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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Congrats to Kyuu-Tales on Taillow and G-Max Alcremie (love that cake!), TheMaster327 on Claydol, Lanturn, Tyrantrum, Absol, Entei, Latios, Reshiram, Zygarde (my Zygarde hunt was awful I just reset a successful run a bunch of times until I got it), Giratina, Foongus, Escavalier, the absolutely beautiful moon ball Cresselia, Cobalion, Zekrom, Kartana, Virizion, Terrakion, Passimian, Uxie, Yungoos, and Landorus (phew, you are a shiny hunting machine!), LeoMessi10 on G-Zigzagoon (though it came at a price—sorry about that Cutiefly!), Teravolt on Suicune, Entei, Latias, and that stubborn Zekrom (lmao at Waldo), Phillies on Scyther, multiple Eevees, Lycanroc, Sneasel, Seedot, Beldum, Ledyba, Pidgey, Weedle, and Clefairy, Auraninja on Eevees, Monox D. I-Fly on Eevee and a hopefully fixed laptop, and wobbanut on 5 Eevees.

Sorry if I missed anyone!

There's not much talk about GO shinies in the thread compared to the core games, and I'm curious why. Is it because it's too "easy" to do so?
I’ve never played lol. It seems fun, though! I really liked the overworld shinies in LGPE even if they were “easy”.

Hello! new here, I am not a fan of the increased and ease of how to get shiny pokemon on the new games so I was thinking of starting a shiny badge quest on a old Soul Silver game :)

would anyone be interested in updates and or want to join me?
Welcome! I’m new too. :) I would love to hear your updates—HGSS are my absolute favorite games. I wish I could join you but I‘m currently in the middle of an XY BQ. HGSS BQ is one of my goals though so I may do one at a later date.

Well, I haven’t had much time to hunt lately but I did manage to get my 2nd BQ member…after 5 phases. That’s right, after an Azurill at 4,932 RE, a Bunnelby at 6,743 RE, another Bunnelby at 8,932 RE, a Psyduck at 14,232 RE, and another Azurill at 19,111 RE, I finally got my Litleo after a total of 21,064 REs! I am very happy to be leaving Route 22. After I trash Grant I plan on setting up on Route 6 for shiny Espurr. That thing is just so dang cute.

My Arctozolt hunt has reached 8800 total fossils seen and I’ve hatched 250 eggs for my second Slowpoke. Really hoping Arctozolt shines before 10k. I’ve also gotten somewhat sidetracked with shiny breeding in Gold VC after I learned of the shiny Ditto trick. I’ve set up a side hunt for Cyndaquil on that game which is currently at 50 eggs.

Good luck to Kyuu-Tales on Combee and/or Xerneas if you decide to hunt them (Xerneas has a lovely shiny), WishIhadaManafi5 on Beldum, Phillies on Mewtwo, Xionea on Pheromosa if you’re still hunting it, and everyone else!
Oh wow, I haven't posted here in ages. I've shiny hunted a ton the past few months, completing the hunts for the remaining breedable pokemon available in Sw/Sh that I didn't have yet. I've continued my hunts in Ultra Moon as well, catching shiny Kyogre, Latias, Palkia, Zekrom and Yveltal.

Currently I'm SR'ing for a shiny Pheromosa on Ultra Moon and lowkey started a Regieleki hunt in Shield. Celesteela and Stakataka are the only Ultra Moon ones I still need after Pheromosa so I'm almost there.


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today was a great day!
Yesterday’s Shiny: Azelf (named Azul)
BONUS Shiny Absol (60)
Shiny Cramorant (66)
BONUS Shiny Drapion (83)
Azelf (102)

Today’s Shiny: Uxie (Esmerelda, after 8 catches and 9 raids)

I also got a random shiny Mewtwo. His name is 7-Up.


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I only got a shiny Wurmple this week, but it was worth it because with this third one I now have both shiny Dustox and shiny Beautifly. ^_^


Shiny hunting in the main games have been put on hold briefly. I caught a shiny Tangela in PoGO yesterday, though!


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Its been a good last few days for me hunting in Dynamax Adventures. On Saturday I managed to finally catch the shiny Mewtwo that I had been hunting for a while. Sunday I managed to catch Tapu Lele, yesterday I got a Beartic and finally today I got a Zygarde. I can't complain about that at all and am glad that the Zygarde hunt didn't last long since I wasn't having much luck beating it by myself.


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Just got a shiny Dusk Lycanroc in a raid! Trying to think up a nickname…it’s a girl :)

Edit: After combing through a dog name list, her name is Piper.
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Wish I had the dedication that TheMaster327 has with Dynamax Adventures. I'm probably pushing 100 runs for this phase of Lunala, but no luck. But my on again, off again Mudkip MM hunt is over. Probably around 250 or so eggs if I had to guess.


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Hello! It's been a LONG while since I've posted but I recently got my shiny Rowlet!
It was a on/off hunt I was doing since Sun/Moon that I would always pause to breed other pokemon/shiny hunt something else!

I got mostly lucky with Rowlet! I'm gunna say it was maybe 500 eggs total (180 in that batch) to hatch a shiny!
She hatched FEMALE! With perfect IVs! However, no HA.

I've also been doing Dynamax Adventures for fun since the odds are about 1/100 (with charm) I've probably did about 30 of them, with no luck. I asked my sister to do a Mewtwo one with me, and she got a shiny mewtwo in her first dynamax adventure. I was so mad lol. I feel like I get paired with bimbos and a lot of times we fail the legendary raid.

I haven't done loads of hunts this gen but I have MMed a shiny Alola Vulpix, Larvitar, Riolu, Dreepy, and now the Rowlet. I don't remember the numbers on ANY of them but Riolu - 81 eggs!

My current hunts are MM Moon ball noibat (over 240 right now - I have a lot of spare 5iv if anyone is interested) and REs for Frosmoth. I hit up dynamax adventures every once in a while to see if I can get lucky (i have suicune, xerneas, mewtwo saved) but they usually irritate me after 3 rounds hahaha!

Hunts are going slower because I'm ONLY hunting if I'm streaming, so I can save the video and upload it lol. I used to do a lot of shiny hunting videos on yt, so now I'm back at it! Rowlet was my first upload in a while!

Hoping to be back soon with Noibat/Frosmoth/Raid shiny!


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Hi fellow shiny hunters! Haven't logged on in SerebiiForums for a couple years now, due to a lot of personal issues in real life, but i've still been shiny hunting on and off during that time on Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon Shield, (i got rid of my DS/3DS Pokemon games a while back and i REGRET it!).

Recently though i've bought Soul Silver, Black, Platinum and Pokemon X, and i'm going to start picking shiny hunting up more seriously again (rather than just on and off), and i'm aiming to see what games i can find next week.

I have got a fair few shinies since i was last here, some of my favorites are my shiny Centiskorch, shiny Toxtricity, shiny Thievul, Galarian Rapidash, Alolan Ninetales and a random shiny Blaziken (that i got through Dynamax Adventures earlier this year), all in Pokemon Shield!

For the past few days though i was doing MM on Pokemon X for a shiny Fennekin and i got one today after i don't know how many eggs (i'll edit the post later how many as all the hatched Fennekin's are still in the PC, so i can work it out xD).

I still have like 12 boxes of Fennekin eggs to hatch yet though so maybe i'll get another if i'm really lucky! Probably not but it's nice to dream ^^

Note: I'll edit the post later after hatching the remaining eggs in the boxes and maybe upload (if i can remember how, it's been forever) ^^;

EDIT: Here he is! Hope this works ^^;


He hatched after 361 eggs on 16th September 2021 (this morning), at around 10:45am and has his hidden ability! Would of got him last night if i'd started hatching eggs i collected yesterday but oh well! xD

Only been able to hatch four more boxes today, with 9 boxes of eggs still unhatched which i'll try and do tomorrow, highly doubt i'll get another in this batch though xD

Congrats to everyone who've gotten shinys! And good luck to everybody in their current hunts! ^^
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