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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


it shone! ^_^
Still no silver fox for me. I'm up at 2200 soft resets for shiny Fennekin in Y. Hopefully it'll appear soon...

But in other news I did just beat the E4 and unlock the Friend Safari in X. So if anybody wants to go ahead and add my friend codes, send me a PM to let me know, so I can add yours. ^^

Good hunting to you all. Congrats on all the new shinies.

Erron Black

The Outlaw
If im using a French Ditto and an English Litleo will it still counts as MM or do I need to get another regions ditto

If you use a Foreign Ditto and a Pokemon from your region that is Masuda Method your Regional Ditto and a Pokemon from where you are won't work. They HAVE to be from different countries in order to be MM.


New Member
SO after days and nights of trying the pokeradar to no success (highest chain was about 22) I thought I'd give fishing a try: after about 15 minutes I caught my first ever x/y shiny .... a Dragalge!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Less Than Zero on Pansage, Voodoo900 on Diggersby, kirkeastment on Pyroar, Marvs on Froakie, City Of Delusion on Onix, kirkeastment on Braixen, WolfGamingLive on Zubat, tomatohater on Lampent, Gricely on Krabby, Yahazugiri7 on Foongus, darthmalice777 on Tyrunt, Earth Wolf-Howl on Mime Jr.,JBW777 on Trevenant, ubernoobNTH on Kakuna, Hazmiter on Charmeleon, kirkeastment on Krabby, Storm07 on Mankey, Equal-to-Heaven on Trevenant, Soulsworn on Growlithe, Keadin on Wobbuffet, Shadowkrow on Lampent, Missingno. Master on Hoppip and Gulpin, City Of Delusion on Onix, and JohnNiles on Frogadier!

I think it was done so that people would actually play the games, rather than, imo, waste their time hunting a shiny for the next month, or in some cases, well over a year. I mean no offence to those that do this, but didya really spend $200 to not actually play the game...?
(Just as Shido- said, this isn’t meant as an attack or insult and shouldn’t be seen as such)

But that implies there’s only one “right” way to play the games. That would be like Nintendo forcing people to have the 3D on all the time…’What, did you really buy a 3DS to leave the 3D off?’ And yet, people do it all the time. Why? Because there’s no right or wrong way to use a 3DS, just like there shouldn’t be a right or wrong way to play pokemon.

To say people are wasting their time hunting does the same thing…It implies people are wrong for enjoying one thing over another. I pretty much started getting into the games because of shinies, and now Gamefreak is going to tell me I’m wrong for that? What, do they want me to return their games and get my money back, then?

Saying we aren’t “playing the game” just because we’re not going through the story immediately is slightly ridiculous and contradictory. At that point, we should just stop playing the games once the story is finished …And if not, that would imply there’s more to Pokemon than the stories, which should include shiny hunting. Any time a game offers options, there are going to be different groups of players that focus on any one of those options.

(If you’re referring to me literally not playing the games, then that’s only because of what happened to the shinies. I still plan on getting to the story sometime, but I had planned on getting the Kanto starters shiny before actually doing a playthrough. With the shiny odds messed up and still uncertain, I don’t want to hunt on those games, and right now, I’m not going to skip the only chance I have at a possibly-legitimate Kanto starter hunt, and so I won’t get to the story right away).

And look at this thread and youtube. People are STILL hunting shinies all the time whenever they want to, so that didn’t change at all. If Gamefreak really used this reasoning, it was not very well thought out.

I personally just like shinies because of their unique color schemes, the rarity of them in past gens in all honesty really turned me off from shiny hunting, because it was such a waste of time and proved 99% of the time to be fruitless.

I completely respect that people care ONLY for the color schemes and not the rarity…If shinies had absolutely no change except that they sparkled, I couldn’t care less about their rarity and wouldn’t be hunting them (and surely, far less people would care about shinies as well). But I do hope you realize the only reason they’re unique is BECAUSE of the rarity. If you take the rarity out of the equation, then the color schemes are about as unique as any gender differences between pokemon or an East vs. West Shellos…Which, to my knowledge, generally aren’t thought of as being unique.

As far as shinies in the other generations and their rarity goes, I don’t think there was ever a notion (except maybe in the early days of the respective games and new pokemon, but I wasn’t really playing then to know) that we’re one of the only people on the planet to own a certain shiny. But they’re STILL rare. They’re still something that far more people lack than have, overall. So even though thousands of people might have a certain shiny, compared to the millions of people that play, it’s still something that’s rare.

Also, I hope no one thinks I’m trying to tell them they aren’t allowed to be happy about their shinies, or that you should only hunt a certain way. I’m just trying to point out the fact that the concepts of shinies have gotten very mixed up with Gen 6, and I’m just not happy with it at all. Sorry if anyone took it that way, as I didn’t mean for it to be (though I certainly don’t think my opinion would be enough to make anyone feel bad about anything, but I could be wrong).

And I woke up this morning (I’m not sure why it was one of the first things I thought of…Kind of like when I wake up singing a song in my head immediately, before I even realize what I’m doing, and it’s just so bizarrely random), and realized I’ve inadvertently/indirectly been talking about the value of shinies, which isn’t supposed to be discussed here, so sorry for bringing up the topic :p

When I left for the hospital we were on page 362... now we're at 383. I've only been gone a few days o_O
looks like i have some reading to do...
As for my surgery, there were complications, but I seem to be ok now. Surgery went well otherwise. Haven't had energy for shiny hunting, maybe later this week...

Glad to hear everything went well. I was wondering about that a day or two ago (along with Kitty’s belly).


This morning, I finally unwrapped my White 2…I’ve had that game for what, 5 months or so? I’m going to get myself a Tepig and Oshawott to trade over to my Black 2, just so I have access to those two, and then I’ll start SRing for Snivy in odd moments, like before any morning work shifts I have, or maybe late at night if I’m watching TV or something. Not sure I’ll try to get it live just because I’d have to record the bottom screen, and I’m not going to be changing my camera angle all the time.

YES!! I just found a shiny Sentret! I’m so happy right now, actually getting the one I was hoping for more AND not going absurdly over the odds…On the contrary, very under the odds compared to many of my RE hunts as of late, at just 3,418 REs, and my 18th RE today.

[IMG200] http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b579/Charizard4993/IMG_1082_zps163c43c8.jpg[/IMG200]

I saw it when it was first appearing and thought “That looks lighter! Could it really be a shiny?!” And without a doubt, it was, and then the sparkles happened. So now my second pokemon on my HeartGold BQ!

It’s male, though I thought either gender would be fine. Modest nature, Hates to lose. It has Keen Eye, which doesn’t really bother me, but I feel like Run Away would have been more useful early on.

I think I’ll go ahead and EV train it, even though, aside from not playing competitively, it’s just a freakin Sentret/Furret…Also, time to start smackin on those HMs I’ve been holding off on using (move deleter isn’t for a long time, so I didn’t want to give them to Meganium).

And this is still fast for me, to have found a shiny just 2 days after finding a different one!

Back to hunting/training now, but will probably post at the end of the night with a video/other hunt stuff…Good luck, everyone!


Must stay awake...
I just got a shiny Qwilfish, which is easily in my top 5 favourite shinies, in Pokemon X.

And it's hot pink. I had no idea it was such a terrific colour.

Really happy with this one. :D


New Member
Literally just caught a shiny octillery (maybe 20 minutes after my dragalge). It was in a different fishing spot though, I broke my chain by mistake after the dragalge :p

What a ... ahem... awkward colour shiny octillery is xD


Dragon Pokemon Fan
Today I hooked another shiny Skrelp! I hooked in less than 10 casts. This time a Calm nature with Poison Point. I was getting another shiny for my sister but I got a better one than the one I have, so I gave the first one to my sister. : D I do hope to sometime get a Shiny Charmeleon from the Friend Safari.


Well-Known Member
Ok, I'm not very far through my backlog, but already I can see we're having a problem. I've added a rule about FCs. There is a thread specifically for exchanging them, so do it there please.
Remember, we'd like this thread to stay open, so stay on topic and please follow the rules. The mods frown upon us otherwise

Please read the rules in the OP:
*Rule #1: Keep the number of posts per page at a reasonable number. (Ideally, one post per page that you edit with additional comments)
*Rule #2: Limit posts that are only progress updates to once per day (unless you got your shiny after your update)
*Rule #3: No discussion on the VALUE of shiny pokemon or methods that reduce the odds of obtaining a shiny.
*Rule #4: Exchange your FCs in the appropriate thread! http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthr...nd-Code-Thread

Also, due to the ridiculous increase in shinies and posts and whatnot, it's not really viable to track all the completed hunts. I won't be putting them up in the OP for a while, but still make sure to mark it in your post if you complete it so we can all see =)
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Seeing as how everyone is having so much luck with chain fishing, I decided I'd try it for myself. So I decided to try and catch a Poliwag on Route 16. Coincidentally, I caught this in only 16 hooks.


Since she has a Rash nature, I think I'll evolve her into a Politoed.

That was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I suck at fishing.


Boulder Trainer
Does saving or closing the console (for StreetPass) break the fishing chain?

I've always been somewhat lucky with shinies. This time is no different. :D

Random encounters being random, I didn't find any wild fletchling during my game. Then, when I got HM Fly I realized I didn't have any flying pkmn in my team, so I went to the first routes to catch a fletchling and use it in my team. And there it was. The first wild fletchiling I encountered was a shiny one. ^^

Two day later I was rearranging the boxes in the PC to unlock the 30 boxes. By chance I discovered that one of my flabébé was shiny! It's almost identical to normal flabébé, so I didn't noticed when I got it. Luckily, it had a good nature and I kept it in my "training" box. Otherwise, I would have sent it by wonder trade.

And last but not least, I started CFing a couple of hours ago and got a shiny relicanth. Not bad. :D


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While fishing for a Shiny Dragonaire I got a shiny Poliwhirl instead lol. Dragonair is going to be hard to get...it's encounter rate is already low...ugh

EDIT: Also, about how often do Shinies pop up in the Friend Safari?

Crimson Impact

Active Member
So, decided I'm gonna start shiny huntin'. What's the shiny charm mentioned on the first page?

mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
does chain fishing work with any rod anywhere?


Patience is Virtue
I figured I'd try the chain fishing, after hearing lots of people getting shinies from it. Got a 56 fishing streak on my first attempt before ****ing up, then got a few ~30 streaks. No shinies at all. Gave up for a few hours because my mind was getting tired from the quick responding to the fish alert. After that I had one single streak of 30 after which I encountered a shiny Clauncher. Tried to continue after I caught it and found another shiny Clauncher after 4 casts. Continued again and then I found a shiny Staryu after another 11 casts.

Either I was really lucky, or the fishing chain doesn't break after meeting a shiny/catching a Pokémon. Anyway, the chain fishing really works! Gonna try for every fishable Pokémon now for sure, as it's fairly easy to get a high fishing chain :)

Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
Wow, so I just lost a shiny Basculin... Final Gambit apparently? Kinda sucks, but I'm actually just still going on the chain. It didn't take long to appear and I'm not an enormous fan of shiny basculin so I guess I don't care, but I still do a little. I mean honestly, even if I find another, I'm not gonna master ball it. I'm really hoping for poliwhirl this time.

EDIT: Another Shiny Basculin down the drain... still on the same chain though. C'mon Poliwhirl!

EDIT2: Another one bites the dust...
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Gone through some big streaks of successful timing of my fishing rod, but no luck so far.

Is there any way to check the highest record you've got? Surely was up in the 50's earlier. Will try tomorrow.


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Gone through some big streaks of successful timing of my fishing rod, but no luck so far.

Is there any way to check the highest record you've got? Surely was up in the 50's earlier. Will try tomorrow.

Around Route 16 there is a place where you can check your streak. There's a house with two fisherman the first gives you the super rod the one in the back tells you about Chain Fishing and your streak.