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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


The name's Riley
Only 600 eggs!!! I've hatched 1,600 Fennekin, 600 Helioptile and Over 300 Chespin and still no shiny!! Now thats trolling!

Ouch! Yeah, that must hurt. I can't imagine how tiring it would be hatching 2,500 eggs and not getting a shiny. Hatching 600 is already very tiring. I wish you the best of luck on your shiny Fennekin, Helioptile, and Chespin. I'm sure they'll shine soon :)

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This game trolls me. I've hatched over 600 eggs and no shiny Hawlucha.

As I decide to use Mega Kangaskhan for my team, after about 23 eggs of hatching Kangaskhan trying to get the nature I'm looking for, a shiny Kangaskhan hatches. It's Docile nature, which is okay, I suppose. According to the judge, its stats are superior over others, with its Defense and Attack as its best stats.

I will never give up trying to hatch shiny Hawlucha!

Only 600 eggs!!! I've hatched 1,600 Fennekin, 600 Helioptile and Over 300 Chespin and still no shiny!! Now thats trolling!

Guys chill out, there are people on this forum that had far worse hunts. I remember a guy on the forum that spent 3 years hunting a shiny beldum and when he did he was happy that he sticked with the hunt instead of giving up.

He refused to give up, so did a lot of people and when they got their prized shiny it gave them an amazing feeling.



SHINY FENNEKIN HAS APPEARED!! It took 15 days (since release day...) and 3131 soft resets in total (on the 31st SR of this file. I'd been changing files every 50 SR). The soft resets were annoyingly long and boring, but at last I have my silver fox! He's male and Naive natured, and I'll probably be keeping him as a Fennekin, since I plan on breeding for a shiny one with the right nature some time in the future to evolve into Delphox.

This is the first shiny for my Y badge quest, too. I don't know who I'll be hunting for next, since there are so many different routes between the 1st and 2nd gyms. ^^;

Congrats on the shiny Tepig, RaichuArcanine! Today is the day for shiny fire starters! ^.^

Big congrats XD
Does changing the save file help? I am on about 1600 for my shiny Froakie and still no luck! Should I start a new save file?


Dark & Ghost FTW
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Ouch! Yeah, that must hurt. I can't imagine how tiring it would be hatching 2,500 eggs and not getting a shiny. Hatching 600 is already very tiring. I wish you the best of luck on your shiny Fennekin, Helioptile, and Chespin. I'm sure they'll shine soon :)

Good Luck too you on your hunt as well!
Little over 500 eggs, and here is shiny Froakie! Timid and I got the Protean ability!! On to Gastly or Phantump now, trying to decide between the two. Congrats and good luck fellow hunters!

Congrats! I'm definitely going to be trying for a shiny Froakie myself soon; shiny Greninja is awesome! Protean just makes it even cooler and more dangerous in battle.

Just finished super training my shiny honedge. I'll probably take a small break to level up and evolve him before moving on to my next hunt, which I'm thinking is going to be in the friend safari in hopes of a shiny ivysaur, tangela or quilladin.

Good luck everyone!


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Hey guys! Congrats on all the recent shinies, especially RaichuArcanine on Tepig and Heliotrope on Fennekin. Nice to see all that hard work pay off. :]

Well I've been hatching like crazy and I'm already at 300 eggs for Carbink and nothing yet so far. I can't wait to see what it looks like shiny!

Good luck everyone.


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Wow..... After running into a random shiny Houndour before beating the second gym, I didn't think I'd encounter any more shinies for awhile... But I was wrong! Last night I bumped into another completely random shiny, this time before challenging the third gym-- it was a Miltank!


If I had found a shiny before the first gym, this would almost be like an unintentional Badge Quest... Haha. Anyway, she's Lonely, Impetuous and Silly, and has Scrappy. Better than my Adamant Houndoom, that's for sure. The funny part is that I was planning on coming back to hunt on Route 12 after I beat the game, but I might hold off on that now!

Good luck on all your hunts!
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Hey everyone! Congrats on all your shinies! It's been crazy lately in the number of shines :O

Well, I got Y on release day and I received X that I preordered months ago a few days after release day. I was soft resetting in Pokemon Y, but I decided to finish the game first. So now I'm MMing for Fennekin in Y while I soft reset for Chespin in X. I want my first playthrough of X to be with the shiny form of all three starters, so that's what I have been working toward. I decided I will hunt for the 6th generation pokemon I like the color scheme of, and then I will return to past generations to continue hunting for any other pokemon that is not in the 6th gen. I personally feel more connected to the shinies I've had longer hunts for, so while the high probability of improved chances of finding a shiny don't appeal to me, I completely understand and respect why it appeals to so many people.

As for my endless Treecko and Eevee hunts, they have officially hit 5 months and 1 day for Eevee, and a bit longer than that for my Treecko hunt. This is becoming unbelievably frustrating. I cannot even imagine how far I am over the odds on both hunts, especially after seeing how quickly SR's add up now that I'm starting to keep track, even on such a slow process as SRing in X and Y. At least I haven't found another shiny Poochyena yet. That'd be my fifth I think...

Good luck on all your hunts, and I hope you continue to have fun with X and Y (Which is now easily one of my top favorite generations!)

Edit: I completely forgot to mention my hunt counts. As for Fennekin, I have hatched 645 eggs exactly and as for my Chespin, I have done 213 SR's (as I can only hunt this one when I can borrow my brother's 3DS, which is hard because he is still playing through Pokemon Y and uses it often.)
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So, I have been breeding togepi's with nasty plot, and low and behold! I got a shiny! Modest nature, only downside is it has Hustle instead of Serene Grace. But yay anyways!


The name's Riley
Um....I don't know what is up with my luck and shinies today. I just hatched a shiny Fennekin after 7 eggs as I was trying to get a Timid Delphox for my team. It's Quirky nature. Judge says its greatest potential is speed with decent stats all-around.

Maybe I should go for that Hawlucha today. :)
10 boxes of froakies so far no shiny yet maybe 12-13 if i count the ones i soft-reset after getting the 1st egg and just hatch the other 4 eggs. shiny froakie where are youuuu Q_Q

on a side note when you guys do MM do you collect eggs 1st and hatch later or get eggs bike around the path til it hatches then pick up next egg? ive been doing the latter since it seems more productive to me what about you guys?


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Just caught a shiny Mawile!! (Which was the one I was hoping for in the friend safari! ) She has a crappy Gentle nature (+Sp. Def, - Def) and had the intimidate ability. I'm just so happy I got her instead of Klang (the other pokemon in the safari). Still working on Route 8 to get my 2nd shiny for my y BQ. Hopefully I get Absol! So happy! :)

Now which friend safari will be my next victim... ;)

Congrats to everyone on their shinies, especially Helio! Good luck on your BQ! :)


I ate ColtonL
Was looking for a grass pelt gogoat.......................and out pops a shiny ivysaur. I was so suprised! Can't believe i've caught 2 shinies in the past 24 hours. Especially this 2nd one, wasn't expecting it at all :3

Edit: just looked at its nature.........careful. Oh well I wanted gogoat anyways ^.^
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One of my favourite items in gen 6 can change that for you ! Use an ability capsule and you're set! :)