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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Erron Black

The Outlaw
A 2016 shiny year in review doesn't seem to bad of an idea. I'll gather up a list of what I got over the past year and post them!

Currently doing some breeding reqs so Sandshrew is on hold for now. Hope I can get a Slush Rush one!


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I've been shiny hunting since Sun/Moon came out, but I've been too lazy to post an update, mostly because it's a pain to upload and arrange images. But it's the end of the year, so I'm posting now, otherwise I'd never get around to it.
Going into Gen VII, I assumed they wouldn't change the shiny animation, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really hated the Gen VI stars and sounds, so I think I prefer the new version by a bit. The sound effect is still the same, I think.
The IV chaining is pretty handy for catching Dittos and other things, but I'm disappointed by the lack of true shortcuts for hatching eggs (auto-looping in Lumiose city or nurseries in the poke mall). I've been taking frequent breaks because I don't want to injure my wrist again.

I'm very pissed about the locked Tapus - the black tint looks fantastic, but noooo, GameFreak puts a shiny model in the game and then prevents us from getting at it. Thanks, GameFreak.

I didn't get my first shiny until the beginning of December due to a combination of taking my time and an early dry spell.

Bounsweet - testing SOS chaining in Lush Jungle, got a Modest nature >_>
Machoke - random encounter while hunting for Razor Claws off Jang-mo-os
Chansey - while messing around with Riolu spawns
Mareanie x 2 - hatched in rapid succession. One got the hidden ability, the other didn't.
Sandygast - SOS chain
Comfey - bred it cause I thought it might be useful in doubles. Hatched in Poke Pelago
Pikipek - SOS chain
Dhelmise - bred it
Growlithe - chained it because I was bored. Would've been much more useful if I bred it with egg moves
Wimpod - bred it
Rockruff - chained it so I could have the Day form while I get around to breeding for the Night form (still in progress)
Litten x 2 - bred two in rapid succession, though each has a problem with its IVs. Probably would've been better off waiting for Intimidate HA
Grubbin - chained it just yesterday

So my hunts are going so well that pretty soon I'll need to re-evaluate what I want to get and how to get it. I'd like to take a second shot at the Battle Royale with an all-shiny team, but I'm very unhappy with the slowdown in Battle Royale and the stupid streak-based Battle Tree.

Also thinking about migrating all my Gen VI shiny legendaries once bank is out. I'm still several short and I tried going back and SRing today and it was as tedious as I remembered.


pain in the ***
You think you have it bad? Try coming back after 6,421 SRs and still not getting a mint owl. I'm so depressed.

>.o Ouch. Here's hoping you get it soon, and here's hoping my litten is not that stubborn.

I'm up to 735 SRs for the white fire kitten. Slow going b/c this stupid cutscene is so long, but I'm gonna get my litten!

Here is my list for the past year...

January - Metang
January - Woobat
January - Excadrill
January - Chatot
January - Magneton
January - Solrock
January - Geodude
January - Nosepass
January - Pupitar
January - Shuckle
January - Gastrodon
January - Sandshrew
January - Dugtrio
January - Lunatone
January - Cubchoo
January - Vanillite
January - Spiritomb
January - Pumpkaboo
January - Stunfisk
January - Galvantula
January - Pachirisu
January - Riolu (x2)
January - Tranquill-f
January - Farfetch'd
January - Frogadier (x2)
January - Wartortle (x3)
January - Mantyke
January - Golett
January - Bibarel
January - Shellos
January - Golurk (x4)
January - Bouffalant
January - Litwick
February - Golurk (x3)
February - Phantump
February - Lillipup (x5)
February - Phione
February - Sneasel
February - Staryu
February - Eevee (x2)
February - Weepinbell
February - Seviper
February - Gabite
February - Togepi (x2)
February - Clefairy (x4)
February - Wynaut
February - Spritzee
February - Fletchinder
February - Larvesta
February - Hippopotas
March - Magmar (x2)
March - Larvesta
March - Vanillite
March - Cubchoo
March - Ivysaur
March - Munchlax
March - Absol
March - Sableye
March - Ledyba
March - Diggersby
March - Weedle
March - Torchic
March - Magikarp (x2)
March - Electrike
March - Skarmory
March - Spoink
March - Feebas
March - Latios
April - Mankey
April - Floatzel
April - Regirock
April - Zekrom
April - Lugia
May - Suicune
June - Raikou
June - Entei
June - Thundurus
June - Cobalion
July - Magikarp
July - Electrike
July - Wailmer
August - Cresselia
September - Dialga
September - Reshiram
September - Ho-oh
October - Klefki
October - Ponyta
October - Numel
October - Tornadus
October - Latias
October - Ralts
October - Palkia
November - Giratina
November - Poochyena
November - Chatot
November - Wingull
November - Pidove (m)
November - Seviper
November - Landorus
November - Persian
December - Regice
December - Registeel
December - Eevee (x3)
December - Skitty
December - Lampent (x2)
December - Spiritomb
December - Pumpkaboo
December - Zubat
December - Mime Jr (x2)
December - Roggenrola

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Happy New Year everyone! : D

Here's a look back at my shinies of 2016:

January: Trevenant (Y, 3591 REs)
February: N/A
March: Latios (Alpha Sapphire, 4521 RAs)
April: Rotom (X, 18 eggs)
May: Cacnea (Omega Ruby, 10964 REs)
June: Vulpix (SoulSilver, 8984 REs)
July: Dratini (SoulSilver, 811 SRs/4055 seen), Absol (Omega Ruby, 10261 REs), Shuppet (Omega Ruby, 541 REs)
August: Chinchou (Omega Ruby, 774 REs)
September: Chespin (X, 480 eggs)
October: Torchic (X, 294 eggs)
November: Scatterbug (Y, 3829 REs), Pawniard (White, 1580 REs), Vulpix (SoulSilver, 10835 REs)
December: Carbink (Moon, random), Volcarona (White 2, 33863 SRs), Rowlet (Sun, 104 SRs), Virizion (White 2, 703 SRs)

Total 2016 shinies: 18
Grand total: 86

So while 2016 was not quite as plentiful as previous years in terms of number of shinies caught, it was still an eventful year as it saw the completion of two BQs as well as my longest hunt ever. Hopefully 2017 will bring even more luck than the last : D

Good luck everyone!


Passed the 1000 mark on my MM hunt. :/ At this point I'm just doing the Magikarp thing to speed up the process a little. I'll probably switch in either my HA/Loveball/Egg move Alola Vulpix or HA/Beastball/Egg move Mareanie, depending on the stat that won't get inherited. Figured I might as well get breed a shiny that's half decent if it's taking so long.

Now off to delete 18 boxes of crap...
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Now off to delete 18 boxes of crap...

Well shoot... And here I am thinking of MM breeding for a shiny Beldum.

Anyway, I sometimes get lucky on getting Shinies through SOS Chaining even though I'm only chaining for a 4IV mon. This happened when I was chaining for a Ditto and a Comfey for breeding purposes. The thing is, they appear before the 30 chain mark. My head was screaming, "It's still not time yet!" the whole time I was catching them. I may have the Shinies but I'm not satisfied the IVs and nature (even with a Synchonizer on the lead).
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There's no way to manipulate S.O.S odds, they simply max out at 1/683 at a 70 chain and resets when you hit a chain of 255.(I still am in disbelief of this. None of my S.O.S shines have ever gone above 255)

The only way to manipulate a shiny in any way in Gen 7 is the Masuda Magikarp Method. Even then your odds are still the same Masuda Odds, it just makes getting the shiny WAY faster.

Does the Shiny Charm affect these odds?



I GOT HER AND SHE'S PERFECT! After 1059 eggs, she is finally mine! That's about twice as many as I'd anticipated, but in the end it was all worth it, since she's female, has Regenerator and got the IVs that mattered the most!

I haven't decided on my next target yet, but I think I'll try SOS chaining something. I haven't done it before other than to catch some SOS exclusive Pokémon, but how hard could it be, right? :p I just need a break from riding in circles.

Shiny Lord

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So yesterday I finally hatched my shiny Sandygast after 721 eggs no shiny charm. Just now I got a Shiny Rockruff through SOS method. Two great shines make this a great start to 2017.


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Congrats to everyone on their recent shinies! I had some amazing luck last night when this little guy showed up after only a chain of 82!

My next target is Pancham via MM. It begins!


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Just got Pokemon sun and started playing through it. Getting back into shiny hunting, I'm wondering how are the odds for sos chain hunting? On average how long were your chains before finding a shiny? And what was longest/shortest chain?

Edit: Just did a chain of around 130 alolan vulpix's and no luck after 2.5 hours. Caught a vanillite instead as I'm off to sleep.
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Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Charizard_Rulez84 on Spinarak and Ariados, _Edu on Bagon and Geodude, Erron Black on Wishiwashi/Drampa, Azulart on Grubbin, Atome on Smeargle, FowTech95 on Makuhita, Azulart on Oranguru, FairyWitch on Morelull, Dylz on Mimikyu, Charizard_Rulez84 on Type: Null, maldoror on Popplio and Rowlet, xerxes on Abra, Keovix on Delibird, Crimson Penguin on Virizion; Zenn of Ascension on Type: Null, Porygon, Ferroseed, and Pawniard; Draknir on Bulbasaur, Haunter, Popplio, and Pelipper; JohnNiles on the Machoke, Chansey, both Mareanie, Comfey, Dhelmise, Wimpod, and both Litten; xerxes on Mareanie, Shiny Lord on Sandygast, and everyone else on your shinies!


2016 is over, so I’m looking back at my shinies from this year! I found 34 shinies this year – 4 short of tying my record from last year, which is the most I’ve ever found in a year. Up through November, I was ahead of where I was the previous year, so not being able to hunt for most of December may have cost me beating my record, though it would also have required me to find 5 shinies in the final month, which doesn’t seem likely given my current luck.

I did a total of 276,031 REs and 12,214 SRs (2,081 of which were Johto starter SRs) across my 3 games this year, for a total of 288,245 encounters. That’s an average of 8,477.8 encounters/shiny, so slightly over odds unfortunately. The average number of encounters for the shinies I found this year is 7,382.2, which is nice! (Though it excludes my ongoing 3x-over odds hunt, my over-odds hunt, and my almost-odds hunt).

Unfortunately, 10 of my 34 shinies this year were useless duplicates (compared to only 4 out of 38 last year), but I suppose that’s the nature of some of the hunts I had (50% Absol Vs. 50% Altaria; 20% Ralts Vs. 30% Bibarel). I did have some luck in this area though, as when I continued to work on completing the Johto starter evolution lines, I only found a 4th Totodile before getting the 3rd and final Cyndaquil I needed (only 1 extra out of the 9 I needed!)!

Some other highlights I would say are finding a female Buneary as my second Buneary; SRing for Lapras, Charmander, and Mewtwo; finding another shiny Abra from the same location after failing one 3 years ago; and catching 3 swarm targets (Luvdisc, Skitty, and Qwilfish) which I started targeting in the fall.

I was able to complete 6 single evo lines, 5 double evo lines, and 4 triple evo lines this year. My 3 longest hunts this year were: 27,174 REs [2nd Voltorb :)], 27,165 REs [2nd Altaria :(], and 24,251 REs [4th Bibarel D,:]; my 3 shortest hunts this year were: 211 REs [2nd Onix :)], 671 REs [1st Onix :)], and 767 REs [3rd Altaria :(].

Hoping 2017 brings me more great shinies, far less useless duplicates, and a bit more luck :)

My hunts currently are 27,600 REs on Black 2, 10,900 REs on Platinum, and 6,800 REs on HeartGold. Hoping these hunts start being more generous this year =\

Good luck, everyone (especially Bumblebee5253, umbreonfan3636, ChaoticInverse, CharlieDoryRose, SheroGH, G-Money, Martinzqx, tui, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!


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Pokemon Sun makes the milestone of my first Gen 7 shiny when a shiny Carbink appeared while I was looking for Tuesday's Island Scan Pokemon on Melemele Island (Deino in Ten Carat Hill). Carbink did call for help but nothing appeared so it was a simple manner of using Hold Back from Snorlax on it after I used Yawn the previous turn. A Dusk Ball got the catch.

Shame I am a few days late to qualify for the CH however.

Shiny Lord

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Managed to get a shiny Yungoos from SOS method.


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Pyukumuku just won't shine for me :( So I took a break and went after Bonsly because dadgummit its cute :D Bonsly, decided to shine at about 100 encounters (now give Pyukumuku some of that motivation!)

Chokkan is a bonsai style :)

Really good stats! Too bad its not a pokemon I'm going to be using for competition... or even evolving for that matter. I like her just like she is!


Will edit for my 2016 shiny list- I need to look, its a nice sized list, but pales in comparison to Cyberra's lol.


Congrats on all the new shinies. :)

I caught a shiny Alolan Meowth at an SOS chain of 196. Getting a quick shiny was a relief after breeding over 1000 eggs for Mareanie. I came way under-prepared and was about to break the chain at a little over 200 because I was going through Leppa Berries faster than I anticipated, since I only brought two battle-ready Pokémon with me.


She has Pickup, which is just perfect, since I was hoping for it. I don't like Alolan Persian, so I wasn't going to evolve her anyway. The stats are good enough for in-game purposes and I'll be using her as my new Pickupper. <3


Shiny Hunter
FINALLY I got my target, one of my longest hunts ever.. defonatly went above 800+ eggs, think it was either 894 or 844.
But it paid of.. I guess :p.. It has HP ground !



FINALLY I got my target, one of my longest hunts ever.. defonatly went above 800+ eggs, think it was either 894 or 844.
But it paid of.. I guess :p.. It has HP ground !


Oh wow, shiny Cutiefly is the cutest thing ever! Congrats! I happen to have a regular one in a Love Ball, so it looks like I'll have to MM for one eventually too. :D

So, I was trying to evolve my Charjabug and was attacked by a random shiny Golbat. I don't think I've encountered a random shiny since Emerald, so I'm pretty excited, despite it being a Golbat! She's Calm with Inner Focus and bad IVs. Shiny Crobat looks better than waste green Golbat, so I'll just evolve it and let it chill in my PC.



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I've come across 2 shinies on my badge quest in the past week or so.


I was ready to move out of fiery path to start dexnaving for Numel, but I figured I'd give it one more shot, and Koffing showed up. I love shiny Koffing/Weezing so I have absolutely no complaints. Except about the nature. Magnemite is the only shiny on my team that didn't get the wrong nature, and it's just neutral haha.


Swablu/Altaria was one of my target shinies on this hunt, and I got it early to boot. After about 200-250 hordes this beautiful shiny came up. Once again, bad nature but whatever, I got one of my favourite available shinies.

Belated happy new year to my fellow shiny hunters everywhere, and good luck on all on going hunts!