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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. AmethystLeslie

    AmethystLeslie Well-Known Member

    After that gong show that was Electrode (RIP in peace), a shiny Goldeen came up to me in Kanto on VC Gold. Male, level 10, may have 10 or 11 Attack IVs. His name is Glory, just the first Bayonetta enemy that came to mind (if he was female, I would've gone with Grace), encountered in either Cerulean City or Route 24. If untrained, Glory's nature would be Hardy.
  2. Zero1999

    Zero1999 Well-Known Member

    After getting a Shiny Ditto on VC, decided to use my Nidoking to breed with it, and after 8 eggs, I received a blue male Nidoran, probably will go for Aerodactyl due to how long it takes to make an egg.
  3. I Pink Elephant

    I Pink Elephant Shiny Hunter

    Congrats to all the recent shiny Pokemon!

    So, a few days ago I decided to stop my MM Egg hunt for a Smeargle and do some SOS hunting, and half a day later my dry-spell finally came to an end when a shiny Machop appeared! It has 4 EV's in HP, Attack, Defense & um, Sp.Atk. Called him Hulk because, you know, big green and strong! Caught him in a Beast Ball too, so thats cool.


    I have started or set up hunts on most of my games now. In Moon, I am either going to try and hatch a Whismur (Exploud is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon!) In Alpha Sapphire I have started SR'ing for Dialga and in Omega Ruby I am SR'ing Ho-Oh (Non-Shiny Charm...) In VC Gold I am using the Red Gyarados to try and hatch a shiny Ekans, and in VC Silver I plan to do the same to hunt for a shiny Totodile. In X, which I have not done anything in for a while, I have decided to hunt the Friend Safari for either a shiny Smeargle or a male Kirlia. Oh, and I want been a bit more diligent in my hunt for a shiny Mewtwo in LG too.

    The problem now is just deciding which hunt to concentrate on... help!

    Hmmm... I would say its between Sylveon, Vaporeon or Espeon... I love the pink Pokemon and Sylveon is cool, but for somereason I really like Espeons shiny form. Must hunt for them sometime.
  4. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Happy to see that my shiny Chikorita looks so good. Now that I'm playing the game, I plan to SR for the Sudowoodo and afterwards SR for the Eevee, the latter of which I will add to my team. That is my focus in the shiny hunts as of now
  5. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Everything is Bright

    I’ve been searching for a shiny Rockruff for days now, I believe I’m over 500 SOS calls and still no shiny Rockruff. This is my longest shiny hunt to date but it will all be worth when that adorable blue dog drops from the sky.
  6. ShinyMimic12

    ShinyMimic12 Master of Shinies

    We in the same boat buddy, this is my second day doing it. I told my brother I won't go to the Electric Trial until my get me blue puppers!
  7. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Everything is Bright

    I’ve already beaten the game, I have the shiny charm as well. Still not having any luck but I’m not giving up.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure you will get it as well. Good luck with your search, bruh.
  8. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    i managed to get 1 shiny magikarp, i taught it transform and it turned into a gible as it was neither female or HA variant. 1 down, 3 to go :).
  9. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    After 1,192 eggs, scatterbug finally hatches sparkly. Female, mild nature, 5IVs missing SpDEF, takes plenty of siestas, with Shield Dust. She'll make a beautiful vivillon.

    Now I'll collect 4 boxes of scatterbug eggs for TheMaster327, and then I'll start working on getting a beldum with the nature and IV spread I want before starting the magikarp egg hatching.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  10. Manakete-Girl

    Manakete-Girl 'Cause Dragon Types

    Well I gave up on GS 1/64 odds hunt as it takes far to long to do and do well with college. Instead I started to MM gibble hoping to get a rough skin one.

    64 eggs later and my shiny gible showed up. He's Jolly in a level ball and... He has his HA! He has 4 31ivs missing sp.attk and hp.
  11. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Funny how you stopped attempting 1/64 odds and you went back to standard MM and got the shiny in 64 eggs lol
  12. ShinyMimic12

    ShinyMimic12 Master of Shinies

    Godspeed, friend. I just got mines. Naming him Alswaltz, cheers!
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  13. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Everything is Bright

    Congrats, that is so exciting. Still searchjng for mine and I haven’t had any luck.
  14. Shao-May

    Shao-May Trainer in training

    All this talk about shinies made me want to get back in the game and complete all these hunts I dropped since I needed a break from them at the time.

    Right now SRing for Cresselia in Omega Ruby. Maybe it's because I had to soft reset for an hour just to have the island to appear. But I'm already impatient to see her shine. Also, I wanted to build a new shiny team to start Ultra Sun when it comes out, just like I did for Omega Ruby.

    Man I just don't know how I did it. These horses just does not want to shine! Especially Ponyta. I found one in Platinum and stupidly killed it by a high roll like 5-7 years ago and I'm still mad about it.

    I'll get you one day!
  15. Manakete-Girl

    Manakete-Girl 'Cause Dragon Types

    Well I was using the swap trick so it wasn't ages to hatch eggs although it is funny how that happened. I have limited time so I had to abandon it.

    Yeah I don't have the patience for GS hunts I just ran around doing the coin case glitch in the end and getting good nature Lugia, Ho-oh and the beast trio (Assuming they didn't change the exp = nature thing) so yeah won't be mentioning them due to the glitch despite being obtained without cheating because I don't want to cause a fuss and legitimacy questions.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  16. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    As usual, new month, new CH.

    Any ideas? XD
  17. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Back to the basics: ghost-types, spiders, cats, things that go bump in the night.

    Looking for an excuse to breed my shiny moon ball gastly, pumpkaboo, and phantump.

    Took me 6 eggs to get a jolly beldum and another 24 eggs to get the IV spread I wanted. Now I'm hatching boxes of magikarp. Up to 150 fish hatched looking for that shiny one
  18. rustycorpse

    rustycorpse shiny hunter

    trying to mm a shiny zigzagoon on sun moon before i start shiny hunting any ghost pokemon for halloween, is there anything specific you need to do in masuda method other than having a pokemon from a different language game?
  19. Manakete-Girl

    Manakete-Girl 'Cause Dragon Types

    Well just make sure that if the other pokemon if it's not ditto, zigzagoon or linone that they are in still in the same egg group.

    I would also recomend using everstone if you want a nature (like adamant for example) so that you can make sure that you get it.
  20. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze Shiny Hunter

    Having the shiny and oval charms help (if you don't have them already), too!
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017

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