting of sandstorm,earthquake,stealthrock and toxic he is a support i love using on doubles. His poor speed leaves lot to desire but on the bright side he has good hp,p attack and p defense stats and ever useful ability sturdy.Gigalith is a good tank or offensive support like how my Nemo is ^^

My all time favorite pokemon. My one on white is an absolute beast. Eelektross has rather good stats (especially on the attack and speed part altho others arent half bad either) and is my bruiser/speedster (not sure which he is) on my white team. The ability levitate makes Eelektross (as well its pre evolutions) the only pokemon with no weaknessess.while eelektross cannot learn that many moves by leveling up its movepool via tm is rather impressive. That and i like its design. Cool pokemln that I like using in battle and my choice for electeic type....besides ampharos of course : D
And before you ask yes my one on white is nicknames exactly what you think i nicknamed him

I never trainrd one but it has very cool design
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