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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. varanus_komodoensis

    varanus_komodoensis they call me Varanus

    I agree with you that it is kind of "broken"...but it's only applicable to Pokemon you can get by fishing, which makes it slightly less broken in my opinion. If you want a shiny anything-that-isn't-a-Water-type, you still have to use MM or PokeRadar, which are a lot more work and dedication. Also, you can't control the Nature and IVs of the Pokemon you're getting with the fishing mechanic (assuming you have a Suction Cup Pokemon at the head of your party), which means if you'd want to use the shiny competitively, you'd still have to breed for it.
  2. Shiny Trevenant

    Shiny Trevenant Active Member

    Well if they had posted any sort of picture it could have been confirmed, but unfortunately they just posted they had a shiny zygarde for trade and didn't provide any proof whatsoever of it existing.
  3. ShinyMisty

    ShinyMisty This person is dead.

    ...OH!. I see. I thought it was on the place where you SEE the Pokemon. ^^; my bad.
    There are no art work of the Shiny form of Zygarde...so I don't know.

    Just a Shiny update...No Swirlix yet.
  4. 11037

    11037 ⊙ᴗ⊙

    Wow this chain fishing really works.

    I broke it a couple of times getting distracted by Tumblr, but after about 45 minutes I nabbed myself a pretty blue Skrelp~
  5. syrrume

    syrrume Shiny Hunter

    Hey guys, still finding my way through X ATM

    Read a few bits about chain fishing,

    can anyone tell me if there are any requirements? Or the best place to fish?

    I just got my 4th badge, the good rod and have a suction cups inkay in my first slot.

    Is this possible before defeating the elite four??

    Someone just give me a run down please. :D
  6. maldoror

    maldoror Well-Known Member

    Just got a shiny Frogadier in the friend safari! love love love the Froakie line! Could not be happier!
  7. arionne

    arionne New Member

    First time posting!
    Always been interested in shiny hunting (radar is my method of choice) but tried chain fishing, got TWO (!) clauncher!

    And then the best thing in the world happened: I went on Safari and got a Shiny Sliggoo, Jolly, DW ability, DEF/SPD.
    Crying happy tears right now :'D
  8. PrinceB

    PrinceB Prince of Justica

    I know. That was my complaint with D/P/Pt, that fishing pokemon were left out. It's nice to see the mechanic getting used now. Saddly, Feebas isn't in the game, so the pokemon I'd most fish isn't here. (still got the two from MM though.)

    Just fished up shiny horsea. https://scontent-a-pao.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/q71/1378628_533052630096706_1491214652_n.jpg
  9. Cpchris

    Cpchris Shiny Hunter

    Congrats to Milennin on Audino and Eevee, Kyle Clarthy on Poliwhirl, StrongBad456 on Galvantula, Dylz on Flabebe, Scrufox86 on Chimchar, dan2point5 on Luvdisc, Heliotrope on Corsola, Atomcrasher on Clauncher, dan2point5 on Clauncher, AceTrainerRed on Ivysaur, Tyranitar trainer on Relincanth, kirkeastment on Skrelp, Darkmythology on Druddigon, The Leafeon on Stunky, Tyranitar trainer on Whiscash, KittyKitty3308 on Poliwag, mia100 on Corsola, shinny on Snorunt, Sansa on Snover, PokeAmi on Golett, TomoEGoto on Spiritomb, Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon on Shellder, Charmanderlover8 on Charmeleon and Ponyta, Franzo on Poliwag, Earth Wolf-Howl on Axew, SmeargleRocks on Charmeleon, Less Than Zero on Frogadier and Corsola, ohjeezitskim on Clauncher, tomatohater on Magikarp, Franzo on Clauncher, TheMaster327 on Remoraid, Pingouin on Relicanth, Shadowkrow on Luvdisc and Poliwag and Magikarp, Mr. Shinx on Horsea, KittyKitty3308 on Fennekin, PrinceB on Skrelp, vedil on Horsea, dan2point5 on Magikarp and Goldeen, Pingouin7 on Skrelp, Ladlebug on Swalot, Darkmythology on Wartortle, Automail_Junkie on Krabby, varanus_komodoensis on Clauncher, PrinceB on Relicanth, City Of Delusion on Onix, Equal-to-Heaven on Skrelp, maldoror on Frogadier, arionne on Clauncher and Sliggoo, and PrinceB on Horsea!

    Alright, this list isn’t even 24 hours old, and it’s already about as long as the one I had when I posted from a 2 week break -_- And it would seem the chain shinies don’t even take many REs at all and are simple, and no one really wastes time congratulating someone on finding a 1% normal pokemon, so I’d say it’s fair if I stop trying to congratulate on every single chain shiny >.< Of course, I read every post, so I’ll still see what people get, but…That list…Come on -_-


    From what I can tell…Turning the game on.


    Yikes…I’m even more turned off from Gen 6 hunting than I was before, with more and more ways of finding 10 shinies in a day >.< Can anyone explain why they even ruined shinies? I mean what was the point of doing that to something so good? I know people have brought up that it will discourage hacking but…Aren’t people still going to hack for good IVs and then just make them shiny while they’re at it anyways?

    I know everyone (“everyone”) is enjoying this shiny blast now, but…I feel like in time, once everyone has 100 shinies before the end of the year, they won’t even be that special anymore. And I’m sure hunting on non-Gen 6 games will get the same “but why?” remarks as anyone who hunts for a legit Gyarados/Haxorus/Dialga/Palkia/Giratina/etc., which has always bothered me…

    Oh well, I’ll be sticking to my usual games even tighter now, and bracing myself for the incoming “D00d you could just get that in an hour in X/Y” remarks in due time…

    And so I did 400 REs today. 38,500 REs on Platinum now, so I’m getting somewhat close to hitting 5x the odds (40,960 REs). Black 2 is back to an early 400 REs, and HeartGold is slowly making its way up there at 3,400 REs. I’ve been hunting Gastly on HeartGold once it’s night and I can no longer hunt Sentret and Pidgey, but part of me hopes it isn’t the one to shine simply because I really need that Sentret and then Pidgey >_>

    Also…Tomorrow marks 1 year since I found my first shiny! That was such an exciting moment ^_^ I’d been watching shiny pokemon videos since the summer, getting myself hyped for when I would officially start shiny hunting once I beat Black 2…It was night, and I was EV training my Umbreon for my in-game team at Celestial Tower, and I was looking at my laptop screen while going into my next encounter…When all of a sudden, I heard the sparkle sound! For a split-second, I was confused as to what video I still had open that would have made the sound, but then I realized I didn’t have any videos open and that it must have come from my own game! I looked down and saw a shiny Litwick with a nice bright blue flame and amazing bright green eyes. Certainly not my favorite pokemon or line of pokemon, but it’s still an awesome shiny, so I was really pleased with it. Ah, shiny memories ;)

    Anyways…Good luck, everyone!
  10. Less Than Zero

    Less Than Zero Disappear here.

    I've read every single post in here, and it's just too much to give congrats to everyone, so again a blanket congrats will have to do.

    CPchris, I think you are right, and shinys are going to lose some of their 'shine' because of how fast they are coming, but I still love to see those sparkles!

    Anyway, the shiny floodgates have opened for me, and I caught another one, this time a Shiny Pansage.


    56 encounters in a new Safari that I got from user amb1 here on serebii. I really wanted to catch a Petilil so back to the search I go. Can I make it 4 shinys today?
  11. Sito

    Sito Shiny Breeder

    Ok, so if I am reading everything fine, I CAN use any rod, ANYWHERE to try getting a shiny if I keep going without moving and failing to fish one right? I got to 66 chains but i pressed a to quickly and failed, so i dont know if i did something wrong beside that.
  12. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    To everyone saying stuff about increased odds for shinies... except for confirmed methods (fishing, radar) I have not encountered any shiny in XY yet. Just 2 Horseas because of the consecutive fishing, but that's basically like using Pokeradar, just with a rod. I am thinking that either people are lucky or everyone is playing the game right now, so...
  13. Ndayday

    Ndayday i louvre mitsy!!111

    Chain fishing run down:

    -Use any rod, switching rods is not proven to break chains at the moment
    -Have a lead Pokemon with Suction Cups or Sticky Hold
    -Fishing where your bobber is bordering rocks seems to increase chances of reeling in another Pokemon (consecutive bites) but is not required esp. if you have the mentioned Abilities
    -Either Run or KO the wild Pokemon

    What not to do/what breaks chains:
    -Moving from your spot
    -Getting the message "Nothing seems to be biting..." (this is RANDOM and if you get it you didn't do anything wrong)
    -Reeling in too quickly
    -Reeling in too slowly
    -Exiting the game
    -Shiny Pokemon seem to end your chain
    -Capturing a Pokemon may end your chain
  14. Shiny Lord

    Shiny Lord Well-Known Member

    Can you be on land when your doing this fish chain method??? Or do you have to have surf???
  15. Lunafloon

    Lunafloon Shiny Hunter

    Wow, congrats everyone! So many shinies, especially water types haha. Might give this fishing rod chaining a go... I've always wanted shiny Politoed! D:

    As for me... No shinies. I'm not counting my current Pokemon X hunts because I keep moving targets and just hunting while I train, but yeah, nothing!
    I see everyone complaining about how shinies will become less special and I'm sitting her with no (not RNG) shinies since June haha. Maybe I'll get lucky when I reach the Friend Safari or something :3
    Anyways, yeah, congrats guys! And it's cool that fishing chaining was found, even if I've never done regular chaining, this seems a little easier in that you don't have to get 1 Pokémon 40+ times in a row. I'll just have to practice pulling in the rod on time, I still fail 20% of the time!

    Good luck to those who, like me, are having shiny droughts, no matter how big! And good luck also to those, like me again, watching all the X and Y shinies go by with none of your own. Lets catch up!
    Of course, I'm not really bitter, just a little friendly jealousy ;D
    But I'd love to see those with less shinies use this to their advantage! And those who have had large collections for months/years... Well, you can never have enough shinies!
  16. Voodoo900

    Voodoo900 Member

    After 8 hours of switching between friend safaris, horde hunting, chain fishing, and masuda method, I finally got my first shiny to my name in Pokemon Y. Searching through a ground friend safari, and found a shiny Diggersby that freaked me out. Granted it wasn't one I was hopping for, but a shiny is a shiny after all. I think I'll keep looking through my friend safaris for more shinys~
  17. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Found yet another shiny today. Relicanth.

    So shiny count goes up by one.

    So far I have

    Mint - Goodra
    Francis - Gulpin
    Lettuce- Venusaur
    Bruiser - Tyrunt
    Cake - Relicanth

    Lettuce and Bruiser were found on the exact same day.

    Edit: Just ran into another shiny Relicanth
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  18. kirkeastment

    kirkeastment Completing The Trio

    I hear what you're saying cpchris, but realistically i think it was done so people would actually bother to play the games.

    I think it was done so that people would actually play the games, rather than, imo, waste their time hunting a shiny for the next month, or in some cases, well over a year. I mean no offence to those that do this, but didya really spend $200 to not actually play the game...?

    I personally just like shinies because of their unique color schemes, the rarity of them in past gens in all honesty really turned me off from shiny hunting, because it was such a waste of time and proved 99% of the time to be fruitless.

    ... I am currently at hour 16 or even more of my hunt for a Shiny in this current Fire Friend Safari, absolutely no luck thus far, but as always i will persevere, as i really want to have a Shiny Braixen.

    EDIT: Well that's cruel of you shiny gods lol... 2nd Shiny Pyroar... another female too, so sadly i don't have my duo just yet...


    EDIT #2: Yep... cruel cruel world lol... i'm still happy though... Shiny Pyroar #3... another female... although this one has the ability, Unnerve, so that's different. I caught this one in a repeat ball as the red on the two sides with the yellow streak matches perfectly. :D
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  19. ChaoticInverse

    ChaoticInverse <--31,000 incounting

    I heard about the fishing method and decided to try it, after a few chains I found a shiny clauncher within fifteen encounters. I'm not too found of clauncher so I'm trading it to my best friend, she's never had a shiny before so she's pretty excited. I'm not sure how valuable these shinies are because they definitely seem lower than pokeradar odds but I think they're good in their own way, especially for people like my best friend and my younger sister who don't really hunt for shinies but still like them. That being said I doubt I'll use this method in the future.

    Anyways congrats on all of the beautiful shinies, fishing or otherwise and good luck!
  20. Ndayday

    Ndayday i louvre mitsy!!111

    4th shiny today and it's not a result of chain fishing. It is instead the product of sweat and O-Powers.

    Added a friend today and they happened to have Fairy type Safari with Mawile, which is my favorite Pokemon. It's also Steel type so I needed to nab a Magnet Pull Pokemon off the GTS so I can grab some perfect ones/shiny hunt it next. Everything for Magnemite and Magneton was unreasonable, checked Probopass, same. Checked Nosepass...and a shiny is up for a level 91+ Abomasnow. It was just unreasonable enough for me to spend the last hour and a half getting one!
    Caught a level 39 Snover, blasted through the E4 with Exp+ O-powers until it was level 54 and then force fed the probably very confused Snover 37 Rare Candies which I had gotten from PokeMiles.

    So now I have a shiny Nosepass.
    ...it has Magnet Pull!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
    Less Than Zero likes this.

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