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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck in your ongoing hunts!

I took a short break from hunting to complete the dex and get the shiny charm (I am 8 away; all Pokemon I will get through evolution). Yesterday afternoon I was gathering Eevees to evolve and a shiny Pikipek appeared! It has been a long while since I got a full odds (no charm, MM, FS, SOS, etc) shiny. I already evolved my first one, so she will stay a Pikipek.

I am grinding on the mountain outside the elite four now for those last few evolutions, so maybe something will shine (hopefully Vulpix).

Edit! After getting the shiny charm, I went back to my Mimikyu MM hunt. The first egg collected shined! She is Adamant (everstoned) with 4 perfect IVs (missing SpA and HP). She is so awesome. I don't know what I am going to hunt next.
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I don't think it matters either way, but it's just much easier to leave the original pokemon alone, preferably with low HP (false swipe helps with this, as long as it doesn't have recoil moves), and then KO all the summoned pokemon as they appear. Use an adrenaline orb the first turn, and if the pokemon doesn't call for help or its help doesn't appear, keep using adrenaline orbs because it'll take up a turn but the orbs won't get used up.

As for my hunts... well, I haven't come across any shinies in my playthrough so far (and I have a ridiculous amount of hours racked up already ._.), but I did evolve that very legit-looking Popplio I got on the GTS. He is now a handsome blond Primarina :D

EDIT: SHINY DITTO!!! I was chaining for 4IVs and a shiny one appeared after about 12 minutes in. I caught it in a Dive Ball to match its color. It's Lax with max Defense and Sp Attack.

Thank you for the help!! and congrats on the Ditto!
I took your advice, and after 54 yellow birdies...


On my lunch break today, I decided to tempt fate...
after a chain of only 19...

I got a blue Alolan Meowth =]

and a pretty pink cutie =]
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Aside from rowlet I've also picked up my shiny torchic hunt in 3rd gen again. I am currently at 34,000 srs with not a shiny torchic in sight. XD.

My hope is for one of these guys to shine soon (Especially torchic! since I don't know how long the battery will last :/)
Woooow, I remember when you first started that hunt, what, two years ago?? You need the most luck out of all of us combined!

Thank you for the help!! and congrats on the Ditto!
I took your advice, and after 54 yellow birdies...

Awesome! Glad it worked out for ya, and thanks for the congrats :)


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So I collected another group of eggs like last time (40 eggs each from about 10 different Pokémon). I have started hatching them, and only on the second Pokémon, one shined. Overall, it was in like the second box out of all 16 boxes.

She is an Adamant, Merciless Mareanie. Here is her IV spread. 31/31/x/31/31/31. I will take it, especially with Hyper Training her defense, which is currently listed as "Decent." She also has Haze as an egg move, like all of the Mareanies I am hatching.
I plan on EV training her and then evolving her/getting her to level 100 (just like my other high IV shinies).
I also plan on hatching the rest of these eggs. I will probably do that first.

Good luck to everyone else!


I need to get some pictures together of my recent shiny pokemon. Last night was a bit crazy, I was trying to find a cleffa to catch (and also to chain to get clefairy and chancey) my 3rd encounter was a shiny Fearow! I then finally get a Cleffa and the first it calls in was a shiny Cleffa! and then this morning about 50 encounters in, Cubone shone! All without the charm, so that's my shiny luck used up for a while!


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Mind if I ask again; what do you think the best shiny Alolan form is?

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Mind if I ask again; what do you think the best shiny Alolan form is?

IMO it's between Sandslash and Marowak. I do really like Ninetales and Golem's as well.

I've been a little too into breeding for Litten at the moment and decided I wanted to go back to my FS hunt in X for Kecleon/Chansey/Dunsparce. Miss Safari hunting, so I'm definitely excited to see something shine!


Mind if I ask again; what do you think the best shiny Alolan form is?

I really like Meowth/Persian, it fits them really well, they look like a whole new design to me. A runner up would be Ratatta... the red makes it shine. ;)
I also really like Muk, I haven't got one yet but the flow of it looks cool.

Finally got a Litten and Torracat off the GTS. The starters base forms are really rare on there, still need Pops and Rowls, but just 11 left to go now!


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Today I hatched one of my favorite shinies from this gen.
So happy I was able to obtain a shiny Mimikyu. So many new things to hunt this gen. Good luck everyone with their current hunts :)

Just hatched a shiny Salandit in about 60 eggs... you can guess what happened... Yep, its a male. Will do another breeding project before I do Salandit again
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I am being pretty lucky with shinies this generation.
I was breeding my starter Litten to unlock the IV checker and on my 7th egg, I got a shiny! And last Sunday, I got a shiny Bagon after 3 eggs while breeding for egg moves.

Long may it continue.

Mrs. Oreo

Well I worked some more on my shiny Giratina soft reset hunt on Pearl this morning and I'm getting tired of Turnback Cave already hee hee. I did some chain fishing on Y and some on Alpha Sapphire as well, although I got no bites from shinies in either game. I'm going to try and shiny hunt on Sun soon, although I dunno how successful I'll be at that since I don't know how hard shiny hunting is in Gen 7. ^^;


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Congrats to everyone on their recent shinies.

I once again got another shiny that wasn't a Litleo, but at least this one was on purpose, so it's not frustrating at all. I'm nearing 1500 eggs so hopefully that one shines soon.

I figured I'd double my efforts and I was running around in a Dragon safari, to help complete my goal of having at least one shiny of every type that wasn't traded for, or got via in game/event.


It's a new shiny Noibat. Gentle nature with the ability frisk!

I never really noticed how nice of a shiny Noibat was. Definitely not disappointed this guy showed up, and only after about 30-40 encounters. Now if only I can transfer my luck elsewhere to my Litleo hunt.

Best of luck to those still hunting!

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Woo! After another normal-ability shiny Rockruff yesterday, I just hatched my HA one from the very first egg following a long day on the road.
Female, Adamant, Steadfast, Capable of taking hits, hatched at Lake of the Moone (I was hatching eggs here just for kicks), Moon Ball, 31s in HP, Def, SpDef, and Speed. Attack will have to be Bottlecap'd ASAP. Time to grind, apparently. Anyone recommend a spot for levelling?

Best shiny Alolan forme...I'm going to have to go with Raichu. It's absolutely adorable.
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I just hatched a shiny 5IV Sneasel in a moon ball after 2 eggs! :eek: it was accidental and I don't have the shiny charm yet, but I was using my English Ditto and a Chinese Sneasel I got from the GTS. I was just trying to get a female so I could pass Icicle Crash onto it, and thus, the shiny unfortunately doesn't have Icicle Crash but she does have Ice Punch, Ice Shard, Fake Out and Throat Chop and she's FLIPPIN' 5IV!!! :D
Hey everyone! I just completed the Alolan Dex and thus got my Shiny charm so I'm starting my hunts! Through regular gameplay i ran into a shiny Masquerain at the Malie gardens and that was my first shiny ever (it only took 7 generations) for a shiny to pop up haha anyways im hunting for a shiny cutiefly atm and i think im on a chain of 120~ it feels like im never going to get it although i do have the smeargle with recycle and such. I just dont see how people are getting shinies on like 30 chains WITHOUT a shiny charm :/

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2 days ago I chained a shiny Rockruff in Sun, and in Moon I decided to attempt getting a shiny Type: Null.

Actually got it within an hour after roughly 100 soft resets. Its nature is Brave. I haven't picked up Null in Sun yet, and I'm feeling tempted to try for another shiny one. I haven't even gotten the shiny charm yet in either game.
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I finally successfully SOS chained my first shiny this gen! It took a chain of 167 for a tiny little shiny Fomantis to show up! I think I'll probably go for the shiny charm before I try another (Dex is at 79%, we are getting there!) but I am happy with this little dude for now!

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Has anyone actually gotten a shiny over the 'supposed' odds yet? Every shiny I see is WAY below those odds, which is what makes me believe they're 100% inaccurate.

Anyway, found a Shiny Chansey in the Friend Safari earlier. Still hunting Litten though... little bugger needs to shine soon.


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After 671 MM eggs I finally got my shiny Minior. ;w; I don't have a lot of time to play so I've only been hatching a box or two a night and it felt like it was taking forever. Sassy nature, which is workable. I'm just so happy I finally got my little blacklight star! Now for the shiny Cleffa to go with it, but at least that I can chain.


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Has anyone actually gotten a shiny over the 'supposed' odds yet? Every shiny I see is WAY below those odds, which is what makes me believe they're 100% inaccurate.

Anyway, found a Shiny Chansey in the Friend Safari earlier. Still hunting Litten though... little bugger needs to shine soon.

I am not 100% convinced the odds posted are accurate either. Unless there are a LOT of lucky people here. My shiny Fomantis showed up on a chain of 167 and I do not have my shiny charm yet. But, alternatively, I got to almost 200 on a Drampa chain with no success.