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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Caught a shiny Zoroark randomly earlier on X, and chain-fished up a shiny Relicantch at around 20-something earlier today in Cyllage City.
  2. Ahniolator

    Ahniolator New Member

    Spent 3 days attempting to radar chain myself a shiny goomy/sligoo to no avail, switched over to chaining zoroark and noctowl in the pokemon village, still nothing after a day.

    30 minutes ago decided I would switch gears and try out MM'ing, and after 10 eggs I got my shiny goomy :D
  3. syrrume

    syrrume Shiny Hunter

    I would stick my neck out and hazard a guess at odds in the friend safari are as low as 1/1000 or 1/500

    Might be a bit of a guesstimate but would explain why people are getting shinies in there all the freaking time!

    And why in 2 weeks souske222 has caught over 20 shinies across 3 games :D
  4. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    or very many people are making very many encounters there
  5. Dark Dranzer

    Dark Dranzer Well-Known Member

    I've found a shiny Chatot on Route 12 and post game I found a shiny Fletchinder in the Friend Safari
  6. Dylz

    Dylz Trainer since 1997

    Finally, after a chain of 137 I finally caught a Shiny Poliwag... Worthless IV's & a lonely nature. Oh well wasn't planning to use him anyway. 3 More Poliwags to go. I hope these hunts will go a little faster, I nearly broke my chain of 142 record. (Didn't even caught something with that one.)
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013
  7. andy111777

    andy111777 Member

    So... This is starting to get a little sad for me.
    I've reached the maximum amount of boxes avaiable.
    29 boxes full of Masuda bred Squirtles and Dratinis and not 1 shiny.
    that's what, 870ish babies in my box... Releasing them will take me forever and it's all for nothing =(
  8. KittyKitty3308

    KittyKitty3308 Shiny Hunter

    What I do when I MM for shinies is release the pokemon immediately after hatching if none of them are shiny. So I just go to the box and release them straight from my party and grab some more eggs from the box. that way I'm not stuck with like 15 boxes that I have to release at once. Hope you get your shiny soon!

    As for me, still working on bq number 2 shiny on Route 8. Really hoping for Absol. Still trying to get a certain shiny in the friend safari also. Since I already used Florges in my X playthrough and used the shiny stone found by the skiddo Ranch, does anyone know where I can get another stone to evolve the shiny Floette I got yesterday?

    Happy hunting everyone!!
  9. Dylz

    Dylz Trainer since 1997

    LOL! While investigating the fishable pokémon in parfum palace. (For the X & Y discovery thread.) I actually found a Shiny Magikarp.

    I switched rods while looking for the pokémon who are located here, and I think switching rods doesn't break the chain.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013
  10. Marvs

    Marvs Shinneeee!

    The way I do MM (quite successfully I should add) is save in front of the man when he has 1 egg ready, then collect 5, hatch them all and soft reset if there is no shiny. That's the method I've always used since black and I've probably gotten about 20MM pokemon
  11. UPDATE: I just got a shiny Drifloon after 986 SR's in Pokemon Platinum! hard work paid off :D
  12. andy111777

    andy111777 Member

    I'm not used to hunting for shinies. this is actualy the first time I'm MMing for shinies because after seeing how
    easy people are getting their shinies I was like, Hmm Maybe I should try it out.
    Man was I wrong lol
  13. master of murkrow

    master of murkrow Shiny Hunter

    Rule number 1 while shiny hunting is: no matter what method you use, its never easy to find a shiny. ;) rule number 2 is never give up and 3 is eat 2 pieces of fruit per day but im not sure if that has anything to do with the odds....
  14. ~EternalDarkness~

    ~EternalDarkness~ Ghost Type User

    Congrats to everyone on their latest shinies, there's been so many.

    So I didn't think I'd be posting here again any time soon, but last night when I was levelling up my Litleo I found a shiny Wingull in a horde encounter. Careful nature which is pretty bad and I don't know what its IV's are like. Not complaining as this is only the second time I've had a completely random shiny after a shiny Wurmple I caught when I was a kid.

    HNI_0033 (2).JPG

    I'm interested to try chain fishing so I'll have a look into that soon. Good luck everyone!
  15. Heliotrope

    Heliotrope it shone! ^_^

    That's what I always used to do. But in X/Y I've been collecting a box full and then giving out the ones I don't need over wonder trade.

    Sigh. I'm up to 2750 soft resets for shiny Fennekin in Y now. It's kind of annoying seeing everyone else on youtube getting their shiny starters in much less SR...
  16. Guro

    Guro SHSL Teen Blogger

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013
  17. Milennin

    Milennin *hugs Absol*

    Looks like I've gone on another dry streak. It's been quite a while since my last shiny, but I guess there's no other option than to just keep going at it.
  18. Allrianne

    Allrianne New Member

    Just caught myself a shiny corphish, and it's purple, my favourite colour. I was actually looking for a shiny Goldeen, but I'm happy with my purple Corphish.

    Going to spend a few hours in the FS looking for some shiny ghosts.
  19. Daisymareep

    Daisymareep Beware the cuteness

    Congrats to all the new shinies. I decide to to get a shiny pumpkaboo since it's cute ( might beat mareep's level cuteness D: ). I want chain but I guess you can't chain in tall grass so I might try my luck getting a shiny swirilx.
  20. kirkeastment

    kirkeastment Completing The Trio

    Got myself a Shiny Sandile(w/Anger Point... Yay for Hidden Abilities) in the very same Dark FS as Inkay... he wasn't Adamant in nature, but he at least had a +Atk Nature, Brave.

    Since i got lucky and caught these two rather quickly, i've already started EV training them... beginning with attack(love those weepinbell/arbok hordes :D )

    I'll be hunting for a Timid Shiny Smeargle later today, as thankfully i believe the person i added has now been online at the same time as me. :D
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2013

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