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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Just started a MM for a shiny Weedle. One of my favorites. Got the Everstone on the one so most are being born with an adamant nature. Also register my FC. My current shinies are Geodude.

The Benmeister

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Okay, I thought I was lucky before. Having just gotten my Mienshao, I decided to try my hand at horde hunting again, so I popped to Route 15 to start hunting.

Lo and behold, the FIRST horde encounter and a shiny Foongus pops up! It literally could not have been any quicker than that!

Now I'm not sure whether to push my luck and keep trying for more the way things are going, two shinies in different methods in less than two hours!
Congratulations to everyone on their shinies and best of luck to those who are hunting!
I've started a MM hunt for Shuppet and I've hatched around 150 eggs so far. I really like how shiny Mega Banette looks so hopefully I get a shiny Shuppet to train and add to my team. ^_^

Mr. Ribbles

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I've finally begun Masuda Methoding for none other than my favorite pokemon, Cubchoo.

Managed to get my hands on a French (Hey, fits kalos.) Cubchoo and a random safari ditto with attack IVs.

Wish me luck, everyone!


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Round 1 for Onix has ended without a shiny. I'm heading back to Route 3 to start collecting my next batch of eggs.


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I did it again, guys! Chain fishing, that is! :p

Remember my post from yesterday about managing to get a shiny Clauncher like I'd wanted after just suddenly getting the urge to try chain fishing again after I hadn't done it in quite a few days? Well today even though I was hunting for Espurr again, as well as Noibat, I also decided to do some chain fishing again. This time I went to Azure Bay. Got to a chain of about 100 or so before I finally had to stop and get food. Hours later (a little after midnight), I tried again...and this time, on about chain #23 I found a purple Remoraid!

It wasn't Chinchou like I was hoping it might be, but I was still pretty excited since I don't have another shiny Remoraid/Octillery. Not yet anyway, knowing I'll probably find another before I find Chinchou lol.


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to jrmftw on Trapinch, MercyMe on Totodile, NightHaze12 on Spoink, Driftloom, Serviper, and Roggenrola, Arkygi on Ralts, SneakyGinger on Furfrou, AquaRegisteel on Druddigon, TomoEGoto on Amaura, Laurelai on Espurr, ElectricBassClef on Geodude, Psynergy on Kyurem, and everyone else!

I'm now over 3k encounters on route 16 and I've done nearly 10k REs overall for Pumpkaboo. Hopefully I get this stubborn pumpkin soon so I can move onto something else..

Good luck everyone!


Boy Skylark
Congrats on all shinies and good luck to those still hunting! : D

I just started my Tyrunt MM, its almost at 60 now. Not going to hatch anymore today because I have something I want to chain on Pearl.
My best friend finally got her X game with my help at the local stores, she said she found a hoard of Nosepass yesterday, a shiny included, but accidentally fainted it thinking that it had Sturdy, because all the other Nosepass in that hoard had sturdy. Nosepass was literally her favorite pokemon too. s:
We spent the morning in school Hoard Hunting with no luck, shes still hoard hunting for one and I'm trying to chain one on my Pearl game.
Resetting Outbreaks until I get Nosepass. >:[
A few nice things have happened lately for me shiny-hunting wise. I've MM'd a Goomy (73 eggs) and a Helioptile (200 something eggs). Also, I managed to find a Shiny Swablu on the GTS and trade for it, which is pretty cool.

Congratulations to everybody who has gotten shines recently.


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There is an evil genie in my cartridge...

MM 1- 1100 eggs
FS encounter from a safari that only has 2 pokemon showing, I get the one I am not looking for
MM 2- 1200 eggs
MM 3- 800 eggs
Today I am trying some chain fishing and *just* as the thought "I hope I get Dragalge because I really don't want Relicanth" went through my head,


... ayup Shiny Relicanth. Ok, yeah I *do* like him lol
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A few nice things have happened lately for me shiny-hunting wise. I've MM'd a Goomy (73 eggs) and a Helioptile (200 something eggs). Also, I managed to find a Shiny Swablu on the GTS and trade for it, which is pretty cool.

Congratulations to everybody who has gotten shines recently.

haha congratulations to you too, you seem to be very lucky lately =D
Wonder how your third MM will go...my first two were similarly short as yours and I got so euphoric. Now I am soon at 500 eggs for my shiny Mienfoo, but still no success. Getting frustrating sometimes...
Care to share some of your luck? =P


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Rikku Takanashi on Eevee, jrmftw on Trapinch, MercyMe on Totodile, Arkygi on both Ralts, SneakyGinger on Furfrou, AquaRegisteel on Druddigon, TomoEGoto on Amaura, Laurelai on Espurr, Psynergy on Kyurem, mrpuffalos on Goomy and Helioptile, and everyone else on their shinies!


I went to the mall after work with a friend yesterday (I made sure we went later so that I had time to hunt after work while it was still daytime in my games :p)…And wow, streetpasses! Around this time last year when I was at the mall, I’d get my usual GameStop streetpass, but then usually nothing else; maybe 1 or 2 more.

When I went in a couple weeks ago and when I went yesterday, they just rack up so fast! I check the notices on my systems (I’m able to bring 2 of my 3 systems in with me), and I’ll have like 3-6 hits in the same minute. When I was in the changing room in a dept. store, I let the first batch into my plaza gate to make room for another 10 hits and then almost filled up a second time!

It’s just such a big difference compared to last year :p

So because of work and then hanging out with my friend (hopping from place to place as each place closed for the night), I only did 200 REs yesterday, and still nothing. I just hope I find something before all 3 of my hunts are over odds simultaneously (*cough* or 2x over the odds in some cases), because that will be pretty depressing :p

And I’m completely dreading finding a 5th Magby on Black 2 this phase…Ugh, 17k+ for a 5th ugly Magby...Black 2 better start realizing that there’s also a 20% Growlithe in this place >:[ Starving people can only try to understand my terrible problems =\

Well, off to work for me and then I’ll hopefully hunt for a bit when I get home. Good luck, everyone!


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YAAAAAY!!! Just hatched a FEMALE shiny Ralts! :D
She is relatively superior and has 31 IVs in Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Spd.
I'm so happy ^-^
Now I'll have a shiny Gallade and a shiny Gardevoir :)
When they evolve, I'll post the pics!

Congratz to all shinies and good luck to the hunters!


Golden Sun 4?
I was considering doing a BQ on Diamond/Platinum, and I was wondering what Shinies I should aim for? Any Ideas?

Also, can you SR for Azelf, I am considering getting him!

Been bogged down with work lately, so only done 6 eggs in 2 days. 6. I have some free time tonight though, so I will aim for ~60 more!


Congrats on the shiny Ralts!

I tried my hand at chain fishing this morning and ended up with two shiny skrelp. I was going for a shiny horsea I guess, didn't really care either way. Somewhere around the 40's I got my first skrelp, Adamant nature. Somewhere in the 80's I got my second, naive nature. The naive nature seems to have very good IV's so thats nice I guess.

Overall I am happy, a shiny is a shiny! Both are up for trade however!


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I finally got an idea on who I want to hunt for. It has grown on me, considering the white Shiny form and such...

Yep, I am going for a Shiny Scatterbug!!

Now, I have a Japanese Vivillon who is breeding with my Butterfree [So, hey, I am getting some egg moves slapped on him]
But I am also trying my hand on Chaining. After all, Scatterbug is Common in the Forest, and there is a nice patch of grass right dab in the middle

*sigh* Yep. Seems like I haven't learned the art of Chaining quite yet. I would actually really love to CATCH my Shiny Scatter, considering My Villilon is the Meadow Pattern, and a Heal Ball would fit VERY well with it as a shiny. But...if Chaining doesn't want to work, I always have my MMing.
It works out great, too. There is a Wonder Trade Event going on on New Years where you WT all your Scatterbug and get the different forms of Villilion. :D I only have two version, The Meadow and Elegant Pattern. I would like to get them all, though. x3

Congratulations to everyone who caught shinies, good luck to everyone and their hunts, and I hope everyone has a Fantastic Day~


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Caught a shiny hawlucha today, with Quirky nature, which is mmkay. And also just a few min ago, a shiny pidgey. With Bold nature. That sucks. +def -spd


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Collecting Pokémon to MM during my week of vacation in a cabin without a TV. =3=
I have a few 5IV Foreign Pokémon, Bulbasaur, Lucario and a Gastly (which I've currently lent out)
They cover a few Egg groups, but I still need a few more, like Mineral, I'd love to get a Mineral 5iv or even 6iv foreign, but they seem to be really rare.. But I keep on wonder trading my MM fails, who knows I may get lucky!

Currently only 90 eggs into Espurr MM on Y and 330 SRs for Froakie on my X.