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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. You can definitely hunt regularly (RE) on a dry Ruby/ Sapphire.. just look at all of crashandcortex's shinies :p
    Even with SR shinies, you can use the run away method.

    Although, it really is very simple to change the internal battery if you are interested in doing so, that way you can continue your starter hunt :)
  2. Sara Hysaro

    Sara Hysaro Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! First off, congratulations to Cyberra (in case you missed my edit), City of Delusion, TheRoaringShinies, Norway, maldoror, BackInClack, Storm_Dragoon (x2!), Waffle King, Roseheart95, Cloystoys, and TheMaster327! Great job. :)

    As for me, I am still hunting on Unova's Route 2 for any of the three Pokémon there (hoping for Purrloin, but anything would be cool). I've 6640 RE under my belt, and while that's just a few drops in the bucket it still feels like a lot of Pokémon. Won't hope for it to be under the odds because my last few hunts have all been so and there's a limit to how long that can keep up. Instead I'll hope that it isn't too much over the odds, since these Lillipup will drive me to madness if I have to put up with them for 30,000+ REs. At least all the Pokémon in Wellspring Cave are very different from their normal colors so I'd be less paranoid if that one goes vastly over the odds.

    Good luck everybody! Hope you get your intended targets. ^_^
  3. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    Well, congratulations to all shinies recently, particularly TheMaster327 on Terrakion! Hurry up, you only have 19 days to get Virizion and another 19 for Kyurem!

    No hunting updates in terms of shinies. I am edging ever closer to 12,000 SRs for Giratina, and in edging closer to surpassing my longest hunt yet! Ironically, my last shiny set that record...

    Well, that Pokemon Bank stuff has now set a challenge for me. Catch all Pokemon in three months? Challenge accepted.
    Also, we now can use TWO starters to play through XY with...plus Torchic?!? Yes please!
  4. Congrats to everyone getting shinies!
    I myself been having a wonderful time getting some amazing ones~
    I added to my collection, that being these amazing shinies : Liepard, Minccino on my White 1, and just today I SR'd 2,262 times and got myself a shiny Chikorita on Soul Silver. It's been a good few weeks for me. :)
    Beautiful shinies.
    Plus my Chikorita can't be better, Bold, female, Strong Willed. I'm quite happy, totally worth it.
    I don't keep track normally with my RE's. I just hunt wherever I feel like hunting at the time, it seems to work well with me.
    Right now RE's hunting in my White 1, as well as my Soul Silver and hatching Charmander eggs in my White 2. Hope to get something soon. :D
    Good luck to everyone and their hunts.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2013
  5. maldoror

    maldoror Well-Known Member

    After 698 encounters, Yamask shined! Again, this was my target for this hunt and it came very quickly.


    It has 30 IVs in special attack and special defense with a 21 in defense. This beauty will make a wonderful wall.

    Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your current hunts!

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2013
  6. BackInClack

    BackInClack Member

    Anyone else super pumped to SR for a shiny charmander in X and Y to get that shiny Mega Charizard!?!?!?!? I, myself, cannot withstand the excitement for a black ultra charizard. The only problem is will I be too eager to play out the game, or will I be determined enough to go for it?
  7. ChaChi

    ChaChi Shiny Hunter

    Yes Yes Yes i got one of my shinies i wanted only one more to go so i can have both its regular form and evolution.
    I got this one on my jap white 2 dual hunting .

    Congrats on Yanmask,Liepard, minccino, chikorita,terrakion,elekid, and any others i may have missed.
  8. I've been trying to get a shiny Charmander for months now, and now knowing that Charizard has a Mega Evolution just makes me more determined to get one even more so. I've been SRing and also hatching tons and tons of eggs for it. I must have about 1000+ SRs and be at around 900+ eggs so far. Hoping my Charmander shines soon, more so before X & Y! I would totally agree that a black Mega Charizard would be amazing! I think getting one for X & Y would totally be worth it! :)
  9. ArdhiS

    ArdhiS Well-Known Member

    can i join this comunity? :D
    i just hatch a shiny snivy after 1944 eggs using masuda method this morning :D
    rash nature, some what of clown :D
    i cant upload the pic, because im new in this forum, but i will post the pict ASAP :)
  10. Cpchris

    Cpchris Shiny Hunter

    Congrats to elorasheppard on Sandslash, ChaChi, TomoEGoto on Riolu, elorasheppard again on Weedle and another Weedle, IndigoTribesman on Gulpin, Ceecee-typhlosion on Kyogre, elorasheppard once more on Bouffalant, Kanima on Sneasel, Frost Mage on Latios (yay, reclaim!), banjonator1 on Magnemite, Cyberra on Roggenrola (You really earned that! Awesome job sticking with it for so long :)), City Of Delusion on Woobat, Sealotic on Metang, TheRoaringShinies on Swadloon (and happy birthday!), Norway on Seviper and Cubchoo, Soulink on both Eevees and Chimchar and Sneasel, maldoror on Masquerain, BackInClack on Oshawott, Storm_Dragoon on Magnemite and Elekid, Waffle King, Soulink on Eevee, Roseheart95 on Gloom, Cloystoys on Galvantula, TheMaster327 on Terrakion, Automail_Junkie on Liepard and Minccino and Chikorita, maldoror on Yamask, ChaChi on Staryu, and ArdhiS on Snivy!

    Thanks! Also, though we’ll be hunting different places, and even though I’m way far away from getting to that spot, I’m really hoping for a Venipede from Lostlorn Forest, and Swadloon is the pokemon I want least (actually, I don’t even really want Swadloon or Combee at all, but if I get em, cool), so…If we could just swap luck now, since I’ve automatically got Swadloon luck simply because it’s not my target (or at least that’s what my Black 2 has proven to me so far), that’d be great :) And good luck!

    Well, looks like everyone will be able to transfer any pokemon and shinies they want to X/Y, though for a cost…Hopefully it’s not too expensive.

    It’s also awesome that you can get the original starters so early on (except I don’t like that I’m getting the other starters from a friend…Like where did he get them?). On the other hand, that would mean lots of SRing in the beginning if I choose to go for both Fennekin and Charmander…And since I wanted to SR for Squirtle on X, that means I won’t be making much progress too soon on a main playthrough >_>
    Oh, and it seems that the Pokemon XLs will be coming to NA! That’s exciting, though I certainly won’t be getting them :x Especially not after just buying a Black one (which I prefer anyways). But it’s cool for those that wanted one :)

    On the topic of a cloud system that stores pokemon…I really wish they had something like this that could do something like back up save files, or at the very least, back up pokemon. My biggest fear is a corrupted file that causes me to lose my shinies, or even my high level pokemon. It’d be nice to have an option where if that ever happened, I’d just be able to go into my ‘bank’ and get it back. I mean, they were talking about how they want people to be able to use the pokemon they’ve had for a long time, so wouldn’t it be good to have a back-up of that pokemon in case something goes wrong? I realize this could lead to issues of duplication, but aren’t there already programs that let you make pokemon yourself?

    I was planning on SRing for Charmander for my Y BQ anyways, but now it’s even more exciting to think about having it for a mega evolution :x


    Well, I’ve extended that break from hunting! Other stuff sort of caused it and kept me from wanting to hunt, too, but it was still good to take a break. So I basically started my break on the 25th, did a small amount of hunting on the 29th and 30th, and then didn’t hunt again until today, the 4th! Considering I normally hunt at least a little every day, this has been a long break for me!

    Anyways, I did manage to hunt a lot today, but unsurprisingly, nothing came of it. I did 800 REs and 700 SRs. So my hunts stand as such:
    -20,600 REs on my 3rd phase for Shinx for my Platinum BQ. This is particularly annoying considering my previous shiny was a failed Abra after 17,437 REs. So I haven’t actually caught a shiny in 38,037 REs. And to think back in April I thought I’d have this BQ done by the time X and Y came out =\
    -2,000 REs on my 8th phase for Growlithe on Black 2. Early in the phase, but phase 8…I’m now on month 7 of hunting this (nearly every day), and have done a total of 46,883 REs while trying for Growlithe.
    -5,300 SRs for Johto starters on HeartGold. Not over the SR odds, but factoring in that 3 pokemon are seen each SR, I’m at 15,900 seen, which would be over the odds…Hoping to get Totodile first, then Cyndaquil, and then a Chikorita so I can continue the game on the same file as Chikorita.

    So yeah. My last 4 shiny finds have been over the odds, my current Platinum hunt is about 2.5x the odds, and my current Johto starters hunt is almost 2x over the odds for pokemon seen…This can change now -_- Really, I won’t mind if shinies want to start appearing, especially my targets for a change >_<

    Good to be posting my complaints again ;) Good luck, everyone!
  11. RaichuArcanine

    RaichuArcanine Hunting Sparkles

    This is what showed up after only 3,331 RE's on FR yesterday! Shiny Weedle! I named him Hornet. He's a brave nature and I can't remember his exact IV's, but he has a 31 in HP, and a 29 in attack. Pics:[​IMG]
    [​IMG] I'm going to Celadon now to SR for a Shiny Eevee This means I now have 4 BQ shinies, as I only counted the first Spearow I found on Route 3 towards it. Best of luck to everyone of course!
  12. Sara Hysaro

    Sara Hysaro Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to Automail_Junkie, maldoror, ChaChi, Ardhis, and RaichuArcanine!

    Well, I'm officially over the odds now at 8,200 RE for my Route 2 White BQ hunt. Can't complain too much (or at all to be honest), but I'm hoping I'll get something to show for my dedication soonish. A little bit of progress before X/Y would be lovely, as I'm definitely going to be concentrating primarily on that for a while. So excited for the new generation, especially since I'll be going in mostly blind. :D

    Anyways, I'll post again when I get that shiny, or if I reach 20,000 REs without any luck. Good luck everyone!

    Edit: Whoa, didn't expect to be on the same page as my last update! Bit of a slow day for shinies, huh?
  13. Heliotrope

    Heliotrope it shone! ^_^

    Congrats on all the new shinies, guys.

    I'm still having no luck with my Ruby badge quest. I'm currently at 26,700 encounters, which is my longest hunt so far in this BQ (previous highest was 25,000+ encounters >.> ). Just as long as I don't get another shiny Zigzagoon....

    Good luck everyone!
  14. Scrufox86

    Scrufox86 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone. Blanket congratulations to all recently gained shinies!!

    Well update on my shint hunting. Have not done much lately because my Birthday was last Friday and I got a 3DS so I have been playing 3DS games. Well mostly pokeradar, animal crossing new leaf and sims 3 pets. Well anyway I am back to shiny hunting for a little while. Right no shinies as yet. On white 2 I am still hunting the starters. I am half way through my 5 boxes of Snivy. On black 2 I am almost done filling up the 8th and last box up with Poliwag eggs before I begin hatching. I am hoping for a DW ability shiny for a politoed and so I have only gathered Poliwag eggs this time to help with chances. I really want a shiny Poliwag now, been one of my targets for a while. Oh and I have considered pokeradar again to get shiny Eevees but I am not 100% on that right now as I really want the rest of the starters shinies and this poliwag.

    On another note about the Shiny Legendary events , I went to Game to get the shiny Dialga and got told by staff that to get it I had to pre-order pokemon X or Y (no problem for me because I was going to do that anyway but still it never said this on the Game website about having to do this) and then instead of being able to get one per game (I have all 4 gen V games) the staff told me they usually only give one shiny Dialga per customer. That was another "er what...?" moment. I did get another one though but still it never said any of this pre-ordering and only one per customer stuff on the website. The website implied we could go to the store and not even have to go in to get the event but you had to go and ask a staff member to get a 3DS with the distribution cartridge... again did not say this on the website. So that was annoying as I hoped to get one for each game and then I forgot to ask does that mean when the Palkia event starts that I will have to pre-order another game? And then for Giratina as well?

    Good luck to all shiny hunters
  15. ~EternalDarkness~

    ~EternalDarkness~ Ghost Type User

    Congrats on all the new shinies since my last post.

    I haven't been doing much hunting, only a small amount of SR's for Sandshrew plus a new MM hunt for Solosis which I'm just starting to hatch the first batch. Originally I was going to reset for a shiny Cobalion or Heatran but I put it on the backburner after my game glitched out whilst preparing a Smeargle to help catch them. I had no idea what happened, one moment I'm putting something in the pc when suddenly part of the menu options didn't move with the rest and resulted in the game giving me an error message telling me to shut off the system. Nevertheless I'll get back to it as soon as I can.

    @Scrufox86 That's quite odd, when I went to EB games the other day I asked the guy what I needed to do to go about it all and there was nothing said about any requirements, just start it up and away you go. :S

    Good luck everyone.
  16. JohnNiles

    JohnNiles Well-Known Member

    That employee is feeding you a load of bull, Scrufox86. There are no requirements- no purchase required.

    In other news, I'm feeling slightly better about never bothering to evolve my Kanto shinies, now that they've been shown to have Mega evolutions. I'm still not sure which is better- fill out the shiny pokedex entries in Gen V, or just skip to Gen VI.
  17. YNCRN

    YNCRN Egg 125!

    Hey everyone.

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I stepped away to get the shiny charm on my copy of White 2 (as I already have it on my copy of Black 2), and I finally got it last night.

    That being said, congrats to Cyberra, Lunafloon, Storm_Dragoon, Waffle King, TheMaster327, Automail_Junkie, maldoror, ChaChi, Ardhis, and RaichuArcanine on your recent shinies, and of course everyone else that I missed.

    So I got the shiny charm in White 2 last night and thought "maybe it's time to go after a new target now that I have this fresh Shiny Charm." I'd been eyeing a certain target for a while simply because of its colors, and thought "okay, let's go with that one".

    Well, only 16 eggs later, a shiny male Koffing hatched!!


    I've always loved shiny Koffing's colors, and I'm glad to finally have one of my own.

    Here's a video of him hatching, and of course, my sig has been updated with a fresh White 2 themed frame for Koffing!

    Good luck, everyone!
  18. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    That's not right. I stood OUTSIDE EB Games and collected FOUR Dialgas with no strings. You should report the store, maybe contact their HQ and let them know that this location is doing that.
  19. MurderofKrow

    MurderofKrow Bird Brain

    Well I got a shiny Magnemite in 5173 REs. Not what I was looking for, but at least it wasn't another Patrat. Here are it's IVs: HP 31 ATK 30,31 DEF 10-19 SP. ATK 20-29 SP. DEF 0-9 SPD 0-9

    I had gotten it earlier today, but I needed to leave to go to Fitness Kickboxing so I didn't have any time to do anything with the Magnemite till now. I'm going to nickname it Magnetite(I know it's not to far from it's species name) which is a type of mineral. I'm going to continue the hunt for Pidove and maybe this hunt will be shorter. Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts.
  20. Polarix

    Polarix n___n

    So yesterday I managed to nab myself a shiny I've loved for a very long time, I'm just gonna quote a post I made about it on another forum instead of writing it up again!


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