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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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The harder part of shiny hunting Guzzlord was finding its home in the first place. It didn't take long to get me my own albino black hole.

Now I'm trying to get an albino Xerneas. Afterwards I'm not sure which legendary I will go after. Maybe Groudon. I doubt I'll go after Regice since it has the worst shiny in the game

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
Last weekend, I received a package in the mail of a few Pokemon-themed T-Shirts that I had purchased. One was a pink Eevee design. I wore that shirt last Saturday, and that day I caught three shinies in one weekend! Lucky Eevee shirt! I caught two shiny Blisseys and one shiny Chansey, that I encountered while experience grinding against SOS Chaining Chanseys in Poni Plains. I gave one Shiny Blissey to my sister for her Shiny Living Dex, and I kept the other and the Chansey for myself.

That shirt has officially been dubbed my "Lucky Eevee shirt" now and forevermore. Any time I want a shiny, I'm told that I have to wear it.


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First shiny Pidgey of three finally shines after a huge 2,515 eggs! This one is Keen Eye but I have the chance at getting a Big Pecks one with the next two I need. All of these pigeons will be Everstoned Timid (yes, odd nature for Pidgey/Pidgeotto, but Mega Pidgeot makes it work). Also, sorry, big pic!
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I managed to get a shiny Xerneas. I know I have the Shiny Charm, but even then I didn't expect that kind of luck. I'm off to get a shiny Ho-oh and Tornauds. For the latter, I need to memorize the difference in coloration. I'll probably do all the SR wormhole hunts in order of my guidebook

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Got back to shiny hunting after being on a pretty long hiatus.

Didn't get my target, which was Elekid, but I did get Electabuzz instead! He was a timid nature and I named him Coriolis.

Now I'm working on Larvitar, just in celebration of it being this month's community day in Pokemon Go. Not sure if I want to go for the whole evolution line yet or not, but we'll see.


pain in the ***
I was running around in Y for a bit today. Got my first of hopefully two shiny snorunt from the friend safari. I was cute charming for a female, but just like the first time I hunted snorunt with Cute Charm in the safari, I got a male first. He's lax nature and will be a glalie for my Ultra Sun dex.

5,427 SRs for heatran and counting.
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I was doing some chaining in Platinum version this evening and found Shiny Kolink (Shinx), which I've now captured and began training since I have two Shinies in my team already, and I'm looking forward to having a completed team of six Shinies soon.

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
Guess who successfully chained their first Ultra Moon SOS shiny with no Charm?

It meeeeeeeee~!

I wasn't keeping track of how many Pichu, Pikachu and Happiny I KO'ed, but I do know I had to use the PP Restore Rotom Power about three times. I used the Harvest/Skill Swap/Leppa Berry strategy for the first time, too!

I'm almost finished with the Alolan Dex as well. 369 caught, 396 seen. Missing Golett, Kartana, Politoed, and Clauncher for the seen part.


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Well I was doing some wormhole riding yesterday I was looking for legendaries but instead I found three Shinies!

And Shiny #2:

And Shiny #3:


Don't much like Shiny Crustle though, but a Shiny is a Shiny and I wasn't going to let her get away. I also used my only Lure Ball on Floatzel and I was happy she didn't break it. The other two got Luxury Balls because I had no more special ones to use. These are the first three I've caught in Ultra Sun which matches my three in Ultra Moon. Although I am still happy I hatched my first Shiny on the second egg! I never have that good of luck when hatching for Shinies, I get bored of the repetitive pick up and run with egg back and forth, back and forth. I do love my Charizard (Charming) he's gorgeous with the black and red colours. I was also doing some Safari hunts in Y and I found a Shiny Ivysaur, I am still looking for a Shiny Wartortle to complete my Shiny Gen 1 starters. So far Wartortle is not shining for me.


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Another random shiny during my level grinding. It's a Machoke. Now, I am stuck in the Blacephalon search. As I have plenty of TV recorded, I think I'm going to use it as a time to SR for the Pokemon. I am definitely using the Master Ball here, since the other "limited" Pokemon can't self-destruct.
I would just go Shiny SR hunting with a lead Pokemon that knows Damp, so no explod-y Pokes can die on you. I do that if I want to collect all seven colours of Minior.


pain in the ***
Heatran is still being a jerk. 6,780 and still counting.

Did have some luck today, though. I was running around in Pokemon Y in the friend safari and got my second shiny snorunt. This one was female and will be a froslass for my US dex. After getting her I went to the ice cave to horde hunt and found a shiny venillite fairly quickly. Next it was off to Route 15 and found myself a pink murkrow. Then I went back to the friend safari and went into a dark safari with sneasel, pawniard, and inkay, and got a shiny sneasel within only a few REs.

Would it be possible for anyone to grab me a spare code for the shiny zygarde event? I don't live anywhere near an EB Games; the closest one I know of is over 400km away, at least a 5-hour drive, and with the current price of gas there is zero chance I'll ever manage to get there. I made a post asking for help getting one in a Pokemon group I'm part of on Facebook but have gotten no responses , and I am desperate to not miss out on this event


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I don't specifically Shiny hunt; which generally makes every Shiny I do find especially exciting.

I ran into a Shiny Gastly yesterday while just playing through US again. This is my 3rd Gen 7 shiny; after a Cherubi in Moon [That I didn't even realize was a Shiny until it called in help] and the obligatory Zubat in an earlier run of US.


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After 203 eggs, I got my first Shiny since I got the Shiny Charm in my copy of Sun: a shiny Fomantis. Bred to have an Adamant nature and its Hidden Ability Contrary. He is nicknamed Coronatus, after part of the scientific name of the Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus). He got 5 perfect IVs, only missing Special Defence. It's not entirely perfect (would have preferred it to be missing Special Attack rather than Special Defence, in all honesty), but it'll work for my Ultra Moon team.




Next up, I'm going to do a random encounter hunt somewhere in Alola, in preparation for a Badge Quest I'm planning to do on Crystal soon.

Well, this is unexpected. Just 22 hours after my last shiny, and after just 429 REs on Route 2, a Cutiefly shined for me. A pleasant surprise, especially as it's one of the three I was hoping to find on that Route. However, I was kind of hoping for a slightly longer hunt to increase my patience ahead of my Crystal Badge Quest, but I certainly won't complain about another shiny so soon.

He's a Level 8 male Cutiefly called Flybee, with a Naive nature and the Honey Gather ability. Other than having a perfect IV in Special Attack and "Very Good" in Speed, his IVs are nothing to write home about. But that's fine, I suppose.





Going to Masuda Method for a Shiny Durant next, which should keep me satisfied until after my exam on Tuesday and before I go and start Ultra Moon on Wednesday (and then maybe Crystal next weekend).
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Finally, after many weeks of riding the wormholes in UltraSun, and after getting the shiny charm, I finally got my shiny female yanmega. :D I may do some quad hunts fora few days to get away from riding those wormholes before I start doing UltraMoon.

Echo Nacyl

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All my new shinies (excluding the event Zygarde) are in Go. Got an Aerodactyl and Kabuto during Adventure Week (which, most conveniently, started the day my vacation did), and have picked up a Shellder and Wailmer during these couple days of the Water Festival.
Unfortunately, Ho-oh evaded me. I gave it as much of a shot as I could, but it running concurrently with Latias proved to be a major problem. Add that I was still on vacation...I didn't want to ignore my destination to raid too much, so I mostly did nearby ones...but I saw quite a few more Latias than Ho-oh. And unfortunately getting a group together in my area when only 1 of the 2 is desired is...hard. I sincerely hope they give Ho-oh a solo run at some point, as both shiny-possible Lugia and now Kyogre have gotten them. Plus a run where every legendary egg hatches into Ho-oh would be sure to attract a raid group locally more easily. The best that can be said is that my bf got one.
I've only done one Kyogre raid so far, but I'm much less fussed over it. Frankly shiny Kyogre is...eh. I'll still try for one, of course. If Groudon is on the horizon though...that'd be a major target, and not just because I still need a Groudon at all.

Approaching 5000 SRs for Celebi. This, and Go events, is the major reason why main-series hunts have not progressed.


pain in the ***
Heatran is officially a jerk. I just hit 10,000 SRs, the first time in Gen 7 where I've had a hunt go into quintuple digits.


pain in the ***
Shiny heatran after 10,225 SRs!!!!

This guy was my longest hunt in Gen 7 to date. A very stubborn 'mon. And when he finally did shine, he remained a stubborn bugger by refusing to be caught in a dozen luxury balls and a timer ball. Just for the hell of it I decided to chuck a heavy ball at him, because he does weigh almost half a ton, and got him with a crit capture.

Sync worked and he is timid nature, likes to thrash about, with Flash Fire. Max IVs in ATK, SpATK, and SpDEF. Not happy about the "decent" speed stat, but that's what bottle caps are for.

Back to the ranch now to hatch some more eggs, after I pick up my shiny zygarde from the delivery man :D I got a code from another viewer at a 24/7 livestream foster kitten cam I watch on YouTube (The Critter Room run by Foster Dad John. Currently a mama and her 5 kittens)

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Oh my glarb. Shiny Celebi just happened after 5250 SRs. I was totally prepared for it to take much longer. Caught it in an Ultra Ball, not that that matters, and named it Equinox. Next I think I'll resume either my HA Rowlet or my Red Articuno hunt.


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Oh my glarb. Shiny Celebi just happened after 5250 SRs. I was totally prepared for it to take much longer. Caught it in an Ultra Ball, not that that matters, and named it Equinox. Next I think I'll resume either my HA Rowlet or my Red Articuno hunt.
Is trying to shiny hunt for a Gen 1 shiny really worth it? You have to catch it(only one Master Ball per save file), check its stats and then SR again. Seems too much of an effort