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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
It must be my lucky day! Just managed to get a shiny Lampent from the friend safari! Was going for Spiritomb and will continue to go for it! It has a Docile nature and the Flash Fire ability. 2nd shiny from the safaris today on my X. Now if only a shiny would show up on my Y so I can move on with my BQ!! :)
MM'd a shiny Fennekin with a Modest nature the other day. Now it's a Braixen. Can't wait to get this thing fully evolved and kick some tail with it.


Bird Brain
I've got a shiny Pancham yesterday, and Delibird and Dwebble today. I got them all at the Friend Safari. Now I'll do 1 CF and try for Qwilfish then I'll finally do the MM. As for my BQ in X I got bored of SRing for a starter which I feel like it's a fail for me, but I am hunting for my first shiny and I have a Pickup Diggersby with me. He's picked up 2 Ultra balls and some Great balls which will help. Anyway hope something shines soon in X. Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts.


New Member
I have a question regaurding the masuda method in gen 6. I am hearing 2 things and its drving me crazy. I play pokemon y on my japanese 3ds and set the language to english. is the masuda method based on the language you choose to paly or the region your pokemon come from in my case it would be a japanese pokemon game. So even though im playing on a japanese 3ds are my pokemon still considered japanese
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they call me Varanus
For those of you who are having issues with the Pokeradar, I found this VERY helpful guide on Pokememes today. It explains how to tell the difference between empty shaking grass patches and ones with your Pokemon, as well as other issues that I've heard people complain about. I've linked to it because for some reason I can't get it to come up clearly when I post it.

How to Use the Pokeradar

Meowth City

Staff member
Got my second shiny in Y!!

Story time: I was travelling to Paris. I had been playing for about half a hour (maybe more) and shortly after arriving in France, I had also arrived in the Reflection Cave within the game. Now, I have this rule as I play through the game that I must attempt to catch every new Pokemon I encounter. About 5 minutes into the cave, near the entrance, I ran into my first Solosis --- and it turns out to be a shiny. Oh yeah.


P.S. There was also a person on the train playing XY. Got me another Streetpass, yo!
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Shiny Hunter
Guys, as you are aware. I've been hunting Zygarde the past few days.

I was on the SHU chatbox when I hit 1,530 SRs. However, I saw an image that looked like a legitimate shiny Zygarde, which got my hopes up. Anyways, on the 1,530th SR, I glanced down and SRed, after I saw a Zygarde that represented the image of the shiny Zygarde.

So I am pretty sure I SRed over a shiny Zygarde. Take this with a large pinch of salt as I didn't see all of Zygarde, but I'm pretty sure it was shiny. It may have been one of the glowing spots on Zygarde that may have tricked me, but I don't know for sure.


This is the image I am referring to.

I noticed when I was SRing for Zygarde that it actually changes color to that. So I'm pretty sure that its just part of the animation.


After exactly 130 eggs shiny Frokie hatches..

As some of you might see, something is wrong with that picture.. it has torrent -___-! So round 2 for shiny Protean Froakie starts! I've already hatched 66 eggs.

Good luck everyone!

lab tech zero

Ghost buster
My brother ran into a shiny Geodude in a horde. The others with it killed it with a magnitude ten (this is the third shiny disaster he's had. once he critical ko'd a shiny gothita, and encountered a shiny tailow without being able to save after).
Wow guys, congrats on all the recent shinies!

So, I was running around in a fire friend safari and ran across a shiny Magmar! It wasn't the shiny I was looking for(again...), but it's still a shiny, so I'm very happy :D. Going for a shiny trapinch in a ground safari now. Good luck on your hunts everyone!


Shiny Hunter
Now at 1000 Res for a shiny Espurr phase 2 hopefully it doesn't take 20 phases but I kinda do want some of the other shinies from this route like honedge or kecleon. honedge is a really nice shiny as well so that would be nice. I also recently started racing someone for staryu in my HG hopefully I don't get seel but I will be happy with whatever. Hopefully I don't fail a seel as well and I don't mind tentacool. Once I get Espurr I will continue my epic shiny journey and hunt for a snorlax on the bridge good luck everyone. :)


Active Member
I want to MM a pokemon in X, but it has been a really slow process, especially getting the eggs. Anyone have tips or know the fastest way to do it? Thanks


I've just been keeping rough estimates, but I'm sure now that I either just passed or am just about to pass 900 eggs for my shiny Froakie. I'm really crossing my fingers it shows up before 1000 but with my luck so far, that might just be a bit of hopeful thinking.


Beginning Trainer
Went into a Friend Safari looking for another Dragonair for my IV Breeding. Instead, I caught a Shiny Fraxure!! After 0 random encounter shinies the first 4 generations, I got 1 in 5th gen (Shiny Happiny on White 1), and 1 in 6th Gen!!