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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Got a Shiny Diglett in ~96 encounters last night and a Shiny Vullaby in 64 encounters today. :D
  2. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Took quite a while before she hatched, 200+ eggs
    but it finally shinied and it looks awesome ! has max iv's in the right stats barring speed so its worth using already without the need to bottle cap it :) although I will in the future.

    Its in a lure ball to enhance the blue and red colouring in its shiny, perfect fit imo!


    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  3. Manakete-Girl

    Manakete-Girl 'Cause Dragon Types

    My Shiny hunting seems to prefer me SOS hunting so far.... I've gotten a Shiny Ditto with HP, Def, Sp.Def and Speed and ironically the best Ditto I caught so far from SOS, a HA Hakamo-o from trying to get a razor claw and a Timid Wishiwashi...

    And with MMing Alolan Vulpix in a moon ball.... Nothing yet but a 6IV snowcloak female which wasn't shiny....

    Edit: I took a break after reaching 120 eggs to breed a few pokemon for the battle tree and managed to hatch a non-mm'ed Shiny 3IV calm Cleffa, wrong ability but the Ability capsule and bottle caps exist!
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  4. Weavy

    Weavy They call me the one who loves cats.

    Pokémon Moon is pretty much already my most successful shiny Pokémon obtained. Less than a week after I found my first shiny, I have found another in Finneon. And just like my last one, I wasn't looking for it either and no shiny charm. Best luck ever.
  5. CryHavoc91

    CryHavoc91 Prof. Gengarchomp

    Congrats! I've seen other people having good luck in gen7 as well. I've yet to find one, but I'm hopeful!

    If that's legit, that's insane!! 1/683?!? That's just crazy!

    Shiny charm obtained!
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2016
  6. Dragon trainer

    Dragon trainer Arise from the Ashes

    Walked into Digglet tunel on my moon game yesterday my second/first encounter (cant remember) was a male zubat! wasn't even expecting it and its my first RE shiny all others have either been from breeding (birthday shiny got a shiny onix and my first Cleffa from crystal odd egg) and mostly from chain fishing or horde hunting! He's been nicknamed Bruce
  7. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Apparently odds for SOS have been discovered, and the results are... well, I don't think they're accurate, but I can't argue with it.

    Before a chain of 70 your chances are the same as full odds(The unbelievable part IMO), once you hit a chain of 70 your shiny chance rolls 3 additional times which without charm reduces your chances to around 1/1024, with shiny charm your chances reduce to 1/683.

    I honestly don't think it adds up, but apparently it's official.
  8. SmartD

    SmartD Well-Known Member

    I was playing Pokemon Sun a while ago, trying to find Spinarak to complete the Pokedex, when I suddenly ran into a Shiny Pikipek. I managed to get it to low health and caught it with a Poke Ball. This is the first Shiny Pokemon I caught in Sun and I haven't even got the Shiny Charm yet.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  9. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Horde hunting honestly seems easier to get shinies than that. Because its a five in one encounter you initially have a 1/1365 chance, and with the shiny charm it drops to a 1/273 chance. Plus its entertaining to see something like five Lickitungs derping with the chance one is going to be a lemon drop.

    What's your favorite shiny Oricorio? Mine's the Fire one
  10. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    I'm still on route 116 hunting more eevees, hoping to get one (or two) with their HA. I just found sparkles, but it wasn't an eevee.

    It's a skitty. Female, hardy nature, scatters things often, and she got Wonder Skin, her HA. I'll see if I have a moon stone available to evolve her, though if I don't, then I dunno where I'm gonna get one. There's no Global Link for Gen VI now so I can't use the games to get the evolution stones anymore.

    Edit: Caught my third shiny eevee after 789 seen. This one is a male, modest nature and likes to thrash about, with Adaptability. Still looking for a HA one
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2016
  11. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Petilil was something I was definitely not willing to SOS for after I realized it has Sleep Powder, Absorb, and Leech Seed. So I went for Oricorio...

    8 encounters is all it took and I got it.

    I seriously think these 'odds' are false and it's more of like Dexnav odds, I just haven't had any go over odds if those odds are legit, and that's really weird considering my Shiny luck in XY/ORAS was absolute garbage lol.
  12. Lulu_used_SunnyDay

    Lulu_used_SunnyDay Petal Blizzard


    Ok so
    I was chaining Oricorios in melemele meadow, looking for good IVed birds to breed and make a flawless fire dancer (I'm planning a solo Oricorio solo run in Moon) ... and a frigging shiny one pops up after about 21 SOS calls. Can't take pics bc my camera is broken so feel free not to believe me I guess, the point is I'm a little confused by the info I've found about SOS encounters being shiny. As Erron also said right here, they spposedly only go up after 70 encounters?

    My cute black poppy flower "only" has flawless attack, sp attack and HP which proves she's an under-30 find, are ya trying to tell me she's a full-odds lil princess? Kinda makes it hard to find the motivation to go back trying to hatch a 6 perfect IV one now lol but I'll take it.

    Edit: OK WHAT THE HELL ANOTHER ONE JUST SHOWED UP AT CALL 25. Full-odds my rear. There's no way. Am I even going to be able to find a male one with 4 perfect IVs before the game tosses another shiny my way? Honestly. I'm so tempted to just knock it out and keep trying for better IVs holy cow.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2016
  13. Laurelai

    Laurelai Well-Known Member

    SOS chaining for a Salandit last night- had my Cute Charmer in front and was getting easily a majority of females- so my shiny pops this morning after about 500 SOS calls.... and he's a he lol. Ah well, I honestly adore Salandit. Buddy is adorable and I'm going to keep SOSing and hope for a female next.
  14. Marvs

    Marvs Shinneeee!

    Yes, I also don't fully agree with that. I have only done three hunts but they have all shone very quickly (within 100-200), I felt the 1/512 odds was more likely!
  15. Requiem Aeternam

    Requiem Aeternam Dance like an eggplant!

    Congrats on the shinies :) Regarding Moon Stones you can get them easily using Pickup. I found at least 20 on my AS while trying to Pickup a Destiny Knot.
  16. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    I'm not usually the type to lament getting random shinies, I'm really not. I'm of the opinion that beggars can't be choosers, but I'm starting to wish my random luck with shinies would refocus itself into my Litleo hunt.

    I'm at near 1200 eggs for Litleo on this run (who knows how many in the past) so I figured I'd change gears last night and try chaining. I've never been particularly good at it in x and y but with my RE luck I figured what the heck. First time I used the Pokeradar and ran into a patch of grass this guy appeared.


    First use of the Pokeradar, first patch of grass and first shiny. It would be Bibarel too, who doesn't have a huge noticeable difference in forms, but a shiny is a shiny.

    I love random shinies I really do, but I really wish my luck would focus more on this litleo hunt. I never could get a chain to go longer than 13, before it would break in a patch of grass that should have been good.

    So I took a break, and this morning decided I'd go back to collecting eggs. I figured why not, the chaining wasn't working, so I started collecting eggs again. I ran into a patch of grass just for fun, because my luck has been really good lately and of course I would find a shiny.


    This completes the set with my random Volbeat 2-3 days ago but my random encounter luck is getting absurd. I'm close to the point where I might just give up hatching eggs and run around on Route 22 with no pokeradar and just hope to heck it works.

    Congrats to all of the recent shinies, and I hope that some of my recent Non- Litleo luck can transfer to everyone else here, as well as to my Litleo hunt.
  17. Echo Nacyl

    Echo Nacyl Well-Known Member

    Grats on the new shinies, guys.

    Meanwhile, all of my sad face. After well over 1000 eggs, a blue Rockruff finally hatched...and she's got a regular ability. As I had my heart set on HA, the hunt therefore continues. I'll be keeping the one I just hatched as a Rockruff for shinydex purposes, so it isn't a total loss.
  18. CryHavoc91

    CryHavoc91 Prof. Gengarchomp

    I've been having trouble figuring out the best way to do an SOS hunt. Should I be knocking out every poke that comes to help and leaving the original poke alone? Or does it matter as long as I don't let one faint without them having help show up?
  19. Drakonekoshi

    Drakonekoshi Well-Known Member

    11 days, 1000+ eggs and I still don't have a shiny Jangmo-o, why does this have to happen to me, why a pokemon that takes a lot of steps to hatch, even with Flame Body, and my first Masuda Method hunt in Gen 7, the shiny charm really isn't working for me and I'm slowly losing all of my hope.Ugh.

    Congrats on everyone who's gotten recent shinies, and good luck to those still hunting, especially those who are taking a long time to get a shiny like I am currently!

    EDIT: FINALLY! I posted this way too soon, a shiny just hatched and aA

    Photo on 12-12-16 at 8.47 PM.jpg

    I named her after my recently deceased aunt, I was gonna name her Heartbreaker out of spite but I just couldn't do it...I'm so glad this is finally over..
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
  20. Scherzando

    Scherzando scare-TZAN-doe

    I don't think it matters either way, but it's just much easier to leave the original pokemon alone, preferably with low HP (false swipe helps with this, as long as it doesn't have recoil moves), and then KO all the summoned pokemon as they appear. Use an adrenaline orb the first turn, and if the pokemon doesn't call for help or its help doesn't appear, keep using adrenaline orbs because it'll take up a turn but the orbs won't get used up.

    As for my hunts... well, I haven't come across any shinies in my playthrough so far (and I have a ridiculous amount of hours racked up already ._.), but I did evolve that very legit-looking Popplio I got on the GTS. He is now a handsome blond Primarina :D

    EDIT: SHINY DITTO!!! I was chaining for 4IVs and a shiny one appeared after about 12 minutes in. I caught it in a Dive Ball to match its color. It's Lax with max Defense and Sp Attack.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016

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