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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. StrongBad456

    StrongBad456 Beginning Trainer

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to shiny breed in Crystal using the shiny Gyarados and an Ekans but I have questions. When is an egg's shininess determined? Can I save in front of the Daycare Man and reset every time I don't get the shiny?
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  2. Lemonski

    Lemonski Active Member

    I've recently done some shiny hunting in Let's Go Eevee and managed to find and catch two shinies, Snorlax and Rhyhorn. I was building a catch combo with Rhyhorn in both instances, and also ended up with a couple of non-shiny Rhyhorn with almost perfect stats.

    At some point I was also trying to make a catch combo of Lickitung for shiny hunting, but that didn't go well.
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  3. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    I say use a spoiler tag and post as many pics as you want. I love shiny posts with pictures!

    I'm not 100% on this, but I think as long as you're saving before he has an egg, the eggs will be randomly generated and you don't have to worry about hatching the same thing over and over.
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  4. StrongBad456

    StrongBad456 Beginning Trainer

    I'm saved in the yard, in front of him after he has an egg and SR when it's not shiny to collect an egg again because it can take forever for him to have an egg. If it's generated when he appears in the yard and not when I accept the egg, I'll have to change my strategy. Thanks!
  5. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    If you saved after he has an egg and you're hatching the same egg over and over again, it's never going to be shiny because the contents are already determined. You have to save before he has an egg if you want to get a shiny. That way it's a different egg every time.
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  6. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    If I use Pressure in SOS while I've done the Harvest/Skill Swap strategy(my opponent has Harvest and a Leppa Berry), will Pressure ruin it or are they able to continue regenerating the Leppa/PP indefinitely?
  7. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Shiny male, HA ralts after 1,451 eggs! And 5 phases...

    He's jolly and likes to thrash about, with Telepathy. 5IVs missing DEF, but it's only a hair away from being perfect so I think it's still pretty dang good. He'll be a beast mega gallade.

    I'm going to work on a shiny torchic next... I have a Speed Boost torchic from the event handout in XY, and I got a Japanese male dream ball torchic (non-HA) from WT a while back. Since now the ball can be legitimately passed down, I want a shiny HA dream ball blaziken.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
  8. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Started SOS shiny hunting. So far, I have managed to get a golden Sableye and blue Corsola
  9. xKatie0391

    xKatie0391 Well-Known Member

    It's been a long 4-5 year hiatus, but I've recently started shiny hunting again!

    At the moment I'm switching between Mudkip on Sapphire, Eevee on SS and Bulbasaur on LG. Hoping something shines soon.
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  10. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Yum! Turkey and Mashed Potatoes! Staff Member Moderator

    Been working on a shiny Chansey hunt in X version, and the hunt just ended. Finally ran into and caught one. :)
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  11. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Shiny bronzong from a steel safari. Careful nature and alert to sounds, with its HA, Heavy Metal. Will be sending it to US eventually.

    120 eggs for torchic

    Edit: Second shiny bronzong. This one is quirky nature and somewhat vain, again with the HA, Heavy Metal. This one will go into winder trade once it gets transferred to US.

    Also caught a shiny skarmory. Female, rash nature and somewhat vain, with Weak Armor, also its hidden ability. I seem to be getting lucky with HAs at the moment
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
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  12. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    I have nearly finished the story in my Legacy playthrough of FireRed. My Pokedex is at 141/151 (only 146/386 for national so far). I saved most of the gift and overworld encounter pokemon for shiny hunts. I'm currently working through the Sevii Islands, but I paused story progress to do some Moltres hunting, and am about 70 SR's in. I plan to shiny hunt all of the legendary pokemon, Eevee, Snorlax, Lapras, and possibly Aerodactyl and Hitmonlee.

    So far Charizard and Fearow are the only shinies I have found during the playthrough, but after more than 500 in-game hours hunting for Nidoran only to find the Spearow, I just wanted to focus on story progression and completing the dex for a while. In addition to the list above, I would like to shiny hunt for Nidoran-M, Horsea, and Gastly to round out my Legacy team.

    Good Luck on your hunts!
  13. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I have finally managed to SOS a shiny Carbink, who I have dubbed Koh-I-Noor. Partly to level my equipped Smeargle, I am now going after some hard targets so it's smooth sailing afterwards. I shall be going after Dhelmise
  14. Italianbaptist

    Italianbaptist Informed Casual

    Got a shiny Pidgeotto in Let’s Go Eevee last night. Now it’s candied and leveled up into a beautiful shiny Mega Pidgeot named SuperSaiyan3 :)
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  15. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Dhelmise was so painful to get it to call I gave up and honestly think SR fishing is faster. Instead, I decided to go after Yungoos. I got my purple Yungoos and named her Melania because its a trophy
  16. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Shiny mudbray after 899 eggs.

    Again, this was a case of the shiny hatching without the ability I wanted. So I put in mudbray instead of torchic. Male, adamant nature and alert to sounds, with Stamina. He's 5IVs perfect and hatched in a heavy ball.

    Continuing the count for torchic.
  17. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    I'm not in any sort of Shiny Hunt in any of my Pokemon games. I only usually use Ultra Sun for shines. Have a shiny Magikarp/Gyarados/M-Gyarados, Yungoos, Roggenrola/Boldore/Gigalith, Sygilith, Swanna, 2 Barbaracle, Nuzleaf, Azumarill, Altaria, Abomasnow, Crustle, Swellow, Heliolisk, Zygarde, Poipole, and a Paras. I also used to use Pokemon Sun for shines. I have shiny Magikarp/Gyarados/M-Gyarados, Fomantis/Lurantus, Sneasel, Miltank, Floatzel, Zygarde, and Tapu Koko. I have 2 shinies in AS which are Whismur/Loudred/Exploud and Doduo/Dodrio. No shinies in my Y. And have 1 caught and 1 accidental kill shiny in Black which the one I caught was a Ferroseed and the one that died was a Raticate. Right now I'm thinking of either SR Rayquaza in US next or finding a shiny Corphish. Also, I only usually use the Call for Help and the Ultra Wormhole methods. I also use RE for shinies.
  18. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Gotten into SRing fossil Pokemon. So far, I have Kabuto green
  19. Yveltal91057

    Yveltal91057 Member

    I caught a shiny Rayquaza in 36 soft resets in USUM which is lucky if you ask me.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  20. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    Wow, that's kinda short to how long I've seen some SRs. I'm wondering did you have a shiny charm at the time?

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