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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Well today was a day. First up, #5 in the SSQ.
Carnivine turned out a Sassy nature!
Not too long after that, while doing some treasure hunting, my first 1/4,096 shiny shows up!
Barboach (now Whiscash) is a Calm nature!
Not done yet! After around 7 hours, a second 1/4,096 shiny shows up, but it wasn't the 1/2,048 Qwilfish I was after...
Tentacruel turned out a Serious nature. Swapped her in for Whiscash to have less of a weakness to Grass overall.
Done now? Nope! Not half an hour after Tentacruel, a shiny Tangela shows up in an outbreak!
Tangela is a Hardy nature. Swapped him in for Carnivine, Energy Ball so much better than Absorb.
OK, that's all for today!


Eh, ragazzo!
And shiny Bibarel shows up, therefore making my total (non-guaranteed) shiny total to five.

Only Yanma had a reroll given the mass outbreak event.

Edit: I didn't realize Research level 10 gave you a reroll. Yanma was the only one with a significant reroll then.

Edit: In one day, I caught 4 different shinies, effectively doubling the amount of shinies I have in Legends: Arceus.
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My shinies in Legends so far are only 2. A Starly at 1/4096 and an Electabuzz from an outbreak. Most outbreaks haven't been kind to me in terms of shiny Pokémon. I'll hunt a couple eventually, Zorua especially, that's a major target!


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Finished off the SSQ today (well, in terms of the shinies, still on Star 7 currently)! First shiny today was an Alpha, the second on the Quest!
Glameow, now Purugly, took 13 village resets (was resetting a Qwilfish outbreak) and is a Quirky nature!
Not to be put out by not getting Qwilfish, I persevered and finally got her after multiple village resets!
Qwilfish is a Naughty nature, suitable for making me wait that long!
So this will be the team to complete PLA, despite still only about to beat


cilan lives forever in my heart
My shiny Pokemon:
Metagross (Caught in Sapphire)
Registeel (also Sapphire)
Gyarados (traded to me from a friend; arrived on Platinum)
Suicune (event)
Latias (Caught in HeartGold)
Rayquaza (Caught in HeartGold)

How's this? I did not soft reset for any of these.
Probability! That’s super impressive!


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Currently at 10 shiny Unown, with a few extras from outbreaks and just flying over to the ruins to check.
From Outbreaks: Braviary, Basculin (now Basculegion), Lickitung (now Lickilicky), Pachirisu and Turtwig.
From flying to the ruins: Psyduck x2 (one now Golduck) and a Kricketot just now. Have been ignoring duplicate shinies along the way (Carnivine) but will catch if a shiny alpha.


Team Awesome
I finally finished the pokedex in Let's Go Eevee after god knows how many times I tried to level up pokemon and earn money by catching pokemon and battling the Elite 4 before I learned that you can re-battle gym leaders in the game. Whew. So I used the excuse of leveling up pokemon to go through round after round after round of catching Lickitungs before I finally found a shiny one last night. FINALLY, one of the most frustrating pokemon to shiny hunt is mine, after going through hell since X and Y and Sun and Moon and Pokemon Go trying to catch one. This also means that I finally have Team Rocket's entire Kanto team as shinies (meowth, ekans, arbok, koffing, weezing, magickarp, licktung, female weepinbell, female victreebel, shellder). Yay! Now all I need is a male Wobbuffet to at least have their entire team for the first five seasons.

Also, in fresh shiny news, I got my first shiny castform in Pokemon Go.


Shiny Hunter
Hi everyone, I haven't been on this forum in years. I got back into shiny hunting. I'm soft resetting for a shiny Ekans on VC Gold, I'm up to 370 SR. I'm also trying to get a shiny from the odd egg in VC Crystal. I have done it 3 times already, I don't have any of the shiny Pokemon from the egg.


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I caught a shiny Jynx in Pokemon GO today, which is a shiny I've hunted (and failed to get) in the past and today I just encountered one while walking around town!


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Got 2 shinies in Pokemon Legends Arceus so far, Ponyta (named Bowie, after David Bowie, aka: Diamond Dog) and Shinx (just ran into him tonight, full odds, caught him and named him Jack McCoy).

Fred Garvin

Drone Pilot
Got a shiny Tyrantrum this morning in a Den Raid. Just popped online to check for sweet apples and other spawn. Checked for any joinable raids, got in on the Tyrantrum and it spawned shiny. Sweet!


Shiny Hunter
I got to Snowpoint City and went underground. I looked for items and Pokemon I'm missing for the Pokedex. I caught a Gastly and trained it to evolve into a Haunter. When I went up to a Bronzer, it was shiny. I threw a Nest Ball because the colors would look nice on it, but it pop out and attack my Gastly. it was on Red and didn't want to loose it, I only had Gastly and a level 7 Gible in my party. So I threw the Net ball and caught it. I have it on my main team now and it's a Bronzor. I caught it 5 minutes before midnight so it was short to be a spring shiny.


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I usually don't talk about Pokemon Go shinies because no-one else seems to, but this has a story to it. So I have been trying to get Tapu Bulu through the battle system and I ended up getting a shiny Feebas as the Pokemon encounter this time. I wanted the Bulu, but I guess for once this is a worthy trade-off. It also means I can get a shiny Milotic without having to trade


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Been a while since I've updated on my BDSP Grand Underground SBQ, got 3 shinies since last update...
Gastly (now a Gengar) is Rash nature!
Girafarig ended up as Relaxed!
And final update from BDSP tonight...
Swablu ended up being Timid!

As for the Unown quest in PLA...
Just the one to go, as you can see...


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I certainly wasn’t about to let a shiny Eevee (Which is now an Umbreon) run away from me in PLA. Eevee, be a good dog and stay put so I can catch you.