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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Ashcot on Raticate, Echo Nacyl on Tauros, Krokodyl on Staryu, and everyone else on your shinies!


Larvitar was swarming on Platinum today, so that was my target. But after 1,539 REs, on the 339th RE of the night, I ended up finding a shiny Gligar!


Certainly wasn’t expecting this to shine. It’s normally 10% at night here, so I believe it’s less when you factor in the swarm. So once again, my swarm hunt was thwarted on Platinum by a non-swarm shiny >.< But at least it was something new! Which is especially good considering there ARE Machop on this route…Unfortunately, it’s a Mild nature with pretty bad IVs, so I think I’ll leave it unevolved and hope I find a better one in the future, which will probably be a very long time…

Good luck, everyone (especially Terra Force, TheMaster327, Crimson Penguin, Bumblebee5253, umbreonfan3636, CharlieDoryRose, SheroGH, G-Money, Martinzqx, tui, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
Congrats to everyone on their new shinies :)

After 1684 eggs I finally hatched another shiny female Nidoran. Only problem is, it's stats are wrong yet again. Surprise, surprise the attack IV was the IV that was randomly generated. The one IV I needed from the parents, the only one I can't fix with Hyper Training, and it gets randomly generated, and it's not 0. I honestly wanted to cry with frustration when I saw it, this hunt is frustrating me to no end. Shinies are taking ages to appear even though I have the Charm and I'm using the MM which doesn't bother me on its own but when the shinies take ages to appear and still end up with the wrong stats, it really makes me wonder why I'm even bothering. To make things worse, all 4 of the non-shiny Nidoran in the batch had 0 attack. 4 shinies from this hunt so far and all of them have been wrong. It's soul destroying.

I admire those who have the patience to endure long hunts but my patience with this hunt ran out when the first shiny hatched. Next time I go for a purely special attacking shiny, I'm just going to use the Power Bracer so I don't have to go through this nightmare again. Luckily the next one I have in mind (Decidueye) doesn't need any specific IVs outside of the usual 31s which can be fixed with Hyper Training so that's just a matter of getting the egg moves, nature and then just hatching a shiny.

I was a lot more frustrated and angry over this earlier (the shiny hatching at 1am didn't help) but now that I've had time to cool off I can get myself together and press on. I suppose the longer the hunt, the more rewarding it feels to actually get the shiny you want, so that's reason enough to keep going. I just hope it doesn't take 3 games and 2 generations to get the correct shiny like my Zorua hunt did.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts :)

EDIT: OMG, OMG, OMG! I'd left 18 eggs in Pelago while I was at work and in the fifth egg (1720 total) I hatched another female shiny Nidoran. AND IT HAS 0 ATTACK! I am so happy right now, this hunt is done. All that effort has paid off. She's Calm natured through Everstone, as all my shiny Nidoran were, has Poison Point (the ability I wanted), and is in a Safari Ball. I need to Hyper Train her special defence but that's perfectly fine by me :D
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Finally got Uxie. It finished off the Emotion Trio for me.

I think I'll switch to SS to get a Game Corner Dratini. I almost have the 10500 coins needed for efficiency.

Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
Welp. I finally failed a 7th generation shiny. Was SOSing Grubbin to EV train my Tauros. Somehow missed the knockout+new call+sparkle and selected my attack before noticing. Trying to reclaim it, but no dice yet.

EDIT: After 11 hours continuing the same chain, I managed to reclaim the Grubbin. The one I caught is female, Lax (I get so many Lax shinies I swear), 29/29/31/31/31/31.
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Team Awesome
Apart from getting another skorupi and another wurmple shiny in my horde quests, I finally got one of my long-awaited targets, which took insanely long to get.

I finally got a shiny pawniard in White2! And this was after about four or five rounds *with* a magnet puller. -_- I'll go back later to another route for a shiny amoongus.


pain in the ***
*siiiiiiiiiigh* Finally got a shiny in Ten Carat Hill, after 5,174 REs. But it's not the rockruff I wanted.

It's a freaking machop.

Male, mild nature and quick to flee, with Guts.

Not happy. I did not want machop.

Edit: Chose to go pick on grubbins on route 1 for a while. And after 13 SOS calls, I got my first SOS shiny. Female grubbin named Dian Mu after the Chinese thunder goddess. Mild nature and mischievous, with Swarm. Now I can eventually get my shiny vikavolt.
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Pokemon Fan

Knuckle Trainer
Been trying to Masuda Method a competitive shiny Salandit. I was prepared for how unlikely it would be to get a female shiny, but after over a week of trying usually multiple hours a day I still haven't hatched a shiny PERIOD! I don't think I've ever had such bad luck with the Masuda Method.

At this point its become an obsession to get at least one shiny Salandit. I blame it for my missing the deadline on enrolling in the latest Mega Stone competition!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Requiem Aeternam on both Nidoran, rridgway on Uxie, wobbanut on Pawniard, and Cyberra on Machop (I feel that particular pain)!


Well I think Platinum is trying to make it up to me a bit…After 522 REs, on the 122nd RE of the day, I found a shiny Roselia!


I saw it as soon as it started appearing on the screen. It’s so brightly colored, like a highlighter :p Overall, I’m pretty happy with it right now, especially since it appeared so quickly and since it isn’t a Bibarel. Granted, like with Cottonee, I’m sure I’ll find a ton of these in the future (however many more I find before Ralts – but hopefully Ralts is next – plus however many I find in the process of getting 3 Kirlia), so in that sense, it’s a little disappointing. But it completes the Budew line for me, which is nice. Plus it’s just a nice shiny!

So now on this route, I’ve found 5 Bibarel (30%), 1 Staravia (20%), and 1 Roselia (25%). Just waiting on that 20% Ralts!

Good luck, everyone (especially Terra Force, TheMaster327, Crimson Penguin, Bumblebee5253, umbreonfan3636, CharlieDoryRose, SheroGH, G-Money, Martinzqx, tui, markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Pluski, ElectricBassClef, and Nakashima)!

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
Congrats to everyone on their new shinies and thanks to Cpchris for the congrats :)

With my Nidoran hunt finally over I felt motivated to start my next hunt, Rowlet. I already had a 6IV German female I got from WT so all I needed was to hatch a male with the egg moves I wanted. Once I got the male I wanted I put him in with the female and after only 117 I hatched a shiny Rowlet. He's male, in a PokeBall with Overgrow of course, and has 5IVs. He's missing special defence but I can Hyper Train him along with my Nidoran, some of my other shinies and my Silvally (Silvally isn't shiny) so I don't mind at all. Super happy he hatched so quickly after my Nidoran took so long. Decidueye is an amazing shiny and I can finally have my own.

I'm going to take a break from shiny hunting and breeding in general so I can Hyper Train everything that needs it (about 6 Pokemon IIRC). I think my next target will be my hardest yet, Salazzle, but if I survived that Nidoran hunt I can survive this one. Salazzle is my new favourite Pokemon and her shiny is easily one of the best this generation.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts :)

Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
After 5797 SRs (and nearly 3 months), shiny Cyndaquil has appeared to kick off my SS BQ. He's male and Lax (like so many of my random shinies) and just so adorable <3

Katsume - Cyndaquil.jpg

Also caught a shiny Fletchling while EV training Tauros again, but that's not important.
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Veteran member
What do you guys do to pass the time in badge quests anyway? On another note, why is it called a "Badge Quest" anyway?


Face Oblivion
What do you guys do to pass the time in badge quests anyway? On another note, why is it called a "Badge Quest" anyway?

Badge Quests are named that because you literally catch a shiny for each gym badge. In S/M they're Trial Quests instead, because there are no gyms.

Hey everyone, congrats on the recent shinies! In particular, cpchris on your Gligar and Roselia.

I haven't hunted in my SS BQ in 2 weeks now, mainly because I got busy with college work. Hopefully I can do more this weekend. I'm looking forward to when I can hunt freely during the summer before going to University, honestly. I'd be more successful with my hunts hopefully. In other hunts, I've not touched Onix since going over 100 eggs, and I started SRing Dratini in HG in the Game Corner.

Good luck everyone!


loves birbs.
Hey everyone. So as per usual, it's been a while since the last time I've posted.
I've since moved away for a semester to study abroad in Argentina, as I'm lucky enough to go to a college that offers such a program at no extra cost, so life has been busy.
However, in my downtime as I read my historical papers or relax before bed, I've been doing a lot of Masuda Method egg hatching, which has produced a nice amount of shinies despite my general collegiate business.

I've somehow been able to hatch a shiny Starly, Vullaby, Charmander, Fennekin, Froakie, Noibat, Honedge, Tyrunt, Growlithe, and Kangaskhan. I've been awfully, ridiculously fortunate with hunts lately.
Right now, I'm on the hunt for an Adamant HA shiny Fletching with all the proper egg moves so that I can use my birb in competitive play. I don't know how many eggs into the hunt I am, but it's definitely not that much--maybe only a little over 100+. I'll keep you all updated!

Anyways, congratulations to Echo Nacyl on the success with Cyndaquil and Cpchris on shiny Roselia! Hopefully, you'll get that Ralts--with enough effort, you eventually will.
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Well-Known Member
So tonight ended my 5th hunt on my STQ. Wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but still a nice shiny after 5,872 REs!


Yep, shiny Fletchling :) It's Bashful and Likes to run, but I'm somewhat disappointed at the fact it wasn't the other 30% (Salandit) as Cute Charm worked here. Oh well, onwards to the next hunt!


loves birbs.
Congratulations to TheMaster327 on shiny Fletchling! Since yesterday, I have good news to report about the same ol' Smogonbirb that everyone loves, as I got mine too!

Yesterday, I stopped hatching eggs for a while so that I could focus on EV training a large chunk of my VGC 2017 team. I'm a bit late to the party and procrastinated on it lol.
But after all that was finished, I picked up the hunt again for my shiny Adamant HA Fletchling (with Tailwind of course!) and got him 16 eggs later! I was thoroughly excited, especially since breeding for HAs is always a gamble. Here he is in all his glory! Now I must EV train him as well--plus I have to put a Bottle Cap on his Speed as he's only "Decent" for the rating.

Sorry the image is poorly made, but at least it's clear and isn't too large, haha.


I'll probably name him KFC or something silly like that because shiny Talonflame looks fried lol.

Mrs. Oreo

This weekend I did some extreme chain fishing on Y version and Alpha Sapphire as well cuz I had fallen behind on my chain fishing efforts the previous week hee hee. I finished that and immediately did some egg hatching as well for my shiny Mareanie hunt and so far I've had no luck hatching that shiny. I did some soft resets for my shiny Regigigas hunt as well by the way and I've done about 700 in total thus far.


Veteran member
What is the worst shiny to hunt for in your guy's opinion? Not worst shiny as in worst coloration, but worst shiny as in the most frustrating and/or complicated for it to work. Asides Geodude of course, that's a no-brainer


Golden Sun 4?
Got a second Shiny Eevee after 1644 eggs MM on X. Took way too long and still didn't perfect IV's for an Umbreon, but still 100x better than the last one I got.

-First Shiny Eevee- Male, Careful, 31,31,x,31,31,x w/ Egg Moves: Yawn, Wish and Curse (evolved it into Vaporeon)

-Second Shiny Eevee- Male, Careful, 31,31,31,31,31,x w/ Egg Moves: Yawn, Wish and Curse (now Umbreon)

Obviously the first Eevee didn't have perfect Defence IV's, so that really sucked because it took well over 1000 eggs to finally get, so I decided I would just evolve that to be a trophy shiny Vaporeon and try again to get an Umbreon. Finally after another 1644 eggs (so well over 2.5k in total), I got another Eevee with good enough IV's. Really love the Shiny Umbreon model, but I am so glad this hunt is over. I don't even know why I get so unlucky with MM, as my Trapinch Hunt had way over 2k eggs as well :l This hunt has been going on and off for over 2 years (started in Feb. 2015), so time for another long time desired shiny of mine, a trophy Yanma c:

Good luck Everyone!
just hatched a shiny Popplio. I wasn't even hunting for it, i was just trying to hatch one withe the correct nature. But unfortunately it had completely opposite nature then i wanted. He came out Impish, so his SpAt is down and his Defense is up -___-. This is the second time i got a shiny and hit had a nature completely opposite of what you want. My other one was a larvitar with a Bold nature. Which isn't completely terrible, but lowering tis attach really sucks.


Well-Known Member
What is the worst shiny to hunt for in your guy's opinion? Not worst shiny as in worst coloration, but worst shiny as in the most frustrating and/or complicated for it to work. Asides Geodude of course, that's a no-brainer

Hardest? Imho it's:

Female Combee
Male Pyroar
And Pokémon Ranger Manaphy egg - but no one hunts that. You're just freakin lucky!

I have my DS Lite, 3DS, & 3DSXL all going now for the following shiny hunts:

X: Fairy Safari with Mawlie, Kirlia, and Clefairy
Y: Fire Safari with Magmar, Pyroar, and Braxien
HG: SR for Articuno

OR: Litwick eggs are on hold.
Red: Mewtwo is on hold as well.

Zero shinies in friend safaris or eggs since last post.

Congrats to all who have got shinies. 16 is amazingly low! Congratulations! Hoping for some luck with this post.
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