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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to AquaCharmander on Weedle, TheMaster327 on 3 Slakoths, Saminka on Herdier, Duppy on Chikorita, Laurelai on Exeggcute, JAWAYami on Petilil, Rayze Darr on Poochyena, Master Leo on Spearow, ohjeezitskim on Petilil, Bleu on Cyndaquil, JAWAYami again on Chimecho, Wyverndust on Eevee, NintendoFan82 on Bulbasaur, ohjeezitskim again on Magnemite, blue8arman on Volcarona, TheEliteEmpoleon on Koffing, Zane Clarthy on Spinarak, Marvs on Drifblim, bro on Munna, Pingouin7 on Latias, Crimson_Blazer on Heracross, pokemaster13 on Latios, Wyverndust on Totodile, Zcrux on Zorua, Zane Clarthy on Eevee (and Espeon), AquaRegisteel on Elekid, Bonetail on Throh, Marvs on Grumpig, Darkrai523 on Marill, starrrah on Petilil, Master Leo on Sandshrew, *Murkrow on Camerupt, Marvs on another Grumpig, TheMaster327 on Budew, Crimson_Blazer on Ledian, Zcrux on Eevee, City Of Delusion on Gligar, bro on Vanillite, ohjeezitskim on Skarmory, Shine on Virizion, ChaChi on Registeel, SoraNight on Seviper, PaddysTurtwigFanClub on Bulbasaur, TheMaster327 on 2 Drowzees (too bad they weren't good =\), JohnNiles on Piplup, Pidjiken on Magnemite, cocoadragon on Pidgey, RaichuArcanine on Abra, Crimson_Blazer on Camerupt, pokemaster13 on Sawk, LucarioMan101 on Growlithe, AquaRegisteel on Skarmory, Royal_Qeca on Lillipup and Pidove, Marvs on Magby, pokemaster13 on Minccino, J-Tech on Zorua, Thowra on Venonat, sailor sun on Audino and Medicham, wobbanut on Wyanut, J-Tech on Treecko, pokemaster13 on Altaria, J-Tech on Litwick, BlazeTorchic on Mamoswine, Heliotrope on Phanpy, JAWAYami on Fearow, City Of Delusion on Registeel, TheMaster327 on Regice, Master Leo on Pidgey, TheEliteEmpoleon on Eevee, starrrah on Chikorita, Bariokie on Abra, KittyKitty3308 on Eevee, Miar on Vanillite, NintendoFan82 on Eevee, cocoadragon on Rotom, Lunafloon on Snivy, Scrufox86 on Gothita, wobbanut on Ponyta, ohjeezitskim on Trapinch, VictorC on Cacnea, TheMaster327 on Unown, Soulink, Bariokie on Panpour and Axew and Deino, Venonat on Magikarp, J-Tech on Timburr, *Murkrow on Sunkern, Dangertrout on Growlithe, VictorC on Poliwag, Waffle King on Magnemite, gustavo 14 on Feebas, pokemaster13 on Herdier, ChaChi on Emolga, Birds of Paradise on Larvesta and Patrat, JohnNiles on Beldum, Crimson_Blazer on Riolu, 2rsa on Eevee, blue8arman on Boldore, -Staryu on Skorupi, bro on Solosis, TheMaster327 on Rhyhorn, ohjeezitskim on Litwick, Cyndajay on Growlithe, Shine on Sandshrew, City Of Delusion on Fearow, gustavo 14 on Sneasel, PaddysTurtwigFanClub on Squirtle, HGaddict on Paras, J-Tech on Shellder, starrrah on Horsea, Daisymareep on Drifloon, Zane Clarthy on Pawniard, Houka on Woobat, HootingLilligant on Eevee, *Murkrow on Solosis, TheMaster327 on Registeel, ohjeezitskim on Petilil, RedJirachi on Virizion, Soulink on two Magikarps, cocoadragon on Buizel, ChaChi on Ho-Oh, City Of Delusion on Chikorita, HGaddict on Meowth, *Murkrow on Raticate, SparklingSapphire on Graveler, Soulink on Phanpy, Cyndajay on Mankey, City of Delusion on another Chikorita, and Matthyew on Seadra!

Since that congrats is going to be a massive wall of text - Congrats to everyone since my last post on March 18th! And yes, a little over a week ago, I finally began trying to catch up on this thread and among several days a couple days apart, I finally caught up and read EVERY SINGLE POST! But I did it! It almost feels as accomplishing as finding a shiny ;_;

Sorry to hear about the lost Litwick, TheGreatGoomba :(

Glad to hear you're getting better, Dangertrout! And hope your ankle/foot gets better, Zane Clarthy!

As for me, something came up randomly that distracted me and for some reason just made me stop shiny hunting after the 18th. Then I came back to both the thread and my hunting on the 2nd (where I did 200 REs and 50 SRs like normal), and then I just didn't get around to it again after that. I guess maybe I needed a break from shiny hunting :p I think I'm going to be getting back into it finally though.

My birthday is today, and I was hoping around a month or so ago that I'd find a shiny on my birthday, but I have to go to work at 6 until after midnight, so I only have around an hour and a half until then to start hunting >.< I may just do a few encounters on SS in hopes of Nidoran.

I have the next 2 days off, so I may or may not get much hunting done...I always say I'll get a lot of hunting done on days off, but ironically, I think I get even less on my days off than I do on days I work >.<

I still REALLY want to get on with Platinum and actually play through the game, so I should really get back to that tomorrow :p Only 3,250 SRs done though, so not even halfway to the odds, and certainly nowhere near as bad as Helio's amount of current SRing >.<

Good luck everyone :)


Joltik Queen <3
Congratiez on the recent shinies~*
I've been hatching eevee eggs in B2 + MM + SC...nothing
I have stored 600 MM eevee eggs in my PC and i've hatched nearly half..still nothing
So after I hatch these 600 eggs i'll have 2,153+ MM eggs hatched in Black and Black 2 + SC all together!
Fingers crossed for a shiny eevee soon~!
I really want to break my 3 month drought before it turns into a 4 month drought..
GL to everyone on their hunts esspecially TheMaster on getting that stubborn as heck Taurian Tauros!

Master Leo

The Dark Side
And now, I present to you a story of Tragedy and Triumph.

Here I was, racking up some encounters on my LG BQ while watching some “Live Shiny” vids on Youtube using my PS3. Everything was good until BOOM! My PS3 shuts down on its own and wont reboot....Yellow Light of Death. I was in shock, but after regaining my composure (and cursing a bit) I took it to my local repair shop.

Now for the Triumph:
After returning home, PS3less, I thought why not resume my Crystal Version BQ (SRing for Totodile)? So, I turn on my game, mash the A button, and check to see if Totodile is shiny. I look down to see:


Yep. Shiny freakin Totodile in a Gen II game (with a brand new battery might I add). I am so happy right now.

PS: PS3 will be repaired in 1-2 days :D.


Well-Known Member
Hi there shiny hunters!!
As you can see i am new at this forum!

I am atm MMing for a Shiny Scyther, but i am having a hard time at that xD
And i am aswell hunting for a shiny tentacool in the left of Cherrygrove city!

That's it, and luck to all of ya!

And please, feel free to check my channel on youtube where i record some of my shinies! :D


<--- Newest Shiny
Well at this point it would be almost impossible to catch up on my congrats. I am still willing to try, but not on the tablet I am currently on. So congrats to all the recent shinies! Also, I must say a very big thank you to all those who have congratulated me on my recent shinies :) It is really motivating to me so thanks so much.

Well after training Meowth up to the rest of the team and letting it evolve, defeating the third gym battle, and making my way to Rock Tunnel, I have now officially started my Rock Tunnel hunt. Hopefully this one will shine as quick as the last one, but I have a feeling that this hunt will be double as long to pay for my recent luck XD Also I've put some more effort into my Turtwig hunt so that I can continue on with Platinum. I'm very excited for that one to shine :)

Alright, well I'm off again. Good luck on all your hunts! Especially you again TheMaster. It's got to shine sometime soon!


The Master
So my next goal is a shiny Ninetails, and I want it all. Shiny, timid, drought, and hypnosis. I know there's no guarantee the eventual shiny with have the nature and ability, but I'm trying. After a few days (ugh) of DW hunting I have a female Vulpix, which I then bred out to get a female with drought and a timid nature. I'm now crossing it with a Japanese Watchog with hypnosis. In my little attempt to help others, I'm throwing the failures up on GTS for cheap. Trading female Vulpixs with timid, drought, and hypnosis for Purloins and Patrats. Hopefully some fans will take these easy trades and be appreciate how awesome even these throw-offs are.


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to pokemaster13 and Master Leo on their shiny Totodile's! Hopefully I'll get mines soon. Also, welcome back Cpchris and happy birthday. :] and welcome to the forums, 201238 its always cool to see new hunters pop up.

Well I'm at 2100 eggs for Eevee! I did not think my first shiny charm+MM hunt would take this long but it'll shine eventually.

@Lunafloon, you can go for Lapras as soon as you get surf which is after the 4th gym. I did the same on my SS badge quest, good luck!

Good luck everyone.


Bird trainer
On Monday I traded my Japanese Purrloin over into White 2 and started hatching. I got a little wrapped up in it, hatching 95 in my first sitting. After going off and doing other things I came back to it in the evening and decided to do some more. Just after getting off the phone to my parents, shiny Purrloin hatched on the 149th egg! I'm glad he hatched after I'd hung up or else I think I would have freaked them out a bit. xD

Community hunt complete

Shiny Purrloin hatched
OT/ID No./Mild

I haven't been this excited for a shiny in a long, long time. I think the last time I felt like this was when I hatched my shiny Chatot back in, I think, July last year. I immediately taught him some TMs and headed out to train him.

Shiny Liepard ♥

As you can see, I didn't waste any time getting him to L100. Assist spam is a really fun way to level up. xD

While levelling him up, I had a think and I've abandoned my plans to get Black 2 for the time being. I want to spend my time hunting going for a shiny I really want as opposed to any old thing that pops up. So early this morning after I finished training Liepard I went on the GTS and managed to get a Japanese, female Yanmega. A short time in the shaking grass on Route 3 produced a male and they're in the daycare now. I've always wanted to train a Yanmega and the shiny is just gorgeous. I have hatched 70 eggs so far.

Congrats on the Graveler, Mankey, Chikorita, Seadra, Totodile and Gen II Totodile. Happy birthday for yesterday to Cpchris and tons of luck to TheMaster327 for Tauros. Good luck to everybody else. :)


The Silver Brumby
I've been using the repel trick on Abundant shrine to try for a shiny altaria (by using level 40 starmie with illuminate).

Unfortunately the rarity of altaria is 15%, and illuminate dosn't seem to be paying off very well. I'm seeing an average of 2 altarias every 250 steps (aka every max repel). Does anyone know if there are items I can use to increase the encounter rate? I remember in pokemon sapphire there were those flute things you could blow, but I don't know if there's an item on white 2.


Well-Known Member
I've been using the repel trick on Abundant shrine to try for a shiny altaria (by using level 40 starmie with illuminate).

Unfortunately the rarity of altaria is 15%, and illuminate dosn't seem to be paying off very well. I'm seeing an average of 2 altarias every 250 steps (aka every max repel). Does anyone know if there are items I can use to increase the encounter rate? I remember in pokemon sapphire there were those flute things you could blow, but I don't know if there's an item on white 2.

Are you already using your bicycle? That will help a bit. Other than that I can't think of any items that help.

I got a call from the hospital today. No word yet on when my surgery will be, but I have an appointment to do the pre-op tests to make sure I'm ok for surgery, so hopefully in the next 3-4 months this should all be over.
Having said that, I'll have some time for shiny hunting with all the waiting they'll make me do. :p


it shone! ^_^
Well, Thundurus still hasn't shone. I'm now at 22,530 soft resets for it... >.>

Congrats on all the new shinies, and good luck to everyone. Good luck with your surgery, DangerTrout, I hope everything turns out alright.


Well-Known Member
RedJirachi on Virizion, Soulink on Magikarp x2, cocoadragon on Buizel, ChaChi on Ho-Oh, City Of Delusion on Chikorita, HGaddict on Meowth, *Murkrow on Raticate, SparklingSapphire on Graveler, Soulink on Phanpy, Cyndajay on Mankey, City of Delusion on Chikorita x2, Matthyew on Seadra, Pokemaster13 on Totodile, Master Leo on the 2nd gen Totodile, and *Murkrow on Purrloin - hopefully I didn't miss anybody!

I've been MMing for Cyndaquil and I'm at 530 eggs. I did 230 Monday, 210 Tuesday, and today I'm taking a break and running around in the Chasm for a bit while watching netflix. Good luck to everyone on their targets! Especially that Tauros!


Cobalion's Champion
Any tips for a guy starting his first MM hunt?
I was gifted a shiny Poochyena yesterday so I have decided to try and build my 'heart' team in shiny. i.e.The team of Pokemon that I really love. Which means I need to get a shiny ekans next.

I have the forgein ditto (which I know is not as good as a foreign ekans would be but alas I didn't have any level 9 and under Zekrams to trade for one) any other tips or tricks you guys could tell me?


Well-Known Member
So, I'm now over 'normal' odds for this Tauros... 8,200 eggs... Nearly have the MM record...


I have successfully caught 13 shiny porygon in my 75 chain yesterday. Also just moments ago finished my chain of sneasel which I caught 9 shinies, six of which have adamant nature! Question though... Does anyone here lv up their shinies and or use them?


Shiny Catcher!
I thought I would try and do one of those 'Live' videos that people sometimes do, and no less than 5 hours in (with breaks!) I had this happen! http://youtu.be/2sxzhqb-0H4

Unfortunately my camera doesn't focus well on the fuzzy screen my 3DS produces, but I'm happy with the haul! it's a female Deerling, level 26 and has a Hasty nature which as far as I'm concerned, is freaking amazing. Congratz on everyones hunts so far and to those who are still going!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Matthyew on Seadra, Pokemaster13 on Totodile, Master Leo on Totodile, *Murkrow on Purrloin and Soulink on 13 Porygon (and I have yet to get 1...). Also Bleu (who I am editing in) on Deerling!

I think once you have surf you can go for it.
@Lunafloon, you can go for Lapras as soon as you get surf which is after the 4th gym. I did the same on my SS badge quest, good luck!

Thank you both, I'm largely looking forward to it! Lapras was one of those Pokémon I eyed up to soft reset years ago and then forgot about, like many others... But I will get it this time, 3ish years later!

Does anyone here lv up their shinies and or use them?

I use some and keep some as just prizes, kinda. Not sure of the right word. It largely depends how I obtain them though. I tend to use all of my soft reset starters, because I obtain them at the beginning of the game and I may as well use them! But I also have some shinies that I don't train or evolve, because they're either fine as they are (Charmander, Bidoof, Zigzagoon) or I got a shiny I didn't want and would rather just keep it for keeping's sake simply because of the effort put in to find it (Golduck). I also have some shinies I don't use just because they're legendary or I haven't found a use for them yet, for example, I'm not evolving Growlithe yet because I'm still umming and ahhing about whether to EV train him, since I've never EV trained before.

TL;DR, it depends on the shiny and at what point of the game I catch it as to whether I level it up!


Anyways, I know I am back already after only one day, but I have another question. I figure a thread with a decent number of shiny hunters has to have one person who can help me!
I'm currently, as mentioned before (and in my sig) SRing for Honey Tree Pokémon on Platinum. There's 2 Pokémon available of Honey Trees I want specific genders for; Combee (Female) and Burmy (Male). I started using Cute Charm for about 100 SR's before I remembered hearing rumors about it effecting shinies in Gen IV?
The problem is, I can't remember whether the effect is positive or negative, and Google just gives me results for how to RNG abuse with Cute Charm, which I don't really want to do...
So I guess what I'm asking is, can someone please explain how Cute Charm works (or doesn't work) in Gen IV, and whether I should stop using it or if I can continue?
I will continue to use it until I get a definite answer, since I really want Male Burmy, but an answer would be very much appreciated thank you!

Anyways, while I'm here, as mentioned, Drifloon/Burmy hunt is going well, 700 SR's in 3 days (2 of constant SRing) and Virbank Complex/Floccesy Ranch is nearly at 1000 RE's in 2 days! I'm currently at the ranch with a Static Flaaffy and planning to stay there for a good few RE, would love to finally have a shiny Mareep! :3

Good luck to everyone else hunting again, especially those with long hunts!


1 more day ^^
Yesterday I decided to start another wedlocke, this time on soulsilver and the dumbest thing happened. The second pokemon I found after getting my starter was a SHINY HOOTHOOT DXXXXXX I obviously couldn't catch it >.>


Beware the cuteness
I been two day and no luck on Route 211. I am finally starting my shiny starters hunt with tepig. Hopefully, it will be my first shiny using the MM way.