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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Team Awesome
I've got all my shinies listed below, minus the first kricketune I traded and the illumise I traded. Oh yeah, and the two red gyarados, but they don't really count anyway.

My favorite is definitely psyduck. He was my second shiny, and I absolutely adore him. :D Being my favorite of Misty's pokemon, it was even more special.


Hunting Sparkles
I just hit 2,000 RE's for Eevee and going strong. The main reason that i'm posting is to answer some questions that were posted.
Which brings up the question, how did you all get into shiny hunting? Did you find a random shiny and decided you wanted more (like I did lol) or something else?.
With me, I had a hard time catching Kyurem in Black so I went online to look for some tips to catch it. Most of the results were about Shiny Kyurem so I decided to look at what a shiny was and found my first ever hunted Shiny, Poynta and have been hooked ever since. Out of the shinies that i own my favorite is Herbie my Meganium *snuggles*.
EDIT: I've decided to start a BQ on my White version as well. I'll be dividing my time between them as BQ's are super fun! I'm currently on 4 SR's for Tepig XD.
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I used up my shiny luck... The very first shiny I ever got was Totodile, before I knew what shinies were. I thought it was weird that he was a different color and glinted and thought it was a glitch, so I saved my game and turned it off (thank God I saved it xD)

Me and that Totodile, we were so tight man. I had to sell my Crystal version in order to get a newer game though, and there's nothing else I could've done with him as a Feraligatr at level 100 anyway... but still. No shinies since then. Not even in chaining.


Well-Known Member
First, the pictures of Turtwig that I didn't get around to posting last time.




I tried hatching Pidgeys, and while they hatch very quickly, they are also very boring, so I set that aside after 100 eggs. I decided to go after shiny Shellder with Skill Link next. Just got it, 475 eggs later. Thankfully it has Skill Link. It's one of my better bred shinies, with Rock Blast as an egg move and max IVs in HP, Atk, and Speed.




I'm glad I only stored a single box last night, and I saved that egg right before I ragequit, turned off my DS, and lost a few eggs. Guess I'll go back to Pidgeys. I should stop MM'ing - it's holding me back from getting shiny legendaries. And I strained my wrist a bit too.

Too many shinies this week to acknowledge, but my condolences to Dangertrout and CpChris for health issues.

Uh, how did I get started in shiny hunting? I hatched a shiny Karrablast accidentally while I was breeding for IVs. That was the first time that ever happened, so I tried to see if I could repeat my success. And again, and again... I have around 20 shinies on Gen V carts, I think.
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Shiny Dragon Master
i think i used up my shiny luck aswell(after the 3 Dreamyard shinies[none=Venomoth :(]), currently at 7012(i know still under odds/my every now and again 10k REs..), but this is in double grass(10k usually in caves)....and to make things worse...it started raining on Route 12 :'(...will surely cut my encounters rate(with having to watch the animation+it telling me it started to rain[like i didnt know already XD]), and my SRs are at a crawl...if that....maybe 15 every few hrs depending how bored i get/how motivated i am atm.

grats on recent shinies/good luck on all hunts :)

hoping for either Pinsir or Rapidash, and hoping against Cherrim(bad shiny), Sunkern(good chance ill miss it[look the same]), or Combee(like 99.9% Male...)
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Active Member
Hi everyone...
Still searching time between homework and sports to hatch some treecko eggs, but i think tonight i will hatch about 50 or so.
Everyone good luck on their hunts!!

And i have a silly question..
When you guys are doing RE, do you just go on one route over and over again until a shiny pokemon appears?


IV Breeder
So I was EV training a friends Lotad for the last three hours getting pissed off with Bacsulins because for some god awful reason I could never run from them. Keep having to burn revives on lotad and whatnot, but that isn't important. I'm essentially 3 Marills away from finishing the HP portion of the grind when suddenly:


Sweeeeet. Gold evolution is siiiiick.


It's Rash. HP Ghost


Not bad at all. No shiny charm either. I haven't finished my dex.
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So, I never knew what anyone was talking about when they mentioned their synchronizer working.
Found out today and went looking in my box for one with a good nature! Gardevoir, Kadabra, Espeon, and Alakazam where no good for my Litwick hunt.
Finally - the oldest pokemon I have in my current games - had modest nature. My female Xatu from one of my old games of Ruby/Sapphire!
I don't know why this Xatu last through out my games and why it's the only one, but I'm not complaining!

180 eggs for community hunt as of now
1400+ RE and 90 eggs for Litwick!
Hoping for something to shine this week!


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I wanna get back into Shiny Hunting. I would like to start with SRing Kyurem in White 2 and Im saved in front of it. Im unsure when I'll start this hunt but soon. Hopefully it isnt too bad. Id also like to get Cresselia this way seeing as it's stationary and am very tempted to get another Mesprit for Gen 5.


Gym Leader
I'm not a shiny hunter, but I love it when I accidentally stumble upon one. The only one I've found in Gen 5 is a shiny Azurill, which popped up on the first day I started playing Black 2. At first I wanted to train it in my team until I saw the pee-colored shiny Azumarill. :/ So, I evolved it into Marill and I think I'm just going to leave it at that. I love it's green coloring, I named it Apple. :)


Shiny Catcher!
I finally got my shiny electrike that I lost!

I'm so happy, though the darn thing did NOT want to be captured. The time on my Nikon's video nearly ran dry ;c;.
I named her Loyalty. Not really sure why but I feel I should probably train this one.

Cool Boy

Be fearless
Today Im starting Charmander hunt wish me luck :3


Shine Baby, Shine!
Congrats on the recent shinies!
I'm sorry for your loss Master Leo :C hopefully he will reappear soon!
I'm currently at 1500 hunts for petilil. I ended up searching in Lostlorn forest.
Looking at all these shiny hunt petilils getting it before 1k makes me sad :c


Shiny Hunter
Congratz on the recent shinies guys!And Master leo,I hope Lugia shines soon so you could reclaim it.;)
OK!The funniest thing happened today.
I was at the lake of rage and before I could go and catch shiny Gyarados a shiny Magikarp decided to pop up.I caught it.It's female and impish.:p


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@2rsa Haha I've read a couple of stories of that happening to other people too! There must be something in the water lol.

Many congrats on all the other shinies too.

Haven't had a chance to hatch any eggs today but stocked up 150 ready for tomorrow.

Best of luck everyone.


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Exeggcute is making me work for it. 850 eggs so far. Dagnabit, it got away from me 9 years ago in Leaf Green (stumbled on it in the @#$% safari zone) and its not coming easy this time either :p


Umbreon Bob

Active Member
Started my shiny hunt for an Eevee through breeding. I have no idea what I am doing and hopefully something good will hatch out of the eggs. I am thinking of buying a german heart gold version which is being sold for cheaps in my area just for a different language ditto. Would that work?


I need some help here guys. I have 5 shinnies in my Pokemon White version and I want to trade them to my B2. But over the summer I traded a Tirtwig for a Hacked Shiny(didn't know it at the time) now I can't trade my legit caught shinnies over to my B2 version. What do I do?

Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
I have made absolutely no progress today, but I did make a lot yesterday. I made it to 9,450ish REs in my SS BQ Route 32 hunt. At this point, as long as it doesn't surpass my first Magnemite and it isn't rattata/hoppip, I'll be happy.

Congrats on the recent shinies everybody, and as usual good luck!