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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Bulbasaur, and even if it were final evos I'd pick Venusaur.
  2. Manakete-Girl

    Manakete-Girl 'Cause Dragon Types

    Well I'm back again after 147 eggs of magikarp swap this time I got a pink-eared female Limber Bunneary with egg moves fake out, ice punch, thunder punch and fire punch. Very happy as I have been unabled to get a female HA from Magikarp swap in ages.

    I guess it's better than my near 1,000 egg hunts while I took a break from the forum.
  3. Pyrax

    Pyrax The Ghost of Tsushima

    I found another shiny while giving my Drilbur Pokérus. I really like Boldore's shiny pallet - the blue crystals remind me of Chargestone Cave. Definitely one of the better shiny designs imo.

    Tempting, but I already have Krookodile, and I'm not a big fan of overlapping types. I might just send Drilbur (and Boldore) off to Moon so I can train them.
  4. ChaoticInverse

    ChaoticInverse <--31,000 incounting

    Hi guys,

    I didn't think I'd be back so soon but well here I am.

    I decided to get a copy of silver and I've been sr-ing for a shiny chikorita since chikorita was my first starter pokemon and I got him at 523 srs. I was definitely expecting it to take longer but I am super happy I got this golden leaf boy. I actually almost reset over him since I was just so in the zone, luckily I caught myself in time.

    Congrats on all the new shinies and good luck to everyone else hunting!
  5. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    I'm back after 2 weeks of limited internet! No shinies over that time, but I've reached 8,200 SRs for Cyndaquil on Gold VC. Going back to my Scatterbug MM tomorrow, so if you have some eggs ready, Cyberra, we can trade tomorrow!
  6. Sh1ka

    Sh1ka New Member

    I was just playing with my magicarps and caterpies in wonder trade and i got a lvl 50 Adamant Zygarde and right after that lvl 100 Timid Shiny Yveltal.
  7. innerutopia

    innerutopia New Member

    Hello! I'm totally new to this forum so I'm not sure if there's any rhyme and reason to this thread, but I'll let y'all know what I'm doing now.

    I previously had a Pokemon Moon file with a shiny Vikavolt (random encounter) and Primarina (hatched from my starter), but I think my SD card got corrupted somehow because I can no longer access that save file (I got the game on eShop so the file saved to my card). I also had a shiny Ponyta on X, which was also on my SD card, so same thing. Now I need to replay both those games from the beginning before I can get back into shiny-hunting, which for me is a post-game thing only. This time I'm gonna make it a point to get the shiny charm though, which I didn't do previously.

    I do, however, still have my Alpha Sapphire file that I'm currently SRing for a Lugia. I'm on 2000-something SRs now.
  8. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Holy carp


    So, TheMaster327 and I have been doing an egg trade shiny hunt. He wants a shiny vivillon with his OT but with a pattern different from his regional pattern, so I've been collecting the eggs in my game, trading them over (we seriously need the ability to trade in bulk... doing it one at a time takes hours), and they're hatched in his game. And yes, we did confirm that eggs generated in my game still evolve into the polar pattern vivi even if hatched in another game with a different regional location. In return, I get seel eggs from his seel MM.

    We spent two hours trading four boxes of eggs this morning. I hatched one box immediately after but saved the rest for later. When I got back to hatching the other three boxes, I found this guy in the second box. Total eggs: 281.

    The egg swapping will continue until TheMaster327 finds a white scatterbug in one of them ^_^

    I'm not even going to try to guess at the odds here. Normal shiny-hunting rules don't apply... This hunt depends entirely on one of the eggs having an ID number that matches our secret trainer ID. I got lucky this time. No way to tell how long it will take TheMaster327 to find the shiny scatterbug
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  9. GiantBreadbug

    GiantBreadbug Super Nerd

    Howdy everyone (obligatory "it's my first post here")! Shinies are my MO in Pokemon so I have a feeling I'll be posting in here a bit. I was wondering if someone could clear something up for me regarding Magikarp Swapping for hatching shinies in SM:

    For the target Pokemon to have a chance of having the HA, is it necessary for the Magikarp to also be HA (obviously in addition to the swap parent being HA)? Or is having a HA Magikarp simply advantageous for getting a HA swap target egg rather than mandatory?

    In personal shiny news, I was recently SOSing for a Skarmory, but eventually broke the chain intentionally because I'd certainly cycled through the sweet spot like twice with no luck. My love/hate relationship with SOS chaining is a little on the latter side at the moment.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  10. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    If the shiny 'karp has its HA, then whatever you switch in will have its HA as long as the breeder parent does.

    Here's a little trick I discovered while breeding for my HA gible using the swap method: if the shiny 'karp does not have its HA but the next one does, then reset, gather eggs up to the shiny egg but reject the shiny egg and accept the next one. It will still be shiny. But it will have its hidden ability, and so will whatever you switch in as long as you reject that original shiny egg and accept the next one. If the 12th egg is shiny but has no HA, reject it and accept the 13th. It will still be shiny. I used this trick to get my HA gible since I've been having no luck with hidden abilities lately XP

    I'm up to 1,500 magikarp eggs hatched looking for the shiny one. Stupid stubborn fish...
  11. I Pink Elephant

    I Pink Elephant Shiny Hunter

    I like the idea of the CH being a 'Spooky Pokemon' one. One of the main reasons why i started shiny hunting was to get every Ghost Pokemon in shiny form, so it would be nice to start that challenge again. In fact... I feel like hatching a shiny Duskull!
  12. Shao-May

    Shao-May Trainer in training

    So I just got out of work and decided to hatch my eggs in Poke Pelado, in between a few message I have to send. I look down and, I see this cute little yellow Mudbray! Yahoo! I've been looking for it for 2 weeks now and it is now stored in the Pokebank until Iltra Sun comes out (where it will be part of my team). Really brighten my day.

    Next up, Zebstrika. Is a physical build better or a special one?

    As for the little Mudbray, it's a female named Goldie for now, but I'm not entirely sold on the name. Any suggestions?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  13. GiantBreadbug

    GiantBreadbug Super Nerd

    Wow, this is actually really amazing news. I've been searching for ages about a bit more detailed information on Karp swapping beyond just the Reddit infographics you get with a Google, so this is megaton information. Thank you so much for your reply! And best of luck with your Gible hunt!
  14. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    From what I am aware in Gen II shiny Pokemon were determined by IVs, so the only Unown that could be shiny were fittingly Unowns I and V. With that in mind in GSC, are the shiny chances of I and V Unown higher than normal Pokemon?
  15. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    You're welcome ^_^

    I actually got my gible; I used this trick to get one with Rough Skin. The shiny hatched with its regular ability, but the one right after it had its HA. So I reset, rejected the first shiny egg and hatched the next egg. Shiny, and with its HA. So I switched in gible, rejected the first shiny egg, hatched the next one, and boom! Shiny Rough Skin gible :D

    I'm working on the swap method for beldum now; up to 1,720 eggs hatched. Not bothering with its HA since its standard ability is more useful.
  16. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    At last, I have managed to get a shiny Ivysaur in the Friend Safari
  17. Shiny-Psyduck

    Shiny-Psyduck Well-Known Member

    So far in GS, i have Hoppip, Cyndaquill, and Marill. I remember 15 years ago on Gold i encountered a shiny Tangela but didn't have any pokeballs. I wasn't aware of the concept of shiny pokemon back then, all I knew was that it was something special since it made the same jingle the red Gyarados did. I hope to avenge myself sooner or later.
  18. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    I haven't been actively shiny hunting in a while, since I'm concentrating on finishing Moon's pokedex before US and UM come out, but I decided to do one the other day, and managed to SOS a shiny growlithe, my first shiny in Moon. ^_^ It's also a welcome addition to my shiny Rocketdex, even though James only owned one at home and didn't take it with him.

    In other news, I finished my pokedex in Sun. I thought I had it completed, including magearna, when I traded over Lunala, Celesteela, and Phermosa, but then it turned out I forgot Silvally. -_- Now that I have the shiny charm, hopefully I'll get my first random encounter 7th gen shiny soon. All 7th gen shinies have been by trade-ups, Wonder Trades, and SOS.
  19. ShinyMimic12

    ShinyMimic12 Master of Shinies

    Ah, another "Rocket Junkie", as my brother and I call it!
  20. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Obtained a pink Farfetch'd through the Friend Safari. I'm probably going to get at least one shiny per Friend Safari zone I have

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