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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Only after around 6 days of soft-resetting, I manage to reset myself a Shiny Snivy in Pokémon White.

It's my first Shiny ever in this game, and it looks absolutely great.


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I was in Poni Plains going somewhere, and was ambushed by a shiny Raticate. I caught it in a Repeat Ball on the first turn.

Male, Naughtly, Hustle, Pretty Good/Decent/Decent/Decent/Decent/Decent.



Charmander is best
Before battling the Elite 4, I quickly transferred my Pokemon from X to OR using Bank, in order to get the shiny charm. Before battling the elite 4, I wanted to find one more shiny, specifically Zorua.

Well Zorua wasn't showing up for me, so I ran around for a little bit until a patch of grass started shaking. I walked into it and this is what I found.


This came as a complete shock. This was only the 2nd Lillipup I'd seen. I found this baby randomly on a search level of 2. Even came with ice fang, which is sort of sweet I guess.

I decided I'd battle the Elite 4 after finding this one, I'll hunt more for Zorua later.

That rings my total up to 9 shinies. By far the most I ever found on one in-game play through (previous record was 2 xD)

Congrats to those with their shinies and good luck to those hunting!

Mrs. Oreo

Well I continued doing some chain fishing on Alpha Sapphire yesterday at various sea routes, but I didn't have any luck hooking a shiny once again. I did some Friend Safari shiny hunting as well just for kicks hee hee, but no luck with that either. Right now I'm just focusing on my shiny Mareanie hunt on Moon and I've set aside my shiny Giratina hunt this week so that I would have more free time for my Moon hunt.

Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
I guess my game was not going to have it, with me not updating my signature. In less than 150 eggs, it spat my target shiny, Cutiefly, at me. And it couldn't have given me a better one. Female, Shield Dust, Timid, Love Ball, egg moves Baton Pass/Moonblast, 31/x/31/31/31/31.

Onwards to Wimpod!

EDIT: What on earth?! Third egg, Wimpod shone! I quite literally yelled "WHAT?!" Male, Lure Ball, Adamant, egg moves Wide Guard/Aqua Jet/Spikes, 31s in HP/Def/SpDef/Speed, "very good" in both attack stats.

Next target is either going to be Meowth or Cubone.
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Well-Known Member
Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck in your ongoing hunts!

My luck the last few days has been insane! Yesterday I completed EV training my recent shinies and was leveling up/SOS hunting Hakamo-o when a shiny female showed up after a few hours of hunting! I set out to EV train her against Rockruff in the hopes of getting a second shiny (so I could get both forms) and one shined this morning! After catching Rockruff, I switched to Yungoos to continue EV training and one shined! All three SOS shinies ended up with 4 perfect IVs and outstanding overall potential. Now I am off to finish EV training and wonder if this streak will continue...

EDIT: My insane lucky streak continues!! After about two hours of SOS hunting/EV training Mudbray shined! I'm now off to do some SOS hunting for Pichu.

EDIT #2: I really don't know how to react to this luck anymore. After a few hours of Pichu hunting, a shiny male Pichu appeared! He has outstanding overall potential with perfect HP, SpA, SpD, and Speed IVs. I set out to do some defense EV training on Cubones. When I was just about to finish up, a shiny Kangaskhan appeared!! She is outstanding as well, with one "decent" IV...in attack. I already have a competitive shiny Kangaskhan that I bred on OR, so she will remain a trophy. But the odds of her showing up have to be pretty slim.
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Shiny Hunter
Hey guys, I am here with an shiny update.

I hatched 3 shiny wingulls in a batch of 200 eggs, thats a triple hatch for me and thats a first.. Love my shiny luck :p

TOday, I received another shiny in 272 eggs which is Morelull, I'm happy it has its HA. Was affraid it would get it, but no complains it !

Pics below and good luck fellow shiny hunterzz !



Beginning Trainer
Congrats to all recent shinies

While searching for Stufful on Route 8 in Pokémon Sun (Which is really hard to find), I ran
into a shiny Fletchinder

Female (Nicknamed Lori)
Adamant nature with the Flame body ability

Good luck to all future shinies


Well-Known Member
Grats everyone on your new shinies, and a shout out to Azulart on the Morelull. I love that one. Gonna have to get it sometime :D

Pyukumuku *finally* popped shiny for me! Off and on, I'd been working on this one for weeks. Here she is :) My little Pickle.



Pickle is a just for fun and because its so derned cute catch :D Counting down til Pokebank arrives for Sun/Moon so I can resume breeding competative shinies muuuuuuuch easier than now.


Face Oblivion
I love your signature, it looks great!

Hi everyone, if anyone remembers me. I've been very quiet in general, and honestly my luck in the way of shinies is non-existent at the moment. I'm hatching for Sandygast right now, and hoping to get a random shiny in Moon. I've also been REing in the Nature Preserve since November in White 2, but nothing yet.

Good luck everyone!


Veteran member
Has anyone been lucky enough for their Island Scan Pokemon to turn up shiny?


Well-Known Member
Congratulations everybody on your shinies!

Today shiny Mimikyu hatched after 368 eggs! Mimikyu has Jolly nature and it has perfect IV's in HP, Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense and Speed.

Gonna MM Minior now.
Good luck to all those hunting!


<--- Actually me
So I haven't really done any shiny hunting in the past purely because I never got the Shiny Charm to make it worthwhile (although I did chain fish a Magikarp and hatch a "perfect" 5IV Pidgey in ORAS amongst about three wild encounters). I finished the Alola Pokedex really quickly in Sun so I've started doing it in the last couple of weeks with fairly good results.

Basically my intent is to go through all the new Gen 7 Pokemon and Alola formes through SOS Battles and then move onto to the ones I can only do from eggs (which would include the starters).

First up was Pikipek which was roughly around 400 encounters. Ended up being Naive nature with Skill Link which isn't 100% perfect but it's pretty close, although I'll probably give it Overheat as a fourth move for battling purposes as its semi-viable with that nature. 4IV obviously and I'll consider dropping some Bottle Caps on it later down the line.

Scooped up Yungoos yesterday after around 800 encounters sporadically spread over a week due to me going on holidays, haha. Had a Naughty nature, close again, with Stakeout for it's ability but would've liked Adaptability.

Next up on the list is Grubbin (I really like Vikavolt's Shiny), but I'm currently hatching some Rough Skin Gible so maybe if I'm lucky I might grab one there.


Beginning Trainer
Congrats to all recent shinies

After a long Cute Charm method SOS hunt, I finally found and caught a shiny female Salandit

Nickname: Tsukuyo (After a character in the anime series Gintama)
Lax nature with the Corrosion ability
Perfect IV's in HP, Def, Sp. ATK and Speed

ATK is No Good
Sp. DEF is Decent

Good luck to all future shinies


pain in the ***
Still working on litten... I'm about to hit 3,500 SRs. Really hoping it shines soon.

>.< Come on, litten... there are so many other 'mons I want to hunt in this game! You're holding everything up!


Snowy Poochyena
So back when X and Y came out they had friend safaris. I had someone who had charmeleon, growlithe, and braxien. I decided to hunt for growlithe, but ended up with two charmeleons, and one braxien before I gave up. So today I decided to go after that golden pupper and here he is!

Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
Huzzah. On the 312th egg, Meowth shone! Beast Ball, Timid, Pickup, Male, egg moves Parting Shot/Foul Play, 31/30/31/31/31/31. I am thrilled.


Informed Casual
Shiny Mareanie on Wonder Trade. Dusk Ball. Regenerator. OT ended with .TV but it wasn't auslove....hmmm....still a little weird but I'll see how toxapex looks


Metroid Hunter
congrats on all the recent shinies :D

I haven't really shiny hunted again yet for a new target but I been trying to get the shiny charm nearly 80% done ^_^ after I get it I plan on hunting more and on top of it bank should be around the corner soon and continue my shiny oddish hunt from oras >.>