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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Milennin

    Milennin *hugs Absol*

    After my massive luck with 5 shinies in the past few days it looks like I'm on a dry streak now. Been RE'ing in the safari for like all day without any shiny found. Oh well, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

    How do they make money off of distributing free events?
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  2. scizx

    scizx New Member

    Make that 8 shinies...just got Goldeen.

    If anyone wants to trade the X exclusive shiny for one of my Skrelps lemme know.
  3. YNCRN

    YNCRN Egg 125!

    Just a reminder to everyone to EDIT YOUR MESSAGES!

    I get that we're all super excited about X and Y and new shinies, but the reason the old thread was closed was because it turned into a general chat, which this is starting to look like.

    Make sure to edit your responses instead of posting 4-6 times on one page.

    Also, PM people for friend codes - no need to fill the chat with personal conversations that can be taken care of in private messages.

    Congrats to all the newest shinies! I'm just trying to beat the main game before I decide who I should MM first, but I'm 99.9% sure it's going to be Honedge.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  4. Arcamenel

    Arcamenel Shiny Hunter

    Just got a shiny Poliwhirl with the chain fishing method. I don't know how many reels it took but it was definitely less than 20.
  5. ShiningKnightXY

    ShiningKnightXY <----Newest Shiny

    Oh hey Dangertrout, I was wondering where you were. What is your friend code for the Friend Safari?
  6. doodlecloud

    doodlecloud Shiny Hunter

    Ooooooh. Well yes, that is true. I don't think anyone was trying to dispute that though, I think they just took it for granted that that was the case and didn't really need explaining. I, for one, just thought you were debating whether the Elite 4 had anything to do with it at all. Obviously once you do beat the Elite 4 then you will have to connect online, otherwise how would the other person know? The key point though, is that you have beaten the Elite 4, not just that you are simply online whatever your point in the story. Hope that doesn't come across mean or snarky, I didn't mean for it too.

    They would no longer need to be online for the Elite Four/3rd Pokemon thing, no. Once it knows your friend has gotten that far, it knows, it's not going to just forget. However, what people were getting confused about before is whether your friend needs to be online for you to be able to get Pokemon with Hidden Abilities in their Friend Safari or not. Personally, I don't know, but the page on Serebii suggets that they do.


    Yay, my Barboach is now a Whiscash. :) Still got a long way before it can catch up with the rest of my team. Exp. Share makes equal levelling ridiculous. >.<

    Where to CF next though? It won't be till I've beaten the Elite 4, I think, but for now I'm thinking Azure Bay, Ambrette Town or Route 4 with a Good Rod. Where are other people fishing?
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  7. StoneyPikachu

    StoneyPikachu The Highest Trainer

    I could be wrong buy aren't some shiny pokemon distributed at pokemon movies? I remember at the first pokemon movie they distributed a mew when I was younger
  8. ShinyMisty

    ShinyMisty This person is dead.

    Pffffh! Pokemon Movies, here in America?! Nope. I mean, yeah, we got the Victini movie in theaters...but that's it. [I am not meaning the earlier movies]
    All of our movies have been on Cartoon Network since...I can't even remember. And we didn't even get a Shiny Genesect with this movie.
    And we get Cards, not Pokemon. That is Japan.
  9. Mays

    Mays Well-Known Member

    Does Sticky Hold have the same effect as Suction Cups? My Accelgor has Sticky Hold and I'm wondering if it's worth going out for a Suction Cups.
  10. TomoEGoto

    TomoEGoto Mr. Robot-O

    Pretty much.

    I am very happy. One of my friend safaris has both Noibat and Sliggoo so... I am going to hunt until I get both. Fraxure's okay too.
    No shine on my end. Although given the sporadic nature of my hunt, it wouldn't surprise me if it's in the making. Good luck, everyone.
  11. Mays

    Mays Well-Known Member

    I tried shiny hunting in the Safari but it didn't turn out great for me. Still unsure if it's worth continuing my MM or Safari hunting instead for Charmander (MM) or Charmeleon (SZ)
  12. MurderofKrow

    MurderofKrow Bird Brain

    I got a shiny Lampent in the Friend Safari at 382 REs. I'm now going after Dedenne in one of my other areas so I hope I'll find it. Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  13. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Three Shinies in two days! Yesterday I hooked a Shiny Skrelp and found a Shiny Hoppip in a horde, and today I found a Shiny Gulpin in a horde!
  14. 201238

    201238 Well-Known Member

  15. SEdive07

    SEdive07 DIVEstrong

    So I have committed 4-5 hours towards chain fishing and WOW! Results:


    So I guess that is pretty good. Gonna go back for more!


    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  16. Mays

    Mays Well-Known Member

    So what spots are people enjoying for this fishing chain? I've been in Ambrette Town's spot and nothing yet.

    Also running keeps the chain, correct?
  17. SEdive07

    SEdive07 DIVEstrong

    I literally fish anywhere and yes you can run from battle and continue the chain.
  18. Lostsoulz0

    Lostsoulz0 Latest Shiny

    If im using a French Ditto and an English Litleo will it still counts as MM or do I need to get another regions ditto
  19. Supremacy

    Supremacy Shiny Hunter

    Fourth shiny Onix...


    Edit: 5th Onix just popped up.. this is just like Rapidash except its happening so much faster..
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  20. JohnNiles

    JohnNiles Well-Known Member

    This thread is moving so fast. o.o

    I'm terrible at chain fishing. I keep choking when pulling up the line- my highest chain is 30 so far. But I did get a shiny today- a Frogadier from a safari. I used a Modest syncher because the safari also has a Wartortle and I wanted a nature that would work for both. Actually, it was the Wartortle I wanted first, but I got the shiny after several RE, so who am I to argue?

    Working on hatching a Timid synchronizer now.

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