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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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I've been having a good run in Pokemon Go lately. ^_^ This week I managed to get two Kricketot, a shiny Roselia, and a shiny Ralts, all of which I haven't had in the game already (obviously with Kricketune, of course), and evolved all but one Kricketot. Now I hope to get a male Ralts down the line so I can get a shiny gallade too. I hope to get shiny Buneary one of these days in the game, too. I may have two in the regular games, but it's been one of my favorites for forever.
Congrats with all the shinies everyone ^^

Been hatching tons of eggs the past 6 days and got some pretty nice results.
Shiny Passimian hatched after 304 eggs, then went for Oranguru which took 641. Comfey took 237 eggs and Turtonator 187.

Only Togedemaru is left in terms of Alola shinies that are able to be hunted in gen 8. After Togedemaru I think I'm gonna start with gen 3.

Pics (including the Pyukumuku from my earlier hunt)






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Platinum has had Beldum swarm for something like seven of the past eight days. It's a sign that I need more. Still waiting for a Larvitar swarm. Putting some time into Sapphire and SS for RE and Safari shinies but nothing yet though I'm not expecting that to happen soon.


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Taking a bit of a break from my shiny Sobble hunt and getting back to hunting for a shiny Sandygast. Well worth trying for it.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Shiny Eevee in 1166 Eggs! The longest out of all of the hunts but this one is done thankfully that one is done!




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I don't get too many shinies in any game, so.. Glad to share that I got a shiny Giratina-O in Pokémon Go yesterday. Quite good iv's: 15/15/11. I'm happy with it. :)


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Does anyone know what the shiny odds are in Pokemon GO? I started playing a little less then 2 weeks ago and I already found 5 shinies. Does this seem normal or have I just been extremely lucky?


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Does anyone know what the shiny odds are in Pokemon GO? I started playing a little less then 2 weeks ago and I already found 5 shinies. Does this seem normal or have I just been extremely lucky?

They're higher than the normal games. The standard shiny rate is around 1 in 400ish.


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I got a couple of shinies this week that I've been wanting in Pokemon Go: Oddish and Houndour (x2). ^_^ These were the first Houndour I've had, and I'm glad I got a female Oddish because I always evolve them into Bellossom, my preferred evolution of the line (I already got several shiny Oddish in ORAS).

I'm still waiting on shiny Poochyena and Vulpix, though. T_T


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Hello everyone! It's been a little while.
With the new school year, I decided to take a break from shiny hunting to get my footing in this new semester. As such, I haven't had the pleasure to hunt since late August before I left for my campus apartment. I left my Pokémon games at home, and only had the opportunity to hunt on the first weekend of September when I came back to pick up some extra stuff.

Because of the pandemic, I've had more freedom to come home, and so I've only recently picked up the occasional hobby of hunting, with less might than before thankfully (which was the reason why I took a break in the first place). I've been so busy studying for midterms for the past two weeks that I only kept hunting for lunch breaks or for a few minutes before heading to bed as a way to cool down (mind you I went to bed at 2 or 3 am a lot of nights just to study as much as I could). I finally got through most of my midterms of the moment, and after a grueling 7 days of nonstop panicking and anxiety, I decided to take a much needed evening off after my exam earlier today. I picked up Munchlax again, and I was juggling this hunt with Skrelp and Route 110 on other games. Wouldn't you know it, Munchlax didn't shine, but something exciting did...


Shiny Zigzagoon on Route 110 in Sapphire, and BQ#3 for this game as well! This hunt took very little time to do, actually! A few hundreds encounters at most is what I believe I put into this specific hunt.
I love Zigzagoon, it's among my favorite Pokémon of all time, so I was very happy to find this so quickly! Specifically on this route, however, I had my mind set on getting Electrike, Gulpin, Minun or Plusle before I did Zigzagoon, but nonetheless, an awesome shiny. It has no business looking this vibrant! The regular coloration of Zigzagoon quite literally pales in comparison. I never tire of 3rd generation shinies.
Nicknamed the good boy Maple for his coloration and because I'm canadian and I can do whatever I want sksksks. It is Rash natured, which isn't really good, but seeing as he has near perfect Atk and Sp. Atk IVs, I think I can pull off a mixed Linoone with this one. ;)

School is still kicking my butt very hard at the moment, but I believe I found a better hunting-studying balance than I used to have months ago. I'm hoping more shinies are to come soon!
Munchlax is still my top priority for BQ#8 on Diamond, followed closely by Skrelp on Y for BQ#6. I'll be happily progressing in the story of Sapphire with my newest member, and my 4th BQ target shall be Spoink or Numel on Jagged Pass!! Praying not to get a Machop.

Good luck everyone!!
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So last night, I completed a hunt that was stolen from me way back from my Black 2 Badge Quest (where I got a Pelipper before I even got to the planned hunting location. So, what did I get?
Hasty nature, with a 31 IV in Attack, not too shabby!

EDIT: Shiny Shinx after only 167 encounters! Marked too!

Serious nature, and with that mark and that face, it is pretty amusing!
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Togedemaru finally shone after 1702 eggs. Must've been one of the longest MM hunts I've ever done.
And that was it for Alola, at least until I decide to do MM hunts in gen 7 again. I'm not 100% sure if I even left one of my Ditto in there though.

Hoenn's gonna be next, thinking of going for the original Zigzagoon first~


I started up my Ultra Sun again, deciding to lowkey try for the Ultra Beasts after I found out the cutscenes only play during your first encounter with one. Buzzwole was the first I found twice so I decided to try for it. It literally shone after a bit over half an hour, which beats my Terrakion hunt which lasted for just an hour and a half. Never thought I'd beat that nor that I'd get a shiny so fast after SR'ing again after more than a year.


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Did some more SR'ing in between hatching Zigzagoon eggs for my Hoenn Zigzagoon hunt (which is taking quite some eggs). Anyways, I was trying for Nihilego and it shone after only 3 hours of resetting~

Got to Kartana's place now so that's the next SR target. Only 3 more Ultra Beasts to go in this game. It's sad that Blacephalon and Stakataka weren't made part of the wormhole pool though. I'll be able to hunt for Stakataka on Ultra Moon since I didn't complete it yet, but I'm not gonna start a new file on my Ultra Sun just to hunt a Blacephalon in the future.



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I got five shiny charmanders in the Community Day this week, the first ones I've ever gotten, and I evolved one into Charizard. ^_^ I'm glad I was able to get a female too. Also, this checks off another item on my Shiny Rocketdex hunt, my quest to obtain shinies of all of Jessie and James's pokemon (yes, Grating Spaces counts in my book).

I also got one shiny vulpix this week that I evolved. ^_^


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Nice! Congrats.

And congratulations to everyone who has caught shinies lately.

Got up to 800 now on my shiny Sandygast hunt. Took a break tonight to investigate Crown Tundra a bit.


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I've been Breeding shinys in my Sword since i been playing it xmas 2019

Lucky ones i got without actually trying (just breeding early game for a decent nature)

Sucessful Breedings include
2 Grookys, 1 with HA
HA Sobble
a few Eevees
HA Litten

Im most proud of my Scorbunny however
First Egg, Hidden Ability and Female Shiny
It was like a sign how lucky it was

Currently working on