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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
4th shiny Eevee in 379 Eggs! This one is also 6IV and has the Hidden Ability Anticipation. Really happy with getting this one.





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I started a new save file in Sword so I could see how Isle of Armor worked in the context of the main story. Before even registering for the league, I’ve already found a random shiny Happiny in the Forest of Focus!

I prefer its shiny to Chansey’s or Blissey’s so I think I’m gonna keep it as a small babe :) Do you think it could serve me well in the main game or should I stick with regular Chansey instead?


Everything stays.
Happy birthday to me!!
Haven't had a birthday shiny since 2013!! And this one, unlike my 2013 MM'd Budew, is full odds, too! :D


Shiny Whismur comes in to grace me on my birthday. <3 I'm so elated to add this one to my collection. So precious! And it's female, just like I wanted! I could nickname it after Bonnibel Bubblegum from AT, since, you know.... it's round and pink. Mild is such a fitting and great nature for what I plan to do with her as well.
I found this shiny as my brother was pulling us up in the Walmart parking lot and the sun was blinding my view and I just saw some mint green spots appear onto my screen and I screamed "WAIT IS THAT A SHINY WHISMUR????" before shoving my face right into my DS screen. What a thrill.
This marks BQ#2 for Sapphire! YES! I believe Route 110 will be the stage for my third hunt on Sapphire, where Electrike will be my main target. I initially thought I'd weed out Zigzagoon and Wingull with repel trick, but this method makes Oddish as common as Elektrike, and Oddish is the one Pokémon on this route I wouldn't want the shiny. And so I've decided to hunt regularly in the grass. I'll be very happy with everything else, though!

Good luck everyone!
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Talk about luck. While I betrayed my diet, there was a consolation in the very first Chansey I encountered being shiny.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
5th shiny Eevee in 117 Eggs! This one was so quick too, in both Eggs and the days since I last got shiny Eevee!




Everything stays.
Well that was insanely fast.

Y BQ#5 showed up in what must've been under 300 REs....


Shiny blue flower Flabébé is joining the party! I must say despite Spritzee being my main target, I'm relieved I didn't have to phase on this route. With my repel going, I had only about 38% chance of encountering something I desired (i.e. Spritzee or blue/white Flabébé). This isn't Spritzee, but I am thrilled regardless - especially considering blue Flabébé was a shiny I bred for in my Shiny Charm days. It's exciting to finally have a full odds one!
Magnolia is Careful natured, which is kind of unfortunate but when has a nature really mattered for me to use a shiny? I also managed to catch her in one of the few Dive Balls I had, with paralysis and False Swipe guaranteeing the capture. She's lovely!

I believe the next hunt for this BQ will be a full odds fishing hunt - Skrelp! Full odds means I have to either soft reset the first encounter or break the chain between each reel. Fortunately Skrelp is 65% encounter rate against Shellder's 35%, so the odds are in my favor that I won't need to phase. With Suction Cups, I don't think this hunt will be too bad.
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Congrats on all of the new shinies! Still no luck with my shiny Sobble hunt in Shield. Well over 600 or so eggs and it's being stubborn.
Got quite some shinies the past week.
First got a shiny Popplio after 281 eggs, then a shiny Mareanie after 293 and finally a shiny Wimpod after 378 eggs

Currently going for a shiny Jangmo-o, hatched over 760 of them so far, no shiny yet so this one might take a while.




Team Awesome
Well, after two frustrating weeks with no shinies, I managed to get THREE in Pokemon Go this week. First I got a shiny meditite as the result of a goal (and just about had heart palpitations after seeing one after two weeks), which I promptly evolved into Medicham. Next, I got my first-ever shiny exeggcute, which I also evolved into a standard (Kanto) exeggcutor. Finally, I got a shiny lotad, which is also my first three-star shiny so far in the game. I evolved him into Lombre, and I'm working on collecting candies right now to evolve him into Ludicolo. Now I've got my fingers crossed that I'll get shiny roselia before the event ends. (I already have one in the main games, but it is one of my all-time favorite shinies)
Got quite a lot of shiny luck the past 9 days. Jangmo-o hatched shiny not long after my last post at 920 eggs, got Mimikyu, Fomantis and Morelull each after a little over 300. Mudbray took a terrible 1663 eggs. But then Dhelmise hatched shiny after only 120 to make up for it.

Currently hunting Drampa. Going all out for the Alola mons atm








Hi All,

Wow, it's almost been a whole year since my last post here! In that time, I gave up a few hunts, started new ones, caught some shinies in Ultra Sun (SOS is my fave), and caught a bunch of raid shinies in Sword.

More recently, I completed my Sword dex and got the shiny charm - and promptly hatched a shiny g-ponyta I'd been trying to get for a year using mm! Same day I also caught a shiny g-zigzagoon after defeating around 740. It was a good day!

I got my hands on a copy of Heart Gold, so I've taken to SR for the starter - I want to try a shiny badge quest, but I think I'll probably need some encouragement along the way; I've never had a successful SR hunt - I've always given up. Hopefully this will be the one!

Congrats to everyone who found shinies in the year between my posts - fortunately too many to mention! And good luck to everyone out there hunting!


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Finally. After a massive 2,423 Murder Method encounters, he's here! https://twitter.com/Medichampion328/status/1304431524402442241?s=19

Serious nature, also with a Mark! https://twitter.com/Medichampion328/status/1304432845713072129?s=19

Holding off on EVing him just in case G-Slowking turns out physical, but at least I'm all set!

EDIT: Luck has returned! After only 125 resets, I get this! https://twitter.com/Medichampion328/status/1304496063353503744
Also marked! https://twitter.com/Medichampion328/status/1304497494785581056
Adamant as well! Just about perfect!
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...And I just SR over a shiny Cyndaquil... it had to happen at some point. Can't believe I did that. I am very mad at myself. There was a decent amount of cursing. Hopefully the next one shows soon!

To lighten up the mood of this post, I will include pictures of the recent shinies I've obtained.


Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
6th shiny Eevee in 694 Eggs! Took a lot longer than the others but that's still another shiny to add to the batch of shiny Eevees!




MS Paint Sableye
Hi there, I need a moment of your time to complain about shiny pokemon.
See, I've been shiny breeding off and on over the past few months for Shiny HA Venipede in a Heavy Ball. It's a bit of a successor to an older shiny breeding project from US/UM, this time with Venipede in an Apricorn ball. Back then I managed 2 shinies, neither with HA. Over the past month? I hatched 5 Venipede shiny... with no HA. And let me tell you, some of those took for-freaking-ever to get. I'm talking at least a week with constant hatching and no sparkles to show for it. And yes I have every possible shiny multiplier active.
After the 5th I decided to take a break from the breeding to handle some other mons I've been wanting to breed and play around in the Isle of Armor (which I haven't done much of). That included HA Scorbunny and HA Sobble. My policy with breeding starters is always to try and get a 5IV female of the starter to make certain breeding jobs easier later down the line, such as in a new generation.
Within two eggs of hatching the 5IV female Scorbunny, another female Scorbunny hatched shiny. With HA.
Afterwards I began work on Sobble. Before I could even get the female, shiny HA Sobble. And yes, this was within the same hour and a half of each other.
Two shinies. Within 2 hours. When before I went a week without any shinies.
I want it on the record that each time, I went "No. No. NO. WHY. WHYYYYYY."
...this has been me complaining about being lucky enough to hatch 2 HA starter shinies when I could hatch 5 shiny Venipede and have none of them be HA. Help me I have the Route 5 theme stuck in my head.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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It comes down to RNG and luck. Nothing you can do there but keep on trying. I've hatched some shinies fast and some slow. I'm well over 600 eggs into a shiny Sobble hunt. Took me 1 egg for a shiny Squirtle and around 400 or so for a shiny Charmander.