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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Got lucky yesterday in Violet. Was just wandering around and item gathering and raiding, when I ran into a shiny Skiddo. Caught it.


New Member
my first shiny in gen 9 is paldean wooper (before I even got to the first gym, without a shiny charm) I named him yippee
and so far in this rabbithole I've got a total of 31 shinies on my scarlet file (19 of which were found random, 3 through MM and 9 through sandwiches and mass outbreaks) and 5 on my shield file (all through MM)
Congratulations on your shiny Paldean Wooper and your impressive shiny collection! It's remarkable to find so many shinies, especially without the shiny charm. Your dedication to shiny hunting across multiple games shows true commitment and adds a unique flair to your Pokémon journey. Keep up the fantastic work, Trainer.


Veteran member
I got really lucky today on Pokemon Go. I got invited to a raid instead of having to use the campfire for one, which I'm glad for since I needed Tapu Fini to finish getting all the Alolan Guardians in the game. I was in disbelief when it turned out to be shiny, AND I got it on the first ball.
When it comes to the Tapu raids I've been fortunate to get all four of them in their black finish


yeah that guy
does anybody care about pokemon quest nowadays?
anyways, I got a shiny Vulpix in this free-to-play Rumble wannabe mobile game. it was so high level so I evolved it right away into Ninetales
such a beautiful shiny even when it looks like a blocky toy


New Member
Thank you for providing these important rules and announcements for the community. I appreciate you taking the time to clearly outline the guidelines and provide helpful information.