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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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So... I just lost my first shiny. I don't exactly feel too upset about losing it, since I literally started hunting here today, but I accidentally ran from a shiny Swablu in a horde. I have somewhat mixed feelings about it, but now I feel like I need to get one, not because of having lost it, but I just feel obligated to reclaim it so that it doesn't sit awkwardly in my list of seen shinies within my Dex. I'm very glad it was just something I began hunting for today and not something else like a shiny legendary, though I suppose I should feel more upset, given that my last hunt wasn't too kind.

I might actually just use the Pokeradar in hopes of getting an Altaria, since Purple Flowers just might be a large enough patch for me to do it. Though chances are I'll take whatever I find next via horde hunting and move on. As I said, I'm not exactly heartbroken by this loss.
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Do you guys think that the oval charm helps with finding shinies? Does it seem faster? I just got it for seeing all the Pokemon. (Don't have to catch them.)


The name's Riley
congrats on all your new shinies and good luck to those stil hunting. :>

i decided i'd try hunting in a ghost safari with pumpkaboo/lampent/spiritomb, i'm hoping to get either pumpkaboo or spiritomb but it's not like i'll be disappointed even if lampent is the one to shine. i was actually going to do REs in a fairy safari with kirlia/mawile/floette but then i shat myself when i caught a normal kirlia and noticed it knew teleport. .__. the floette only seemed to be yellow too and yellow florges is the only one i dislike. so i just wussed out of that hunt lol...

right now i'm at 400 REs.
Good luck on your friend safari hunt. ^^ The safari I'm hunting in is similar to the one you're hunting in with Phantump/Lampent/Spiritomb. I'm hoping for either a Phantump or Spiritomb myself, but totally wouldn't mind a shiny Lampent either!

So my shiny value for my Y matched someone's Honedge egg, and they contacted me to hatch it shiny for them. Seeing it makes me want to get my own.


Veteran Trainer
Found someone with the same shiny value as my mareep egg. She is modest with 31 in everything except speed, but mega amph is so slow I don't think it really matters much.


Forever now
I finally got a shiny Charmander from prof Sycamore after only 1,157 SR's. The odds are really lowered in this gen... dunno how I feel... I've got charmander hunt going on JPN FR for over 10k without avail...

I'm not complaining at all tbh :p





Shiny Charmander = Shiny Mega Charizard X = #POW

This is my second shiny in X after shiny female Froakie last week... not sure if I wanna do BQ... I just wanna go after the shinies I like...

Congrats on the new shinies and good luck to all your hunts!

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Don't look here.
I found a Shiny Sliggoo today in the FS after about 150 RE's. I was so happy. It is Modest and even has gooey. Thank god for synch working! It has 31 in sp def and speed but the other stats are not even that bad. Sp a is great and superior potential overall. It is a lovely Goodra right now. I will post pictures tomorrow of both.

I am so happy guys.


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I found a shinny Hoothoot in the safari zone. I don't know how I did must have been pure luck because I wasn't looking for it.


~Apriball Collector~
Wow!! I just hatched my 4th Snorunt and it was a shiny female! :D I must have luck with me today. I should go hunt down some more shinies i want! :D Although the nature is Adamant.... Maybe I will just keep hatching for a better nature... Hmmm


pain in the ***
omg, I've hatched like 35 eggs already for shiny charmander, still nothing. about to give up

My electrike hunt is about to break 3,000 eggs. My roggenrola hunt took 7,029. Someone else here (though exactly who escapes me) hatched over 8,400 for a tauros. MMing does not guarantee a quick shiny. Sometimes it can take forever and a bazillion eggs.

Am just about to start hatching run #9. Wish me luck!


Dragon Pokemon Fan
Since I was having no luck getting a shiny Noibat from the FS, I decided to try MM for one. So far I hatched 35 eggs. But since at times it was taking too long to receive an egg even though they get along very well, I'm going to try getting the Oval Charm. So close to being done with Central Dex. I am also trying to max my style to get the hatching power, but is taking awhile.

So hopefully when I get those two things, it will be faster with hatching and collecting. Hopefully soon I'll get my Shiny Noibat.


Just caught a shiny Shellder while fishing for Skrelp. Unfortunately it's Gentle : ( Oh well, back to the shiny Skrelp hunting


Green Dragon Trainer
I am over 500 Goomy eggs into my first ever MM hunt to no avail, I think I have my expectations set a little to high since I got my shiny Deino on the 3rd egg in W2 without even using the MM or expecting a shiny.
I have decided to finish hatching my last batch of eggs, approx 300 and postpone it and try the MM on something a little easier, Goomy just takes way to long to hatch even with hatching power lvl 3 and the oval charm.

Also, my FS luck seems to have run dry. 8+ hours with 2 systems with X and Y, simultaneously searching for a Sliggoo and nothing. Again, my expectations have been set too high from my previous FS luck.
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With the new Instachecker that is going around, wild + egg shinies have a confirmed rate of 1/4100 (shiny values assigned to pokemon do not exceed 4100). This is not Masuda Method or Chaining or Friend Safari-- just the base shiny rate. You can find all of this information on Smogon or Reddit, as I don't want to post links outside of Serebii, but wanted to pass this information along since I know everyone wants to know the rates. :D

Anddd.. had a small bit of luck today. Still trying to find my Luxio but got a shiny Electabuzz in the process!
Hey, I'm new to this thread. Not a n00b, but just wanted to say hi.

I've been hunting in the FS for a while now, & have found a lot of great, & not so great Shinies. Currently I'm hunting in a Dark type with Pawniard, Absol & Sandile. I've gotten Pawniard to shine for me today, & the other day I had Sandile shine twice for me. I'm still hunting for my pretty much all time favorite Shiny, Absol. I'm also MMing on the side, but I've had no luck what-so-ever. Probably hatched around 500 eggs in all (which I proceed to either release or WT off, depending on how useful they are). I know I need to hatch more to have any luck, but still. All of my luck has been in the FS XP. Well, good luck with everyone & your hunts ^_^


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My electrike hunt is about to break 3,000 eggs. My roggenrola hunt took 7,029. Someone else here (though exactly who escapes me) hatched over 8,400 for a tauros. MMing does not guarantee a quick shiny. Sometimes it can take forever and a bazillion eggs.

Am just about to start hatching run #9. Wish me luck!

That would be me. 8,485 Eggs to be exact.

As for Xerneas, now at 1,800 Run Aways. Hopefully it appears soon...


~Draco Rex~
Yay! Community Hunt Complete!

Yesterday, I'd been on an egg collecting/ hatching spree all day while marathoning classic Doctor Who episodes they've been showcasing on TV, since the 50th anniversary special is coming next week~ I'd hatched 100 already earlier on throughout the day, and had collected another 60 eggs at night to hatch before going to sleep. In the middle of hatching the second batch, after 882 eggs, I got my shiny Fennekin! ^_^




Seeing what all the new odds are (And wow, I never expected they'd increase them this much!), I'm glad they were mostly in my favour for this hunt XD. He's a boy, and thanks to Everstone he got the Timid nature I wanted. Since I'm not too far in the game though, I can't really check his IVs yet until I level him up after Super Training. I know lots of people prefer female Fennekin, but I actually like male ones better :p. I named him Arcfire, after one of the Fire mage tomes from Fire Emblem XD. It was either gonna be that or name him after Tormod from PoR




Can't wait to eventually evolve him to a Delphox! <3

On my other games, my MM hunt for Zorua on White is still steadily going at 1370 eggs, and I'm almost at 5000 REs in Chargestone Cave on White 2. Once I've trained Arcfire up a bit, I think I'll get started on finding a good foreign parent to begin MMing Charmander on Y. I really ought to get back to MMing Eevee on Soulsilver at somepoint too, since I'm paused at 900 eggs there...|D.

Congrats on all the recent shinies and good luck everyone on your hunts!


I finaly did it bros!!! After one week of hunting and too many eggs to count, I bred a shiny, adamant, technician scizor with perfect Ivs in HP, Atk, Def and Sp. Def... I still cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I can say to others is to dont give up, no matter how long it takes, in the end it really pays off!!!! :D


After ZERO luck in finding a fire safari with ninetales (oddly enough my own safari is a fire type with ninetales on it LOL) I traded a shiny blastoise for a pretty silver shine nine tails fox!
I'm so in love with her <3
now I'll hunt for an electric or psychic type for my all shiny team


Completing The Trio
Holy Ballz!!!

I was just coming online to post that i had caught a Shiny Maractus(31 IV Atk/Sp.Atk).... when a Shiny Ivysaur(31 IV Atk/Def)appeared like <20 RE's later. :D

I am literally amazed that these both appeared so quickly.

Shake Your Maractus: (Brave: +Atk -Speed)

Summary = http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn62/kirkeastment/HNI_0064_zps79357b91.jpg
Dex = http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn62/kirkeastment/HNI_0059_zps7589c6e4.jpg

Ivysaur You Here Before: (Bold: +Def -Atk)

Summary = http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn62/kirkeastment/HNI_0065_zps4bd77fe7.jpg
Dex = http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn62/kirkeastment/HNI_0063_zps4f9e7ec0.jpg

Also evolved my Shiny Amaura and Mime Jr last night, i was sad to evolve Amaura into Aurorus, but it had to be done eventually :D


Now i'll be relocating to a Water FS in my hunt for a Shiny Wartortle to complete my Shiny Kanto Starter Set. Luckily for me, this Water FS has two other Pokemon i would love to own in their Shiny form, Octillery & Azumarill.
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