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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. ebevan91

    ebevan91 Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I'm gonna try go to after each of the version mascots that are available in Ultra Moon. Got Yveltal a couple nights ago and might try Lugia or Zekrom next. I have a shiny Palkia from an event and a shiny Kyogre from the GTS which was probably hacked so I'll save them for last.
  2. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Dang Maldoror, here I thought my luck was supreme xD you have such a nice collection in such a short period congrants man !

    So yesterday I got a hunch that if I hunt for Celesteela now I will get it shortly.. so I chose to follow this hunch and I was correct !
    After 147 SR's a shiny celesteela popped up ! Sync dindt worked but the random nature it got was actually very viable so i am very satisfied with it.
    Caught it in a Nest ball to fit the Yellow en Green tints it has

  3. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    I've reached Paniola Ranch in Ultra Sun. Now I'm taking a break to finish the breeding I'm working on in Sun so I can send over my ditto and get the breeding I want to do in US done.

    Smeargle is at 365 eggs, plus breaks for about 50 rockruff (it did not want to give me the right combination of nature and IVs so I can breed it with the Own Tempo one XP) and 40 paras (getting one with the right nature and IVs for hunting blacephalon later; this one did not need to be shiny) so I'm at more like 455 eggs. Stubborn smeargle is stubborn.
  4. Zero1999

    Zero1999 Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since my last post.

    Anyway, yesterday on my Leafgreen after 2 days of RE, I got a shint Diglett, male, Sand veil (Arena trap would have been neat) and Quirky nature (not bad), at least I got a shiny in my favorite month,
    currently going for Machop on Mt.Ember.
  5. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Hey ho. I'd been soft resetting for Shiny Poipole about 350 SRs , but mistakenly saved it and ended up w/ the normal one :/ It seems like I got 'bad luck' after 'bad luck'. Although the IVs aren't too shabby.
    Anywhoo, I went back to soft reset for Shiny Pennywise Blacephalon, and to my Surprise, after 255 SRs, a dark blue clown appeared on my 2DS screen. Yes. Not Zoroark, Trumbeak, Buneary or Shiny Riolu again. But my own Shiny Blacephalon! :D


    It added to a total of 1,592 REs & SRs w/ Shiny Charm so not that bad.
    And luckily I successfully caught it w/out having it blow himself to death cuz I didn't bring Damp ability pokemon. Syncher worked too w/ Timid nature, and the IVs are okay. Gold Bottle Cap will fix it in no time.

    Too bad I can't hunt for Shiny Poipole again, so I think for the next target I'll hunt for something via MM.

    Good luck on your other hunts especially if you've been hunting for Shiny Blacephalon too~
  6. Manakete-Girl

    Manakete-Girl 'Cause Dragon Types

  7. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Congratulations to all the recent shinies, and good luck to everyone here!

    I am just popping in to give you people an update on what I have been up to lately.
    I am still SR'ing on my US version for a shiny Articuno, which I have been doing for a few days now. I do not really care much if Synchronize fails on this one as well, but it would be nice for it to work.
    I have been playing through my UM version some also, hoping to get to the postgame and SR a shiny Stakataka (then perhaps another Poipole so I will have both it and Naganadel shiny). My US shiny Naganadel is now level 100 and Hyper Trained flawless.
    As of one month into my Pokémon US version, I believe I have successfully SR'ed 16 or so shinies, all UB's and legendaries. I can check on that number once I finish this Articuno hunt to be sure though. I do plan on continuing these hunts, as I have been finding them quite enjoyable. From working my way through Ultra Space to actually encountering whatever legendary I find, it has been a nice change from some other Pokémon hunts I have done in the past.

    EDIT: Ok, I just caught that shiny Articuno. I was not expecting it at that moment. I has woken up about half an hour before then, and I was just doing some SR'ing to do something.
    It only took a single Ultra Ball on my first try to catch it. I did not even need to have it faint my starting Synchronize Kadabra.
    Modest Synchronize worked, and it has an IV spread of 31/x/31/x/x/31. Yay.
    I will probably continue this hunting through Ultra Wormholes, along with continuing my playthrough of my UM version.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  8. maldoror

    maldoror Well-Known Member

    Thanks! What that tally doesn't include are the 3,000 + frustrating Buzzwole soft resets that have not yet revealed a shiny. I decided to switch to Kartana, but cannot find its wormhole again; which is how I accidentally found Xerneas and Groudon. Poiple took less than 50 resets and the others took less than a day to shine.

    I am now leveling up some new members of my online battle team and taking a short break from hunting (that Groudon came way too close to failing and kind of startled me).
  9. syrrume

    syrrume Shiny Hunter

    Congratulations to all so far.

    Im currently still Soft resetting for a Shiny Rowlet Starter in my copy of Ultra Sun. Im at 3395 SRs now.

    I always pictured it going very quickly or over odds and I don't want to be right with the latter! >.<

    Anyway, I've only got another 4.5 shifts until im off for 10 days over Christmas and ill hopefully be getting a good few resets then if I haven't caught it by then! Im averaging around 120 a day @ 27 per hour.

    Good luck to all :)
  10. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Back :D
    It seems like after getting unlucky I get lucky again. I said earlier I was gonna MM a shiny, and after only 20 eggs, he hatched!

    De Oranje.jpg

    5IV minus HP, with the right ability and the new egg move it needed.

    Anyway, I've got some breejects of it if anyone's interested, in Level ball w/ 4 egg moves and 5IV (a couple are in perfect IV). Just VM me if you want.

    Congrats on all recent shinies too~
  11. Shao-May

    Shao-May Trainer in training

    So, I was SRing a Poipole with good IV and BAM! Shiny Poipole appeared! Just as I was near resetting. I think let let out a little scream of surprise,
    It's my first time with full odds. The mon is Timid with imperfect IV, especialy the spAtk but I'm sure I can bottle cap it. Kind of funny, I was missing it's evolution to get the shiny charm.

    Any name suggestions?
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  12. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector


    It's a play on Poipole sounding like a Brooklyn accent for "purple"
  13. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    FINALLY!! I got my shiny Xurkitree again and this time did NOT soft reset over it. The wait was well worth it because it was actually a Modest nature as well! Nicknamed it Shazam.

    Next Christmas hunt is Snorunt via SOS. If I can get it quickly enough I'll go for Sandshrew next. Definitely taking a break from SRs for a bit. That was a very frustrating hunt.
  14. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I've done a let's play of Pokemon Diamond. By complete chance, I encountered a shiny Wurmple! The purple caterpillar was obtained before I even got the second gym badge, while I was level grinding my Pokemon to face Gardenia. Excluding my Heart Gold playthrough where I soft resetted for a shiny starter(turned out to be Chikorita), this is the earliest of any play-through. I was anxious to see which evolution it would take. It was Cascoon and later Beautifly. While this was a bit disappointing since Cascoon is the harder of the two to get in Diamond, it was still worth it and now I have a shiny Beautifly
  15. Paraqua

    Paraqua Beginning Trainer

    I've been Soft resetting for Poipole for a couple of weeks now (Still have to complete the dex for the shiny charm), but it still won't shine

    Is there something I might be doing wrong? I feel like my timing is constantly off.
  16. nightmare408

    nightmare408 Your Worst

    Looking for a shiny 6IV foreign to USA Ditto
  17. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    You'll want to go here http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?655018-Shiny-Trading-Thread

    Nope, just keep resetting. The odds haven't been in your favor yet. Every time you receive Poipole from the URS, you have a 1/4096 chance of getting a shiny. You have to be extremely lucky to get them quickly.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
  18. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Congratulations to all you people on your recent shinies!

    I have been SR'ing for a shiny Zapdos for perhaps about 15 hours or so on my US version. A few minutes ago, it shined.
    The battle took some time, and I was considering using one of the Master Balls I transferred over from my Sun version. I finally was able to catch it in an Ultra Ball though.
    Modest Synchronize once again failed, and it is Hasty instead. Oh well.
    Its IV spread is x/x/31/31/31/x. Fine I suppose.

    Good luck to everyone else!
  19. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    this makes me want to cry lol

    anyway still on this massive hunt at 4,000 srs now and counting to going over the first batch of odds...will i get it in the same srs as my lugia? we shall find out XD

    good luck and congrats to all that either got there shinies and are still hunting them ^_^
  20. Arcamenel

    Arcamenel Shiny Hunter

    Finally got my shiny Poipole after 4 days of soft resetting but today I actually did it for more than two hours. Just like blacephalon I didn't keep track of the number of soft resets because the higher it goes the more anxious/irritated I get.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017

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