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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Boy Skylark
Congrats on all new shinies and goodluck to those still hunting! ^_^

I reached 855 resets for a Johto starter today and 300 eggs for my Eevee run. I hope I get that second shiny Eevee soon.. Hoping for stuff soon is basically hexing myself though. x:


Shiny Lover
I was working on my Eevee MM hunt earlier and had 1020 eggs with no shiny. I gave up and decided to try and hunt for it in the Friend Safari. I didn't find it there but I found a shiny Aipom and a second Kekleon. I'll continue the hunt a little later.

Anyway, I felt like doing another MM hunt, this time for Honedge and filled up 7 boxes of eggs to hatch in Luminose. Guess what comes up after 84 eggs? My first MM shiny, Honedge (obviously)! It's Naive which I believe isn't the absolute best nature but I don't really mind too much. I still have to hatch the rest of the eggs though.

Congrats everyone on your recent shinies, and good luck to those hunting!! ^_^


Shiny Breeder
Ok, I am at 1050 eggs of Helioptile, this is by far the biggest amount I have ever gotten too :( so just in case there was something wrong I changed the parents with a Jap one and one of the 6IV ones i managed to breed before, I have a question for everyone, how do you manage to keep yourself motivated to keep hunting when things go into really big numbers and what do you do with the Pokes that you dont want?


Ice Type Trainer
And so my chain fishing shiny hunting continues. After trying for either a Gyarados or a Seaking (or the occasional Sharpedo) on Route 22 earlier, I got to a chain of 75 before giving up.

Just tried my luck again on Route 3 this time, hoping for shiny Corphish. Got to 60 and was about to give up (literally had in my head that I was going to give up at 60) but something told me to keep going just a couple more, and fish number 61 popped up - shiny Goldeen! :D

It's a lot prettier than I expected it to be. Love that it's actually gold where there normal version is red/orange. It's got an Adamant nature too. Going to try for Corphish again later I think, but very happy for now. :)

P.S. Congrats to everyone else on their shinies, and good luck in all your hunts!

EDIT: Found a second shiny Goldeen, evolved one into Seaking. :)
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Dark & Ghost FTW
After a couple of hours in the FS, I got a shiny HA male Eevee! Modest synch worked too, 31s in HP/SpD/Spe, but he's now a shiny pixilate Sylveon.

And I finally decided to get the shiny stone to evolve my Floette into Florges.


The Thunderbird

Dreams come true
I just hatched a shiny Charmander through MM with 474 eggs. He has a Naive nature and the egg moves Outrage, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, and Belly Drum. Most of the IVs are pretty good as they consist of 28/31/30/31/x/31. The Sp. Defense IV is really low though. Perhaps I could use him for a mixed set?


Well-Known Member
Looks like Cat-urday came a little late to my place! No, I didn't find shiny Espurr yet. (Figures the Pokemon I've started jokingly calling the "Legal Mew" in my head (as in tournament legal) is so freaking evasive, huh?) However, I decided to take a break from the Psychic friend safaris and instead of looking in the Dragon safaris like I normally alternate with I went to a Fire one for kicks, thinking maybe I could find a shiny Pyroar or even a shiny Braixen. And what do I turn up in six encounters (just one less than Kecleon)?

A lovely, golden shiny female Pyroar just after a Growlithe I finally captured to add to the Pokedex :D Normally I prefer male Pyroars but I guess one advantage to the female Pyroar is that you can see more of its body, so I could tell it was shiny even before the sparkle animation. It was a nerve-wracking capture since it used Take Down after my Scyther used False Swipe and I was afraid I was going to lose it, I'd forgotten it had Take Down. But it somehow held on and plus I ended up critical capturing it.

To make things even better it has its hidden ability, Moxie, which IMO is one of the best Abilities EVER. It's been a happy day already for me and I just got up not that long ago.
Just randomly played leafgreen wanted to complete pokedex for fun. I was lookin for a Tauros, but instead to my horror and surprise a blue eyed venonat popped up :0 I was freakin out at the thought of losing it but thankfully one safari ball did the job. Phew!!!! I got outta. There as soon as I could. So relieved!


Shiny hunter
Hello, I just started active shiny hunting via MM method and first of all, everyone congrats with the nice shinies! I am working on a shiny Pachirisu on X and a shiny Vulpis on white 2 :D

Edit: Just hatched myself a shiny pachirisu around 125 eggs!! Hurray I am happy now,on to the next one on my list: A shiny vulpix!
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I jus caught a shiny female vulpix on SS hunting down Entei. My 1st shiny I have caught :) If it's somebody's all-time favorite I could trade Pm me I'm a beginner big time lol
Hello, I just started active shiny hunting via MM method and first of all, everyone congrats with the nice shinies! I am working on a shiny Pachirisu on X and a shiny Vulpis on white 2 :D

Like no way dude look at wht I jus posted !!!!


Shiny Collector
Just MM'd My 2nd Shiny Goomy this one has a low HP but perfect defenses and Special attack with a Calm nature and Gooey
first one happened on 42 this one on 33
All Hail Goomy!!!


Shiny Hunter
Grats to Chamiel on Gligar and x2 Gastly, MercyMe on Chespin, Evie Snow on Vulpix, mitstuhoney on Graverler, ShadowKrow on Beartic, Cpchris on Sentret, darthmalice777 on Eevee, Arkygi on Venipede, Laurelai on Abra, Fruitt on Weepinbell, Zekromaster826 on Squirtle, Jaredt222 on Eevee, Butterscotches01 on Honedge, The Thunderbird on Charmander, redphoenix on Venonat, and 3fiddy on Vulpix, wbartholomy on x2 Goomy, and everyone else!

I keep running into shinies in the morning.

I was looking for a Drifblim, but this little cutie pie wanted to try one of my Luxury Balls: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v626/CandyRobot1/image-7.jpg

Very happy! X3

Edit: It's Average size! :)

Booo. ._.


~8.3k encounters into phase 4 and still no shiny pumpkin. I never thought this hunt would take this long, but I now realize how lucky I was to get all those quickes on route 5 o_o. I've been putting most of my focus on Pumpkaboo so I haven't done much hunting in the White Forest; I think I have only done about 200 REs lol, so yea. Really hoping Pumpkaboo shines soon! This is my longest hunt in XY to date, so I'm also kinda curious how much further this hunt will go.

Anyways, good luck everyone!
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Casual Shiny Hunter
Sooo After a 4 egg accidental shiny and a 59 RE Shiny Gabite, I have put in 659 RE's (600 more than my most recent shiny) and nothing... I guess this is karma for the luck I had yesterday... or maybe my game telling me I need to study for finals... Oh well. I continue my hunt!


finally after a couple weeks of RE in the safari found my shiny charmeleon. woot. now its time to train this sucker. also have both charizard stones so i will have to decide which ones is awesomest.


Queen of Hoopla
Well, I decided to go for a shiny starter on Soulsilver. I am hoping for a Chikorita, but any will do. I think I am around 200-300 SRS.

In other news, while looking for a shiny pawniard, I got a shiny female Sneasel!! Ughh, but she got a modest nature (-attack/+Special attack). OH well.


Shiny Collector
Now it is time to resume my hunt for the elusive MM'd Mawile... continuing at 650