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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Here, how about a constructive topic of conversation :p

With the much higher number of shinies we're seeing in Gen 6, what do you do / plan to do with your duplicate shinies or shinies you didn't want?

I plan to wonder trade mine away and spread shininess throughout the world like a magical shiny fairy :p


Hatching Dratini and found a shiny one (it's rather sad when the only shiny pokemon I've ever caught was a red Gyarados in HS/SS/Gold/Silver/Crystal, and I've been playing since the games first came out in American...) So, yeah, I'm really happy! I've never really had the luck or patience for this...xD
Hey all, grats on the recent shinies :D.

So, I think I'm going to take a break from Y and SR for Cresselia on my W2 version. I just love her shiny form! After her I think I'll go back to Cobalion. I am still hunting Lugia, but I just haven't had the motivation to hunt for him at the moment. It'll come again soon though :).

Also, if I happen to get any duplicate shinies, I'm going to give them to my friends if they don't have that shiny as well. If I happen to find a shiny I didn't want, I'll keep it anyways :). Good luck on all your hunts!
Searching for a shiny Bergmite in the Friend Safari, when I got something even better!

My favorite shellfish — in a glorious shiny appearance — has joined my team!

Hardy nature with perfect Attack and Defense IV's, which is AWESOME! I think I'll train this one, as well!

And on the topic of training shiny Pokémon, my shiny Usaring reached level 100 today!

The sheer awesomeness of this is unbearable.

Anyway, congratulations to all of the recent shiny encounters! And good luck to all who are currently hunting for, or going to hunt for, shiny Pokémon!


i did 600 REs in the pumpkaboo/lampent/spiritomb safari with nothing yet. i recently contacted a person who has a pumpkaboo/shuppet/spiritomb safari so i might swith to their's if they decide to add me since i would much rather have a shiny shuppet than a lampent. that way i would actually like all the three possible shinies. :>


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So I decided to pick up Platinum again the other day to do some chaining on a Phanpy, but sadly at the chain of 39 I made a stupid mistake and broke it. Being a bit angry at myself, I switched to Y to relax myself and found that I had a FS with Phanpy in it. So, I decided to see if Lady Luck would be on my side (My last FS hunt lasted over 2600 encounters). Sure enough, 91 RE later, I finally got my shiny Phanpy, who is now a gorgeous Donphan.


I also realized I hadn't evolved my shiny Spheal that I got last Sunday, so I took her once through the E4 to make her a Sealeo, and then decided I'd train a bit in a Friend Safari, considering she was too close to Lv. 44 to go through the E4 again. I was just fighting my way through Sunkern, Gogoat, and Ivysaur when this little guy showed up. To make things better, my Sealeo then evolved into Walrein from the capture experience.


Good luck on your hunts everybody!

Edit: Evolved my Ivysaur into a Venusaur, and then into Mega Venusaur.

Mega Venusaur
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Completely Random Shiny Nincada appeared in a FS while I was finding the Pokemon to know which ones are in it. O_O I love Nincada! Gonna Evolve it for sure! Will update with a clip, soon.


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Oh my god you guys, so i just got done boxing 230 eggs, usually i don't use the "box loads at a time then hatch them later" technique to get shinies but because its my birthday today and there were only a few hours left until it became the 17th i decided to box loads and hatch them all to see if i at least generated a shiny egg on my birthday. As it turns out the 20th egg i boxed was a shiny, here it is: http://imgur.com/wfyMwcd (apologies that i haven't been getting a picture when they hatch, i always get too excited and press the B button so i can check the ability/stats as fast as possible xD) Speaking about the stats and ability though, she has an IV spread of: 31/31/24/31/13/31 i'm super happy with the IVs. As far as the ability is concerned it got Mold Breaker which is real unfortunate as i wanted either Hyper Cutter (so you don't get attack drops from intimidate users such as Mawile before you go mega) or Moxie (so you can finish off a weakened opponent and get an attack boost before you go mega) Doesn't matter though, just used an ability capsule on him to give him Hyper Cutter. Think i will EV train him (252 Atk, 252 spd ofc) first then start hatching the rest of the eggs tomorrow. Good luck on everyone's hunts whether they be CF, RE, MM or other ;)


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Hey everyone, just started to get into shiny hunting. My first hunt is for a Bagon. Currently have 115 eggs hatched. Wishing for the best on all of your hunts!


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Shiny God-Damned Lampent :D

Shiny #5 Today

Modest Nature FTW!!!(+Sp.Atk -Atk)
Hidden Ability: Infiltrator
31 IV's in HP, Atk & Sp.Def with possible 24-26 for Def & Sp.Atk & 27-29 for speed means it will make for one badass Shiny Chandelure. :D

Do Your Eyes Deceive Me, Because It's My Only Way To Tell You're Shiny:

Summary = http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn62/kirkeastment/HNI_0074_zps6bb021a5.jpg
Dex = http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn62/kirkeastment/HNI_0073_zpsfbae23d6.jpg
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I've decided to do my first SR hunt on pokemon x.
Fossil hunt :)
So I've got 5 old ambers and I've only done 10 SR so far.
Looking forward to getting into this hunt hoping for a pink aerodactyl soon :)
Congratz on all recent shinies and to those still hunting
*May the shine be with you*


Was walking around training a Kangaskhan, when my second ever shiny jumped out at me, and my first of 6th gen.

Drapion, Rash nature, 27/26/19/6/2/7

Very poor IVs, and a poor nature for it, but a shiny is a shiny! Scared my girlfriend when it came up I shouted so loud!


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Congrats to everyone on their recent shinies! <:

I've started to SR on my restarted file of soulsilver for a shiny starter, 220 resets to far and nothing yet.
Also given up on my Shuppet MM, but would still like a shiny mega Banette so I'll probably RE or resume my MM for one later on.

MMing for a shiny Eevee atm so I can get a competitive shiny Sylveon (the blue is so pretty!), the parents are all 5IV with wish, yawn, and curse. Eevee MM almost at 200. ;I
This Instacheck thing... Would this be able to confirm shiny locks? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ih0d3YExIU&list=UU0cqkGpdSBUGdjycy2PlpEw

If someone shows a Xerneas/Yveltal and the Trainer and Shiny values match, and it's not shiny, there'd be a lock, right? It'd take a LONG time to do, though...

In theory, it could, however, in BW/BW2, if the PID would be shiny, then it was modified so it would not be. So going by that, odds are you would never be able to generate a matching shiny value for your game.


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Quick question guys, is a gentle nature a viable nature for Mega Venusaur?


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Quick question guys, is a gentle nature a viable nature for Mega Venusaur?

Gentle is Sp.defense up and defense down right?
Venusaur's base stats are best in special attack and defense, so Gentle is favorable.
Though a speed+ and attack/defense- stat might be better.

Wait I didn't see the Mega part. >A< Ah im sorry.
Mega Venusaur has Defense as the highest stat so Gentle might not be favorable when your being hit by physical attacks, though the sp.attack and sp.defense stats are still high and it probably wont be noticeable unless your going to use it in random matchups.
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