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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Cobalion's Champion
Wow I just would like to congratulate everyone on their shiny successes! It gives me hope that one day I will actually catch one...or at least see one in one of my games. I have been playing a Pokemon game every day that I physically can since Soulsilver first hit the shelf and have never encountered one.
Well I guess that is not mathematically true when my spouse went to make dinner I was asked to get his guys back to the Pokecenter, heal and save for him. In that one random encounter along the way I encountered a shiny Bidouf which I caught for them. *Headdesks*


Beware the cuteness
Congrats on the new shines. ^^

I been reing on route 211 for day, now. I really hope chingling, meditite or bronzor shine. I also wanted to start starters shinies quest. I am hoping that I can get people to trade me kanto, jonto and honnen, but I dot have anything worth trading yet. :/


~Draco Rex~
Congrats J-Tech, BlazeTorchic, Helio, JAWAYami, City, TheMaster, Master Leo, TheEliteEmpoleon, starrrah, Bariokie, Kitty, Miar, NintendoFan82, cocoa, Luna, Scrufox86, wobbanut, ohjeezitskim, VictorC, Venonat, J-Tech and *Murkrow on your newest shinies!

Also, (Breaking this up so it's not one huge chunk of text XD) congrats to Dangertrout, Waffle King, gustavo, pokemaster13, ChaChi, Birds of Paradise, JohnNiles, Crimson_Blazer, 2rsa, blue8arman, -Staryu, bro, Cyndajay, Shine, HGaddict, Zane, HootingLilligant, RedJirachi, Soulink and anyone else if I've missed them on your latest shinies too!

I can't believe there's been so many this month already o.o.

I'm at 4475 SRs for Kyurem on White, and 240 eggs for Eevee on Soulsilver. I'm almost through hatching a batch of 30 eggs I collected earlier though, so if nothing shines in these last 10 eggs I'll actually be at 270.

I didn't realise so many other people were hunting/ have hunted for Eevee this month too XD it definitely gives me more motivation to get mine! I'd love to be able to actually complete the Community Hunt for once... T_T.

Good luck everyone, as always ^_^.


Shiny Hunter
I've decided o put both my Eevee and Latias hunt on hold.I'm thinking about starting a BQ on my new White.I don't want to ruin my white forest though.I'll be SRing for starter and decide after it shone.


Shine Baby, Shine!
Congrats to cocoadragon, City of Delusion, HGaddict, *Murkrow, and Sparkling Sapphire! and your shinies!

As for me, I /finally/ found a timid synchornizer yesterday. So now I have been SR for Shiny Volcarona. I'm only at 24 SR, mostly because my last week of school is next week eep > <;;
But that means afterwards I can do all kinds of shiny hunts~! Hooray~!

Goodluck to everyone else on their hunts! Especially TheMaster327, that is one stubborn Tauros D:


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to HGaddict on Meowth, *Murkrow on Raticate (sorry it wasn't the one you wanted :s) and SparklingSapphire on Graveler!

I've hatched 1755 eggs for Eevee and it still refuses to shine! But I'm still happy that I got Chikorita so quick (sorry Crimson_Blazer, hope you get your shiny starter soon!). Good luck everyone!


Well-Known Member
Putting all other hunts on hold until Tauros decides to shine... Now at 7,970 eggs... Going for that MM record now...


Team Awesome
I didn't realize until I looked up where Marill, my current hunt, is to be found that I realized how horrible a time I'd have finding it outside of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald (I've basically given up on 3rd gen hunting). I can find them by the bucketful off Verdanturf, but anywhere else is very limited except for the Safari Zone, and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try the Safari Zone (I've been lucky not to have a shiny fail... yet). To make up for the lack of places to hunt, I'm going to dual hunt Marill in Platinum on Route 215 with Buneary on Diamond in Eterna Forest. Even if I don't get either of them, at least there's a ton of other pokemon in those areas I haven't gotten as shinies, excluding roselia/budew. And at least I brought a wobbuffet along in case I find a shiny abra.

Wish me luck, guys. If it takes too long to get marill, I'm definitely going to MM one.


Still have yet to find solrock... Well randomly found shiny adamant phanpy, and sr'ed for shiny bold omanyte, shiny impish kabuto, and shiny adamant cranidos. I also need to go chain for shiny porygon by tomorrows end. I guess that will be my main goal for now. Good luck everyone!


Cobalion's Champion
How many eggs does it take for you on average using the MM method? I have gone through about a 1000 Charmander eggs so far with no luck.

Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
Congrats on the many shinies lately, ill try to name everyone next time!

Im up to 16,680 REs on route 32 in SS. Also I'm up to 100 hours on it, so hooray...

Good luck to everyone on your hunts.


Well-Known Member
Congrats to Shine, CityofDelusion, gustavo14, PaddysTurtwigFanClub, HGaddict, J-Tech, starrah, Daisymareep, Zane Clarthy, HootingLilligant, *Murkrow, TheMaster327, ohjeezitskim, RedJirachi, cocoadragon, ChaChi and any I missed on your shinies since my last post.

Today I finally picked up my HG BQ again and after about an hr of hunting BQ #4 appeared. All up its been just over 2 months of on and off hunting, approx 126hrs of game time and approx 23,300 encounters. My number 1 want from the route shiny mankey appeared. Extremely happy I got this as its exclusive to HG. I was nervous about attacking so I threw an ultra ball and it caught on the first ball at full health. This marks the end of my longest RE hunt so far.


I found mankey whilst also hatching eggs for skorupi on Black. Don't know how many I've hatched now but once I've finished what I collected it will be over 2000. I have a box and a bit left to go. I also started hunting in Castelia garden for BQ #3 on my W2.

I plan to hunt poliwag via surf in ecruteak city for BQ#5 on HG.

Good luck to those still hunting. Particularly those on long hunts.


Well-Known Member
Congrats Cyndajay! Awesome shiny! Primeape is such a boss too!

Gonna continue by hunt for Turtwig today. Wish the resets didn't take so long but I'm still enjoying the hunt. It's easy just mashing the A button whilst just watching TV! Time to pop in season 3 of LOST now!

Best of luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter
Crimson_Blazer is gonna kill me.. 2nd shiny Chikorita!


As you can see, this one has a Modest nature which is nice and I knew I was going to start getting repeats so its not that surprising but what is surprising is how quick it shone! I just started yesterday! Hopefully Totodile/Eevee shines next. Gratz Cyndajay on Mankey and good luck everyone.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to ohjeezitskim on Litwick, Cyndajay on Growlithe, Shine on Sandshrew, City Of Delusion on Fearow, gustavo 14 on Sneasel, PaddysTurtwigFanClub on Squirtle, HGaddict on Paras, J-Tech on Shellder, starrrah on Horsea, Daisymareep on Drifloon, Zane Clarthy on Pawniard, Houka on Woobat, HootingLilligant on Eevee, *Murkrow on Solosis, TheMaster327 on Registeel, ohjeezitskim on Petilil, RedJirachi on Virizion, cocoadragon on Buizel, ChaChi on Ho-Oh, City Of Delusion on Chikorita, HGaddict on Meowth, *Murkrow on Raticate, SparklingSapphire on Graveler, Cyndajay on Mankey and City Of Delusion on Chikorita (again!)

One question though - some of you seems to be RE/SR-ing without using a Synchronizer, I'm curious, is there any reason why you don't use a Synchronizer?

I used a Synchronizer on one shiny, Latias, because I just happened to have my Modest Espeon with Synchronize in my party, but other than that I just prefer the luck of the draw, it makes it more fun for me, and plus, I like having my Illuminate Watchog up front for 5th gen random encounter hunts!

Oh, here's a sort of boring question for people, but of all the gen 6 Pokemon you've seen so far (because there's so many of them!) is there any one in particular you definitely want to get the shiny for of, despite not knowing what it will look like?

I usually only pick shinies that I like the look of, unless it's a huge favourite of mine and I want the shiny version anyways, but I am interested in Xerneas depending on it's shiny form, and I want at least one of the starters :)


Anyways, update!
No shinies to report since my much loved Snivy, but I have started both my Platinum and Black 2 second badge hunts! Was going to RE in Eterna Forest on Platinum but I just wasn't really feeling motivated, and I wanted Buneary so much I would have been gutted if I didn't get it, so I decided for not to try SRing for Drifloon and maybe a Honey Tree Pokémon if I can time it right! If I feel the desire to switch to Eterna Forest or come back later though I can! I don't think there's any BQ rules about going back to older routes?
As for Black 2, I'm starting in Virbank Complex, hoping for Koffing, Magnemite or Magby, but I'm also considering using Static in Floccesy Ranch for mainly Mareep, but I also want Azurill, Patrat or Riolu. I'm also considering the dark grass on Route 20 for Venipede or Purrloin, but only if the hunt takes forever and I get really tired of Virbank and Floccesy like I did Village Bridge! My only problem with Floccesy Ranch is Lillipup's shiny form is really hard to spot for me, I've probably stared at the sprites on Serebii for years now D:
I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers I don't find and miss a shiny Lillipup, and find anything else instead!

As for other non-BQ hunts, Mudkip is currently ongoing but taking me a little while! Reversal Mountain (Outside) and Heatran are currently on hold, probably until I finish Mudkip and one or both Badge Quest hunts. SoulSilver Badge Quest will hopefully be started May/June! I'll be starting it once I've finished my scramble challenge, and finished both B2 and Plat hunts, so I can focus solely on SS and maybe one other hunt (Heatran?) on the side, since I'll be looking for Totodile and trading any other shiny starters over to Platinum and restarting SoulSilver till I get Totodile. I'm secretly hoping for a couple quick finds for shiny Chikorita/Cyndaquil before I find Totodile!

Anyways, long update aside, good luck everyone, and don't lose hope! Especially those with longer hunts now!

Edit: Oh! I almost forgot! I have a question about Lapras on SoulSilver/HeartGold! How soon is it possible to SR for it? I want to hunt for it as one of my badge shinies, if possible, but I've never caught it before the Elite Four so I have no idea how soon it is catchable! Thank you if someone answers, I love soft resetting so the more SR targets I can squeeze in my BQ the better! XD
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Well-Known Member
Ok well firstly.... congratulatons to everyone who has gotten a shiny (and completed the CH).

Secondly I have an update... I have not gotten a new shiny since my Gothita by RE. I have been MMing on both white and black 2 for various pokemon and I have now hatched over 1200 eggs but still nothing. Although I have had higher MM's so I will keep going until I get my shiny. Right now I am going for starters, Totodile on black 2 and a variety on white (Squirtle, Snivy, Oshawott and Bulbasaur). I hope something shines soon I would like to complete the CH for this month before I start my white 2 version and maybe do a badge quest or just trade over some shinies I wouldn't mind training up on it instead.

Thirdly Good luck to everyone still hunting!