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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Hunting Sparkles
Wow so many shinies since I was last here! I wasn't on because my internet was out. My mum also banned my from my DS's until yesterday so I couldn't hunt. Major congrats on all the shinies! As for my, I beat Burgh last night in White 2 after deciding to quit hunting Eevee after three months of hunting it and 5,770 RE's. So my badge quest is now uneven. Doesn't matter though, I'll just be getting two shinies before I beat Elesa. Right now I'm hunting in Relic Castle for Yamask, Sandshrew or Sandile. I'm really hoping for Sandshrew or Sandile. I'm at 49 RE's since last night. I'm on school holidays now though since I should have more time to hunt. I'm also pausing my SS hunt in Union Cave for a while as I don't feel like hunting on that game. So my current plan is two spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on my W2 BQ, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday on my Black 2 hunting, which will be Growlithe. I'm at 2,120 eggs with MM+SC for that. What's the longest MM hunt with the SC? Sunday will be for Articuno SRing. Best of luck to everyone as always.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to JohnNiles on Feebas!

Thanks Charizardmaster#1 and JAWAYami!

Video is up :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPWcw_qHclg

My mom interrupted it though right after I got the encounter >.< Edited that part out, it luckily didn't really make a huge difference since it happened after both pokemon were out but before I made a move.

Since I ended up working on videos and stuff after finding Koffing, I didn't really do any more hunting. Had to go out and get gas and stop at some stores before coming home to get ready for work...I was hoping to do another 200/50 after work, but we were really busy and I didn't get home until a little after 11 (the tips were nice though :) ). So I only ended up getting 200 REs done (after finding Koffing, so 272 total for the day) and 50 SRs for Piplup.

Really hope my next shiny is one of my targets >.< Preferably Piplup :s Though, if it isn't, I hope I get Magnemite =\ Magby is really the last one I want from the complex (behind Audino), and since I already have Patrat and now Koffing, there's just Magnemite. Of course, if I do get a second of a shiny, it just means I can evolve one of them, so it won't be a total loss...Ah well...I'm rooting for Piplup :p

Good luck everyone! I've been surprised by the lack of shinies reported these last couple days, so I'd say everyone needs it >.<


Shiny Hunter
I'm back and this time I actually have some shiny news. I said the other day that I started a badge quest in Heart Gold, well about an hour ago I was surprised by my game when one of the three starters decided to shine. I'm unsure of how many SRs I have done, but all up it wasn't many as I haven't done many since I started. Kind of having troyuble sticking with stuff lately so many SRs at all.


http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a195/Anakari/My Shinies/IMG_0125_zps270ad01c.jpg
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a195/Anakari/My Shinies/IMG_0126_zpsa41cf8a0.jpg
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a195/Anakari/My Shinies/IMG_0127_zps70ac561f.jpg

I was really hoping for a Totodile as everyone seems to get a Cyndaquil or Chikorita. I actually thought I wasn't going to get anything at all and that I would eventually give up as SRing is not my thing. At least now I can start my Badge Quest but first I need to figure out how to EV train Cheeky before moving on. I'm not sure about his name either.

I can't believe I've actually started a BQ so it is real now and I have to stick with this quest. Anyway, congrats to all of you have recently gotten shinies and good luck to those who are still trying.


Shiny Dragon Master
grats on Chikorita :)

i have shiny news aswell...after 2514 REs(sadly falls on day 2-ish :( anyways...) a shiny lvl 34 Crustle(F) appeared(exact one I wanted minus the gender...), it has Adamant nature, Sturdy ability and Alert to sounds. Caught in a Nest Ball.

Stats are:
HP 95
Attack 80
Defence 94
SpAttack 51
SpDefence 56
Speed 44

dunno if its any good but hey it was quick :)

GOOD LUCK on all ongoing hunts!!


Miserable Fart
community hunt complete (I think... Im new to this)
I'm so happy, I just got my first MM shiny, and it was only the 26th egg! I was expecting to hatch well over 1000 eggs so this is brilliant for a first attempt!
It's a Kabuto (aka one of my favourite pokemon) but it doesnt have that good of a nature...
I'm having a great run of luck mind you, this is my 2nd shiny in under 24 hours!


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to Frost Mage on Audino, petrelicious on Mankey, Cpchris on Koffing, JohnNiles on Feebas, Jessera on Chikorita, JAWAYami on Crustle, and petrelious again on Kabuto!

Community hunt complete x3!

Yesss! After 1678 eggs shiny Houndour hatches!

Its male and has Flash Fire which is just what I wanted! I was so worried it would get the wrong ability and I would have to MM another but thankfully that's not the case. Now my next MM target is shiny dream world Zangoose! I already have a foreign DW Zangoose that I luckily got from the GTS, I just have to breed a father with good IV's. Well, good luck everyone and gratz again on the recent shinies! :]

Edit: 140th shiny ftw!


Shiny Hunter
Magikarp. Mother Splashing Magikarp. I've hatched a box, and I'm already unmotivated... I might... hatch a box, then go to the nature reserve and hunt there for a while. Good idea?


Cobalion's Champion
Congrats to everyone's new shinies! Stil trying to get my first shiny that I encounter on my own but I have a good feeling.
Especially seeing as my friend who I introduced to the idea of MM popped a ponyta in 180 eggs. >.>


Shiny Hunter
Hello, congrats to all obtained shinnies.

For the past month I was going off and on between hunts. REing in completely random areas and hope something would shine, MMing Petilil and Piplup and starting a BQ on White. Yesterday I decided to take a break from shiny hunting, restart Pearl and play through a normal Pokémon game without hunting. Well, guess what happened while I was training in Eterna Forest? I encountered a shiny Budew! Immediately, I KO'd my partners Chansey and then KO'd the normal Budew beside the shiny and then caught the shiny. I'm so happy I found a shiny I liked in the forest as Budew is the only one I actually really like and I hoped to MM one in the future (Guess I won't have to now that I actually have a shiny Budew). I'm also glad it's male because I wanted to call a shiny Roserade Erik... Shiny Roserade reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera... Yeah...

So, I'm still going to take a break from shiny hunting and finish playing through Pearl with Erik on my team. Who knows, maybe Pearl will throw another random shiny at me.

Bye now, and good luck everyone!


Bird Brain
I just bought myself a used heartgold in Gamestop. There were some event pokemon(Jirachi, Celebi and shiny Suicune all legit) and some pokemon from sinnoh even though the person only had 4 badges, they were trades of course and most of them were action replay mining museum pokemon from. I've since deleted the data(after transfering the event pokemon) and I started a new game. I was wondering if by deleteing the data my game won't be hacked any more. As for my hunt for Sawk in W2. I'm now starting to finally hatch the eggs that I've stored up, hopefully I get that one soon. Congrats on all recent shinies and good luck on all on going hunts.


Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ
Congratulations to anyone who has obtained a shiny since my last post!

*sigh* I got the math wrong, today, is my Groudon hunt's one year birthday, and also Pidgey's birthday! helpme

So I'm spending the day watching TV and hunting *secret hunt bleeeeeep*. Good way to waste GROUDON'S Birthday.
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Well-Known Member
Yay! Community hunt complete!


Hatched my Eevee after 1226 eggs. I was using a everstone for the nature and a power anklet for the speed IV, but it didn't get passed down and it didn't have the DW ability Anticipation for Magic Bounce Espeon, so I used a thunderstone on him and got a nice little quick Jolteon, which I am perfectly fine with too :)

Next I think I am going to work on a Ursaring. For some reason, I just love that green bear!

It has Hidden Power of steel and its IVs are 20/31/04/16/12/30
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Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
Congrats everybody on your recent shinies! By the way, any word on a new community hunt next month? I think something spring like would be appropriate, such as getting a grass type shiny or getting a green shiny.

I'm up to 5,156 REs at route 35 in my SS and HG for my SS BQ. I'm probably done for the day, but I might get in a few more.

Good luck to everybody on your hunts!

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to JohnNiles on Feebas, Cpchris on Koffing, Jessara on Chikorita, JAWAYami on Crustle, petrelicious on Kabuto, City of Delusion on Houndour, WaterTypesFTW on Budew, and Laurelai on Eevee!

@Papousse: Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for answering my question! I'll be sure to update with my BQ progress. I've done 186 SRs for Snivy so far, but no luck yet. Maybe the good fortune everyone seems to be having right now will rub off. ; )

Anyway, I think I'll try to do a few more SRs today, as it might be the last chance I have for the week (I'm starting to head into finals season, so my time is a little more limited than I'd like). Hopefully I'll get to see my little Snivy shine. Good luck to everyone else!
Hello guys :D.
Congrats to john niles, jessara, ccphris, watertypes ftw, JAWAYami, petrelicious, laurelai and city on all of your shinies and any other lucky recipicants!
Anyway, as i expected, todays hatchings fell to only a fraction of yesterdays and im now at 270 eggs for my *asofyetundisclosed* masuda method hunt. Trying hard to reach 300 before i sleep *yawn*. Gl all !!!


Well-Known Member
Oddly enough, I was going to put the voting info for next month up today :p

May Community Hunt Vote (Please send your vote to me via PM. Voting ends Wednesday night):
Option 1: Obtain a Water or Grass type shiny
Option 2: Obtain a shiny from one fo the following Forest areas: Petalburg Woods, Viridian Forest, Pinwheel Forest, Eterna Forest, Ilex Forest
Option 3: Fish up a shiny

In retrospect, a water type hunt would have been great for last month, because then we could have had "April showers bring May flowers". That's where the first options inspiration comes from :p
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Well-Known Member
Hey guys.
I decided to do something different: Start a Shiny-in-Anime Badge Quest.
Not sure if anyone already did this, but, ill give a try!
I looked up in some websites, i decided to go for:

Gyarados (CHECK)
Pikachu Colored Pichu (CHECK)

So, let's start this hunt, xD

Also, congrats on everyone's last shinies!!!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Jessara on Chikorita, JAWAYami on Crustle, petrelicious on Kabuto, City Of Delusion on Houndour, WaterTypesFTW on Budew, and Laurelai on Eevee!

Thanks City Of Delusion, Crimson Penguin, and PaddysTurtwigFanClub!

OMG!!! I can't even believe this right now!!

Shiny Piplup!! After 4,324 SRs!

Haha oh wow, it's so cool to finally have it! I literally just finished saving and everything and I'm still so excited. I saw the lighter color right away and it was like my brain paused or something right then, and I had to see and hear the sparkles to know it was really it! Heh, still a bit jittery right now >.< And I was so excited that I forgot to prove I wasn't cheating in my video :s Oh well, I know it's real.

Anyways it's male which I was really hoping for, Docile nature (neutral, so I'm fine with that :) ), and he Loves to eat. He's only level 6, but his IVs look to be: 30//22//19//5//26//1. Kind of mixed, but oh well.

And my third shiny in a week! Like I said before, after my first/previous shinies were months apart, getting so many at once is so strange! And two days in a row? Even weirder! Looks like I got my wish from my last post :p

And so now my Badge Quest has really begun!

Good luck everyone!