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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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And so, after 1,162 Murder Method encounters, the final Rotom appeared :)

This one is Modest nature, so no need for a mint. And it took forever to line them all up for a group shot...

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I got my 7th and final Milcery in 153 Eggs! Relieved and exhausted that I'm now done.



I evolved them all into the different Alcremie forms and I EV trained them, gave them the Gigantamax factor, maxxed out their Dynamax level and levelled them up to Lv 100!








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I have been grinding to get my Pickup Meowth to get more useful stuff in Leafgreen. I ended up getting a yellow Caterpie
Klefki finally shone after 1189 eggs. Maybe I should've tried the Friend Safari in gen 6 instead of MM'ing it. Oh well.

Next target's Bunnelby, which will conclude the gen 6 mons I can hunt in Sword/Shield until the next DLC drops.


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I got GO yesterday. Surprisingly I actually encountered a shiny Tailow within my first play


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Well, I couldn't help myself and tried again. I did get my Mega Gardevoir, tho I lost count of the eggs. It was less than 4k tho.


Not the best IV spread, but more than satisfied. And then I decided to go for Charizard, boy was I pleasantly surprised. 536 eggs!


One HP/Attack swap short of a perfect shiny! It's Timid, for Mega Charizard Y. Couldn't be happier.


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Y BQ #3 obtained!!

I've been hunting Munchlax pretty adamantly lately, and most of the time this hunt was accompanied by my Y BQ hunt. I had found a shiny Scraggy in a horde last week after a very quick 343 REs, counting towards my first phase on this hunt, as I am only interested in getting Kalos Pokémon for this BQ. I have since been told that hordes can be eliminated with a simple repel trick, which I am so thankful for, because they slowed down my hunt and increased the risk of getting an unwanted shiny (Scraggy being the perfect exhibit).

After 2823 REs following Scraggy's capture, I present to you Lux...

I am freaking out. Skiddo was my main target on this route (Route 5 Purple Flowers), I can't believe I got it so quickly. I was totally ready to find a Pancham, Furfrou or Bunnelby as well, but I think a Grass type will fit right onto my team. I still can't believe he's male. Between all my BQs, Budew and Buneary were my only two females.
Lux is also Careful nature, which is pretty good! IVs are looking nice too.

Glad to be making progress in Y but GOD Munchlax will have to bury me into my grave at this point. Yesterday marked the day on which my current hunt for Munchlax has taken me so far more time than it has taken me to find ALL 7 OTHER SHINIES in my Diamond BQ (75 days). Evil thing.

Good luck everyone!


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Another succesful hunt. Shiny Eevee, 239 eggs!

Ironic Att/Def IV spread since I chose a Bold nature, but what you gonna do? I'm happy.

Love shiny Sylveon. Such a cute boy. My short list of remaining shinies is Trevenant, Dragonair and the most elusive of all, Salazzle. Not sure what to do about it. Sos chaining seems like the safer bet, but no IV manipulation. Masuda gives me the IV chance, but odds are I'll get a male Salandit.


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After the sheer disappointment of getting no shinies during the Pokemon Go fest (but hey, got a zangoose and durant!), I was hoping desparately to have better luck during dragon week, and boy did I. I managed to get a shiny dratini and shiny trapinch, both of which I"ve never had before (I've always wanted a shiny trapinch, so I'm very happy), as well as a shiny horsea, so it was a MUCH better week for me. ^_^ I also got a shiny rattata on Let's Go Eevee while trying to do a chain for a shiny charmander, which still eludes me.


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Is it me or does Magikarp have boosted shiny odds in GO, because I got like seven of them

Mega Altaria

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Got two shiny Pikachu yesterday from the raids and I evolved one and gave the other one Gigantamax!

Now I just hatched another shiny Eevee, in 452 Eggs! The first one took 74 Eggs.






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Just caught a shiny Magikarp in Go. She's so adorable! :) Going to name her Blanche after Blanche from the Golden Girls.


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I have a question.

Is it possible to get shinies using masuda method without having encountered it in the wild?

Also does hatching eggs count for your encounter? Meaning like how if you've battled or caught so many your chances increase?

Gonna try for shiny feebas,got a Milotic in a raid but finding it to battle in the wild is to much hassle


Everything stays.
Is it possible to get shinies using masuda method without having encountered it in the wild?
... yes? I'm not sure I quite understand the question. Masuda Method isn't dependent on having found the Pokémon in the wild - if you manage to obtain the two parents who are natively from different languages through trade, you can use these for breeding purposes. If you only have one game, however, catching one of the parents in the wild makes it easier for you to begin your hunt, since you'd only need to find the other parent.

Also does hatching eggs count for your encounter? Meaning like how if you've battled or caught so many your chances increase?
Eggs hatched "count" as your encounters in the sense that you can tally up the number of eggs hatched because you're curious about the final number. But your chances of hatching a shiny through Masuda Method do not increase the more you hatch eggs - they stay at 1/683 without a shiny charm, or 1/512 with one, for each egg made.


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Thank you for the answer Everlasting

Had the craziest shiny day ever for me 3 shiny Magikarp in go,ones a shiny gyrados in sword now.

Finally managed a shiny Pikachu in the raid event,got 2 Pikachu and a Raichu and then when I was going to quit for the day hit one more raid and caught a shiny Scizor


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Caught a shiny pikachu from the special raid event! 1st try.

A lot better than the shiny wailord from the previous event which took 9 times. :confused:


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Picked up a shiny Venusaur from a raid. It seems like it might be sketch though. Female, square shiny, hidden ability, modest nature (not sure if that’s ideal or not), 4 perfect IVs. The one thing that gives me hope is that the raid actually moved forward. I encountered a shiny Noivern max raid once but was caught in a loop before it started - I assume that’s GF’s hack checking method?

There have actually been quite a few shinies I’ve gotten in raids like this that I’m not really sure about. When I put them up for trade I’m always honest about how I got them though....not sure if the raid itself was legit (the OT isn’t a .TV as far as I know), but I caught it legitimately.