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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Collector~
So yesterday afternoon I found a shiny alolan cubone! Not even an hour later a shiny oricorio graces me with its presence. :) such a good day. Hope you guys have as much fun hunting those new pokes as I enjoy hearing about them. Keep it up!




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Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck in your ongoing hunts!

I took a break from the main game on Sun and tried to MM a Litten. It shined after 16!! eggs:

Nice! I filled up 4 boxes of Rowlet yesterday, and then wonder traded all of the females. After work today I'm going to keep going. If anyone has a Defog Rufflet they want to send over, I'd appreciate it. Might as well get all of the good egg moves on before it shines.

I'm interested to start doing the "call for help" method of hunting soon. I might turn this into a team quest or something after Rowlet shines.


GOT IT! Time to move on in the game again!

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Trio complete!


After only 934 soft resets, I get my shiny landorus. He's rash nature (sync worked, but his ability is Sand Force) and takes plenty of siestas. I named him after the Celtic god of vegetation, agriculture, and rebirth. The IV checker says he's relatively superior, with max IVs in HP, ATK, and SpATK. May be able to make him work in Therian form, though he looks utterly deranged in that form.

Not sure what to go for next. Gonna go see what's available on the daily mirage island, then I may go try to dexnav roggenrola in the Fiery Path. Or I may horde hunt.
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I'm 26 now, why am I still here?
Gratz to everyone on their shinies and good luck in your future hunts.

I haven't posted here in a long while but now with gen 7 I'm slowly starting to get back into it. I haven't beaten the main story yet but I wanted a bit of a break from all the action so I decided I wanted to test my luck at some S.O.S hunting and decided I wanted to try to get a Pichu. Well, after about 220 encounters and 2 hours later I managed to snag one.


I wanted to get her in a luxury ball but she just wouldn't stay in them, so ultra ball it was. I'm not sure if I want to use her on the main team considering I wanted to use all gen 7 specific pokemon...but also shiny... So I can't decide, either way I'm super pumped, what a great start to a generation. I've never had a moment where I could feasibly consider using a shiny on my main story team.

As far as the hunting method itself, I like it. It has its pros and cons but it's an interesting spin. I like that you actually have to take the opposing pokemon's pp into consideration and having to strategize how to keep a hunt going without the S.O.S mon killing itself. At least with hunting Pichu that was a really high priority, I didn't want to spend upwards of an hour just to find another one, but I managed to keep it all in one encounter. It's not completely brain-dead but it did fall into a bit of tedium during the middle and by the end I was getting really tired.

Still, I'm excited to try this more and will probably do so once I'm into the post game.


Shiny Hunter
Hey all!

With a new game out, seems it that's time again when I wake up from my slumber and crawl back to the serebii shiny thread. I wonder how long it's been this time haha.

Currently I have a load of old shiny hunts in progress, but haven't really done anything with them for a while. And of course, I've just bought the new games. Ended up getting both - my plan is to play through Sun relatively freely while SRing for a shiny Rowlet on Moon. However, I only have one 3DS atm (wanted the new pokemon 3dsxl but they had sold out and not sure whether to wait for it or get a different version) so that is sort of on hold too. But I'm excited to see everyone's new shinies and learn more about shiny rates and methods in the new games!

For the record, and to sort out my own data, current hunts:

HG - Route 39 - 2660 REs
X - Friend Safari - 634 REs
OR - Cobalion - 500 SRs
M - Rowlet - 0 SRs

Ah I'm pretty sure I messed some of those numbers up. ; _ ; Ah well. That's all I can do for now.

EDIT: Ughhhhhh I've just been going through my old games and there's like 9 shinies I've gotten since updating my shiny card and stuff. I have no idea how many REs and such they took anymore. No data on my phone....maybe my old broken laptop? Whoops. :'(
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Got it Memorized?
Too all who have hatched S&M shinies, will you see the shiny after the egg breaks or when the screen turns to the nickname screen?

I'm about to hit 450 eggs and still no shiny Popplio. I'm still gonna go because I want this precious cinnabun


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Too all who have hatched S&M shinies, will you see the shiny after the egg breaks or when the screen turns to the nickname screen?

I'm about to hit 450 eggs and still no shiny Popplio. I'm still gonna go because I want this precious cinnabun

After the egg breaks. I'm going for Popplio too! Good luck.


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Started Pokemon Moon today. In my first visit to Route 2, i walk randomly into the grass just to know which Pokemon appeared in that route. First random encounter: shiny Alolan Meowth. Lvl 8 quirky technician. This is the earliest i ever got a shiny. Very happy right now.


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So I picked up Sun today and I'm SRing Rowlet. Got to 240 SRs today. 14 more days off before I go back to work, so here's hoping it sparkles in this fortnight!


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Hey so update on my Cubone hunt: I got it on Saturday! she's now a shiny Alolan Marowak!

and today, I did another SOS hunt and I got a shiny Eevee! Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 7.22.47 PM.jpg

it wound up being female AND having the Hidden Ability, I'm so happy with her~

Congrats to all recent shinies and good luck to those still hunting!


pain in the ***
:D I was DexNaving on one of the daily mirage islands, and after 636 encounters I got a shiny persian. He's lax nature and takes plenty of siestas, with his hidden ability Unnerve, hypnosis as an egg move, and max IVs in HP, ATK, and DEF. So he was exclamation points right across the dexnav screen :D

Very, very pleased.

Think I may go after regice now, since he is my favorite of the lesser golems


Shiny Hunter
Was chaning some Hakomo-o and in the 30-40 chain I came across a shiny one !

This is my first shiny in Moon and goodness this pokemon is great, love its shiny form too.
It has 4 max iv's (but not sure where they are placed since I dont cleared the game yet) but its LAX natured.. beh, it'll do fine for a storygame team though.

Good luck everyone !


Completing The Trio
Got my copy of Pokemon Sun yesterday evening and already have 3 Shiny Pokemon.

Got a completely random Shiny Makuhita from the first ever rustling patch that rushes at you and i S.O.S.'d a Shiny Pikipek and Shiny Grubbin for my all Shiny Team.

Am gonna EV training the latter 2 at some stage and then try for a female Shiny Salandit. :)

Good luck everyone with your hunts :)


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I am currently preparing to MM a shiny Jangmo-o. I obtained a few high IV foreign Gibles from the GTS/Wondertrade, so I plan on using a 5 IV (missing Speed) foreign one to MM with a 5 IV (missing special attack) Jangmo-o I am now trying to hatch.
I did manage to obtain a shiny from the GTS, but I am going for my own obtained shiny now.

Good luck everyone! I will come back when I have more news concerning this hunt.

EDIT: I now have a flawless foreign Ditto. I suppose I can use that instead of the Gible now.
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Useless Sceptile
I cannot grasp the luck I've had over the past few days. It all began with a sudden idea to soft reset Type: Null and less than half an hour later, I manage to get a shiny one. Timid, with perfect Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. I then got the idea to chain for EVs, and I knew there was a higher rate of finding a shiny but that wasn't my focus. So about 25 allies into one chain, a Shiny Pom Pom Oricorio appears. Adamant (yet with perfect Attack and Special Defense) so I don't have plans to do anything about this one.

I haven't been able to evolve Type: Null yet, so I tried leveling up at Poni Gauntlet. After random encounters for experience, I was surprised by a Shiny Gumshoos. Adamant with no perfect stats, but I'll definitely take it. So that's another surprise shiny... I thought I could hatch my first MM shiny after some preparation. Well, I didn't bother with setting up good IVs as I don't quite have the tools to do so, and my good Ditto can't be transferred yet.

I must say, when you have the Oval Charm and Tauros to charge around, things are a breeze. It took no time to fill up a couple boxes, and what did I find on the 86th egg? None other than Shiny Popplio! Modest, with no notable IVs (but I'll Hyper Train when I can) and Male in a Pokéball.

To top this whole adventure off, I don't have the charm, and I never have in all of my games. I really am starting to think my new game (Pokémon Moon) is enchanted or something. Anyways, I hope everyone will have astounding luck like I have in the coming weeks!


Psyched Up
Staff member
Should have posted this yesterday, but I forgot. Oops.

Now that Europe already has the game.....

Here's a surprise: November-December CH. Yes, it extends until the end of December, because doing it only in November is too short, as the games got released too close to the end of the month.

And yes, it's a Sun/Moon Hunt. CH completion will list everyone who got a shiny in Sun/Moon from 18th November until 31st December. I'll update the list soon.

(there was no suggestion for november CH, so I decided to do that instead :p Anyway, good luck everyone :D)

To add on to this, the last chance to save before selecting your starter pokemon is right before you and Lillie go back to town after the appearance of Tapu Koko. You have to get through a pretty lengthy bit of dialogue, a cut scene with the pokemon choosing you after you choose it, then some more dialogue before you can view the stats screen and find out if it's shiny or not. I'm currently SR'ing for natures for all 3 between the two games, hoping a shiny appears in the process, but not intending to commit to shiny hunting. I'd rather just breed for them later since it's so long between resets.

Congrats to those that have already found S/M shinies and good luck to everyone!

You don't need to wait until you can view stats screen. You can find out if it's shiny or not during the "will you nickname" screen.


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How would you guys compare the Alolan Form shinies to their standard appearance? Here's my comparison:
* Rattata-Alolan Rattata: Well, both for Alolan forms it has a great reddish coloration. Alolan Faticate is crimson. This line wins
* Raichu-Alolan Raichu: The latter wins for its chocolaty tan and being more interested
* Sandshrew-Alolan Sandshrew: They're both terrible, I'm not even going to dignify it with a tie
* Sandslash-Alolan Sandslash: The red spines on Sandslash pop, the paint job on Igloo Sandslash flops
* Vulpix-Alolan Vulpix: Alolan Vulpix...I can't tell if the thing is shiny.
* Ninetales-Alolan Ninetales: They're essentially the same
* Diglett-Alolan Diglett: Honestly not that different from normal Diglett asides from being tanned. Tie
* Dugtrio-Alolan Dugtrio: Fabio Dugtrio loses because it doesn't take advantage to dye its luscious hair
* Meowth-Alolan Meowth: Classic Meowth changed shades like Alolan Meowth, but it looks much more pronounced. Classic Meowth gets all the Skitty
* Persian-Alolan Persian: Well, I can actually tell Garfield Persian IS a shiny so it wins by default
* Geodude-Alolan Geodude: No real changes. This includes its evolutions
* Grimer-Alolan Grimer: Irrelevant. Each takes after the shiny coloration of the other and vice versa. The same rule applies for Muk
* Exeggcutor-Alolan Exeggcutor: Same coloration, doesn't count
* Marowak-Alolan Marowak: Normal Marowak has a disgusting lime-green coloration, while Creepypasta Marowak doesn't change much. It balances out to a tie


Congrats to everyone on their recent shiny pokes! It's been ages since I've posted here. Well with Sun and Moon being out I've been hunting again. On release day I was trying out the SOS battles on a Crawbawler and one decided to shine for me around 70 ish encounters. The second day, I ended up beating the game and decided to try and go for Cubone, this guy decided to shine right before my pokes ran out of moves for me. Then I was breeding Primarina, so I could send some Popplios out into WT and out popped a shiny after 14 eggs! I was using a French ditto but I didn't expect it too shine so soon! And today I decided to try and go for a shiny dewpider and it popped out around 20 SOS encounters! Good luck to all those hunting!


Team Awesome
I'm still working on my first shiny for 7th gen. I wanted to get an SOS shiny once I heard about it, and couldn't figure out why the pokemon weren't calling for help. Then I realized it was because I had to finish that one cave first. I'm working on getting a shiny pikipek right now, since I love its final shiny evo. Hopefully it shines soon. Thank God for the festival plaza so I can get the fresh waters to keep going.