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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. AnimePsyclone

    AnimePsyclone Mew... Mew... Mew...

    I don’t believe in shines, but if I get a new Pokemon game I might SR for a shiny Rowlet. I’m naming it Bow. It goes from having a bow to having a bow.
  2. Marvs

    Marvs Shinneeee!

    They do exist, I assure you! Also, I would strongly advise against Rowlet being your first ever hunt, it's definitely one of the longest SR times currently.
  3. Lurantis

    Lurantis Autism Love

    with shiny rockruff and shiny gurbbin appearing with 15 minutes of each other I'm afraid I used up all my shiny luck for now... Currently MM for haze, ominous wind, baton pass, and defog rowlet! wish me luck...
  4. Waves01

    Waves01 Shiny Hunter

    awesome. congrats on the shinies i love my shiny vikavolt and lycanrock. and now im currently MM hunting minior. and good luck im 275 eggs in and still nothing. but they have 5-6 ivs so cant complain.
  5. roule

    roule take it all or leave it... I Feel You

    update on my shiny hunting: while looking for bagons on route 3 for dex completion i ran into a shiny delibird! the luck hasnt lasted however...
  6. Hyokaze

    Hyokaze Member

    Currently hunting for the last of the new shinys, a Morelull/Shiinotic for my living shiny dex. The past two days I've been hatching them (400+) in between checking the GTS with no luck so far...

    My shiny Silvally collection is at 13/18 now, I still need some extra memorys for the different types but they'll be easy enough to get.

    I have 8 shiny Minior now 1 Yellow, 1 Purple, 3 Light Green, and 3 Light Blue. Still need red, orange and dark blue.
    If you have them and want to trade for the duplicates just let me know.

    Also finished the other alternate forms so in total there is only 9 Pokemon left until it's 100% complete.
  7. Blastonite

    Blastonite Dream Crusher

    Update with Porygon is not much progress yet. A couple hundred resets or so rn. Not a high priority since it holiday and such for the next couple of weeks. Hoping for a fairly easy hunt though. I don't wanna go over odds but with my luck I might hah. Anyway. Happy holidays to all and I hope to come back after the weekend with the last 2 gift pokemon shiny :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 22, 2016
  8. Congrats to Lurantis, roule, and Hyokaze (that's an impressive Minior collection)! :) Good luck to everyone on their current hunts.

    So I already have some news. Out of nowhere I decided to change hunts and go after a Shiny Midnight Lycanroc in a Beast Ball. So, I packed up my stuff, headed for Ten Carat Hill, and chained for a HA Rockruff. It didn't take too long :) Then I bred Sucker Punch onto it and started MMing. Just now I got my shiny Rockruff!! And I'm really lucky because it has its HA! I'm so happy right now. It has max HP, Attack and Speed (thank god lol), very high spdef and pretty good def. The only way I could be happier is if its defensive stats were maxed, but I'm not complaining! I got it super fast!
  9. Dragalge

    Dragalge Larry, Buznut, Countey, Astar, Feh, & Eggbert


    I was only trying to get a female so that I could breed Iron Head onto it next and after 10 Eggs, this came out! I don't have the Shiny Charm yet and I wasn't trying to hunt one but even then, I got my very first hatched shiny in Gen VII!

    Good luck to those hunting and congratulations to those that got their shinies recently m!
  10. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    I've been hanging out on the GTS a lot, and I'm happy to announce that I only need a shiny Pyukumuku to get at least one of each first evolution shiny. Been trying to get duplicates through trades and what not of some of the 2 or 3 stagers. Will probably MM for a Pyukumuku or Morelull over my 4 day weekend.
  11. maldoror

    maldoror Well-Known Member

    Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck in your ongoing hunts!

    It has been quite the afternoon. I was nearing the end of my fourth round of SOS hunting Bounsweet when she finally shined! The chain must have rolled over recently because she has no perfect IVs. I then went to route 1 to EV train her on some Grubbin. The first encounter when I entered the grass: shiny Rattata! Within 30 Grubbin of the SOS hunt, one shined! That's three shinies in less than forty minutes. I have never had this kind of luck before.

    I have moved to Fomantis for SOS EV training.

    EDIT: Shiny Fomantis!! She has outstanding potential and 4 IVs (missing attack and HP). I don't think I have ever caught four shinies in one day before!
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
  12. Bowlbasaur

    Bowlbasaur Well-Known Member

    Wow congrats on your amazing luck!! I still haven't had my Drampa shine, but I have been doing other things in between egg batches. I bought my husband a DS and Sun for his birthday this month--he hasn't played since R/B but wants to get back into it. A couple hours into his game he shows me his team and to my shock he had a shiny Grubbin! The funniest part is that he didn't even realize it at first, but now he loves the little guy even more lol.

    I hope everyone's luck continues!
  13. Waves01

    Waves01 Shiny Hunter

    OMG! thats so sweet of You and How many eggs so far And cool. You R a really Nice person for what u do. And again Thx SO much FOr the picture ITS amazing. And lol fr thats awesome he got one so early.
  14. Italianbaptist

    Italianbaptist Informed Casual

    Random Shiny Amoonguss encounter in Y :D

    I was on the way to visit Wulfric in the Winding Woods and there she was. Very thankful to have her on my team as a bulky Grass-type :)
  15. Hyokaze

    Hyokaze Member

    Thanks, Super Pichu Chan.


    - The red is so much better
    Raichu - Don't like the deep brown on the Alolan one, probably because the eyes are terrifying.
    Sandshrew - They're both great, yet I think this one is a tad cuter.
    - Love the dark blue, it fits the dark typing well.
    Gravler - Both forms are great, the extra details I feel give it the edge though.
    Grimer - Gotta love how the Shiny form is basically a regular non-shiny Grimer, it's a nice touch.
    Muk - The mixture of animation and color makes this, one of my favorites.
    Marowak - No comparison, the Alolan form looks ready to rumble


    Sandslash - I sorta like the design, but I know I love the original better.
    Vulpix - Alola shiny looks the same as if it wasn't, I prefer drastic changes are at least noticeable ones.
    Ninetales - I prefer the original more, and it's easier to spot the shiny.
    - I can't handle the magnifence of that hair. Don't know why.
    Exeggutor - I guess I prefer the original, looks more natural...

    Oh yeah, I completed the Living Shiny Dex once again! Finally found that Morelull now Shiinotic on the GTS a few hours ago. Now I can rest for the holidays and maybe finish the others by New Years.

    Will need to repair the damages done to my regular boxes too... from all that trading.

    Good luck to all and let it shine, shine, shine!
  16. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I can't decide with the Geodude lines and Exeggcutor, since the coloration doesn't really change. As for Grimer and Muk, I think they're equal for the same reason you gave-their shiny has the coloration of their interegional counterpart
  17. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    Got my second BQ shiny today. My target was Zubat but after quite a few hundred horde encounters I found this guy.


    This shiny was my 2nd choice, so I'm certainly not going to complain. Hariyama is a very nice shiny.

    My next target will maybe be Magnemite, but I haven't fully decided yet.

    Good luck to all those still hunting and congrats to those with success.
  18. Absolutely Absol

    Absolutely Absol It's just Absol...

    On Moon, I got my first shiny 'mon through Wonder Trade. It's Caterpie. Though its stats look terrible but I'm keeping it anyway.

    Also, I have shiny Ditto as well. It wasn't planned as I was hunting 4-IVs Ditto through SOS chaining. Also, I don't have shiny charm. Though this Ditto has 3 perfect IVs but I don't mind. :)

    Anyway, congrats to who got shinies and good luck to all.
  19. Frisk

    Frisk New Member

    I just got a shiny Eevee guy for my little sister a few days ago! She's been in the hospital and today's her birthday. She's getting Sun and wanted a shiny Eevee for her in-game team, so it was perfect timing. I'm probably going to try and get a shiny Passimian for myself next (also so that I can send the leftovers from MM on WT since it's Sun exclusive) and then a Snivy for my brother.

    Attached Files:

  20. Bowlbasaur

    Bowlbasaur Well-Known Member

    I took a break at 300 eggs and I have yet to go back to it lol. I'm still running around completing the living dex so that has taken priority for now. You're welcome :)!!

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