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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Monox D. I-Fly

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Got a Shiny Spearow in Pokemon Go some days ago and evolved it to a Shiny Fearow. I don't know why but when I showed it to people in my community, they said that they thought it's just a myth.


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Got a shiny Snivy today in Pokemon Go. Might keep it there, but not sure just yet.


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Encountered and caught a shiny Dhelmise in a random raid. The only unfortunate thing was that I wasn’t comfortable using the Dream Ball we just got. But the Repeat Ball works thematically just as well :)


Team Awesome
I found Serebii's list of shinies that have been released in Pokemon Go and wrote down all the ones that haven't been (and crossed off Trubbish and Smeargle since they're being released very soon), so now I don't have to wonder anymore what's shiny in the game.

At least I've had a pretty busy week, with not only three shiny snivys on Community Day, but TWO shiny minuns and a shiny plusle which are new for me, Tailow again, and Wurmple again. I've got my fingers crossed right now that my unlucky streak with Magmar and Male Nidoran will end this week. Send me good vibes and luck, everyone.


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This has been a crazy week for shinies! Got a Nidoran-F in Pokemon Go and Glaceon and Absol in Max Raids in Sword!


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Yesterday I decided I wanted to hunt for a shiny Spinda. I used to have one but I traded it away a few years ago. So I reset my Omega Ruby (I wanted to play through it again so this was a good opportunity) and made it up to the Spinda route and grabbing a Sweet Scent user to start horde hunting. I had to do this with full odds since my living dex is in HOME now, but I figured it shouldn't be too bad with the horde hunting method. Well luck shined on me and exactly 150 hordes in and a beautiful shiny Spinda appeared. I caught it in a Premier Ball, went off to train it on some old routes to use in my playthrough, then came back to continue my playthrough.

Continuing into the route near the Soot Collector's house, the Dexnav beeped, telling me a Spinda with Water Pulse was nearby. "Ooh, that's neat, I might as well catch that while I'm here." Why am I mentioning this? Well, if it wasn't obvious, that Spinda was also shiny! Yes, I ended up getting 2 shiny Spinda today, about 2 hours apart. Both full odds too. Now, I know there's some shiny hunting mechanic involved so it technically wasn't "full odds," I really only encountered like maybe 5 Pokemon in between the two, so it was more or less full odds. Point is, I freaked out, I went in expecting to get my one shiny Spinda, but I came out with two!

And here's a look at their patterns on the summary page:



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Sadly shiny magmar still continues to evade me in Pokemon Go. T_T But on the plus side, I finally got a shiny male nidoran this past week, so now I have shiny nidoking and nidoqueen. :)


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Coming back to this thread with a new shiny for 2021!


So I enter a twitch stream of a streamer I was following. They were doing the Eiscue magic den trick for all of the followers. This is the special Eiscue den TPC was promoting for World Penguin day. I decided to insert my Sword game into my Switch to participate. This was worth it for my first shiny of 2021.


Team Awesome
I got two new Pokemon Go shinies this week, one of which I've never had as a shiny. Although it was great to finally get a shiny bellsprout- in the wild on Friendship Day, not with Team Rocket- I was glad to finally get a shiny totodile. I've never had one at all. With it, I now have two of three shiny starters for each of the first four generations in the game. I'm only missing squirtle, cyndaquil, torchic, and turtwig (I've never had any of them as shinies either except for torchic). So I'm really excited. ^_^ I also hatched a shiny Alolan Meowth, so that makes one wild and one shiny one I've gotten in the game, both Alolan.

I'm hoping I'll get shiny Aipom with the new challenge, even more than Smeargle.


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So I got a shiny Eiscue from the event, but I’m not sure it’s legit. I see on the raid table that it says “Guaranteed (Square)” for the events, but can it be a star too? Because mine is.


I just learned that there's a Shiny thread. That's cool. Or maybe I've seen it before and forgot about it. Either way. :confused:

My most recent Shinies are three Shiny G-Meowth. I fully trained one and evolved it into a Perrserker. I'm saving the other two for trades in the future