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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter!
Nice job on all the new shiny pokes everyone has gotten over the past few days ^.^ As for my hunt I have about 700 soft resets done for Regigigas and the hunt is going great! I am on a mini vacation from work so I am planning to soft reset the rest of the day today and all of tomorrow so I might get lucky :D Keep up the amazing work everyone and don't give up on your hunts ^.^


Shiny Hunter
10k for Mareep.

It hates me T_T

also 7.5k in FireRed and LeafGreen

I'm in a two week shiny drought and a 17.5k shiny drought. Why won't something shine -_-


Well-Known Member
Upto 3,000 for hunt 7 now. Making good steady progress. Expecting this one to go over the odds so I'm not expecting anything soon.

Best of luck everyone!


Bird Brain
Hi! I'm new to the thread. I hope you don't mind me asking but since I only have 3DSes I was wondering if going to the home menu and back to the game if that would be the same as SRing. On another note.
Current shiny hunt: W2: 181MM shelmet( might change to REing in the first route of the game since I can't remember it right now)
SS: 321RE in union cave


I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can't SR eggs in any of the games because what is inside is set in stone. So you'll have to hatch every egg until you get the shiny.

@ ElectricBassClef I apologize, I actaully have never really done any shiny hunting before and basically I'd say that I don't know what I'm talking at this time.
I have been trying MMing my shelmet 1 egg at a time and not boxing any eggs.
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Well-Known Member
^ I imagine that it would function the same (not sure), but you can soft reset on a 3DS. I've done so myself.

So, I have a question too. I understand that in Black and White 2, for some reason the first egg you receive from the Daycare Man when you turn the game on/soft reset is the same every time. Is this true of Black and White 1/the previous gen games?


@Shadowkrow That's not what I meant, though. Even if you're filling whole boxes, if it generates the same egg every time you turn the game on, it's a problem unless you do the whole hunt without turning the game off once.
Edit 2: Thanks for trying to help, though!
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A Fairy Specialized Trainer
So I'm trying to breed a shiny DW eevee using the masuda method.
I filled up 7 boxes of eggs. That's 210 eggs.. wish me luck guys.
I get er.


Strong Winds
Staff member
Super Mod
Yikes, it's been about a week since I've posted anything about my progress in my BQ, but with good reason: I have none. :p
I've been away from shiny hunting for a bit while playing through Fire Emblem, but I'm now planning to get back to my BQ at some point this week, which is already nearing the odds at 7000 RE's. I had a dream that I found a shiny Roselia one night despite the fact that my mind has been empty of shiny hunting the past week, so maybe that's a sign of good luck? :p Either way, congrats to the massive amount of shinies found since I've last checked, and good luck everyone! Hopefully, I can pick up and continue with my BQ soon.


Shiny Hunter
Well I got back from my trip today...and 6.5 pages to go through on here! Phew! Well, here goes...

Congrats to Cyndajay on Cyndaquil, PsychicPsycho on Sewaddle, Pidjiken on Eevee/Umbreon, JohnNiles on Lapras, ~EternalDarkness~ on Venipede, BurningBlaze on Totodile, BurningBlaze again on Beldum, Scrufox86 on Drifblim, GottaEarnThemAll, ElectricBassClef on Clefairy, goldensteambun on Totodile, WaterTypesFTW on Marill, Heliotrope on Solosis, pxm1 on Chimchar, Aleh on Shinx, king buba on Geodude, Silverwynde on Geodude, pokemaster13 on Piloswine, wobbanut on Zubat, and JohnNiles on Munchlax!

As for me, I didn't end up getting much hunting done on my trip, despite having two entire mornings that I could have hunted. I only did 10 SRs for Piplup on Sunday, and then on the drive home today and after I got home, I did 190 SRs. So I'm at a total of 2,300 SRs for Piplup, and still at 800 REs for Growlithe. I'm working every day through Sunday as of tomorrow though (that's as far as my schedule goes until I see next week's tomorrow), but I should hopefully have enough time each day to do some hunting.

Good luck everyone!

EDIT: Also, as of tonight on Black 2, I'm trying to go through and really try the PWT for the first time, so that I can try to beat the Champions Tournament just so I can change my Trainer's Card color...I'd rather have orange than this fairly unpleasant green...
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Shiny Hunter
I've been SRing for Kyurem for 2 days now.I'm not keeping count though.I'm faster this way.:D
Good luck eveyone!


Hunting Sparkles

Holy mother of mew!
I started up this hunt again last night and was actually going to RE Eevee for the rest of the night but something told me to SR Totodile some more and 7 SR's today I got this! He's my first water type Shiny and I named him Laykn. I'm gonna play through HG with him until Ho-Oh which is when I'll go back to my White 2 Badge Quest. He's Hasty natured which is awesome and I can't remember his exact IV's as I had them, then the CPU shut down and I've been battling random wild pokemon however I believe he had a 29-31 for HP and Speed and 10-11 for everything else. Today was such a humid and bad day at school and this has made me feel way better. Here's some more photo's:
He also complete's my Shiny Johto starter set:

Now I'm off to play more of HG with Laykn *snuggles*. Good luck as always guys!
Hey guys grats on all the recent shinys I'm very jealous :p so I'm into my second week of Sring for a starter on my white Badge quest and still nothing :( currently at 546 SR's decided to change to Oshawott as I picked snivy in my white 2, hoping for some luck soon!

Btw i was wondering what chaining is as I've seen it mentioned recently?

GL on all currents hunts guys :)


Shiny Dragon Master
Btw i was wondering what chaining is as I've seen it mentioned recently?

''chaining'' is basically using the Poke Radar in D/P/Pt to find shinies by chaining together the same pokemon until a shiny shaking patch appears with a shiny in it(can keep chaining afterwards to get more and more shinies)...also the chain will keep going as long as you run into the SAME pokemon every time(also im pretty sure you either have to feint all or catch some), if you run into a different pokemon your chain breaks and you have to start over(and the radar needs to recharge[do this by walking ???? steps]), at abou chain 40+ your chances of finding a shiny patch is at its best(can find shiny patch WAY before 40 so keep an eye out), also there is an app in D/P/Pt that will keep track of how many chains (your top 3 most chains), but im not sure what number the app is[i dont chain].

i hope this helps and gl

Addition: TIP: USE REPELS!!! :p

edit: oh yeah... i was just reading the ''how do i get shinies easier'' part in the 1st post and was wondering why Suction Cups 2nd effect isnt in there its quite useful(makes the moves ROAR and WHIRLWIND ineffective)...just wondering XD

EDIT2+3: grats on your Pachirisu (F) glad you got the gender you wanted :), grats again :p

...also decided to try mming axew now(i had a dream....egg and dragons were involved...so i figured what the hey XD)
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«Last Hope»
I'm now hunting Pachirisu. Hopefully I get a female one to fit with its pink colour!

Edit: I'm almost done with this chain... I hope it won't break now ;;
Edit 2: I reached 40! *-* Wish me good luck.

EDIT 3: I FOUND IT! And it's female! *-* http://i.imgur.com/S0jGRhP.jpg

Edit 4: lol, I found another one on the same chain!
Edit 5: I have just found another one... lmao.
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Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ
Congratulations to any shinies since my last post. And to Aleh for the two Pachirisu.

I decided I would continue with my hunt I've had since December of Kyurem. Since he counts for the CH. I had already done SRs but I decided I would just begin again and say 'over'.

And I am still going at my BQ.


«Last Hope»
Actually, 3 pachirisu lol. Anyway, it should count for the community hunt, right?

Good luck for your badge quest, too!


Face Oblivion
Actually, 3 pachirisu lol. Anyway, it should count for the community hunt, right?

Good luck for your badge quest, too!

The first post says to get the CH shiny via RE/SR/MM, so chaining shinies do not count. Pachirisu would most likely qualify for the CH, but not if it is chained. Still, congrats on a nice shiny like Pachirisu!

As for me, I switched to Route 213 for Wingull or Buizel. 575 REs so far.
My other hunts:

Route 3 - White - 980 REs
Victory Road - Black - 60 REs
Route 32 - HeartGold - 1,301 REs
Drifloon - Diamond - 75 SRs

Good luck to you all, and congrats to every person with a new shiny!


Hit To Key
Got four boxes of Mareep eggs to hatch tonight, bringing my total hatched up to just under 200. I'm crossing my fingers that a shiny will be in one of these but if not there's still plenty of time to complete the CH.